1963-06-17 - Spread Your Wings
Summary: Armando (Darwin) takes Warren up on his job offer.
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Worthington Tower is a masterpiece of modern architecture and is a fairly new building in comparison to the rest of Manhattan. The spire of concrete, steel, and glass reaches for the heavens and towers over many of the buildings around it. The large office building houses offices for many of Worthington Industries' subsidiaries.

Rather than leaving it up to his own security to check Armando in, Warren has deigned to do so personally it would appear. When the other man arrives, he's already waiting there at the security desk wearing a lighter tan colored suit today. Currently, he's warmly chatting with his security staff at the front desk.

Armando is dressed in his best- its not a proper suit, but its certainly business appropriate. Tailored shirt to fit his arms, a pair of dark slacks, a tie and a simple blazer. Its fit together with a pair of oxfords, no brogueing. Its a big day- and while there is a certain amount of nervousness he approaches Warren with a smile, "Good Morning, Warren." he offers, extending a hand. As always, he stands out- looking rather alien compared to most. "Thank you, again, for this opportunity."

Warren's guest is certainly drawing more than a couple of stares, but nothing terribly flagrant. People working here seem happy enough to be here, though there may be whispers later. For his part, the CEO of the company smiles broadly at Armando and inclines his head in a nod to him. Moving quickly to greet him, he extends a hand. "Hey there, Armando. Good to see you again. Welcome to Worthington Industries. I wanted to come down and meet you personally. Care to have a chat in my office?" Both brows raise and he gives the man an expectant look.

"I'd be honored, of course." Armando says, as he shakes Warren's hand- grinning now with a certain pride that it was actually happening. "Whatever you need done, I'm your man." he assures Warren, with a nod of his bald, grey head. "Please, lead on." he says- excitement edging into the young man's voice. He's never had an opportunity like this and he can still hardly believe it.

With a broad smile, he lifts a hand to beckon Armando to follow. With this done, he starts moving towards the elevators. After reaching out to depress the button to summon one of the cars, he turns once again to his guest. "Oh, there's always something needing doing around here, Armando. I'd like to hear more about what you're interested in, truly." The car arrives quickly enough and Warren puts his hand on the door to stop it from closing. Once Armando joins him, he steps along inside.

"Well, I've brought my school records, and a copy of the paper they wrote on me. Honestly, I wasn't sure what to bring." Armando replies, with a smile as he joins Warren inside the car- offering the folder over. "Its mostly the paper on me, honestly." he says with a sheepish grin. "I'm interested in a lot of things. I do a lot of reading on just about every sort of subject. Science, math, politics- lots of self-study, you know? Just trying to broaden my horizons in general. Since we spoke last, I did do some research into aeronautics and its obvious that jet powered flight will dominate the commercial industry within the next ten years."

Warren touches the button for floor 98, the top floor of Worthington Tower. While certainly not the tallest building in Manhattan, it's among them. Rather than speaking again, he chooses to listen quietly to Darwin, again nodding his head to the man. The words do bring a small smile to his lips and a more interested look. His hands fold neatly in front of him as the elevator starts to ascend. "Very insightful, Armando. That was my theory as well. I've been devoting a lot of resources towards further development of avionics systems that meet that demand. I understand quite a bit of the technicals to a point. Do you think you might want to get more into the business end of things? Or more research and development?"

"It wasn't a particularly difficult conclusion to come to." Armando notes, with a grin. "Its just a matter of marketing and everyone will want to fly in a jet and not a prop plane- five years, tops." Armando gives a shrug as to what he'll work in, "Honestly, I can do almost anything- but I imagine given the current climate it be better if I was more behind the scenes than out in front. As much as I don't like it, it would be the better decision from a business stand point to have something other than this.." he waves up at his oddly alien features, "Be the face of any business venture. And, indeed, there may be marketability with my unusual look being behind the scenes- people will wonder what I have that others don't." Armando continues, with that youthful excitement. "I'd done some looking into Avionics, as well- and followed the paper trail and noticed the US Airforce is looking into integrated circuits and beginning to include them in their technology. Texas Instruments and Fairchild Semiconductor have both filed patents recently involving the technology. This technology is absolutely the future of computing and electronics- although, in its current state, it's going to require a lot of work…" Armando chuckles, and gets quiet. "Sorry. I get excited when I have new things to study and figure out. I spent a lot of my spare time as a kid taking things apart, and putting them back together again."

