1963-06-01 - A Bull in Times Square
Summary: In which some strangers run into a bull in Times Square. Some more literally then others.
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Multinational conglomerate corporations are not often the target of thefts, but such profiteering organizations are not always in the possession of technology such as this. It's called the Star-Blazer cell; one of the most high powered weaponry sources created specifically for use by the armed forces of the United States of America. There is no price too high when the potential enemy, the Soviets, could blow the entire world sky high. The US government has been looking for miracle weapons to ensure supremacy and RayoTech's newest breakthrough could be that machinery.

There's just one problem.

Cornelius Van Lunt wants the technology. Through an intermediary he was able to hear how the fuel cell was created and where it was stored. It pays to have moles on the bankroll, of course.

Okay, I lied.

There are two problems.

Cornelius Van Lunt doesn't look like Cornelius Van Lunt at all. His mustache and balding head are not visible over his large body. Instead the head of a bull emerges from the building as warning sirens begin to go off. There is screaming from the headquarters building and cries for help. Ominously, one of the tips of TAURUS' horns is covered in blood. And the Star-Blazer fuel cell is in his possession.

Meanwhile, Xavier is at a fashionable boutique not far away from the action which is rapidly spilling towards him in Times Square. When he asks the saleswoman whether or not the tie goes with the suit he's looking at, he can tell she is lying.

Teddy's been out on the town, which is to say, he went shopping for some new clothes, because, well, he can never have enough clothes. And that part time job he has around school barely covers his new-jeans budget, and man, that's a harsh life to have to deal with. Then there's yelling. Yelling is bad. Teddy is very certain yelling is bad. So, his first instinct is to think: What Would Hulk Do? Hulk smash a thing, that's what Hulk Would Do. So he's keeping his bag of clothes— because, really those jeans are nto cheap— and running towards yelling. With each step he's half an inch bigger, and filling out his clothes a bit more (which is why he has such a jeans budget, of course), but he's not quite full on giant green ball of raging teenage hormones. Yet. But, yelling? Here he comes!

Logan has been in hiding, having found a dingy motel for himself and Jean to crash in while they keep trying to track down this Professor mook that she's so riled up about. He didn't much need a savior, but it seemed important to her and, well, he didn't have anything better to do. He didn't feel right leaving her alone, even for this little while, but she was asleep and they needed supplies.

When he hears the siren go off, he winces, his hyper-sharp hearing amplifying it and making it rattle in his skull. None of his business and he'd probably be better just leaving it be. He makes it a few steps before muttering under his breath and turning to go towards the trouble and get a better look at what's going down.

Taurus begins to make his move down the street just as Charles Xavier is making his way out of the store and towards the commotion. The mutant reaches two fingers up to the side of his head as he intends to put the man down where he stands. There's a slight problem however. The Professor cannot feel his mind.

His blue eyes go wide as he realizes the trouble he's in.

And just like that Xavier is rammed right in the chest and ran over by the bull!

Teddy and Logan will see that Professor that the latter's friend is looking for as he's knocked out into the street.

Teddy doesn't know the Professor from John Wayne, but he does know that bulls running people over is not something he approves of. "You… /bully/." he shouts, his voice coming out lower then it does when he's normal sized. At the bull. He growls, years of having to put up with that kind of thing turning his stomach sour, running towards Taurus still. And since the bull is running people over, he carefully tosses his shopping bag aside, and there's a ripping sound as his suddenly goes green and his somewhat baggy clothes no longer fit at all, so tears appear up and down his arms and legs and chest. The Hulkling's skin thickens and he leans forward, and if he's gonna go try to slam into the bull, it's what the Hulk would do. He's sure of it.

Logan comes around just in time to see some kid transforming and ripping his clothes right as he runs into Taurus. Logan snorts at the sight. More and more of 'em, every day, seems like. Since he's curious to see how the tussle between bull and kid sorts itself out, Logan makes his way over and reaches down, extending a hand to help Charles up onto his feet. "C'mon, chum, get a bit o' yer dignity back," he grins. "Next time, a body runs at ya all riled up, might be best fer a type like you to step outta the way rather'n take 'im head-on. Get less bruised up that-a-way."

Howard had been on the way to have a little surprise meeting with a woman that he hadn't seen in about two years now. He's dressed in the same suit he's ALWAYS seemingly dressed in. His short salt and pepper hair slicked down back giving it that almost slight shine to it that he hasn't been able to do for a while. He's got a bottle under one arm, and a box of chocolates under the other, along side a small reel of film. He's in the process of going back to his flying car when that bull does his little attack.

He remains perfectly calm for a long moment simply setting the supplies into the passengers seat as he hops into the drivers. Quietly humming to himself as he begins to flick a few of the over eight hundred fifty switches on the dashboard of his car not a single one of them labeled. (There was a reason that this whole flying car thing never caught on, and part of it was the learning curve.) The wheels of the convertible slide down underneath the car itself and it slowly lifts up into the air. With a tug on the steering wheel he's speeding across the square towards where that bull is speeding along. "Hey you kids are doing great work down there." He calls down hovering there in the air for some time digging around in the glove compartment.

