A Once Upon A Hellmouth Feature

The return of Vlad Dracula: At the time of his last death, the ashes of Dracula were consigned to Hell. He reformed himself over some years and bided his time until the opening of the Hellmouth in 1963. Upon the opening of the Hellmouth, Dracula rode the rising winds of a Hellstorm out of his prison and into the mortal realm.

The Hellstorm has been set upon Hell's Kitchen in order to provide cover as Dracula's minions establish their supply lines and lairs within the underworld there. Players are welcome to use any of the resources provided to create scenes for themselves. Please contact Sinjin/Heather/Karolina for Dracula himself.

Dracula has the power to manipulate the weather — with the Hellmouth opened, he brings some of the weather through with him until a large enough weather system (a hurricane, say) arrives to battle it out with the Hellstorm. The changed weather initially appears to be inclement weather of the usual sort until, in some areas, more sinister effects emerge. Instead of water, it rains blood, frogs, and worse. Green or black fogs roll down city streets. Green fog sickens people or drives them mad, electronics go haywire, sparks fly. Black fog steals the senses, leaving people mute or blind (depending on the victim) and electronic communication is limited to meters where it works at all. Vast nets of lightning cut off affected areas from the outside and then — as rapidly as the weather emerged — the sky clears.

The fogs and storms cut out much of the solar radiation that would make it impossible for vampires to be out in the day. They, and other undead as well as demons, seem particularly attracted to the fogs, sometimes arriving before the rain in a given area, lurking in shadows and sewers. Rain pounds the city in areas where fog is absent, floods occur, utilities are affected. Even after the city is clear of the weather system, fogs may linger in basements and closed areas as well as sewers.

Dracula himself does not travel far during these times. Distracting Dracula can reduce the severity and frequency of the fogs and lift the lightning clusters but the weather itself will continue. Dracula maintains a general awareness of mayhem occurring within the Hellstorm. Magic can be used to dispel fog, fight undead, siphon off or short out lightning — weakening Dracula slightly in the process.


Hellstorm: A fierce localized weather disturbance marked by dense cloud cover, heavy rain including blood, frogs, and other vile substances, lightning strikes, rapid temperature changes, and the gathering of undead and demonic forces. Hellstorms can cover anywhere from a city block to an entire neighborhood. Dracula is aware of, to some degree, powers and beings in play inside a Hellstorm area under his control.

Tartarus (Green) Fog: Tartarus fog affects the mind and body as a toxin and hallucinogen — rarely fatal in and of itself but highly distressing and can cause people to attack one another or become paranoid. It also adversely affects electronics and machinery.

Erebus (Black) Fog: Erebus fog affects the senses, leaving people deaf, mute, and even blind. Each person is affected differently. Electronic communication in particular is affected, as are radio waves and other signals.

Aether (Lightning) Cage: Areas of intense disturbance may be cut off from the outside by a cage of lightning. It is not always visible at first but becomes visible any time someone attempts to cross the threshold of the localized Hellstorm. An Aether cage may be broken by sufficient influx of magic or the intervention of a weather/elemental deity or sufficiently powerful mutant.


Vlad Dracula: http://marvel.wikia.com/wiki/Vlad_Dracula_(Earth-616)#Powers_and_Abilities
Taken directly from the website with no major manipulation. Dracula will not be 'turning' any player characters without them having received previous clearance for the character change. Dracula is the only named resource, please contact Sinjin if you would like him in play.

Undead: The undead take their physical forms from the mortal plane, the energies within them are from Hell. These include ghouls, corpses still bearing flesh (often carrying disease), and animated skeletons. Ghouls have little impetus but to feed on the brain, skeletons prefer to deflesh their prey but are easily directed by any demonic power having telepathic ability.

Vampire Minions: existing vampires on the mortal plane drawn to Dracula's rising; above average strength and stamina, can only be killed by stake, silver, or sunlight. Cannot 'turn' humans or mutants while Dracula holds sway over the region.

Demons: creatures under Dracula's sway or otherwise drawn to the fogs. Range in strength and abilities according to the needs of the players. Common types are all very resilient and strong, some having wings and agile limbs and a tail, others having hooves and horns, and anything inbetween. Some demons are capable of fire-breathing or are venomous. Size ranges from cat to gorilla. They are not highly intelligent and are given to infighting.

Major Demons: Major demons include succubi and incubi, abilities can include teleportation, telekinesis, control of lightning, and hypnotic suggestion. Forms vary from serpents to winged 'men'; size ranges from humanoid to gigantic. Highly intelligent, rare, and capable of organizing and directing lower level minions.


Dracula: see Sinjin if you're interested in being part of a high-powered throwdown with Dracula. Locating Dracula will require a little footwork, at least, to find out where he's staying while he controls the Hellstorm. If you'd like him out and about, that can also be arranged.

Magical Sphere: Characters in the magical sphere are able to directly affect, weaken, and even break a Hellstorm — though that may draw attention of increasingly powerful creatures.

Elemental Sphere: Weather mutants/deities and elemental mutants are also particularly suited for combating the unnatural elements themselves.

Team Building: Whether it's helping the helpless or helping themselves (looting, scheming, and worse), teams and groups can take advantage of Hellstorm for joint adventures.

Any and All: The resources above can be tailored to suit any characters, at any time. Because the Hellstorm takes many forms and strikes in many places, it can be used to provide RP opportunities and character development for any level character.

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