1963-06-18 - Angel Meets Demon
Summary: Nightcrawler has sought Sanctuary, but is found by an Angel.
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Late evening is definitely when the strange ones come out. While this part of the city might be slightly lighter on masks and mutants during most times of the day, NYC is unique in its nightlife. Particularly when one is looking down on the rooftops.

High above is the silhouette of a winged man against the light of the moons' waning gibbous state. Currently wearing his red and white flight suit, Warren circles overhead like a bird of prey just waiting for something to come up on his police radio. He's at cruising speed currently, flying overhead in what looks like a leisurely fort of gliding. In actuality, he's traveling at about 70 miles per hour in the heavens above.


Nighttime. The only time that Kurt could venture out now, even disguised. But after the events of the other night, he's too afraid to leave his chosen shelter. So there is an extra gargoyle perched on the parapet of the Catholic Church on this street tonight. A gargoyle who seems darker than the others…slimmer, and has yellow eyes. Also, said gargoyle is wearing jeans, a white t-shirt, and a coruroy jacket. It's something of a Beatnik Gargoyle. Odd choice for a church, really.


While gargoyles aren't much of a fascination for Warren, what he does have is phenomenal eyesight. That particular gargoyle? That one doesn't look like the others. While he is cautious about it, he does fly lower to try to get a better look at the afforementioned gargoyle. Not flying too low, he just works off of the assumption that there are way too many people who never bother looking -up-.

The sound of his beating wings might be caught over the sound of traffic below. Despite the noise, a sixteen-foot wingspan is not a quiet thing when it cuts through the air. The occasional whoop of wind as he flaps his wings is fairly apparent as he circles overhead.


The sounds of a city are familiar to him, but New York is special. With this distance, he can observe, confident that he can't be harmed up here. That is, until he hears the sound of large wings. The 'gargoyle' moves, hopping easily onto a ledge and turning, balanced with the help of his own natural ability and his tail, to see what might be approaching. He's ready to teleport away if necessary.

The sight that greets him though as he looks up has his eyes widening, "Mein Gott…"

A hand reaches out to some of the decorative masonry so that he doesn't fall backwards off of the church as he stands, transfixed on the angel circling above. This has to be a good omen, yes? Either that or he's about to die.


As he draws closer, Warren squints his eyes down at the gargoyle…which he can clearly see breathing and making just the slightest movements to show that he is in fact not a statue. He descends in altitude until he's within earshot, giving a wave down to him. The utterence of German elicits a smile from him. While he isn't fluent in the language, he certainly does speak it well enough to understand phrases.

"Not exactly," he replies in a call down to the gargoyle. "You'd be surprised at how many people get pissed off at me calling myself 'Angel', though." Finally he sets down on the rooftop, landing rather gracefully just a few feet over if he doesn't teleport away.

The winged man doesn't make any motion at all that might be considered aggressive and instead just holds up his hands.

"I'm not here to hurt you," he says quickly, trying to crane his head to get a better look at Nightcrawler's face.


Nightcrawler would take another step back, but he can tell that there's nothing there. So, instead, he leaps onto one of the other gargoyles off to the side to get a better look at the winged not-angel. He doesn't say anything at first, no doubt his appearance difficult to discern in the dark…but it's also New York and flooded with light 24/7.

"You are not…an Engel…" is asked, his accent fairly heavy. But English does seem to be a familiar language to him. His wings get a pointed look before those yellow eyes look back to the other, "Was…what are you?" He's even wearing a strange outfit which doesn't bode well for Kurt just thinking he's a 'normal guy'.


Warren does not advance on Nightcrawler, giving him plenty of space in which to move around him if he needs to. Still, he holds up both of his hands in front of him in the most non-threatening way he can conceive. The red and white as well as the mask over his features certainly don't scream 'normal guy' if the wings didn't give it away. Rather than reacting badly towards him, he settles his gaze on the blue-skinned man and shakes his head. "Not a real Angel, no," he replies.

"I try to be." This is uttered simply and with a touch of sadness to his tone. "Sometimes we miss the mark of being as good as we can be, right? I believe we may be alike. You're a mutant, yeah?" With slow, easy motions, Warren reaches up to his mask so he might slowly start to remove it. "Just gonna' take this off so maybe we can be friends. That alright?"