"I know you probably don't need my help, but I'm offering anyway, I'll send the invoice to your respective offices." He pulls out a small glowing pen like device clicking the side as it makes a low hmm before shaking his head and throwing it right back into the glove box. "No time to play Doctor." Muttered to himself as he goes back to digging through the contents of the glove box.

"You might have a point, my friend." Xavier grunts slightly as he takes Logan's hand and pulls himself up. As he winces and bends over, his head turns slightly so his eyes meet the Canadian's. "Rather than my dignity, I'd settle for my bearings back." He straightens and watches as Teddy and Taurus each run straight for each other!


Jim Brown vs. Chuck Bednarik have nothing on this hit, as both beings put what they have into the collision just as Howard is arriving on scene.

When the dust settles, Teddy is standing. The Taurus is not.

Whoooa. The Hulkling might be standing, but he's not exactly steady. He shakes his head, running his thick fingers through his blond hair as he blinks a couple times and stares at the Taurus. "Bad bull." he declares, his voice quite low now, even as he steps forward and sort of nudges it with a foot. He might look just a little bit… sheepish? "Ummm." He nudges again. He hasn't really been doing this superhero thing for very long. And so he sorta looks around in an attempt to be covert and see how much notice his giant greenness is drawing, and he coughs into a hand. "You uh, okay, back there. Er. Sir? Guy. Man who was run over." Nudge bull again with toe. Nudge.

Logan doesn't really follow football. More of a hockey guy. He cocks his head at the young hero, reaching into his pocket and drawing out a pack of Luckies. He lights one with a match from Jimbo's Diner, furrowing his brow, "Bearings, huh? That kid looks like he could wrassle a bear, that much is fer sure. Nice hit, kid. I think the pencilneck here's gonna be okay, too," he says. Part of him wants to throw a punch just for the rush of fighting somebody that strong, but he's tryin' to stay out of trouble, at least for Jean's sake.

"Charles Xavier," says the pencil neck as he reaches out to shake Teddy's hand after making his way over with Logan. Oddly, he stops for a second and inspects Teddy carefully with a peer, but says nothing for a moment. "Thank you very much for your, uh," he looks down. "Assistance." Looking down at the thief, Xavier then reaches to pull off the mask. He turns it over in his hands and inspects it carefully, tilting his head. "Metallic…somesort."

Taurus, meanwhile, is moaning around on the ground.

The Hulkling is very, very careful with shaking Xavier's hand back, though its more like, engulfing the man's hand, really. That said, at Logan's praise, he gives a quick, big ol' green grin. "Thanks. The bull hit harder then I expected it would." He eyes the mask and the poor bull guy, and nods absently to Xavier, "I'm Tee— I mean, Hulkling. Uh. Any idea what we should do with… that guy?"

Finally pulling out a pair of what look like oversized handcuffs Howard brings down the flying car near the scene of the crime, leaning back over the seat to get a look at the group. "Good work there taking him out, think I might be able to provide a bit of assistance." Swinging the handcuff around his finger as his car makes touchdown on the spot, tossing the handcuffs over towards Xavier. "Just slap those on his wrist press the red button till it turns green and let go, if he can break out of those we're in trouble."

"Well, Hulking?" Charles says as he looks down at Taurus. "I'm afraid I'm not one for these sorts of things, but this mustachioed fellow seems to have brought some…." He takes the cuffs and holds them oddly between his thumb and forefinger as he attempts to figure out just what's happening. Finally he shrugs his shoulders and affixes the handcuffs on as instructed.

"Hulkling." corrects the big green guy with a slight shrug, but then when the cuffs are put on the bull man… His body shrinks down into a more normal sized human, and his torn up clothes hang a bit loosely on his body. That said, his features are distinctly not the ones he wore when he was first wandering in and shopping. Blond hair and such, but a very different face. "Well, I uh, did my part. I guess. I suppose the authorities can come by and pick him up and do — whatever it is you do with a masked bull man who steals whatever it is he was stealing?"

"It was this," Xavier says as he turns toward the unconscious thief, reaches into his bag, and pulls out a cylinder. No mention of how he knew it was in there, but Xavier seems just as perplexed to see that Hulkling has taken a new shape. "Are you a m…" Xavier says nothing, knowing that this is not the time nor the place. Besides, he can make contact via Cerebro, with any mutant out there. Any mutant. Which would be humans with mutated genes.

"Yes, I do think you are correct, Hulk-ling. I do believe it's time for me to be going as well." Xavier nods to Logan and then stops and looks towards Howard, "Nice car."

And with that, he makes his move across the street, uneager to talk to the 5-0.

With the bad guy handcuffed, those assembled disperse so as to try to blend back into the crowd.

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