1963-07-02 - Western Decadence
Summary: Armando, Jubilee, and Piotr have a conversation on the back lawn at Xavier's
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The summer afternoon sun is warm and pleasant and the smell of cut grass reminds Piotr of home. Not that he's been home in quite some time. But this time of year, the wheat would be ripening and those endless green-gold fields would bear a scent not terribly different that than he is experiencing now.

Opening his eyes, the young Russian expatriate looks around and his expression is both mildly disbelieving and slightly mocking. The sunlight is about all this place has in common with his collective. The mansion is owned by Professor Xavier. The thought of somebody being wealthy without also being a criminal is still a bit odd to him. But he's adjusting. Pete is sitting on the lawn, forgoing the chairs on the patio for a chance to feel the grass on his bare feet. Which is why he's currently untying his boots. Fresh air, sunlight, and a college text book on American history (which is quite different than what he learned of America back in Siberia); it seems like a very good way to pass the afternoon to him.

Jubilee is back here from the city again, and decides to rest a bit. It's a warm evening, so she decides to go try the lake. Stepping out with a towel wrapped around herself, in thong sandals, she comes outside to the patio.

Armando has recently relocated from New York City to the Xavier Mansion- bringing with him all his worldly possessions all packed into the back seat of a 1936 Cord 812 that had clearly seen better days. The car now sits in the driveway.

Armando, though, sits on the lawn. He's in a pair of shorts in khaki, along with a button up short-sleeve shirt in blue. He's on a chair not so far from Piotr, reading a book. A pitcher of lemonaide, along with a few glasses sit on an end-table next to the lounge-chair. Armando's attention is largely taken up by the book he's reading.

Noticing the stranger, Piotr is trying not to stare. But he hasn't seen a lot of obvious mutants before in his life. Indeed, before he came to Xavier's, very recently, he'd never knowingly met another mutant at all. But after a moment, realizing he's being rude, he gives the other man a nod and decides to dive into the social pool by saying, holding up his own book, "Good day for reading, no?" His accent is fairly heavy, but he's trying to get better.

And then, when the new girl comes onto the patio he nods at her as well. At least this place doesn't seem to lack for students. Or are they staff? It seems hard to tell at times. America is a very freewheeling place, he's beginning to understand.

Jubilee is not noticed by the one engrossed in his reading, so she doesn't disturb him. But she does cross over to the one who's looking around. Still holding the towel to herself, she steps up to Piotr, and gives a wave with her free hand. "Good evening."

"A wonderful day for reading." Armando offers with an agreeable smile as he slides a book mark into his book. Indeed, Armando couldn't hide who he is- grey skin, odd angles, strangely long arms. He's taller than most- although Piotr has a couple of inches on him. Its the eyes, though, that are the thing most people seem to find unsettling. White, without iris or pupil- no way to know where he's looking. He seems to be staring through people, or deep into them. "I'm Armando. A pleasure to meet you." he says. He smiles to Jubilee. "Jubilation- good to see you again."

The Russian youth leans forward and offers his hand first to Amado and then the young woman, "Piotr. I am new." He's obviously a bit uncomfortable with Amado's looks, but also obviously making an effort to muscle past that and get over it by simply not allowing himself to react. It isn't as successfully subtle as the young man would hope, but he's making the effort. He smiles at both Amado and Jubilee and says, "It is a pleasure to meet you both." Concentrating on getting the social phrases right gives his voice a bit of a formal tone, as he forgets to contract his words in the effort to perfect his American social niceties.

Jubilee gives Armando a wave as well when he looks up from his book to talk. "Good evening," she nods to the often formal Armando. "So you're Piotr, I'm Jubilation, but most people HERE tend to call me a shorter version of that. She then leans forward toward Piotr to whisper "You'll get used to it."

"Welcome to Xavier's. I'm new, myself. I only just moved in." Armando offers, "I don't see any reason to shorten such a wonderful name." he notes to Jubilee. "Unless that's your preference." he says, with a quiet smile. "Where are you from, Piotr?" Unlike so many Americans, Armando doesn't mangle the pronunciation of the name- indeed, it sounds just as it did coming from Piotr's mouth- just as if he speaks Russian. "Where are you from originally, Piotr?"

