The Brotherhood
The Brotherhood
Leaders: Polaris
(Ex-Leaders and Founders: Mystique, Domino, & Juggernaut)
Headquarters: Six Alarm Fire

Stand up. Be heard. Mutant and proud!

The Brotherhood has existed for a brief period of time causing mayhem before suddenly disappearing from public notice. Whether defunct, dormant, or its members having given up on the fight. For over a year, nothing was heard from them. It has recently (1/30/1965) started to show signs of activity again under new leadership.

Recent Activity

1965-03-15 - Recruiting Nate Grey (brotherhood manuel nate-grey polaris social)

1965-02-02 - Building A Brotherhood: Recruiting Empath (brotherhood manuel polaris social)

1965-01-30 - Recruitment Drive (brotherhood jay polaris social sophie-rousseau thor)

1964-10-16 - What the Eye Beheld (brotherhood cypher douglas pietro pietro-maximoff quicksilver social x-men)

1964-03-05 - Cars Over Manhattan (able brotherhood lorna plot raven)

Manuel de la Rocha
Lorna Dane
Nathaniel Grey

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