Wanted: Inhumans

Eleven years ago, Maximus held a coup, banishing the royal family from the hidden city of Attilan. They wandered for years, losing track of each other at times, until within the last year.

With the help of some of the X-Men and mutants, the royal family returned to reclaim the city. When the fighting was finished, though, the Genetic Council declared that there would be no king, at least for a time. Instead, the royal family was tasked with exploring the outside world in order to determine what Attilan's next step should be.

Wanted Characters

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Inhuman characters appear primarily in the following series. Order is roughly parallel to the recommended reading list but is not exhaustive.


Attilan Rising: Attilan has remained hidden for the better part of 25,000 years from mankind. Not even in weathered stelae or crumbling scrolls do mention of the Inhuman people survive. Yet, nothing remains concealed forever and the Royal Court must decide whether to stay concealed or reveal themselves to the greater world at large.

  • Contact: Blackagar, Crystal and/or Maximus
  • Status: Ongoing

RP Hooks

  • Mutants: Crystal's close contacts outside of Attilan are mutants, some of whom were involved in retaking Attilan. While mutants are similar to Inhumans in that they have powers due to genetics, mutants have no control over when they manifest their powers, and no one tracks or controls their development and evolution. Are they a threat to Attilan, savages who should be left alone? Or are they potential allies against a world of normal humans?
  • Social Unrest: The Genetic Council technically leads Attilan in the absence of the House of Agon, by mutual consent. After Blackagar recovered his rightful throne, he promptly headed back out into the world and the Genetic Councilors established a role guiding the Great Refuge. Maximus stirred up the Genetic Council to his favour through mystical means above and beyond his great persuasive abilities, and the social impact of that has yet to be seen.
  • Coup (1953-1963): Maximus led a coup against his brother, Blackagar, more than a decade ago. The subsequent unrest divided families and friends, driving a deep wedge between those who remained loyal to Black Bolt and those who turned to Maximus as their new leader. Those raw wounds surely haven't healed since the royals swept in to secure the throne. Some families were forced into unwilling exile. Others did things they prefer to forget. And some wish the status quo returned to what it used to be.
  • Attilan's Status: Whether or not the Inhumans should reveal their presence divides the populace. Everyone tends to have an opinion. Is it better to stay out of sight, out of mind?
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