1963-06-03 - Atlantis is real. It's true. All of it.
Summary: Namor follows the aching feeling in the back of his mind, all the way to Westchester.
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Namor had felt a tickle in the back of his skull during a meeting of the United Nations- some silly meeting about something that didn't concern Namor or Atlantis. It was with quiet he stood and left the meeting and took to the air in the moments after.

So, Namor tracked the tell-tell feeling of a powerful mind to Westchester- landing in the courtyard of the Institute. He slowly walks up to the door, lifting a hand about to knock on the Institute's front door.

It takes a long moment, but the large wooden door with wrought iron over the glass near the top center opens slowly.
Rather than seeing a mystical mind bender, or some wild scientist, or anyone striking at all, Namor is greeted by a short ten year old buy with ruddy brown hair and a mass of freckles. He's dressed in a green polo and shorts and has a soda in his hand that looks to have been frosted.

"Hello?" he asks, sleepily. As if they don't get a lot of visitors to these parts, and when they do, he's not the one closest to the door. He doesn't mean to be rude, but he might come off that way.

"What place is this, child?" Namor asks, "And who is its master?" the Prince of Atlantis begins, "I would speak to him or her- tell them that Prince Namor of Atlantis calls." he says to the young surface dweller, as he waits for the child to do as he's told. "And do not tarry."

"What's a tarry?" the kid says before a bit of an awkward silence. "You mean the Professor. I'll go get him. Wait here."

Unceremoniously, the door is slammed in Namor's face.

A few moments later, a slightly older teenager opens the door. "You're waiting for the Professor, right? He just got out of a meeting and I can take you to his office if you want. Someone said you were Prince?"

Namor frowns as the child slams the door in his face, angled eyebrows narrowing as he stands there. The teenager is given a nod. "Yes. Prince Namor of Atlantis- I am here to speak to your Professor." he states again- were these not children, Namor might be *far* angrier at the treatment. Children, even of the Surface, should be given some leeway. This time, he steps into the building to ensure the door isn't slammed on his face a second time.

"I'm Michael," the teenager says with a smile. "Atlantis? Like the /real/ Atlantis? That's amazing." The young man stares at Namor for just a second, noticing his physique and how he just looks slightly different than most people. Michael shuts the door behind the royalty and smiles, "It's up this way." Mike begins leading the way up a large set of stairs to the second floor.

Namor has come on a Saturday morning, the weekend before school ends so the school is PACKED. Once people see there is a stranger there, or perhaps the Professor set out an announcement, everyone is doing their best not to show their mutant gene. They practice for this sort of thing, like other schools might practice for fire drills.

Eventually, Michael leads Namor to the door and opens it. Behind the door a short man with brown hair and large blue eyes is moving around his desk to meet the visitor. "Charles Xavier," he says, extending a hand.

"Well met, Michael." Namor replies, "And there is only one Atlantis." he states simply. Namor certainly looks different- the winged ankles are absolutely not normal even among Atlanteans. Luckily, Namor cares little if one is a Mutant or not- but he does pay careful attention to what is going around him as they move through the school's hallways.

Once Xavier has come to greet him- he takes the man's hand to shake it slowly. "Well met, Charles Xavier. I am Namor, Prince of Atlantis." he offers simply, as he looks into those blue eyes. "An interesting encounter, Professor Xavier." he offers to the human. He feels still that powerful mind- now more than ever. "It is you, then," Namor begins, "Who's presence I felt in New York."

"Yes, of course. Please do have a seat." Charles gives a nod to Michael, "Thanks." He moves back behind his desk and takes a seat only after the Prince does. "I must be honest, Prince Namor, in this situation I would normally lie. This is a school for people like myself, for people like you. I am extremely apprehensive about rupturing the safety of this place. But, I can see that like me it is of no use. Please do not be surprised that I took the liberty of reading your surface thoughts as you approached. I needed to see your intentions."

"And I must say, Atlantis. Real? Remarkable."

"You must protect your own." Namor replies, as he nods slowly. "I better than any other understand that, Professor." he begins, a diplomatic tone. "I would have done the same, had I the ability to read minds." he remarks. "One must always ensure that those things important to them remain protected." Indeed, Namor does understand- he does the same thing almost every day. "Atlantis is indeed real- and the Governments of this world have known of us since World War one." he states. "However, they have chosen not to advertise our existence. Its only recently, with the rise of the United Nations that they've been unable to suppress our existence. Even now, they underplay the fact that Atlantis controls all this Earth's oceans. That we are the largest country in the world." he does sit, "So then, this is a sanctuary for what you call mutants?"

