1963-06-04 - A Winter Summerland
Summary: Jean runs into Bobby. Talking ensues.
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Institute - Rear Grounds Westchester
Sat Jun 04, 1963 — Sat Jun 04 11:29:14 2016

The rear grounds spread out in three directions, each several football fields large. In the distance a smile, private lake shimmers, while long lines of bushes are cut to perfection. To the north there are tennis and basketball courts, while in the distance a baseball diamond is also cut.


It's a warm July day which means many of the students went home for the summer. Some though either never had a real home or they aren't welcome there any more so they're still at the Institute. It can be a lonely time for the younger ones but today at least they get to play in the snow. Yes, snow. Out in the middle of a field, there's a foot thick layer of snow on the ground taking up several hundred square feet. Two forts have been built and the students are having a snowball fight.

Bobby's in a lounge chair on the patio, wearing just a pair of shorts as he gets some sun and flipping through a catalog from Westchester Community College.

The day started out neat. Much better than the night. At least she kept quiet this time around and didn't pitch a fit due to the lack of sedatives in her system. But it felt normal. A quick phone call home to the family to let them know that she was alright, a shower and a change and close to an hour of wandering around the institute is what really kept her mind busy. Until she felt happiness. It was extreme. A little laugh came from her as she tried to follow the point of where it was the most strongest.

Which lead Jean out into the rear grounds of the institute, the snowy mecca a sight for the coming summer months. In fact, it was pretty unbelievable. It was hot out.. but it felt cold? While the children were busy, she goes right up to the one who was not. Well, he was reading, but close enough. "Hi.." She says, one hand lifting in a wave that seemed too grand for her tone. "Um.. how did this happen?"
Bobby looks up at the greeting and smiles. "Hi. Jean right?" A new uncontrolled telepath in the mansion is sure to get a warning from the Prof and a quick mental image. "I'm Bobby. Want a beer? Or soda." There's a cooler next to him. He looks at the snow and grins. "Me. Welcome to the Institute. You'll get used to it."

"Mmhmm." Jean rocks a little upon her heels as she looks around, attempting to keep eye contact to a minimum to keep herself from prying. Besides, the good feelings of fun and happiness were in the air, so that lessened her worries considerably where it was due. "Oh.. beer? Nooo.. I don't drink alcohol, Mr. Bobby. But I'll have a soda, thank you." She wasn't going to turn down a soda, so she settles down at a kneel to reach for a bottle of soda, using the hem of her dress to pry the cap open with a sharp twist and a brief sniff.

"So you did this?" She asks, drawing the soda down for a moment. "You… you can make snow?" It was unbelievable, really. So much that she takes the soda cap to crudely draw it across her forearm to make sure that she wasn't dreaming. "Ow.."
"Mister? Just Bobby." he corrects. "Snow, ice, you name it, I do it." Pause. "Actually, I think that's pretty much it. Snow and ice. I don't think they come in any other forms." Leaning over, he reaches out to touch Jean's bottle with a fingertip and it immediately gets frosty and the soda's now ice cold. The cooler was more for storage. "And you're a telepath right? That takes some getting used to huh?"

Jean smiles a little, "Bobby.. then." She grows silent, watching the other children at play, wincing as one manages to pelt another right on the jaw with a snowball. There were no hurt feelings, the game was still on and with a shake of her head, she focuses upon the conersation. "That's pretty swell." She says quietly, jerking back a little as he reaches out to ice over her drink. Her brows shoot up, her own hand reaching out to improperly capture his wrist to lift his hand to stare at his fingers. And then she lets go.

"Wow.." Finally, she sips her soda, even smacking her lips to see if it'd taste different. Besides, it's been a while since she's had it, for after that sip she takes another few gulps which ends in a red-face due to the burn. "Mmhmm! Telepath. But.. it goes odd." She states, nodding carefully. "I don't know how to turn it off yet. I know how to focus on one thing and hold on to it." She gestures to the kids. "But if I let go then it all.." She gestures her fingers around. "..everything blows up." Literally!

"Has anyone ever asked you where that ice comes from? Like.. is it inside? Do you bleed funny?"
Bobby nods at what Jean says. "The Prof explained a little." And if anyone knows, it's him. "You'll get the hang of it. We all did eventually. And the Prof will help you out. He's great." Opening the cooler, he pulls out a beer, opens it and ices it. "I draw moisture from around me and cool it down."