Piotr is careful to not exert any pressure when he shakes Jubilee's hand but he doesn't insult her by not shaking either. There is a delicate line of appropriate behavior between comrades of different sexes back home. After all, sexism is an artifact of Western imperialist thinking. His eyebrows go up and he asks, "What do you prefer to be called?" And then, looking over to Amado, his expression is briefly even more surprised that the stranger got his name right. "Southern Siberia. You are familiar with the Motherland, Amado?" He sounds a little hopeful at that.

Jubilee smiles at Piotr, and finds a place to lean whle she talks. "Whatever's fine, though the Jubilee thing I generally don't talk about to people who aren't here, you know?"

"Only so much as any other American. I'm afraid that its largely propaganda- I'm sure its quite a bit different than what I've been told. I look forward to hearing about it from you, if you're willing to tell." Armando says with a quiet smile. "However, if you want to speak in Russian, I can certainly pick it up for you. Just speak a sentence and I'll be able to help with that." Armando offers, before he lifts a finger, "Armando-" he says his name a little slower, a bit more stretched out. "More like a pirate- Arr-man-do… then lighten it up a touch. Its Spanish." he offers by way of explanation.

"Do either of you want lemonaide?" he wonders, gesturing to the pitcher- and empty cups. Always a good idea to bring extra in case company shows up.

Piotr nods sagely to Jubilee. "Ah. An alias. Da. I understand." He chuckles at Amado's words and shrugs, "There is much propaganda on both sides, I think. America seems not so bad. Not chaos in the streets or slave labor by the workers as he are taught back home." He switches to Russian and says, "You can learn this language with just a sentence?" And then back in English, "And I am sorry, I am not a good student of languages. I make Spaniards and Poles cry with what I do to their languages. And Germans insist on English." He sounds sheepish at that. "Armando. I will remember!"

Jubilee takes off the towel and lays it on a nearby chair, and then lounges on that. Kicking back, she's in a small bikini (relative to this era). Bright yellow, with red dots. "At least you're trying Piotr."

And now, Armando speaks Russian- he replies, in perfect Russian: <Yes, just a sentence is all I require to learn a language. Its an aspect of my mutation.> he explains, before he's back to English. "In either regard, it'll help should you need help with English." he says, with an easy smile. "I'm doing tutoring, and acting as a substitute teacher." he explains.

He looks then to Jubilee. "Do you prefer Jubilation, or Jubilee?" he asks, interested to call Jubilee by whatever she desires. Armando pours two glasses of Lemonaide- and offers them over to Piotr and Jubilee respectively.

Piotr chuckles at Jubilee's words and says, "Is my responsibility. I am a guest. Good guests try to learn the customs of their hosts." He watches her take a seat, remembering that he was planning on shedding his own footwear and goes back to untying and pulling off his heavy boots and socks. He wriggles his toes in the grass and lets out a contented sigh. Apparently you can't get the farm entirely out of the farmboy.

When Armando speaks fluent Russian, Piotr's eyes light up and he replies, quickly, in the same language, <Lenin's Ghost! That is a useful talent. My … mutation is perhaps not so useful unless one wants something heavy moved, or a very large hood ornament.> He glances back to Jubilee and says, back in English, "But, not to be rude. And I do need the practice in English. A tutor would not be a bad thing, I think." He accepts the lemonade and sips cautiously and then makes a satisfied sound. "Hmm. White sugar. I should feel bad at the waste, but this is very good."

Jubilee watches Piotr take his boots off, and she responds by taking off her sandals, much more easily barefoot. The Russian blows by her,a nd she just laughs. "I Don't really have an opinion in general. I have so many names and they're all fine. When you grow up in an immigrant family your'e used to having more than one name."

<"We are all different, Piotr."> Armando begins in Russian. <"However, we are all brothers and sisters here at Xavier's. I'm sure your mutation is impressive, and quite useful in its element."> he then switches to English, "Well, if you have no opinion, I'll continue onward as I have." Armando says, as he lifts the lemonaide in salute to Piotr. "Perhaps it is wasteful, in a way, but on a nice summer day like today its certainly a sublime joy." he says with that easy smile. "Anyways, sugar is pretty cheap." he explains, "Its considered something of a staple here."

