1963-07-09 - A Missing Trickster
Summary: Thor and Amora both know Loki is missing, they run into each other at his apartment. Amora tries to goad Thor into going to Asgard.
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It was a dark and stormy night. No, really… it wasn't before. It wasn't anywhere in any forecast for the tri-state area, but dark clouds are rumbling in from, well… if one listens to meteorologists, they're just forming. There's no offshore breeze bringing them in, nothing from the Great Lakes sweeping them south and to the east, and most definitely nothing from the south, but yet there are those greying skies that look ominous. Not storming yet. Not a hint of thunder or lightning; just.. grey. Dark before it's supposed to be dark.

How Thor managed to get past the doorman, well.. that's anyone's guess. Perhaps he looked familiar from weeks ago walking with 'Dr. King', or maybe it was the gold piece placed in hand? It really could have been the confluence of both plus the offering of information that the large blond man is the brother of the more slender, dark haired man. (Maybe it was mentioned before?) Regardless!

Thor has managed to press all the right buttons on the elevator, and blue eyes lift to the top of the elevator, willing the conveyance to go faster. One, two, three inexorable minutes pass before the door opens with a *ding*, and he steps from the hallway. It's only a short distance to the door, and immediately fist meets wood.

"Lo— Louis! I would have word with you!" *bang*bang* "Tell me you are within. Open up this door!"


The witch of Asgard, the Enchantress well knew when Loki had vanished from the Migardian plane. She knew the second he stopped clouding his figure from others — he had to if he wanted to cross the Bifrost after all. So she had felt the ping of his magic again, a brow rising as she had paused in her shopping expedition for a moment before she continued on. Irritation lit up her green eyes that the Trickster had not contacted her verbally, the sneak hadn't invited her along after all, and that was decidedly unfair. It had been /her/ plan, after all.

Thus it was that when he did not return to Midgard in a reasonable time she went sniffing around his apartment. A magical teleport out into the hallway had her walking the length of the floor in circles, running her hands over the invisible wards he'd left out, trying to gain some information from the magic that still sat suspended in her mind's eye. So far the magic was holding, and well.. that was a good sign that he at least wasn't dead.

Amora paused as she turned the corner and heard the Thunderer's booming voice as he banged on the door.

"He's not in.." She called, her voice pitched forward to carry down the hall. She was in her mortal guise, dressed in a figure hugging green dress belted in gold. High heels aiding in the sway of her hips as she approached Thor. Her long golden hair bouncing with each step with a distracting motion to most.



The door is thudded upon again, and once again to underscore the Thunderer's desire for entrance into the chambers of his brother once he catches the all-too-familiar tones of Amora. He takes a deep breath and leans against the threshold with his shoulder and waits, blue eyes staring down the hall in the off chance that he'll be challenged. Corridors and chamber doors are no stranger to him, after all.


Amora finishes her approach with all the grace of a cat, the aloof demeanor that carried in her shoulders — carefully tossed backward — and an arched brow with a bemused smile playing on her ruby painted lips. "So, you noted how long it was that your brother was in Asgard still as well. The fact that his magic is still here and strong means that he hasn't been executed for something. So he has either chosen to stay.. which is unlikely. Or he is being forced to remain."

The Enchantress canted her head to the side as she slowed to a stop before the God of Thunder, her hands loosely hanging at her sides as she peered up at him. "Tell me if I missed anything else?" She fluttered her thick eyelashes up at him, settling a hand on her hip. Her other rising as she tore her gaze from him to inspect her nails.

"Because logically, then we must go to Asgard ourselves and see to him. The problem being that is exactly what your father desires… So what do you wish to do, my Prince?" She turned her gaze back to him, a flatness there as she waited for his response.


Once inside, Thor does take a look around the place; a once over, twice over.. and shakes his head as he ends up coming back to Amora. "Is he anywhere else, perhaps?" He's keeping his cool, but that's only a rather thin show as the clouds beyond tell the real story. "In.. in our old lands. Maybe at his University." He'd checked Norway. Wales. Ireland. Scotland. Denmark… hell, even Lindesfarne. "Just because you don't know where he is, doesn't mean he is beyond our reach."