A long moment is spent just listening to the man on the way up. Even though he's making eye contact, he seems to be sizing him up all at once. There is some scrutiny, but for the most part Warren looks rather impressed. "Market analysis might be a good place for you, but I imagine you'd -like- to get a little more hands-on with the tech and work a bit more closely with R&D." Lifting a hand, he rubs lightly at his chin. It looks like he's about to speak again when the elevator makes a *Ding* sound and the doors open to an enormous penthouse office. Hardwood floors and well-appointed furnishings and decor give the place a soothing and comfortable environment. "Both my marketing and R&D people are stand-up folks," he tells Armando, letting him step out into the office first before doing so himself. "It's going to be an adjustment for them, but I'd love for you to work with both departments as sort of a liaison between the two. At least until you get more familiar with the technology. Your job is mainly to make sure the left hand knows what the right is doing…if that makes sense?"

Armando is obviously impressed by the office that opens before him, giving a low whistle. He's quickly brought back to the task at hand, though. "Sure. I'd be glad to do that." he says, "It give me a good sense on what's going on, too- and how best to help." Really, that's all he wants to do. He's a young man, yet, and being handed a chance in a real company beyond being a janitor. "I can certainly make sure both departments are working towards the common good, as it were." he says, with a grin. "You are going to want to get into Integrated circuits, though. They're expensive right now- about $50.00 per board- but if my calculations are correct they'll drop in price by the end of the decade to about $2.50 per board. The Government is buying up integrated circuits by the truck load." he suggest, "Anyways, yeah- I'd be happy to do whatever you need, Warren. I'm your man!"

Armando's confidence and articulation in explaining the direction things should go in and his insight clearly have left Warren quite impressed. "Honestly, I can't think of anyone I'd rather have in the position," he says with a nod of his head. As they make their way futher into the well-appointed office, he stops by the small bar that sits against one wall. "Can I get you anything, Armando? I make a good martini, I'm told. How do you take yours?" Of course he knows how to mix a drink. He was an Ivy League college boy at some point. "You clearly excel at research and exactly the sort of research I need done right now. What were you thinking as far as annual salary goes?"

"Oh, I don't know anything about salaries. And, I've never had a martini- I don't really drink." Armando admits. "I can't get drunk, so, I never really saw the point in it." he explains, before returning to the point of salary. "I'm positive you'll do right by me, Warren, so I'll leave the money part of it all up to you." he says- and indeed, there was a certain youthful idealism in the statement. "All I want is enough to take some burden off Ms. MacTaggert." he says, finally.

"Ah! You know Doctor MacTaggert." Warren seems pleased by this revelation, nodding his head in response to the man. "She's a dear friend to our cause as mutants. A wonderful woman." A nod of his head is given then as he considers this course, squinting his eyes. Money. There's a reason that Warren doesn't usually hire people directly, but this is a special circumstance. "There are a couple of different factors here. Your mind is a valuable resource, Armando, and I want to pay you what your time is worth. Does twenty-thousand a year sound reasonable?" Perhaps a bit moreso given the average national annual income is just under $4,500.

"…Woah." Is Armando's first response, "I can't take that much, Warren." the young man says, "I mean, that's.. an enormous amount of money." he says, "I'd feel like I was taking advantage of you." he says, honestly. "I mean, wow." he says, eyes widening as he shakes his head and changes the subject.

"And yeah, Moira is sort of like my adopted mother. We've known eachother for years, and she's taken care of me since I left Biltmore. I owe her a lot, and I have to show her how much I appreciate her." Because there just haven't been that many people who've shown him that kind of kindness. "And I think she sees me as an adopted son, in a way. She sure acts like it."

"Nonsense," Warren replies to him at his polite refusal. He also holds a hand up to the man and lets another smile creep across his features. "You have a good head for this sort of thing and I think you'll go far. I also have faith that you'll put it to good use. Maybe you'll see a venture you want to invest some time and money into yourself." A subtle shrug of his shoulders is given then as he makes a drink for himself and pours a nice, cold ginger ale for Armando. He hangs onto his own glass while handing the ginger ale to Armando. "Come on. Let's step out onto the balcony. It's a nice day for it."

