Leaders: Jean-Pierre (Unofficially); He just makes the rules
Headquarters: Gearhead's Garage (Mutant Town)
Theme: Unaffiliated grey hat "criminal" mutant group cleaning up their town with a certain moral flexibility.
Recent Activity

1965-10-22 - So About This Doctor Guy... (elmo jp social x-ternals)

1965-09-05 - One More Wednesday Night (brotherhood jp julie mutant polaris sage social town x-men x-ternals)

1965-08-27 - Post-Heist Pancakes (elmo jp social vitale x-ternals)

1965-08-26 - Operation: Robbing the Robbers (pt. 4) (elmo jp nate-grey plot severin vitale x-ternals xt-heists)

1965-08-23 - Operation: Robbing the Robbers (pt. 3) (jp nate-grey plot severin x-ternals xt-heists)

Jean-Pierre 'JP' Bonaventure
Severin Bonaventure
Vitale De Angelis

Origin Story

What do you get when you have a bunch of criminals (convicted and otherwise), some rebels, and anarchists Robin Hooding around New York? A bunch of Mutants that know the meaning of a great time to score big either for Mutant survival, or just their own financial gain. Gearhead's Garage was established as the front for their illegal activities, though none of them planned on the legit business end to go so well.

The rules are simple:

  • JP Makes the rules (We don't know why, but people generally listen)
  • Important live choices are subject to throwing darts
  • They don't condone children getting hurt
  • Don't steal nothin' if a kid will get hurt
  • Robbing robbers doesn't count
  • Don't get caught
  • Damn the man


1965-04-10 - Yes, We Have a Pizza Cat (arlo elmo jp severin social x-ternals)

1965-04-03 - Grand Theft Sectional Sofa (fox-and-rabbit jp social vitale x-ternals)

1965-03-24 - I'm SHORT you guys! (elmo jp plot severin sunspot x-ternals)

1965-03-15 - Meeting Miss Amalie (elmo jp severin social sunspot vitale x-ternals)

1965-02-21 - Beignets and Brawlin (book-of-raziel elmo jp plot severin vitale x-ternals)

1965-02-20 - Meeting Mozelle (book-of-raziel cutscene jp plot x-ternals)

1965-02-19 - Under Valued Property (elmo jp social x-ternals)

1965-02-14 - Jean-Pierre Picked a Peck of Perfect Pecans (book-of-raziel elmo jp lucifer plot remy-lebeau severin vitale x-ternals)

1965-02-08 - Pie, Hushpuppies, and Fisticuffs (book-of-raziel elmo jp lucifer michael plot severin sunspot suriel vitale x-ternals)

1965-02-07 - Un-Breaking Bethy (elmo hargrove jp plot vitale x-ternals)

1965-02-02 - Deals in the South go 'Souther' (angels book-of-raziel elmo jp michael plot severin x-ternals)

1965-01-31 - We're Taking the Subway, Literally (elmo jp severin social vitale x-ternals xt-heists)

1965-01-27 - Drinks, Darts, and Deals (jp severin social x-ternals)

1965-01-23 - Boris the Bullet Dodger You Are Not, JP (jp severin social vitale x-ternals)

1965-01-22 - Big Trouble at a Sketchy Motel (elmo jp plot severin x-ternals xt-retribution)

1965-01-18 - Friendly Game of Darts (clint fox-and-rabbit jp severin social vitale x-ternals)

1965-01-11 - Bruises and Billiards (jp social vitale x-ternals)

1965-01-10 - Burn Barrels, Tiny signs, & Big plans (elmo jp severin social x-ternals xt-retribution)

1965-01-06 - Two For the Road (elmo jp social x-ternals xt-heists)

1964-12-26 - Santa's Gone Down to Mutant Town (daire elmo josh jp julie kai severin social tchalla x-ternals xt-holiday yuliya)

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