No guns…that's a good thing. The man's attitude is relaxed enough, not like the shapeshifter who followed him and scared him out of his mind.

Uniformed authority figures are apparently an issue with this one still.

Kurt hops off of the gargoyle onto the parapet of the Church and does sort of slowly walk around the other, his steps careful and balanced. "For there is not a just man upon earth, that doeth good, and sinneth not." He does tilt his head at the other, "You use that word too. I have not heard that word before." There is a pause as he glances down in the direction of where the riots are, "It is a bad thing to be, I think. If a man was killed because of it."

There is a quick look to the other as he goes to remove the mask, but Kurt doesn't teleport away. He does take a wary step back, however.


No guns whatsoever. Evidently Warren doesn't carry them as there isn't anywhere on the flight suit to actually hold a gun. The wings are folded behind him as well, making him look not quite so frightening perhaps.

The mask is finally moved to hang behind him and to reveal his face more fully to Nightcrawler. While his appearance is perhaps a bit…unnerving, Warren may just be able to sympathize a little bit what with his wings and all. It's a fairly obvious mutation, though perhaps not quite as alien as the other man. "Ecclesiastes. It's a good passage, definitely. 7:20, right?" He grew up Catholic, so of course he knows himself some bible. "The word 'mutant'?" he asks, raising his brows a little to Nightcrawler. Still he keeps his distance and allows the man a wide berth so as to not spook him. "It means we were born a little bit different. For us…we're very different, yes? My name is Warren, by the way. Do you have a name?"

He looks curiously at him, though tries to keep his body language as non-threatening and friendly as can be.


Nightcrawler gives a nod as the biblical quote is cited. He straightens some as he continues to watch the other, noting his every movement, the folding of his wings and the movement of the mask. He then looks at his own hands and holds them up to the other, "So that is the word for -this-?" It's better than some of the others he's heard. It's still not terribly pleasant-sounding. He gives a sigh then as if accepting that's the way it is.

Another sharp look is given to the not-angel and his brows crease some, "Of course I have a name." There's a sad little smile given, "Am I so frightening to you that you think I don't have a name? That I am not a person?" There is a pause, "It's Kurt."


Warren responds with a nod of his head to Kurt, a light smile resting on his lips as he studies him a bit more closely. He doesn't need to get exceptionally close to see him clearly enough. "Yes," comes the verbal response. "but Kurt? It's important for you to know there's nothing wrong with the way you look. You are as God made you." Instead of moving closer, he moves away so that he can sit down on one of the concrete rises on the roof.

Moments of thought are given and all the while his blue eyes study. A slightly more curious look is given to Kurt then and he furrows his brows. "I'm sorry, Kurt. What I said was very insensitive of me. It's a manner of speech here in America, you see? Instead of us asking: 'Wie heisst du?', Americans will sometimes say: Got a name?" The explanation is a bit lengthy and perhaps silly, but he's going for compassion here the best he's able. "But no. You don't frighten me, Kurt. Sometimes in the struggle to get people to accept us how we are, we have to understand each other as well. Wouldn't you say?"


Nightcrawler lowers back down into a crouch even as Warren sits. He tilts his head and then suddenly grins, showing sharp teeth, "I know there is nothing wrong with me or how I look. I know I am one of God's creations. I am me." He doesn't seem to despise himself at all. Quite the contrary, really.

"I know a little American slang…" it might be outdated, but he's familiar with it. He rests his forearms on his knees and listens to the question being asked, "I don't frighten everyone. But in the smaller places they did not know me. Here, they do not know me." It's a different world than he's used to. "People in Europe…many of them would come to see me. They would travel from one city to another to see me."


The smile is returned despite it all. Sure he looks odd, but so do a lot of people he knows these days. Some of them, at least. The young winged man dips his head in a light nod. "Good," he says with a smile. "You see to have a pretty good handle on it, Kurt. Should you ever want to spend more time around other mutants, I know a man who runs a school. A school for people like us." Leaning forward a little though, he rests his elbows on his knees gently.

