1964-12-14 - Chinatown Riot
Summary: A riot in Chinatown has consequences for Christmas.
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Theme Song: None

The HAM radio club in East Village is back, ripe on their superiority of confirming aliens exist.

"So, I was shopping for some kohlrabi and I heard a riot."

"You heard about a riot? How come no paper… no, wait, Chinatown."

"I was there, b-man. Bunch of suits and skirts mobbing a store."

"Who knew finger traps and chopsticks were catnip to the squares?"

"Dunderhead, you sound like a square now. Seriously, they were tearing the place apart for one of those Elflight things."


"Yeah, I mean, it's just a fancy lantern. I mean, mine's got a really sweet dancing fairy in it but that's not worth setting things on fire for."

"Where did /you/ get an Elflight from?"

"Dancing fairy!?"

"Hey, she's /pretty/ and a guy can have a sugar plum fairy for his holiday ornament if he wants to."

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