"He .. I think he is. Yes." She thought the Professor was a bonafide Superhero, but she wasn't going to tell that to anyone outloud. But that thought was pushed out there towards Bobby by pure accident, if he heard it or not, it was subjective. But this? This was more interesting. "So, if it rains. You can make it turn into ice and snow. A lot of it." She thinks about this in the most basic way possible. "What happens if there is no moisture in the air?"
Bobby totally agrees with Jean's thought. He just doesn't say so. "There's always enough moisture in the air. We even went to the desert once to test it and there was enough in the air." He shrugs. "So I don't think it's ever going to be a problem. Which is kind of nice."

"Huh.." This all left Jean perplexed. She fills the silence with drinking the rest of her soda, carefully picking the top from where she left it to twist it on, then places the empty bottle back into the cooler. At least she didn't litter! "Is.. everyone else here like us? I mean different." She even gestures to the kids playing. Though a thought suddenly does come to her. "Can you actually make stuff? Like.. did you build the fort with your hands or with your powers? Can you make an ice figurine?" She wanted to see it.
"A mutant." Bobby says. You can say the word. Go on and try. "Yes, we're all mutants here. The Prof set up the school so we could learn to control our powers while also going to school and being able to graduate like everyone else." Grinning, he looks over at the kids and shakes his head. "They built the forts. It's part of the fun. But yeah, I can make things." Moving his hand to the side of the chair, a three foot tall statue forms under it. Though since he's a mutant and not an artist, humanoid describes it best.

Jean winces from that word, her head tilting just a little. "I can't wait to start school again." She murmurs quietly, hopeful. "I haven't been since I was fifteen. I missed out on a great deal." She just misses learning. Its possibly why she's asking Bobby so many questions. As he makes the little humanoid statue, she lifts up and leans to the side, getting a clear view of the impressive little figurine. Even if it didn't have a face, she can clearly tell what was what. So it was all good in her book.

"I wish I could do that."

Which was.. quite possibly the wrong choice of words. As soon as the last word leaves her lips, the head of the humanoid explodes into a hail of shimmering ice, shooting upwards in a controlled motion with a pause, then down like rain.
Bobby instinctively ducks and raises an arm to shield his head at the explosion then glances up at the ice fragments. Though as they start to rain down, they sublimate into vapor so never hit anyone. 'Yeah, dangerous.' he thinks. But so are lots of kids who come to the Institute so he's not freaked out by it. "Don't do that." he tells Jean with a grin, though it's a bit forced. See? No big deal. It's all good.

Jean lifts her arms in preparation to shield herself from the oncoming storm but.. nothing happens. It takes her a minute to register this, glancing up with one eye squinted, preparing to be pelted or even worse, stabbed with a shard of her own doing. She catches the thought from Bobby, a clear frown upon her face as she drops her arms, hands planted against the ground to scoot herself back enough to be out of arms reach.

"I.. I didn't.. I d.." She snaps her lips shut then frowns. "Sorry Mr. Bobby. I think I should go inside."
"Not mister." Bobby repeats. "Look, Jean. It was an accident. They happen around here. We all know what to expect and you're not going to get into trouble or anything. You can leave if you have something to do but you don't need to run away. It's all cool."

"I.. I'm not running away. I just wanted to go inside.." Jean says defensively. "Yo.. you're the one who thought it was dangerous anyways so you should be running from me!" Snappy little attitude, her mood changed quick. Her arms fold about her chest as she rubs the back of her neck, then slowly rises to her feet with a slight little grunt. "I'm sorry. Okay? I'm not used to being around people. This is just too new. So.. sorry."
"We're all dangerous." Bobby points out. Or most of them are. "But sure, whatever you want. It's a lot to get used to. You'll get the hang of it though." He sounds quite certain of that. The Prof's a good teacher and being a telepath gives him an advantage. "I'll see you around."

'Bobby has a darn good point.' Jean thought outloud. Too loud really. So much that he could possibly hear it as well as one of the students who look their way. It made sense really, though of little sense to keep them all locked up in one place. Even though they weren't really locked there. They were just living. She just had to fit in some kind of way. She stares at Bobby thoughtfully, those feelings and thoughts of fitting in projecting as her shoulders lift in a half shug. "Okay!" Odd. Maybe it was the certainty coming from him but.. she felt sort of at ease. "Um. Bye." Her hand lifts shoulder height to wave rapidly, then with a turn and bounce on her heels, she strolls right into the house.
'Course I do.' Bobby thinks and grins as he picks up the thought. He watches her head into the mansion, not the least bit of attraction in his thoughts if she should be accustomed to picking up that kind of thing. Once she's gone, he picks up the catalog again and continues reading the course offerings.!

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