1964-12-05 - Families Seek Aid
Summary: Several soldiers go missing in Normandy. That can't be good…
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New York (Reuters) — Four families say they have received little help from the State Department or Department of Defense locating their missing sons.

These families on the surface share little in common other than the age of their sons. All served in the 107th Infantry Division, discharged in the last ten years.

Collum Moynahan, 33, hails from the Lower East Side. He worked in a mechanic's shop, and has not reported for his shift for three weeks. He hasn't been known to be late in three years. Frankie Cicero, 31, is a champion sculler and widely expected to join his father's law practice. Roger Davis, 32, is a land surveyor and graduated as a top athlete from New York University before entering the 107th. Finally, Jack Watkins, 27, missed the birth of his newborn daughter.

These men went to commemorate Veterans Day in northern France. They have not been heard from since November 11, when Watkins called his mother. American authorities have been reluctant to press any investigation and French law enforcement have not accounted for the men's disappearance near Omaha Beach.

Mrs. P. Moynahan, mother to Mr. Collum Moynahan, told this paper, "We can't stand by in silence. Our boys would never wander off on a sightseeing tour without telling someone. It's like they vanished off the face of the moon and not a single person will lift a finger to help. They have served their country and they are patriots. Don't they deserve to come home?"

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