Warren starts moving in the direction of the glass double-doors that lead out onto an equally well-appointed balcony area. "I admire her a great deal," he says, giving a gracious incline of his head. "As big as this city is, it sure gets small sometimes, huh?" A laugh emits from his lips then as he regards the other young man. "I'm sure you'll figure out a way to show your appreciation. Do you have any ideas?"

Taking the ginger ale, Armando chuckles, "I mean, if you really want- I won't say no, but.. wow. I never imagined." Armando says, shaking his head quietly. He follows Warren out to the balcony- just amazed at the view. "Well, for one, I'll take her out to a nice dinner. Other than that? I mean, I guess just treat her like any good son would treat his Mother." he says simply. "She's been there for me, and lord knows I needed it. I guess, just make sure she's got everything she needs." Armando begins, before he takes a slow breath. He takes a sip of his ginger ale.

"I'll invest a great deal of it. If I can play the markets right, I can maybe open a trust fund for other Mutants and help them get educations. Education is one of the most empowering thing for young people." Armando begins to talk dreams. "Honestly, its like winning the lottery, Warren. I'll get some nice clothes, a new pair of shoes- I mean, most of that stuff I need to have made anyways, so, it'll be nice there. Its important I share it, though. To help people who haven't been as lucky- in particular other mutants."

"I've always lived in New York. I love the city, honestly. Its beautiful in its own way. Particularly from way up here…"

"You're a wise investment," Warren says, giving a nod of his head to the man. Reaching out, he opens the doors out onto the windswept balcony about a thousand feet from the city streets. "And by that I mean that you're the sort of person that will use your resources to boost the economy. You have a good head for this sort of thing and I would frankly love to see you getting involved in charity. Particularly for mutants." Pressing his lips together a moment, he considers his words quietly. "You've known her a long time, it sounds like. What is it she needs?"

Again, he bobs his head in a nod to Armando while in the midst of removing his jacket and hanging it up. It reveals his confined, compressed wings in the harness he wears and really…it can't be comfortable at all. "Oh!" he exclaims, blinking his eyes a couple of times. Reaching back to retrieve his wallet from the jacket he'd hung up, Warren takes a card from within. "I have a guy. You'll want something tailored and he's very discreet. Just tell him I sent you and he'll take care of you from there." The card is slipped from its pocket and handed over to Armando. "Mauricio. He's good people." Finally, he pulls a cord on the harness and it releases, letting his wings spring from their confines to spread out victoriously. "Damn you've got to take a moment sometimes. You know? At any rate, it's no lottery. I need you here and I definitely want to keep you. I've a feeling once people see what you can do, you'll be getting offers from all over New York." There's a smile then as he looks out over the city, squinting his eyes. "Oh, don't I know it. You ever had a good bird's eye of the city?"

"You know, I couldn't absolutely say. I know she wants to help mutants- but she's selfless to the point where it can be difficult to tell what she needs. She's so quick to ignore her own needs for the good of others. I guess I'll just make sure she's comfortable. Maybe get something to help her move around a little easier- or at least make sure she won't have to worry about money. One less thing, you know?" Armando says, with a smile.

The reveal of the wings brings raised eye-ridges from Armando, "That doesn't look very comfortable at all." he notes, as he looks at the feathered pinions. "I've been to the top of the Empire State Building, before." he offers, "But, I imagine quite unlike the way you've seen it." He takes another sip of his ginger ale. "Does the mutation extend to your bones, as well? More bird-like, I mean? I'm sorry if its a personal question, I find other's mutations to be rather interesting."

Now that his wings are unfurled and he's been able to stretch them comfortably, he settles them back against his back. "Oh, the harness? Yeah, it's pretty awful. You get used to it after a while." Another smile is given then and he stretches his arms out to his sides, drink in one hand still. Exhaling a sigh then, he drops one hand down to his side again while the other is maneuvered with more care to keep the contents of his glass inside of it. "I'd be happy to take you for a fly around sometime. But yes - there are all sorts of oddities. I know my bones are hollow. I think Moira is interested in knowing exactly how my mutation works as well." Rather familiar, calling her by her first name.

"Maybe her own research space," Warren suggests. "She had mentioned taking a teaching position at Xavier's school. Perhaps you could assist her in raising the money for her own specialized facilities." Warren gestures towards his desk inside with his martini hand. "I'll have Gail pull my list of usual donators for charity events for you. I'd love to see what you can put together. If you need any of my help navigating the bureaucratic end of things for any sort of zoning or the like, just let me know. I can pull some strings." A single shoulder is lifted in a shrug to Darwin then. "Just an idea. Obviously, it should come from you. But name it and I'll see what I can do about helping to make it happen."

