1963-06-29 - Tigra meets Louis King
Summary: Tigra, in her human form, explores Columbia University and meets a pleasant professor
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The university at this time of day is rather active, the day's classes are almost over for the most part and lunch has passed. So at the moment on the quad there are still clusters of students sitting around talking, studying. Across the way there are some playing catch with a baseball and a couple of gloves.

A new or prospective student could easily avail themselves of the tour, getting a student advisor to walk around with them and to show them the sights. And, to be fair, Columbia University has a rather impressive campus. The main buildings are tall, Romanesque with broad pillars and white stone. It all comes together to create the image of what people hold in their minds when they imagine an iconic college.

The only thing out of place are some of the student protestors handing out pamphlets. They're a splash of colour amongst the more austere individuals who travel up and down the paths on the quad. Occasionally one lifts their voice to shout and some of them join in on a chant… and for now that's tolerated. Though, to be fair, there's a school security officer keeping an eye on them.

Across the way, seated on the steps of Philosophy Hall, Louis is finished with his day. For now he's lounging there with his jacket set beside him and a sandwich in his hands. He occasionally takes a bite, chews for a time… watching the world pass by. At times he washes it down with a swallow from a bottle of soda.

Greer has continued her self-guided tour of the campus, walking about, pretty much anywhere that she can get to. She's sat in on a couple of lectures, and wandered some hallways. So far, she likes what she sees. Well, the protestors are a little jarring. Still, she slows to take a pamphlet, flipping through it with idle curiosity, but not stopping to get tied down by any of their dicussions. Bad enough to deal with that at an airport.

As Greer starts to step past him, she'll hear a voice float on the wind that reaches her. "They're not so bad once you talk to them a bit." There's a precise accent to his words, Cambridge? London? Definitely British upper crust. But the usually arrogant accent is coupled with a rather friendly tone of voice and she'll see the man it belongs to there on those steps.

He's squinting at her a bit, the early afternoon sun hanging past her over her shoulder. Louis shade his eyes with one hand and the smile he offers her is an open thing that seems almost disarming when coupled with that voice. "Maury is the tall fellow with the bandana and the flower motif. Third year student here I believe. Nice sort."

After that observation he lowers his hand and then asks, "Are you considering joining us here in Columbia?"

Greer pauses at the sound of that voice, so out of place here in the middle of the Big Apple. Noticing that the sun is behind her as he speaks to her, she moves to the side, taking pity on his eyes. "I'm certainly considering it," she answers, with an accent that's neither British nor upper crust. "I didn't have time for that sort of thing when I was doign my undergrad work, myself," she adds, gesturing vaguely towards the protestors.

"It's admirable in some ways," Louis stands up as she draws near, dusting his hands off upon the legs of his pants as if diveting them of bread crumbs. His green eyes meet hers and his smile is given freely, "When they're young everyone recognizes injustice, so few do much about it." He looks past her towards the kids still trying to hand out pamphlets. He looks back to her, "When I rebelled against my parents I think the entirety of my rebellion was listening to Nat King Cole unrepentantly in the parlour."

As he says that last he smiles wryly, self-deprecating as he then extends his hand and introduces himself. "Louis King, a pleasure."

She takes the offer hand in a polite grip. "Greer Nelson," she introduces herself in response. "It's easy to talk about injustice, and to bring attention to it. It's something else entirely to try to remedy it. But sometimes all you can do is yell and point, and I guess there can be value in that."

"What is your area of study, Ms. Nelson." He reaches down and picks up his jacket, slinging it over ihs shoulder as he also picks up his bottle and tosses it in the nearby trash can. He starts to walk along the path in the direction she was going initially, should she still wish to continue on her way. "That is, if I may ask." He slides a hand into the pocket of his jacket as he looks at her sidelong, "I suppose I should mention I'm a professor here of archaelogy. So naturally I have a vested interest." His smile quirks slightly, again making a vague attempt at humour.

She does, indeed, continue on her way, matching her pace to his. Her lips twitch into a small grin at his attempt. "I didn't think you were likely to be a student," she responds. "I studied physics, myself. Finished my bachelor's, but didn't finish graduate studies. I've been thinking about having another go at it. I don't know if it's right for me or not, so thought looking at schools might help me decide."

