1963-06-20 - They Say You Can't Choose Family...
Summary: Armando informs Moira of his new job, and the pair confirm their familial love for eachother.
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Its early evening, and Armando has been out of the house most of the day- typically, he's at the library until it closes between his small odd-jobs he manages to pick up. Today, however, he's been busy getting things ready for the new job Warren hired him for. When he steps through the door of the apartment, accompanied by jangling keys he's wearing a new suit. It looks well tailored- fitting him around the arms surprisingly well. New shoes, a new tie- all in all, Armando is looking rather like a businessman.

He can't hide the smile, either. That ear to ear grin that comes from having great news. "Moira?" he asks aloud, "I'm home!" he says, as he goes to peek around for the good Doctor.

Sunday evening, one of Moira's rare days off and, while she'd love to be up at the school, she isn't officially faculty and doesn't want to look as if she's stalking the place, so she has forced herself to stay at home and work. The windows are open, the fan going and the apartment is still a bit hot for the summer weather. Moira's in a light yellow sundress, short enough to reveal bare legs and the scars/surgery marks on her left leg. She normally hides it, but it's just too damn hot. She's got a cup of iced tea at her side and one of her school note books open, writing research notes for the moment.

She doesn't quite look up at first with his greeting, calling back warmly, "Good evening, did you have a…" And then she looks up, double taking in his direction at the suit. She immediately pulls her legs down from the couch to sit a bit straighter, a wide smile on her lips, "…Oh, Armando… Look at you. You look…dashing. DO you have a… Date?"

"No, no date. I did get a new job, though- at Worthington Industries. Warren offered it to me personally." Armando says with a wide grin. "So, no more odd-jobs for me, I can start helping out a lot more properly around here." he states, with a clear bit of pride. "Thank you, by the way. Warren gave me the information for his tailor and he made it up." he says.

"Its exciting, and a real new chapter. I'll be the liaison between his R&D and Marketing departments." Armando explains as he approaches with that wide grin. "You really think it looks good? Its the nicest suit I've ever owned, that's for sure."

The name Warren Worthington makes Moira blink, genuine surprise on her features but no lacking recognition. In fact, it seems she knows exactly who that is. "…That… that's *wonderful*! How… did you meet him? Does he know that you live here? I…" Moira exhales a little laugh, taken aback by this all, though in a good way, "I just got to meet him properly the other day. It… went very well. He's a charming man." Is she blushing a bit?

Moira Mactaggert might be *blushing*! He's never seen her blush like that, not really. She then stands up, carefully limping the few feet over to him so she can smooth down his lapel and ensure that tie is straight. She smiles wide, the expression beaming and warm. She'll always be motherly to him. "It looks incredible. He made a smart choice with this. I think you're going to do great."

"We met in Mutant Town- at one of the memorials there, not long after the troubles." Armando says with a quiet smile. "He does know, now. Yeah- but he didn't know when he offered me the job." he states, "Anyways, I came by his office- really impressive by the way- and he offered me the job officially and hired me." he grins. He takes a half step closer to ensure that Moira doesn't have to walk too far- he typically does that.

Armando grins. "I hope so- I'm going to prove myself, for sure. I have a lot of new colleagues now, and I have to show them that mutants are not only viable members of the workforce- but that we can excel at even the highest levels." he says, "Anyways, I was thinking of getting you a new car. One with an automatic transmission, power-seats, and a tilt steering wheel." Features that would certainly help getting into, and out of the car as well as using it. "Warren is being very generous, and I want to make sure you're taken care of. I mean, you're basically my mother in all but legal paperwork." he smiles, quietly. "So, we can go shopping for that whenever you're up for it."

"Oh… Armando, you don't have to do that! Not at all… I've been fine with the taxis when I need to get far." Granted, it's been piling up on expenses going up to Westchester, since that is quite a ride. A car would be immensely helpful, but it's such a dramatic expense Moira knows to never ask for it. She finishes smoothing down his lapel, clearly approving of the suit before she moves to sink back into the couch.

"The thought is… immensely nice, Armando, but you should take care of yourself first. Get things you've been missing. I know we… we don't have everything we need around here. I can't give you a dream life, just… what support I can. If you really want something, now is the time. Go out. Enjoy this freedom." She encourages him gently.

"No, I insist." Armando says, "It would save you money in the long run, and it give you more independence to get around on your own terms. It doesn't have to be a brand new car- it just has to have those features." Armando's put thought into it. "I'll take care of me, don't you worry- but you've been too good to me for me not to do everything I can to give back. This is absolutely the right thing to do, and I'm absolutely going to do it." He states emphatically, before he leans in to give Moira a quiet hug. "You're my family, Moira. You're the one who's been there for me when I needed someone the most and I know you. You'll give of yourself as much as you possibly can, and then go ahead and try to give more. One of the things I need now is to know that you're being taken care of, too. If I have the ability to return even the tiniest amount of the love, care and support you've given me- I must make that happen."

That hug is returned almost immediately, protective and warm, her slight frame leaning into his more solid, strong body. She holds onto him like they were blood relations, no delicacy or shame about it. She hugs him with pure love. Of course, his words are much the same, touching her in a way she never even expected. Her throat is suddenly a bit tight, glassy moisture behind her eyes as she pulls back just enough to look up into his gaze. "…You… really… Armando, it's too much. I love you… I said I'd always take care of you. I mean it. I… you don't need to do this for me. It's so much. I'm managing."

