Leaders: Black Bolt, Medusa
Headquarters: Attilan

The Inhumans are a race of altered human beings that were the result of experiments on ancient humans by the extraterrestrial race, the Kree, embedding into their genetic code the potential to transform and acquire superhuman abilities through a process known as Terrigenesis.

Wanted Characters

Inhumans what? Who? This iconic race can be a little intimidating to players, since they have a slightly different take and an actual in-game history. The Inhumans aren't mutants but rather metahumans, a distinct race descended from humans subjected to intense genetic manipulation by the alien Kree.

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Inhuman History, in Game

Previous to 1951- Attilan has been played to have resided in the Himalayan Mountains for at least 100 years. Attilan citizens are aware that the city used to reside on an island in the ocean, but as seafaring humans began to get close to discovering that location, they moved, then sunk the island. The civilization is more technologically advanced than the rest of the world. Citizens generally are born, live their lives, and die, in Attilan, up to this point, unless they escaped Attilan in the past, in which case they may be unaware of their lineage. Inhumans are chosen to undergo Terrigenesis at a particular time in their lives and many Inhumans never receive the Mists.
Year 1951- The current rulers of Attilan are killed when Black Bolt uses his powers to stop a fleeing Kree ship that had been making deals with Maximus. The ship crashed into the Genetic Council building and killed Maximus' and Black Bolt’s parents.
Year 1953- Maximus successfully stages a coup, using the Subhumans, mind control, and many other allies. Crystal, Black Bolt, Medusa and others (leaving this open in case other PCs care to also have been exiled) are cut off from Attilan during the change of power. They have little to no contact with Attilan for the next 10 years.
1953-1963- Maximus is ruler of Attilan. If your character resided in Attilan during this time, then they would have experienced a decade of isolationism, which is fairly typical for Attilan anyway, but Maximus also invented and erected the shield that disguises Attilan from radar and aerial view, as well as increased security. Anyone preaching to a more welcoming or ‘lets see what’s out there’ attitude may have been directly affected by mind control or politically pressured to keep it to themselves. Those in the political circles would have lived in dangerous times, and been subjected to occasional erratic whims, unreasonable temperament from their King, and pressure to be in agreement. Those serving in a guard, or scientific position would have been exposed to superiority-thinking…Inhumans are better than humans…and sometimes-erratic behavior. The general populace would have a more positive view of Maximus and have felt protected and safe, and have been generally less affected by his more negative aspects.
Year 1963- Black Bolt and Crystal lead an army of humans, mutants, SHIELD agents, and mystics in an assault on Attilan. After a difficult battle, they are eventually successful and instead of claiming the throne for himself, Black Bolt turns it over to the Genetic Council for safe-keeping, and all the Royal family are sent out into the world to gather information on it and to generally develop into more well-rounded people.
Year 1964- Gorgon is sent to meet with Maximus and Crystal, and to continue serving in his capacity of guarding the Royal family. Vesper is noticed by other Inhumans as being an Inhuman that has not been changed yet. Nexus leaves Attilan to track down Vesper. Black Bolt forges a friendship with Rogue. More Inhumans are permitted to leave Attilan and other Inhumans are discovered living among humans. Black Bolt's powers surge out of control, causing him to retreat to Svalbard as the Royal Court discovers hidden Inhuman sites for a cure. Kamala is discovered when the hidden order of Grey Sages comes to attention of Crystal, Karnak, Nexus, and Black Bolt. Maximus and Blackagar reconcile.

Recent Activity

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Cynas the Golden
Ianos the Grey Sage
Ianos Lampadis
Iphis the Shaper
Makhaon Galanis
Nick Ayers
Nikandros Aeterne
Sapphiras the Bright
Videmus the Blind

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