Thor stalks around the apartment again, taking a step around Amora to do so. "He's chosen to depart before without word…" But this is different. He feels it. Loki had said that if he didn't return within the day, then something was amiss.


Spinning around, Thor's expression is almost deathly neutral for a moment before he lets his breath go. In the middle distance, finally there is a rumble of thunder as the rainclouds begin to roll in, getting closer. "I cannot go back, but yet I cannot have him there against his will. Perhaps.. perhaps Mother has convinced him to stay.." After all, Frigga can give good argument, and knowing the closeness shared between Loki and Mother? (Minds OUT of the gutter! It's MOM!) "I cannot say for certain that is not the case."


Amora let the Thunderer storm about as was his want. After all, she might be a trained sorceress, but even she knew better than to get into the path of an oncoming storm. As Thor investigated the apartment and paced she stood still, waiting for him to come to the inevitable conclusion she knew he would reach on his own. Finally, as he spoke of Frigga, of Loki possibly delaying his return — she sighed and rolled her eyes, shaking her head. She waved her hands around them, the scent of juniper berries and evergreen thickening around them, though no magic was visible — it was clearly intended to cloak the both of them away from prying eyes.

"Would your brother dearest not inform you then if all was well? The point of this little venture was to see what Odin had in store and see if he was planning anything in regards to Muspelheim and you.. Because you did not desire to return to the golden halls." Her voice was soft and smooth, even and barely above a whisper. Yet it carried and he would have no trouble hearing it despite the rumbling of thunder above and around them.

"Come now, you and I both know Loki better than that. He is prompt when he means to be. He dances about the realms as he desires. Now," Her lips thinned as a look of annoyance crossed her features.

"Are you quite finished being in denial that your brother is being kept in Asgard as bait to lure your return forward? You can keep at it, I can wait. But every moment you do is another moment that he is kept there.."


"And he comes and goes as he pleases, not telling anyone of his plans until they are set forth. Yes, Amora, I know my brother well," Thor's tones sound impatient, his words all but coupled with a handroll. "I know why he went. I cannot begin to imagine what he was told, so you cannot tell me that Mother would not insist upon seeing her son after such a time when he…" Ran out after finding out he was adopted. That, if Amora doesn't know, isn't his secret to share. "… left abruptly." Thor has been careful in letting people in on that millennias-old carefully guarded secret. Loki is his brother and has always been his brother, and as far as he is concerned, will always be his brother. Period.

"He is prompt, but in his own time." Thor begins his pacing once again and he shakes his head. "Father wouldn't do that. Wouldn't put himself in the middle.. it's too obvious. Unless Loki did something, or said something.." Well, their parting was… well, it didn't have a chance to be that acrimonious. He shakes his head again, underscoring it, "No, I won't believe that."


A shrug followed and Amora waved a hand between them. "When he left for over a century. No word to anyone where he was going or the alike?" She arched a brow, and then folded her arms. She didn't know Loki's reasons to leaving, and honestly had never bothered to ask. It was something she would find out, or wouldn't. She and Loki were too similar, and they kept far too many secrets for her to care overly about one more.

"Very well, if you're convinced that he is where he desires to be then you may remain here. I however," She gestured to herself with a grand sweep of her arm. "Owe him a debt. /He/ recognized when I was missing and knew when I was not myself. As a result, I am bound to trace his path and find out whether he requires my assistance. This would be vastly easier if you accompanied me on this, my Prince. As I am an exile currently, and if I return to Asgard, I can be killed…" She smiled thinly, green eyes flashing with a depth of irritation that went to her core.

"But please, remain here at your leisure."


"No, he did not inform anyone as to where he'd gone."

Thor recalls him actually seeing his brother again after the time separated, and Amora's chagrin when the pair disappeared to talk and catch up.

