1965-02-19 - Anti Mutant Legislation Underway?
Summary: Senator Ted Williams is working on some Anti-Mutant Legislation under guise of protection for law enforcement in the country. Looks like the Brotherhood of a target.
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"It's time to deal with the mutant problem," is a quote coming out of Senator Ted Williams, who has recently been assembling support for a new legislation he intends to enact, curbing the rights of mutants.

While there's nothing concrete at this point, the Senator did claim to be hard at work at introducing a set of laws that will make it easier for the law enforcement to deal with the mutant menace.

The following is a quote from Senator Williams on a recent guest appearance on a radio talkshow: "This is not an issue of favoring non-mutants over mutants, it's an issue of protecting those without crazy powers, from psychos with abilities that render guns useless. How are we supposed to protect ourselves from mutants if guns don't do nothing…?"

The Bugle will follow this story as it develops.

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