"I know you're managing. I know you don't let your leg stop you from living your life- but if I can make it a little easier for you. If I can enhance your ability to live your life how you want? I will absolutely do that for you. You would do that for me, without a moment's hesitation." Armando says, "So, really, if you want me to save money- its better if you come along to pick out your own car. Otherwise, I'm just going to drive up one day and hand you the keys to the best one I can afford." Darwin says, after that loving, familial embrace.

"Moira, you're everything I ever wanted in a Mother." Armando tells her, "I know I don't need to do this for you- but I want to do it for you. I want to give you the same thing you give me everyday- love and support. Its important to me, personally, that you live as full and as easy a life as you try to give me."

Those words about her coming along makes her smirk deeply, leveling a gaze in his direction but it seems most likely he's going to win this little debate. She sighs lovingly, "ALright, alright… I'll come along. Something used, I don't need anything fancy at all…" Moira shakes her head, but her smile is undeniable.

"…And we are family, Armando. No matter if we're blood or not, we're family. That's what matters. I love you and nothing will ever change that." SHe squeezes his arm gently, "…But, there's something I've been wanting to talk to you about. A… a school that would probably be good for you. Even if it's after work… It's a place for mutants. Somewhere you'd be safe and be able to further your education…"

"Would that be Professor Xavier's School?" Armando asks, smiling still in the glow of that admission. He's never seemed happier- the smile on his face wide, and unhidden. "He approached me in the library about a week back, or so." he says. "I kept meaning to bring it up and ask you what you thought about it- he offered me a student-teaching position." he explains, "But then this thing with the job happened and you were super busy with that thing you were working on and it just slipped my mind." he says, that smile turning a bit sheepish.

"Yes! You've heard of it then? I… Well, goodness. Clearly we need to have catch up dinners or tea every few days, I feel like i've missed so much!" Moira half laughs, leaning back in the couch and getting comfortable once again. "Half the reason I've been so busy is that I've been commuting up there every few days to help with some of the students and get a feel for the place. I… I really love the work they are doing there. I think you'd fit in miraculously, Armando… they're very good people, and the students could really use someone like you to help guide them."

"Well, I'm sure Warren would work with me regarding the schedule I'd need. He said it was highly flexible." Armando begins, "I can at least head over there and see how things are, what kind of place it is- feel it out." he offers then, as he joins Moira on the couch with a quiet smile. "I mean, sure. Lets check it out at least." he offers, with a quiet smile. "I'll give Professor Xavier a call and set something up this week."

"I'm almost jealous. I was hoping that the Professor would ask me to teach, but he hasn't yet." Moira admits with a half laugh, though there is a bit of uncertainty there also. Is it because she wasn't a mutant, or he thought she was too busy, or something else? She settles on the couch with him, leaning slightly against his shoulder, just getitng comfortable for the moment. "Pretty soon you aren't going to need me at all, you know? Which, is good… I'm glad you're building your own life."

"Maybe not in the putting a roof over my head sense." Armando says, "But there won't be a day that I don't need you in my life." he says, "Everyone needs family." he says with a smile. "And I'm sure he's getting around to asking you." Armando says, "You'd be a boon to that school in a way no one else could be. I might be able to understand what a lot of those kids are going through- but knowing that there are non-mutant humans out there who not only accept our differences but actively want us to live good lives is very important. You're also the expert in the field of genetics. Almost no-one out there has what you've got." he says, with an easy smile as he leans on back. "Honestly, I'm surprised he hasn't asked. He doesn't seem the 'exclusive club' type."

"I…I don't know. It's very strange. Every time I go there it… It's like I'm going back home again. But I've never been there before these last few weeks. It feels… comfortable. And Xavier is very nice. Our conversations…" Moira is quiet for a few heartbeats, in the way that someone might be who swears they can hear a distant song but when they try to listen, there is nothing. She shakes her head clear, "They are good. I am surprised he's not asked me either. He… stumbles around me. Nervous, almost. He doesn't seem a nervous man." The woman is immensely intelligent and clearly there is some odd suspicion behind her eyes. She's missing something, she knows it.

"Really?" Armando asks, eyebrows knitting together a moment. He's thinking on it. "Odd. I've only met the man once- but it seems to me if a man who's not the nervous type *is* nervous around a woman, he might be worried about what she thinks about *him*." Armando offers, "I know I get a little fluttery around girls I like." he admits. "You just want to impress them as much as you can, and when you're not sure how.." Armando shrugs then- "Or, maybe he's intimidated- you know more about the science of mutation than just about anyone." he offers, "Some guys aren't sure how to act around knowledgeable women, I've noticed that all over the place."

A slight chuckle at the suggestion that maybe Xavier likes her and Moira gives a rather firm shake of her head, "I… I don't imagine it's that. I'm not exactly having the men line up for dates, you know. No one likes a widow." Moira admits with a slightly grim smile, though her head tilts to the side after a heartbeat, "Well, other than Mr. Worthington, but that's another matter." The commentary about men and knowledgeable women actually seems to make sense to her. She nods gently, "That very well could be it. Well. You should take him up on the offer, and I shall continue to make my presence known, even if it's just as a tutor and specialist for some of the students."

"I'll give him a call, and take a look at what's going on." Armando assures Moira with a quiet smile. "For now, though, lets just relax. I'll put a new kettle on." Armando says as comes to his feet. "You relax, though." he says, as he heads towards the kitchen.

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