1964-12-19 - Rockefeller Christmas Tree Mutilated
Summary: Will no one leave this poor tree alone!?
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New York (NBC) — NBC Studios is reporting that a weird blackout appeared around the Rockefeller Plaza Christmas tree. It completely blocked all footage turned upon the tree. Skaters expressed terror and fled for the boards, anticipating another attack as transpired on the tree lighting barely a fortnight ago.

When the darkness cleared, the top nine feet of the Norway spruce had been cleanly severed. The tree lights failed immediately and several ribbons and balls harmlessly fell to the ground.

[Photographs display a tree neatly shaved off at the top nine feet of its peak.]

The Rockefeller Foundation has expressed "total horror" for the situation, and has beseeched the tree robbers to return their purloined package.

Though it certainly begs the question from NBC commentator Beauregard Tours: "What do they expect to do with it? Tape it back together? In the south, we'd put up a giant festive antenna to spite 'em."

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