1963-02-10 - An Awkward Dinner (Backdated Scene)
Summary: Daniel visits his neighbor for the first time. (BACKDATED SCENE)
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Daniel sits in his apartment, his legs crossed lotus style. A bowl of rice sits nearby, cooling as he centers himself, clearing his mind of the detritus of the day. When he hears his neighbor come home, he smiles to himself. They haven't really gotten to know each other, despite the shared door, but he has seen her in the hall somewhat. He figures it's time to be hospitable.

Unfolding his legs, he makes his way to the door that joins their apartments, knocking softly. "Not to bother you, but if you'd like some rice and vegetables, I made plenty."


It must have been months since she's been gone. Tony Stark had the good graces enough to continue paying for apartment for an entire year after she's been released to keep up appearances. Thankfully nothing was left touched. It was just like she had it upon her 'accident'. She had been back for three days now, coming and going from cleaning a bit. The last slam of the door that Daniel had heard was her finally removing the last bit of trash that she created in a fit of anger.

As she settles down upon the couch, she brings her mechanical arm against her body, wrapping it up and around herself to at least give it an apperance that it was just broken, not.. gone. Totally gone. There was a tiny hint of shame there to decieve, but it was only a prototype. Nothing to be seen yet. The quiet knock at the door has her sighing, drawing from the couch with a bit of soreness, moving towards the door to open it just a tiny crack to peer inside. He's never really spoken with her much.

"Why." She nearly snapped out. She really couldn't trust him because of his skin.


Daniel doesn't seem perturbed by the edge of anger in the response. He understands it well enough. "Because we're going to be living in relatively close quarters. Which means we should find a way to be kind to each other. I don't have much to offer, but food, at least, is a traditional way to get to know one another," he says.

"You aren't obligated, of course, but I wanted to make the offer," he says simply. The food does smell good, fragrant and different, as he's added a few spices and seasonings he picked up in Chinatown, things rarely tasted yet much beyond the Orient.t


"My kindness was leaving you to yours." She states simply. But something in the tone of his voice was soothing. It wasn't urging, wasn't commanding. It was just there. Maybe that's what she needed. She pulls back, taking the door with her as she leans against it, allowing him entry into the apartment with a gesture of her head. She couldn't really move her arm as it was strapped down against her body, so that little gesture would have to do.

"Make youself at home I guess." It was a good thing she cle—.. no. There was a bra on the floor right by her foot which ws immediately swiped back with a kick of her foot


Daniel either doesn't notice or makes an excellent simulation of not noticing. At any rate, he carries in a large wooden bowl replete with rice, tossed with baby corn, pea pods, bamboo shoots and carrots. He finds a table to set it on, then draws a smaller pair of bowls from under his arm.

"I'm afraid I only have chopsticks, so, if you need a spoon or fork, I hope you have them," he says with an even smile, "I'm Danny," he says, his blonde hair grown a bit long, tucked behind his ears. "Would you like some tea?"


The food that passes by had her stomach growlling, her eyes nearly rolled into the back of her head at the smell. She doesn't bother closing the door, leaving the two contjoined apartments as they were. As he begins to settle in, she takes a step towards the couch, settling down upon it with a little push forward, then right to the floor to be at an even keel with the table. "Um.. I can try.." She murmurs quietly. "I'm . I used to be right handed." But that doesn't mean she wasn't going to try.

She was already down and didn't feel like getting back up, not offering her name just yet, but getting comfortable with a brand new person into her own space. "I've never had tea before."


Daniel places a seat of chopsticks in front of her, "Take your time. And, if you need the spoon, nothing wrong with that. Adjustments take time," he says. It's the only remark he's made about her arm - it's peculiar, perhaps, but he just takes things as they are.

He returns from his place with two cups of tea, setting them down and moving to settle on the floor on the other side of the table, allowing her to have the couch to herself without crowding her.

"You're Misty, right? I've heard some of the neighbors mention you."


Calming. That's another good word for her. She wasn't getting -too- comfortable just yet. She was waiting for the other shoe to drop. In which she'd probably drop him.

"I will." She quietly remarks, squeezing her left hand briefly as she reaches out to take the chopsticks. She presses them against her chest to try to assemble them, her eyes lifting to watch his own hands at work.. well, until he left and returned with the tea.