The thunder grows closer at Amora's words to him, and his expression shadows. "Do not make it appear that I have no care for my brother, Amora." He takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly as he turns to look outside. The lightning begins its dance from cloud to cloud; some would call it 'heat lightning'.

"Then you should not return to Asgard." It's a statement. "Your exile was to death. I cannot do anything to turn that aside should the All-Father wish it. Nor could Loki. IF my brother is being held, you would not gain the thanks from Father." If anything, it could go worse, if there was such a thing. He looks back now to the sorceress and his expression falls to something genuine, "We would not wish that."


A sigh escaped Amora and some of her bravo faded at his words, but her figure remained poised as always. Her chin lifted as both of her eyebrows shot upwards. "Oh, I know you care about him to the point of foolishness. But mark me, my prince. He is the only one in all my long years that actually notes me. Who I am and where I am. I owe him a debt. I could stay here, and watch you wait for his return in vain. I sensed his return to Asgard. I was the one to suggest it. If he is held against his will, it is I who is to blame." She shrugged and tossed her hair back over her shoulder.

"But here's the crux of it. You don't care what happens to me. No one does. I'm just the whore they all sleep with for a night and insult come morning. I would rather sneak into Asgard and fulfill my debt, than linger here until my slow and eventual death in a few thousand years." She smiled a tight lipped smile and took a step away from him, her hands held out at her sides.

"The question remains if you're coming with me or not."


"I knew he went to Asgard," comes rather shortly. "You are not the only one. If you and he share a special bond, I'll not get in the way of that. But do not assume that I do not know how my brother acts and do not assume you know his mind." Because, well.. no one does. Even Thor knows that much. "I do not need conjuring to understand that."

Thor shakes his head and looks away again, the lightning dancing from cloud to cloud. "We cannot just go in, walk in and demand. That is foolishness. There should be some plan to it. Perhaps some of his other friends that I do not know may be of some assistance if approached?" The pacing begins anew before he simply stops at the couch and falls him with a rather ungraceful fall. "After all, this is something that will take more than a brash frontal attack if we all wish to return intact." They'd be, essentially, going -against- the All-Father. And in that?


Amora rolled her eyes at Thor's terse response and comment about a 'special bond'. "It's tantric magic. It's my specialty. That's all. Hardly what one would call a 'special' bond. I could tell you the details about how it works, but it's magic, my prince." The lack of denial about what she said about herself stung. No cheering words offered in the least. Yet that was nothing new to the Enchantress. She was quite used to it by now. Still, she took what victories she could when it came to Thor and as God of Thunder sprawled on the rugged couch, a smirk pulled at her lips. He at least admitted to the need for a plan. That was a start.

So as he flopped, she prowled forward, the mask of the seductress firmly in place. Her hands traced up the side of the armrest and she perched there with a hip cocked to the side. "He has the mortal girl that stormed Muspelheim with you. And —" She grinned sharply. "I am not speaking of a frontal attack.. I am speaking of a diversion. You are the Crown Prince who left the Kingdom. If you return can you imagine the celebrations your mother would host? The chaos that would occur if you swept in?" She arched a golden brow upwards, leaning forward.

"If you cause the distraction, with me on your arm.. it would lift my exile. I could slip away easily then, with the mortal girl in tow as my hand-maiden.. And well, I have my secrets, but —" She broke off again.

"You may add a the sorcerer supreme from this realm, my sneaking into your father's vaults for a nice little power boost and I could easily steal into the palace while you play at Prince Returned.. and find Loki and possibly free him if need be. Of course, if he's not in trouble then you're both quite safe and could leave when you wished." She shrugged, tilting her head to the side.


The name-calling and self-deprecations really doesn't fit into Thor's scheme. Whether or not he agrees with the words never enters his mind to discuss; particularly with this plan that forms. He shakes his head and looks up, "No 'sorcerer supreme' on Asgard. I would be truly be pushing the welcome for a mortal to come to the Realm. One I could, but to have someone that could cause harm to Asgard?" He rises once more and nods slowly, his bass voice low, "If I returned with you on my arm, aye.. Father would believe that your charms did indeed work.." Which would definitely be a diversion.