"She'd like that, I'm sure. Honestly, I'm just going to ask her what she needs." Armando says with a chuckle. "She deserves something. I mean, when I was fourteen.. and my mother abandoned me she tried to adopt me." he says, "It didn't work out, but she kept in touch.. and then took me in when school was finished. I owe a lot to Moira. She's just been there for me. I want to do the same for her." Armando smiles, "Well, last time I willingly jumped off a building I just bounced when I hit the ground. No injuries at all." he says with a bit of a grin.

"I'll look into it, and plan something. I think if it was marketed correctly, and with her credentials- she could really get something going. I'd need a lot of help with that, though- fund-raising is way outside my wheel-house." he admits, leaning on the railing and sipping ginger-ale. "I really appreciate all this, Warren. Its like a new chapter in my life- and I won't let you down." He can't. He's got to succeed.

"Go for it," Warren says with a grin and a gesture of one hand. "Objectively, her work is an excellent investment both for mutants and humankind in general. By studying what makes us what we are, we can understand a little bit better. People do tend to fear the things that they don't understand, but once they understand them they just become another part of the world. It's important work." A nod of his head is given to that. "Like I said. I'll give you any help you need."

There's a pause then as he sips his drink, considering his words still and forming a response after a fashion. "I already know you won't let me down, Armando. I hired the right person for the job. You're intelligent and passionate and I know that when you /do/ make mistakes, and you will, that you'll make them while doing the right thing." There's a quick nod of his head to that as he looks out over the city again. "Hey, I'm glad you appreciate it! You got here on your own merit, though. There have been hundreds of applicants for the position, but I honestly can't see anyone doing a better job."

"Wow. That's high praise, Warren." Armando says. "I will likely make mistakes- but I'll take care of them. If there's one thing I'm hard-wired to do its to evolve." he says with a chuckle and a grin. "I'll do my best to make sure they're not serious- I'll pick it up as I go along. Anyways, I'm sure you won't mind if I ask for some help." he says with a smile. "What's it like to fly? I mean, for you?" he wonders of Warren.

"I'm sure you'll do great here, Armando," Warren answers after a long moment's pause. Lifting his glass to his lips for another sip then, the man considers the city below them. "Adaptability is what we need as a people. I don't just mean mutants." Taking a deep breath in then, he once more looks sidelong to Armando. "It'll be fine. You're not going to break anything that can't be fixed." A reassuring smile is given, though it's brief as he becomes lost in thought at trying to describe flight. "I can feel the wind in my wings…like instinct, you know? I know how and when to make all of those subtle little adjustments just by…tactile sensation. Of the wind. The sky is where I belong."

"I wish I knew what that was like." Darwin replies, "But somethings I'm not meant to know- unless I suddenly evolve wings. Which, could happen." he says, "But, I think I'll leave it to you- remember that." he adds. "Its important you remember the gifts you've been given. I know I do. Its… sort of weird, knowing that in any situation I'll evolve to survive. ITs sort of freeing, you know? Even during the massacre- I evolved. I survived. Maybe that's what I'm here for- to survive. To keep fighting, you know?"

"I have to say. Your mutation really is truly fascinating," Warren states before sipping from his drink again. "Maybe you will grow wings someday. It does feel very free…being able to soar among the clouds. Another thing I noticed…I can get up there. Above the clouds. I /should/ have difficulty breathing, but I don't." Another shrug of his shoulders is given. "I saw you there. I was trying to rescue the wounded, but…" He shakes his head, leaving it at that apparently. "Anyways, yeah. I'd have to agree with you there."

"I'll grow wings if its evolutionarily advantageous to the situation." Armando says, "The scientists at Biltmore did a bunch of tests. Put me in a dark room. Lowered oxygen in a tank. Tested alcohol and other poisons on me. I evolved a way beyond them. I didn't know I'd evolve a defense against bullets, though. I thought it was environmental before that. Now, I know it goes beyond environmental evolution. Its my survival… I just hope I can help others survive in the process."

"You've got the paper, though- feel free to read up on me." Armando offers, "I'm responsible for some sort of great advance in understanding to the genetics of mutant kind and the theory of evolution."

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