"Yeah. I'm Misty. Misty Knight." She murmurs quietly, carefully placing the chopsticks down without touching her food, favoring the easier things such as the tea. She doesn't add anything to it, but sips it quietly. "I'm sorry." She finally murmurs. "I'm not used to all of this. This.." She gestures around. "Friendliness from people like you. I mean, no ones paying you to be nice to me. Which ain't a first. But.." She quiet down, her gaze planted within her bowl. "The tea is good."


Daniel nods, "I can understand the distrust," he says. "I'm happy to answer any questions you might have. But I know what it is like to be judged for the color of your skin. I grew up in a place where I am the one who was different," he says.

He selects a few bits of rice, lifting it and some vegetables up to his mouth and eating neatly, chewing for a moment before he swallows. "I'm glad you like it. It's tough to find good tea here, at least in the style to which I'm accustomed. Most teas here are English."


"I don't have any questions." Misty quietly rebuffs. "I'm just hungry."

She watches as he eats, finally taking the time to arrange her chopsticks like his against her chest, attemping to hold it writh her hand, which soon begins to shake as she pops one off and drops it into the bowl. SHe doesn't get frustrated, she only picks up the stick to try again, her fingers already hurting with the odd misplacement. She says nothing about her failures, but she continues to try, even flinging bits of rice and peas upon the table.

"I didn't know there were different types of tea." She muses quietly, that musing makes her smile for once. And it was big. "Tea is tea, right?"


Daniel says nothing about her failures either, but shakes his head to the last, "There are many, many kinds of tea," he says. "This is a green tea. Very healthy," he says. "Different types of leaves are used, from a variety of plants, to make the different kinds. It's actually an art, one at which I am only adept insofar as I can ask the right questions when I go to the Chinese market," he smiles.


Misty laughs, shaking her head. "Who in the world has time to do art like that?" She tries again, but quietly gives up, carefully collecting the sticks to lay them aside for now. She just settles on the tea, leaning forward to press her lips together, blowing against the liquid to cool it quietly.


Daniel smiles, "Ah, well, in the East, time isn't perceived in tthe same way. Someone may spent a lifetime merely learning how to write a single letter perfectly. It's about concentration and attention to detail - it isn't the art itself that's important, but the way it disciplines the mind and shapes the thoughts. It's a form of meditation, a dedication. A religious experience in and of itself," he says.

"In my case, though, it's just tea,' he smiles.


"Sounds really bizarre. Daniel." Misty murmurs. She wasn't much for conversation these days. And the need to eat her food with just her fingers was just too great. But she refrains, wanting to wait til he leaves so that she could stuff her face like a true woman of her calibru would.

The tea was all gone, the cup set aside, and soon she glances down to awkwardly toy with her hidden mechanical fingers. "Yeah. Just tea." She smiles, looking up towards him, then back towards his apartment. "And thanks for the meal."


Daniel nods, "Of course," he says. He doesn't press, standing up and carefully gathering the spare bowls and such, but leaving the larger bowl. "Feel free to bring the bowl over whenever you're done. Or keep it, if you please,' he says. Material things don't mean very much to him.

"My door is always open, if you need to talk. I mean that literally - I leave it unlocked. No need to ask permission to come over," he says.

He goes to the door, "It was a pleasure to meet you, Misty. I hope we can spend time together again."


"Nn.. wait.." Misty slowly rises to her feet, following him towards the door, waiting until he turns so that she reaches out to grab the bowl that still had her food in it. "I'll take this.."

But.. still. He was comforting.

She leans against the door now, still rigid.. but attempting to force herself to be comfortable. "So.. if your door is always unlocked. You might as well leave it open, right?" She smiles a little, her head leaning forward as she pops back up. "Bad joke. Sorry Daniel."


Daniel shakes his head, "Not at all," he says with a smile. "I can leave it open, if you like. I wouldn't want to intrude on your privacy, but please, feel free. I have nothing to hide," he says. His apartment is airy and doesn't seem to have much in the way of furniture, the carpet pulled up to reveal the hardwood.

He remains standing in the doorway, "Come over anytime."


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