"Indeed," Xavier says, deciding not to remark about the tensions of the United Nations, nor about what they discuss behind closed doors. That sort of information may be best unknown at this point. Xavier has trouble sleeping as it is.

"Yes, a place where students can learn to use their gifts, given through the mutated x-gene, in peace. It provides a buffer for them in hopes they can enter the outside world with confidence."

"Very well." Namor replies, as he sits back- his face flat and nearly unreadable. Were it not for Xavier's abilities, one would imagine him to be- right now- wholly emotionless. "It is wise to have such a place. Humanity is unfamiliar with such power, and has long been frightened of those things it can not explain or wholly conquer." he offers, "However, I would advise you teach these students to defend themselves. To learn the ways of war- it is only a matter of time before the surface makes a move against those with this 'X-Gene'. If you want them to survive they must be ready and willing to defend themselves." Says the Prince of Atlantis, a man who sees conflict almost everywhere. "Do you understand what I mean, Professor Charles Xavier? How important it is to ensure the continued freedom and strength of your people?"

Charles chuckles and leans back in his chair while looking up at the ceiling. "You sound like a friend of mine," he says mysteriously and takes in a deep breath of air. "I do understand what you mean, Prince Namor. On the other hand there is a movement underway, led by the blacks in this country, to use non-violence as a way of changing the hearts and minds of Americans. I believe those tactics will work, and building an army is something I'm apprehensive about."

"Yes. I am aware of the movement led by Martin Luther King Jr." Namor responds. "He follows in the footsteps of Gandhi." A world leader must be aware of these things- one never knows how it might affect their own lands. "However, I think the fear of those with.. extra-human abilities.. to be greater than the idiocy of racism." he notes, "However, it is not my fight." he remarks- rather unaware of his own status as half Mutant. "Still.." he notes, "I would build relations with you and your students." he offers, perhaps seeing a powerful ally for the future. "And offer Atlantis' aide should war come upon you." The Prince of Atlantis states. "Along with a small financial boon to foster good will between our peoples. There are few leaders among Mutant kind, as of yet- but you seem to be setting yourself up as one of those leaders. What say you to this?"

"I would say that I am a bit uneasy about it, if I am to be honest, my friend. I would very much like to have your guidance and your friendship. A trip to Atlantis, for instance would be the greatest field trip any school child in history has ever gone upon. Yet a gift of money would make me extremely wary, Prince Namor, despite the great generosity. I would be apprehensive to accept money because of the strings it may bring. That being said, I am extremely interested in building relations." Oh, Xavier thinks. He doesn't know. And just like that, Charles is hit with a very deep philosophical problem. To tell Namor, that is in fact a mutant, or to let him come to that decision on his own.

"Ultimately it is up to you, Professor Xavier." Namor states, on the subject of money. "Very, very few from the surface have ever been to Atlantis. A handful in the entire history of our nation." he takes a moment, leaning back to think. His fingers tented as he takes a long moment. "Atlantis must be protected over all things." he says, "As of now, I would not be able to bring any from the surface world to Atlantis- not until I am certain of all intentions." Namor offers with a hint of apology. "Perhaps we start with gifts and visits, and see how the relationship progresses. I could bring, instead, an Atlantean feast for your students and speak on the history of my nation to begin."

"Prince Namor that is certainly understandable. Please forgive my forwardness, I did not understand your people and their desire to stay free from foreigners. I think having you over for dinner would be absolutely lovely. Currently our students are about to go on break for summer holiday. We could either have you speak to the students who remain here over those months, or we could have you as a sort of keynote speaker in the Fall when the students are away come back. Either way, I think it would be absolutely fantastic."

Namor nods quietly, "Whenever is best for you, Professor Xavier." he offers simply as he begins to stand. "You may leave notice with my staff in the United Nations." he offers- "It has been a most enlightening meeting, Professor." Namor offers, as he extends a hand quietly.
Xavier smiles and stands as well, before shaking hands with Namor vigorously. "The same here, Prince Namor. It was fascinating meeting you. Thank you so much for making the trip out here. I'm really happy you did."

"It is a good meeting, Charles Xavier. Well met, and good health to you." Namor offers, as his handshake is returned. With the business done, Namor turns and walks away out of the mansion- boldly flying into the air once he reaches the courtyard- he unwilling to hide his abilities.

"Who was that?" asks the young 10 year old who accompanies Xavier to the door. Both watch Namor fly away, up into the clouds and towards the horizon.

"A friend?" Charles responds with a raised eyebrow. "I hope."

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