Jubilee looks up and over. "Oh right lemonade, don't go to any trouble on my account. I was just going to go to the lake before this conversation, which is just as fine."

Nodding at the comment about names, Piotr says, "I will call you Jubilation, then. No mistakes that could cause trouble that way. And I am thinking that 'Piotr' is very … Russian. Many Americans are not so fond of Russians. Maybe 'Pete'? I would blend." Of course, coming from a six and a half foot tall guy who is built the way he is, the idea of 'blending' is perhaps a bit optimistic.

To Armando he smiles at the comment in Russian and says, "Back home we use honey. The hives provide it. Sugar is very…." He searches for the right word a second, "…expensive. Only supply comes from Cuba and they don't make so much. And most goes to big cities. So before I left home, I'd only tasted it once or twice. In Europe, it was much more common, but I never had a taste for sweets. But here, it is like a paradise in some ways. Very seductive. Western decadence, I mean."

"What trouble? Its already been made- all I did is pour it, Jubilation." Armando says, nodding towards Piotr. "Its up to you- you can go by Pete if you think it works better. We'll all call you whatever you want."

Armando nods, listening to how life is in Soviet Russia, clearly curious to hear about it from someone who lived it first hand. "Honey is popular here, too." he says, "You can get it in any supermarket. Have you been to a supermarket, yet?" Armando wonders- he'd heard that 'austerity' measures in Russia left most people in breadlines for hours. "Or into the city? I grew up in New York City- and we're probably going to go out all of us to see some of the nightlife. My treat." he says with a smile. "I've got a job, so, I can afford to spread a little money around when others don't have as much."

Blinking, Piotr just shakes his head, "What is a 'supermarket'? Like Captain America but with fruit stand?" His experiences in Europe and back in Russia haven't introduced him to the concept yet. But the picture of American superheroes from World War Two selling produce and dry goods has him trying not to laugh. "And I would very much like to see the city. But I would not impose on you, tovarish. You are good man for offering, though. Perhaps I should find a job. Unfortunately, my skills are, ah, limited." Does being a former farmer and professional menacer even pay in the States? He shakes his head and takes another sip.

To Jubilee he says, "It is a nice day for getting tan and playing in water." And then, sounding slightly nervous, "Ah, how deep is the lake? It looks like very dark water for inland lake."

Jubilee snickers over to Armando. "Oh I didn't notice you already had it out, then sure, if you're pouring, I'll have a little thank you. " Listening to them bot talk mostly, as she's in relaxation mode. "I'm a fan of that nightlife myself. But yeah, the lake's fun. I'm not sure quite how deep it is. I stay more on the shore."

Armando first passes the lemonaide over to Jubilee with a smile, "Not sure on the lake- but, I'll take you to see a supermarket. Its a place where people buy food." he explains. Just smiling, "Really, its nothing. I'm paid quite well for my work, and I can think of nothing better than spending it on my friends here." he states, "And giving people a chance to see my hometown, at the same time. New York is a great city- one of the greatest in the world." he says, with some hint of native pride.

"I could always take a dive into the lake another time and figure it out." Armando offers then. "But, I haven't really taken to exploring the depths."

Nodding, Piotr says, "Da. Shore is good." He's not all that comfortable on water even in his human form. And as Colossus? It's a very quick trip to the bottom of whatever body of water he falls in and a very long climb back out, usually. He stands, wriggling his toes in the grass and stretches, standing briefly even taller.

Looking back to Armando, he grins and says, "Then perhaps we go sometime. You can show me supermarket. And sights. Also, Yankee Stadium. Home to much great history in baseball." He picks up his book and continues, "I learned baseball from a Cuban friend. Amazing game. And best baseball in the world played right here. But … for now. More study. I have a citizenship test to pass before I become a real American." He nods to both his new friends and says, "It was very nice to meet both of you. I hope to see you around the school."

"Let me know if you want some help studying, Pete." Armando offers over to Piotr with an easy smile, lifting a hand. He looks towards his book, taking a sip of the lemonaide. "And yeah, we can get some tickets and see the Yankee's play." he offers- happy to show the American life to someone who'd lived in such a different culture.

Armando picks his book up, and goes back to lounging- opening the book with an easy smile.

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