Alias Investigations
Alias Investigation
Alias Investigation
Leaders: Jessica Jones
Headquarters: Hell's Kitchen Tenement

Alias Investigations completes private investigations of all sorts from finding people to following a supposedly cheating spouse. The investigators follow the leads and see where the breadcrumbs take them.

While not heroes, Alias Investigations employs folks from different walks of life to solve mysteries.

Recent Activity

1964-01-22 - Hollow Windows (alias-investigations buy-the-ticket jessica plot raven war-in-the-kitchen)

1964-01-16 - Vigorous Bar Scene (alias-investigations buy-the-ticket dazzler hope jessica plot schwarzteng the-grim-connection trish)

1964-01-05 - Just a Walk (alias-investigations buy-the-ticket jessica plot the-grim-connection trish)

1964-01-03 - Help from a Junkie (alias-investigations jessica malcolm plot remy-lebeau the-grim-connection)

1963-12-09 - Alias, Work (alias-investigations hannibal jessica sinjin social the-grim-connection)

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