1965-01-30 - Is the Brotherhood back?
Summary: Recruitment signs for The Brotherhood started popping up around Mutant Town after the organization has been dormant for over a year.
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There's word on the street that after over a year of absence, recruitment signs for the Brotherhood started to show up about Mutant Town. Some of the sign features raised fists (http://orig04.deviantart.net/d4b2/f/2012/167/8/7/magneto__s_brotherhood_of_evil_mutants_by_kittycatnip-d53oju7.jpg), other feature a greek Omega character. But all share the same printed message: Stand up. Be heard. End prejudice. Mutant and Proud. — The Brotherhood.

If true, this can be concerning to the authorities, though some in Mutant Town may welcome a return to activity from the Brotherhood. As of yet it's unclear if these recruitment posters are real or a hoax, as there's no contact information on any of them.

(OOC: Want to investigate? Got questions? Contact Polaris)

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