Contingency Plan
Contingency Plan
Leaders: None (OOC: Billy or Teddy)
Headquarters: Billy and Teddy's Apartment
Theme: The Contingency Plan is a group of world-hopping teenagers fighting forces of evil that don't quite reach the Avengers' radar.
Recent Activity

1965-05-31 - Evolutionary Style and Skinny Genes (contingency inhumans kaleb maximus noh-varr social)

1965-05-19 - Planning the Next Assault (beware-the-leader billy contingency kaleb kellan noh-varr plot teddy-altman vic)

1965-05-12 - In the Aftermath of Bouncy Robots (beware-the-leader billy contingency kaleb kellan noh-varr plot social teddy-altman)

1965-05-12 - Site Beta Investigation (beware-the-leader billy contingency kaleb kellan noh-varr plot teddy-altman)

1965-05-07 - Dwarfbots Attack! (beware-the-leader contingency noh-varr peter-parker plot severin teddy-altman)

Kaleb Marshall Miller
Jay Guthrie
Kellan Miller
Victor Delano

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