1963-07-01 - Cappy Meets Spidey
Summary: Cap and Spidey team up to take down a HYDRA agent
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This guy is really fast. That's all Steve can think as he's running in full uniform down the street in Queens. It's not so much that Captain America can't catch up, he can. It's that the guy is a mixture of speed and trickery. Every so often the Star Spangled Man has to dodge a garbage can, a vegetable stand, or even a small child on a bike.

As the alleged HYDRA agent passes, people turn their heads.

As Captain America passes, they drop their jaws.

Isn't Captain America supposed to be dead?



Peter was on his way to pick up some stuff from the grocery for Aunt May when he heard some commotion. Really it was someone shouting; ''Is that Captain AMERICA?!'' ''Nah, that guy died'' ''He just lept over a car! It's Captain America!''

Peter darted around into an alleyway and did a little quick change and then he's swinging out and through the air in pursuit of the pair.


No respect.

The wall-crawler hits another line in midswing and cuts a perfect wall run with his arm held up above his head to hold fast to the line guiding him in a slow arch. A sumersault has him in contention for catching up to the pair, if for no other reason than he doesn't have to deal with all the obstacles!

"I'm almost there now! I'm almost there now!"


The perp, a normal looking guy in his mid thirties with a white, short sleeved dress shirt and skinny black tie, stops where he's going and turns. He knows he's been caught and there's nothing to do other than fight. With two of them giving chase, he's got no chance.

All of the sudden he turns and attacks Captain America with fists that look normal, but pack a heavy wallop. The American's first attempt is to block it with his arm so that he can keep the shield free for an attack. The decision is foul, however, as the punch knocks him backwards, sliding across the pavement.

With a sneer, the Agent wipes his greased hair back, looking for more as his eyes trail up towards Spidey.


Spidey swings right onto a wall, above and to the Agents right shoulder, "You know you just punched a guy carrying a shield with a Star on it, right?" He leaps up into a extended leg side flip, double firing webs at the goons face, "No, shhh, I'll do the talking for both of us." Another line fired at the thugs left leg as he lands on the oposite wall.



"Can't we just agree to disagree and handle this like gentlemen?"

Pete knows that's not likely at all. Not with Cap out in full fight gear! "Because I for one want Captain America's autograph… Think you could hold the camera for a picture?" Probably to the goon. Whom he's fired another three set of webs at trying to pin him to the alley floor.


The man is strong. Impossibly strong. But Peter's webbing contraption is stronger and as the webs 'cement' him down to the ground he lets out a yell. Right before:


As the sound of Wakandan Vibranium and American might meets with German cranium, the HYDRA agent slumps over where he stands. He leans back against the give of the webs and lies there awkwardly, overwhelmed and knocked out.

Captain America takes a few steps over toward his shield and kicks down hard. The portable armor leaps up onto his arm just as he looks over his shoulder. "Thanks, kid."

A few steps closer now as Cap begins to inspect the Agent. What's this? He checks with his belt and goes wide eyed.

"Oh no…"


"Yeah…" When the shield bounces off the HYDRA agent's skull, "You clearly never played dodge ball…" Crawling down the side of the wall towards the unconscious agent and the star spangled hero! "Rule number one i-"


"No!" Spidey is moving quickly, "Needa borrow this." Firing a web at the heroes shield, while another is fired at the agents belt device. With a spin, he literally tries to yank the shield free, the device off the agents waist, and hurl both of them at the wall.

"If this doesn't work, I want you to know I'm a huge fan!"

He heard that vibration and ''really'' hopes he's right and the shield can swallow the explosion contained beneath the domed end of the defensive weapon now webbed against the brick wall.

Duck, turn, cover the face like they tell the kids to do incase of nuclear attack! "Duck and cover!"



The sound of a large, muffled explosion reverberates on Spidey and Cap's side of the wall. On the other, the wall completely caves in. Brick and mortar tumble to the earth, revealing the inside of the building.

Most of the bathroom on the other side of the office building has been completely torn away, even reaching the stalls, the doors of witch have been blown back. Sitting there, with a newspaper, is a poor accountant with soot all over him, sitting on the toilet, with a stall door on his lap.

"I told Hugh I wanted to take my break earlier…" he says sadly. A stray piece of broken ceiling falls to the tiled floor and broken electric wiring sparks.


On the other side is a Captain America, A Spiderman, and an all webbed up Hydra Agent..

Peter stares at the Account for a second, then raises his hand and waves goofily. "You've seen behind the fourth wall…" A small grimace beneath his mask, Spidey kneels down and brushes bricks off of Cap's shield like it's sand, and spins flat end on the tip of his finger out towards the owner.

"Sorry about your shield… but it could be worse, you could have been taking a poop?" Thumbing back at the poor guy now exposed to the world.

"I'm going to get blamed for this." At least this time it's actually his fault, though? Kinda.

"They'll probably say I tried to assassinate you."


"Wouldn't be the first time someone has tried," Captain America says with a chuckle. He inspects the shield. All in all, in pretty good shape, except for the straps which have been completely blown away. Cap purses his lips and shrugs his shoulders as if to say that can be fixed.

