1965-02-07 - Darkness in the Sunshine
Summary: Hmm, people in the Lower East Side being criminally minded? Say it ain't so!
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Theme Song: None

Variations on gossip in the Lower East Side go something like so.

"Wouldn't be taking a room at the Sunshine Hotel, if you get my drift."

"Thought the manager didn't care none long as the cash was good."

"Yeah, well, I saw ten guys with coal-black skin in white masks hanging out 'round the door, shakin' up anyone going inside."

"Roundhouse put up wi' that shit?"

"You don't hear nothing, do you? Roundhouse got found pulped in a dumpster."

"You could hit him wi' a truck. The hell? He even living?"

"Barely. So don't go near no Sunshine Hotel unless you're in with the masked people, got it?"

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