1964-12-05 - Special Edition: Aliens at the UN
Summary: That's right. The Kree came for an official visit to the US.
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New York (AP) — Late breaking news tonight. A major shock came at the United Nations. An Indian and Ethiopian diplomat representing the Non-Aligned Countries, a political bloc affiliated with neither the US or Soviet Union, announced the existence of a non-human city at the bottom of the South China Sea.

The "Penglai" city was carbon dated with an approximate age of 20,000 years. UNESCO continues to perform investigations and maritime exploration with assistance from member nations.

The representatives welcomed a diplomat from the Kree Empire, a heretofore unknown interstellar empire located beyond our solar system. Four of these blue humanoids attended the meeting and engaged with members of the General Assembly and the general public stirred to shock by their sudden appearance.

Statements in the General Assembly conducted in English by the alien leader suggested that another force has sought to spark armed conflict between nations of Earth and the Kree. Incidents cited included attacks against cosmonauts and astronauts, possibly including the Gemini 2 mission this week, and attacks on American and Soviet satellites launched in the past year.

The meeting became chaotic and uncertain. The entourage withdrew after answering questions, many of which could not be heard by the sound engineers or media. Lip reading specialists have been called in to help transcribe.

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