"I cannot advocate Columbia strongly enough," Louis says as he continues to walk, and it's coincidental that their strides settle in at a leisurely pace together. "I believe Sam Devons is the department chair for physics." The tall man's brow furrows slightly as if he were trying to dredge through his memories to come up with the information that might serve. "He's a decent fellow." His lip twitches as he adds, "For a Welshman."

He pauses in his stride for a moment as he looks across the way, "Though I think he is away at a conference for the next week. Otherwise I'd offer to introduce you."

"If you didn't advocate for Columbia, I would definitely be worried," Greer says with a smile. "My father advised me never to trust a salesman who doesn't use his own product. If a professor spoke poorly of the school, I'd definitely be hesitant." She glances in the direction he looks at, curious if there's something specific to attract his attention or not. "I certainly appreciate the offer, but I'm glad we can't act on it at the moment. I'm not ready to decide, and a meeting like that might make me decide before I'm ready."

"Ah, but you see. A high pressure sales tactic." Louis smiles just at the corner of his mouth as he again starts walking with her. But then his brow furrows slightly as he looks at her sidelong. "Do you have something else vying for your attentions?" He starts to walk down the small steps that lead towards the parking area and the nearby subway station, perhaps assuming that's the location she is heading towards. "For some reason, Ms. Greer, you strike me as a renaissance woman. You most likely have many irons in the fire as some would say."

It's certainly a good guess as to her destination. "Perhaps less high pressure if you admit that's what it is." She pauses and looks thoughtful. "Or maybe higher pressure. Because I might not want to be rude and reject your efforts." She considers his question for a moment. "I have some other interests. And of course, even if I -decide- to enroll here, there's still the questions of being accepted and paying for it." Renaissance. Rebirth. Rather apt in a way.

"Ms. Greer, if I may be frank?" It's as they reach the bottom of the steps, he lifts a hand offering it to her out of the polite manner that requires one aide the descent of a woman down a flight of steps. Should she give her agreement, he continues. "It is a rare thing for a young woman to pursue a graduate degree considering the… obstacles that are often placed in her way as well as the expectations by social circles or family."

He waits til she's at the base of the steps, whether she accepted his help or not. Louis slides his hand back into his pocket, his jacket still over his shoulder, as he keeps moving down the path. "I know that having reached this point you are most likely not an individual who would allow herself to be swayed by a few blithe words. All I feel I can say is that if you did join us here, it would be a positive for us. And personally I would be entirely charmed."

Greer reflexively accepts the offered hand, though her graceful movements make it clear she doesn't need the assistance. "I was fortunate. I'm an only child, so it was hard for my father to say no to me, and my mother was always supportive. My graduate advisor was a…unique woman, and did a lot to ease my way. As for other obstacles, well, there's always a way around, over or through them," she says with a crooked grin. She pauses, glancing in the direction of the subway before looking back to him. "Professor…King, if everyone here is as welcoming and pleasant as you are, then it's definitely going to be hard to decide to go anywhere else," she says with a smile.

"As to that I can only speak for myself," His grin is good-natured and mirorrs her own. He pauses there as she glances after the subway and he takes that signal as to let her continue on her way herself. So his footsteps falter and he lowers his eyes slightly as if offering a small bow. "But if you do choose to return, Ms. Nelson, I do hope you'll call upon me. I admit to some measure of curiousity how your story unfolds."

Those dark green eyes shift towards the subway tunnel entrance, then back to her. "I trust you'll be fine from here on?" He checks his wrist watch with the turn of a forearm, then looks back in her direction. "I do have some time to spare if you did wish to take a look at some of the lecture halls or the lab complex. But if not, then I shall take my leave."

"I certainly intend to do so. And while I don't have time to take you up on your offer, perhaps I could come by on another day, and look at the lab complex?" she asks. "And thank you for your concern, but I can take care of myself," she says, assuming he was asking about being on the subway. "My…I've learned a few tricks, in case anyone tries to cause me any trouble."

"As you would. I'm in the university directory." The British man's smile is politely given and open as he steps back. "I'm sure you can. I've been repeatedly impressed by the American women of this city." Another slight bow as he steps back and then says, "Until next time, Ms. Nelson." And with that he turns and begins walking back up the sidewalk, his footsteps even and the heels of his shoes clicking slightly.

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