Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four
Leaders: Reed Richards, Sue Storm
Headquarters: Baxter Building, Manhattan, NYC

The Fantastic Four are a high-profile team of heroes whose inception followed the doomed space flight that gave the quartet their extraordinary abilities. Operating out of the Baxter Building, the Four are dedicated to fighting crimes both big and small, as well as advocating for science, education, and equality under the law for all people — especially those with abilities some corners of society might consider monstrous.

While the core membership of the Fantastic Four itself will always be comprised of Reed, Sue, Johnny, and Ben, they count a number of heroic individuals as close friends and allies. They are, for better or worse, a part of the family.

Recent Activity

1965-07-02 - The Four plus One (ben-grimm fantastic4 johnny-storm mike-matthews social sue-storm)

1965-06-14 - Sibling Reconnecting (fantastic4 johnny-storm social sue-storm)

1965-05-15 - A New Roommate (fantastic4 johnny-storm noh-varr social)

1963-12-09 - Labs Can Be Replaced (fantastic4 johnny out-of-time reed social sue)

1963-12-08 - Baxter Building Blow Up (act-f ben coulson fantastic4 heather kang liv mar-vell out-of-time plot reed sue)

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