The accountant tries to prop open the door up so he can finish his business in relative peace. After a struggle he disappears from view.

"Quite the outfit you got there, kid," Cap says, now taking a closer look at Spider-Man.


It isn't at all that impressive on close inspection, barely a step above a sewn together blue and red wet suits. The mask is all bulky around the neck and the wrists are exposed so he can fire the weblines. It is phase one! "Thanks…" A little sheepishly.

"I mean, it works.." Tugging at the costume with a little quirk of his head, then he holds up a finger and turns towards the huge hole in the wall to fire some weblines at the four points of the door held up by pooping man.

Sidebar to Cap, "I'd get stage fright…" Double pointing, "That guy has moxie."

Then his small hand is held out towards Cap, "I'm Spiderman."


"When you gotta go, you gotta go," Cap replies. He reaches down to shake Spidey's hand. "Captain America." An upwards nod, "I think I read about you in the papers. The Bugle sure doesn't seem to like you very much. What's that all about."

After a few moments, the accountant emerges from the stall and looks around. The worst thing that happens to him today is the explosion, the second thing is the lack of sink to wash his hands with.


"I wish I knew…" Spidey probably sounds like a teenager, certainly doesn't sound like some super hero. His voice is quiet, just on the otherside of squeaking when he talks, "Everytime I turn around I'm doing something horrible. One time I wasn't even there! It's kind of absurd."

Spidey scratches at the side of his head with a glance back over his shoulder, "But I'm going to go on record as saying that I'd rather get panned in the papers, than go without proper hand hygene after a number two." Seriously, he's having real feels for this guy right now.

Back to Cap, "So, don't take this wrong way, and I'm sure you get it all the time, but you look pretty good for a dead guy?" Also, "Who's that and why was he running from you?" Pointing at the agent still webbed to the wall. "Just so I know who I was ''working with'' when the Bugle pans me."


"Well, don't believe everything you read in the papers. I get kind of the opposite treatment. Freedom of the press doesn't always mean truthfulness of the press. You're alright by me, kid."

Cap nods sadly at the misfortune of the accountant. Oh well, he still has that exciting job to go back to.

"HYDRA Agent. Alleged at first, but pretty much confirmed when he started running." Cap shrugs, still looking at the perp. "Not dead. Not yet."

"Would you believe I got pulled out of an iceberg?" He shrugs his shoulders and half-smiles, as if to say he realizes it's crazy too.


"I believe about twenty two percent of what I read." Spidey says in perfect sheeple brainwashed Americanism, "The other eighty eight percent is for entertainment purposes. Any paper that sales on a guy climbing around walls isn't doing it for journalism."

Which begs the question why he throws his hat in with them selling pictures.

That thought slides away with Steve's explanation, "Not sure what a HYDRA agent is, but it sounds like it's not good… Some kind of ultra secret government agency bent on world domination? Are they communists?"

Iceberg, "Huh.. I'd say you were joking if I weren't bit by a a radioactive spider. I'm curious how you were able to remain hemodynamically stable in deep freeze, but it's probably a government secret."


"78 percent," Cap says with a smile. It's always the carrying of the one that gets me too." He gives Spidey a little nudge with his elbow. "Fascists, I think. I'm not sure if there's a political or economic philosophy behind what they do, and I don't much care. They're terrorists hell bent on power. I think calling them communists would be generous."

"Not a big fan of secrets. We're pretty sure it was the super soldier serum that kept me alive. I don't understand the science behind it, to be honest."


Spidey tilts his head and uses his finger to do the mental math with a visual representation… the conclusion is reached with a snap, "The math is right, how did I miss that?" The scientist in him is kicking himself, until Cap mentions the super soldier serum, "Wait, that's a real thing?"

Staring at Steve with renewed interest, "I thought that was just propaganda.." Like terrorists? Nah, not like them. Pete looks to the agent with a little frown hidden beneath his mask, if Cap says he's a fascist, he's a fascist. He punched Hitler.

"Well that's not at all omenous."


"You're telling me," Cap replies with a raised eyebrow. "I thought I took care of these guys back in '45. Guess that's the thing about HYDRA. You cut off one head, and more will grow in its place." He nods, "Yeah, the Super Serum Soldier is real." Punching Hitler, however, didn't happen.


People tell all kinds of fun stories about things that never happened. One day soon they're going to say Americans landed on the moon. That will also not be true.

"Well, if you ever need back up, I don't know much about agents of HYDRA, but I can kick their kiesters with you… so long as you don't mind the papers saying I single handedly destroyed the economy afterwards."


"I appreciate that kid. And whenever I get the chance, I'll do my best to let them know you're an okay guy." Cap offers his hand to Spidey. "Thanks for the help, kid."


Spidey takes Cap's hand and gives him a brisk shake, "I don't think it will help, but I'm not going to say no to a vote from Captain America." It's obvious he's smiling beneath that goofy mask, but then he's taking a step over to the HYDRA agent to flick him in the forehead, "Seeya around Captain!" A web fires out from his wrist and jerks him skyward in a series of flips, another line swings him right out of the alley and out into the street proper!


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