1963-06-05 - bill and teds excellent adventure I
Summary: In which a very yellow smiley meets the earrings.
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It's Sunday. Its pleasantly warm and bright and at Coney Island, it's full of laughter and families coming and going. There's so much to do here, its practically an American tradition, this whole place. And one tradition that Teddy is gonna partake in is a hot dog. Its hardly even just a hot dog, its a miracle dog that people come far and wide for. Teddy finds himself in line, and though the line's a thing, he has a cheerful demeanor about waiting. The young man doesn't quite fit into a crowd, even though part of him tries very hard: tall, blond and athletic, with a New York Jets jacket, he's got All American Boy written all over him. Then there's the earrings that mark his refusal to really fit in entirely, even if it gets him into trouble. He laughs, nodding to a pleasant older woman in front of him who just moments before dropped her bag, and Teddy did the gentlemanly thing and helped her pick up her things, "Of course, ma'am." he's saying, even as he turns his attention to who else may be wandering the boardwalk this fine day.

Talk about not fitting in… Billy is a big sore thumb sittting prominently out begging for a ride on the side of I-95. The only thing he lacks is showing a little skin…

At least he's wearing something that resembles clothes rather than his usual hero fare… A bright yellow t-shirt with smiley face and a pair of jean-shorts. His shaggy hair is worn slicked back as he steps into the crowds of Coney Island with a look of complete wonder plastered onto his face as he meanders around for a good twenty minutes before he winds up in the same line as Teddy.

One does not simply go to Coney Island and not get a Miracle Dog!

As Teddy's attention wanders from the nice lady before him, he notices Billy, blinks a moment, and grins. He turns his attention to the couple behind them, makes a slight bow and step aside and lets them cut, which brings him to stand beside the usual hero type. "I like the shirt." he comments, his grin easy and teasing, but in a way that he intends to be friendly, "It's only slightly shy of blinding, which is always something to consider when you decide to go for yellow. I appreciate that you went all in with the endeavor. Too many people are all, yellow? Sure! Here, this yellowish thing is fine. The cowards."

Billy is having a hard enough time not feeling awkward without adding keeping his attention anywhere but on his toes. At least until Teddy is up beside him admiring the shirt, that draws his attention away from his piggies and at the All American standing in front of him.

A shyish grin turns into a stupid one when, not only is he actually being addressed, it's to offer a compliment.

Billy tugs at the shirt and laughs quietly, "Well, I mean, if you're going to do it… you might as well go all the way, right? No sense tip toeing around the obvious, you're going to stand out. You're going to be an eyesore.." He shrugs a little. Eyeing Teddy's earrings with a cant of his head, "I think we're both sore thumbs, so I'll take you praise as extremely high indeed! I'm Billy. Billy Kaplan." Tentatively extending his smaller hand.

With an easy confidence, Teddy reaches for the hand and gives it the kind jock shake; its firm enough to be respectable without trying to break any bones or play the macho card. They exist, the kind jocks. "I agree entirely." He's nodding his head with a smile, even as they move up a position, "If you're going to do a thing, commit." Says the guy who decided to get an earring against all convention and ended up with like eight. "Worst case scenario you are seeing how fast you can run away from stupid." He shrugs, indifferent to the stupid, even as his smile turns into a grin, "But good to meet you. Teddy Altman. Had one of Nathan's Famous before?" He cocks a thumb over his shoulder, and whistles briefly, "Its a thing of beauty. Kraut and onions is my standard, with cheese fries. I can't decide which is my favorite, but why decide?"

"I… no. This is my first time at Coney Island." Billy has to think about that too long for it to be ''entirely'' true, "I think.." He adds, glancing around at the crowds with a little fine line expression on his face, "Sometimes I get lost, so I guess it's entirely possible I've been here and don't remember it. That happens more often than I should admit to a stranger."

Even a gentle giant like Teddy.

When he looks back up at the earringed Altman, he finds himself grinning dispite himself. Something about standing out with someone else makes it easier. The eyes directed his way don't seem to matter at him as much, though he still appears keenly aware that he ''is'' being stared at. "I sometimes regret it… committing, I mean, I changed like nine times before I finally just went with it."

Tilting his head, he looks along the line ahead of them, "Okay, so kraut and onions.. and cheese fries? I'm taking your word for it here."

"Who doesn't get lost sometimes?" asks Teddy, his voice soft and sympathetic, though his attention is drawn with a slight arch of his eyes. He's keen enough to have picked up on how long that response took, but decides to set it aside with a warm smile and a shrug. He reaches over and lays a hand on Billy's shoulder to give a companionable squeeze, "I know what its like to want to fit in. Even if you can't. To not want to stand out. To be just normal." He shrugs, "But then part of me is all, … screw it. I'll play on the team and I'll make friends, but that far and no further. Do you know what I mean? For me?" He reaches up his other hand to run over his earrings, "Its these. For you maybe its the shirt." That said, he glances ahead as they move up again and adds with a bit of a lipsided grin, "I can totally vouch for the cheese fries, but kraut isn't for everyone. Up to you. Its… intense. Makes you sure you're alive."

Billy smiles appreciatively up at Teddy, possibly for more than just supportive hand on his shoulder, but not making him hash through confusing inner dialogs that probably wouldn't make any sense anyways. "Well, at this point, I'm pretty sure I'm in for a penny, might as well stay in for a pound, right?" Kraut isn't for everyone, but then he's got some odd tastebuds.

"I'm usually the quiet one sitting in the back of the room trying not to draw attention to myself." He admits with a little quirk of his face, since he's doing about the oposite of that today. "Something told me it was a yellow day.. turns out it worked out for me? Good company." Nodding up to Teddy.

"I tried being the quiet one for awhile." admits Teddy with a rueful grin and a shrug, "I wasn't very good at it. But, I have it easy. I'm good at sports, and that's almost a guaranteed seat at the cool kids table." To this, he seems almost a little embarassed. But, it passes in a moment, "Its a bit silly and unfair, but I can't deny it made things easier." Then he smiles, "You should have more yellow days, I think. Heck, I might consider it a personal project of mine." Then they finally get to the front, and he flashes a friendly smile to the person taking orders, "Two dogs with kraut and onions, and a large cheese fries.." He digs into his pocket to pull out some cash with a sidelong glance at Billy, "My treat." And another easy smile.

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