1964-12-07 - International News
Summary: The Kree declared they exist. An ancient site on the seafloor is supposedly theirs. The world panics.
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Belgrade (AP) — President Tito of Yugoslavia announced that the Non-Aligned Countries intend to launch a "full survey" of Penglai site as soon as this week. Backroom deals with several countries produced positive results, and rumour has it two major American corporations in the energy sector will provide necessary expertise to perform detailed underwater cartography and sonar readings.

The political bloc shocked the world at the United Nations by declaring the sunken city to be a 20,000-year-old site possibly of alien provenance. Scientists have been welcomed to submit their applications to constituent consulates and embassies around the world. Cambridge and Oxford Universities have pooled their resources to create "Blue Water," a group sponsoring PhD students in archaeology, anthropology, and natural history.

Geneva (AP) — The permanent representative of the USSR to the United Nations confirmed that his country will cooperate with UN investigations into attacks on cosmonauts in the upper atmosphere. To date, eleven Soviet cosmonauts have died under suspicious circumstances. Another unmanned launch was shot down earlier this summer, allegedly by aliens according to the diplomat of the Kree Empire.

Cairo (AP) — Several African nations along the rift valley remain on high alert after a military coup in the nation of Malawi, which declared its independence this year. Several weeks ago, the president ousted appointed ministers in a highly controversial move that upset the delicate peace. After years of uprisings and struggle to obtain independence, Malawi appears headed for another full out civil war.

A coup by the military pinned down the president in the country's presidential mansion, while key members of the government have protection details from the army. Soldiers seized control of the largest radio station, and broadcast a message to residents to remain calm and in their homes.

Accusations that he has collaborated with enemies are running rampant, with one daily reading that he is an alien who must be tried for his 'crimes against the people.'

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