The Hellfire Club
Hellfire Club
Hellfire Club
Leaders: Sebastian Shaw and Emma Frost
Headquarters: Hellfire Club, Manhatten, NYC

The Hellfire Club has been around for centuries, a place for the elite of the elite— the wealthy, the privileged, the powerful, the connected. Memberships are bought at great expense or inherited, or for some rare few, even gifted. There's always more people who want in then there are memberships to be had, though.

And behind closed doors, while the rich and the powerful mingle and network beyond, some few are invited to meetings of the true Hellfire Club. It is the Inner Circle, where true power lay, and there is no limit to their ambitions…

Recent Activity

1963-12-05 - Exceptional People (emma hellfireclub jean-paul pepper social)

1963-10-09 - Mr. King and the White Queen (emma hellfireclub louis social)

1963-07-30 - Introductions at the Club (emma hellfireclub rogue social wasp)

1963-07-22 - Of Goddesses and Kings (amora hellfireclub shaw social)

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