The Irregulars
The Irregulars
The Irregulars
Leaders: Raphael Duke, Liv Sigrunsdottir
Headquarters: Dio's Scrap Yard

A loose network of people ranging from the criminal to the heroic, the mundane to the mutated, providing problem-solving services to New York and the surrounds. The Irregulars are more effective together than separately — each has one or more skills or powers that can be useful when applied alongside those of the others. Their purpose is to put those powers and abilities to use to normalize their own lives and the lives of those around them. Whether it's coordinating an attempt to defend Hell's Kitchen against Dracula's minions or dragging friends out of the Hellmouth, the Irregulars, ironically, just want to get things back to normal.

While not heroic by nature or purpose, the Irregulars' attempts to quell chaos and impose a kind of peace within which they, and other citizens, can go about their lives does produce a kind of heroic effect in the outcome.

OOC Notes: A casual but active network for sharing RP and plot hooks and generating activity appropriate to all characters involved. Particularly suited to OCs who may not find a home in a canon team or faction.

Active Plots:

Allies and Alleys

Recent Activity

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1963-11-13 - Something in the Machines (allies-and-alleys carnelian duke irregulars mildred mree plot remy-lebeau thea)

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