League Of Monsters
League of Monsters
League of Monsters
Leaders: None
Headquarters: Monster Metropolis

The League of Monsters comprised of those who are not at all human and totally unable to pass often living out of Monster Metropolis and other forgotten places. Those on the surface have no idea what lurks below, and were it up to the League? They would help keep it that way as they protect the surface from subterranean threats, things that go bump in the night, and all in between.

The League formed in the 1960's under New York City to help quell unrest between lurker communities of Morlocks, Mole Persons, Monster Metropolis, Fungal Creatures, the Aquatics, and more. As if life wasn't challenging enough just trying to get by.

Recent Activity

1965-09-01 - Cleopatra Does the Nasty (constantine league morbius social)

1965-05-16 - Romancing the Rosetta Stone? (douglas league morbius social)

1965-05-01 - Not THE Chimera but A Chimera (adam constantine halgrim league morbius social)

1965-03-03 - Pathetic Bastard (adam dead-mans-party league morbius plot)

1965-02-06 - Everyone needs a Chef (lambert league morbius social triton)

Halgrim Lindqvist
John Constantine
Dr. Michael Morbius
The Monster
Frankenstein's Monster, Adam

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