Leaders: Peggy Carter, Daniel Sousa, and Union Jack
Headquarters: [REDACTED]

Born out of the ashes of the SSR during the 1950s, SHIELD was NATO's response to the super-human and other-worldly threats they saw the world facing. While SHIELD isn't exactly an underground group, no civilians really understand what they do beyond the fact they have a well respected name. Those who work for SHIELD are the shadows — the are the secret agents that serve as a shield to the world against the threats that are bigger than guns; they are the unseen heroes who have been to multiple wars and know there is more out there than bombs and tanks; SHIELD Agents believe in super soldiers, aliens (0-8-4s), and other worlds because they've seen them.

When the Red Scare in the 1950s took the US by storm, the SSR (Strategic Scientific Reserve) turned from a neutral party investigating supernatural issues to communist hunting dogs. Several of the SSR's top agents — including Peggy Carter, Daniel Sousa, Howard Stark and Chester Philips — became quickly tired of hunting down innocent Americans. A greater initiative was pitched to NATO in 1952 and SHIELD officially formed in 1953. Under international oversight by NATO, SHIELD has the ability to operate openly in any NATO signed country — however, it's generally agreed that SHIELD does operate in nearly all countries, they just have to be more quiet about it other places. They currently have headquarters in Geneva, London and Sydney, but SHIELD's main headquarters resides in the heart of New York City.

Recent Activity

1964-08-15 - Cold Reflections (bucky coulson plot rogue shield)

1964-08-09 - Unfortunate Sons (billy bucky coulson crystal inhumans plot rogue shang-chi shield teddy vietnam)

1964-08-08 - Spies Like Me (billy bucky carol-danvers coulson inhumans plot rogue shang-chi shield teddy vietnam)

1964-08-07 - Bucky gets a pep talk (bucky isaiah-bradley shield social)

1964-08-04 - Sandwiches and Smokes (bucky clint isaiah-bradley shield social)

Agent Coulson
Phillip J. Coulson
Black Captain America
Isaiah Bradley
Captain Marvel
Carol Danvers
Clinton Francis Barton
Teddy Altman
Master of Kung Fu
Fu Shang-Chi
Sofia Ariana Mendoza y Reyes
Bobbi Morse
Peggy Carter
Pietro Maximoff
Scarlet Witch
Wanda Maximoff
Billy Kaplan
Winter Soldier
Bucky Barnes
Wonder Woman
Diana of Themyscira

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