Slowly, he nods his head. While being a good Catholic boy was something that he had held onto tightly once, he is less so now. "Mm. That was the point in me stopping, really." The police radio on his right wrist squelches, so he twists the small knob on the console to turn it down for now. "To get to know you. I hope I wasn't interrupting anything." Brows furrow at him briefly before he continues. "The school is nice, though. They don't look upon me with fear for being different. It's relieving to have a place where I can just be myself. Feathers and all." The last is a bit of a joke perhaps as he smiles broadly thereafter.


The shapeshifter mentioned a school as well. "I am a little old to be going to school, ja?" is offered with his grin, but it fades some. Two mentioning the same thing…it might be a little more than a coincidence. It's something to muse upon. His eyes dart to the police radio before he looks back to the other, some of his own humor gone. "You are here to get me to come to your school? You were searching for me?" He's not entirely sure if that's a good thing or not.

"I was watching the city," so he wasn't really interrupting. "I was also trying to decide what to do. If I should go back."


Warren shakes his head and laughs quietly. "I was searching, yeah. Not for you, but perhaps I was meant to find you." There is a look cast towards the sky, but it's a brief one. Sure he's as much a sinner as any other, but sometimes even Angel looks up. "Oh, I'm too old for school myself," he says, giving a laugh and a dismissive wave of his own hand. "I'm not trying to get you to come to the school, Kurt. If you feel comfortable on my word going, then I will walk through the front doors right along with you. Charles wouldn't want me trying to push you to go."

Another gentle smile is given to Kurt as Warren once again shifts his position a bit. "Watching the city for what? Going back where?" The questions are spoken casually enoug, though he does laugh afterwards. "Ah, if you feel like telling me. I realize how nosy those questions must sound."


A man who looks like an angel who was maybe meant to find him. That seems to make more sense than someone out searching specifically for him for some reason. Maybe it's because he sought Sanctuary in the Church here. Maybe the angel-man -was- sent. There's a lot going through Kurt's mind as he listens to the other, his mind only barely registering what was said.

The questions, however, bring him back. "Go back to Europe. Somewhere. I can't go back to the Circus, it is too soon." His shoulders slump slightly at that but then he tilts his head, "Why is the nose about it?" His English is good, but some words aren't ones he ran across much.


Taking a breath inward, he keeps his eyes on Kurt for the moment. As he answers the questions, he nods his head along with the cadence of his voice to show that he is indeed listening. Likely, he's listening even more intently to his words than he normally would be. Business conversations he can more or less predict in his head. This is still fairly new territory for the rather independent mutant.

"Well," he says with a laugh, finally. "Nosy. Um…the questions were very glib and invasive? I guess? Anyways, yeah. I can see you wanting to go back home to Europe. Heck, I enjoy going sometimes myself." There is a light gesture with one hand before he gives some further consideration to his own words. "How about this: Stop by the school sometime before you leave so that you have a place to make these plans and you get a chance to meet others like yourself. I won't promise it will be to your liking, but…if we can't give each other a chance, how do we expect the rest of the world to, right?"


Everyone keeps pressing this school! He's far too old for a school! There is a sigh before he agrees, "Yes, very well. I will visit this school but I do not know where it is." Yellow eyes narrow some as he queries, a bit disbelieving, "You are saying that there are others who look like me? Like this?" he gestures to himself and his own very un-human-like appearance. "Or more people who look like you?" Ones who barely look different except for one bit of strangeness.

He has a hard time believing that there are others who are like him. Although the shapeshifting woman was odd.


"Well," Warren says quietly, considering Kurt's question. "I can tell you for sure that you're a unique one, Kurt. You don't look like anyone else I've ever met in my life." There's a smile from him and then a gentle wave of his hand for him. "What I can tell you with certainty is that there will be people there you can feel comfortable around. People that share similar experiences and that have learned to be accepting. You don't have to try, Kurt. We can still be friends if you like."

There's a reassuring smile there from Warren and he stays where he is. "I'm not saying people can't be good. They can. Some see my appearance as an affront to God if you can believe it. Blasphemy." Another gentle shrug of his shoulders is given as well as a brief shifting and twitch of the wings on his back. "It's just nice to have a place people like us, mutants, can go and be ourselves until the rest of the world can accept us."


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