"If I spoke with Sif, perhaps.. maybe she'd return to help us?"


That Thor cast aside the sorcerer supreme was hardly an issue to Amora. And she knew better than to mention bringing Hercules either. A smile bloomed over her lips as she propped her chin up with a hand, crossing her legs and leaning forward as he rose. "Scarlett has already earned her loyalty, I can have her ready and prepared within the hour if you desire." She practically purred as Thor agreed to her arriving on his arm. Even if it was a diversion, especially if it was only that.. ah, well a girl can dream..

And then the mention of Sif spoiled everything. The joy of arrival on his arm would be utterly tarnished if /that/ woman was brought in on it. "Do you wish to risk her station in Asgard, or even more so.. leave Asgard even further undefended if it is attacked? Already it lacks you, me and when your brother is seen to, him.. Do you think it wise, my Prince?" She arched a brow her voice soft and sounding as if considering, not at all the vicious plotting of a jealous woman.


"While she has earned her loyalty to my brother, she is yet an unknown to the Courts of Asgard, Amora," Thor reminds gently. "She has the added burden of not being a typical mortal in this realm." Seriously, the woman can fly. Unaided. "So, to vouchsafe her through to the Halls will rest upon my shoulders. And in order to do that, there are things that I must make understood." It is, after all, still home, and Thor is fiercely loyal, even if he's away.

"As for Sif," Thor begins to pace once again, "She would not be thrown in the dungeon for such a ruse as quickly as one who is unknown to Father. There is little that she has done to earn his anger, and this one time may be turned aside." Maybe. He shakes his head, deep in thought.

"I would speak to Scarlett soon, and get her assurances. If it does not go well, this could mean danger to the mortal."


Amora watched him pace again, much like a cat sitting on the edge of the sofa. One could almost picture her batting a tail about in irritation — the only sign there could be in regards to her annoyance at his continued mention of Sif. She smiled prettily, and tilted her head to the side. "She is a very polite mortal and will be able to play at being my hand-maiden readily. She has suffered both your brother and I teaching her intact. If that is not a boon to her abilities then I know not what else would be.." She murmured softly.

"Your father will be plenty angry if he discovers… no, when he discovers this is a ruse. I highly doubt you will be interested in playing 'charmed' by me for overly long nor to remain in Asgard longer when we discover what Loki's position is. You risk her exile and banishment with whatever other wrath Odin might include. Do you want to risk her reputation, her standing? Is it worth it to you? Is it fair to her? For you to make this choice for her? You do not mean to remain there. By including her, you are more or less ensuring that she will have to return here with you. Or else risk your father's wrath…"


"Then are you willing to risk Scarlett? While a handmaiden, she will suffer the same fate as her Mistress." It's a pointed question, and one Thor catches quickly before tossing it back. "Father has little time for mortals."

He shakes his head again and begins to walk towards the door. Outside, the thunder rumbles and there is still that cloud to cloud lightning, but it doesn't rain. Not quiet yet. Thor puts a hand up to pull at his face before looking up, "When he discovers. Asgard may not have an heir after this venture." There is a glance behind him before he reaches out to the door, ready to depart in search of Scarlett. Or.. perhaps some time to consider his next move without the soft, distracting voice whispering in his ear.

"I will tell you when I have made my decision."


A sigh dragged from her lips as she uncurled her figure on the seat of the armrest. "I can teleport her out, if my exile is lifted — so should my magic return. I can easily send her away if need be. She'll be safe, as safe as any of us. Your father thinks so little of mortals? Then he will underestimate her. He will not think that she has any abilities beyond what most have as mortals. Speak with her, see her work magic before you come to your decision.." She paused, watching the agony wash over his features as he dragged his hand over his features and then turned for the door. Her heart melted at the sight. A dull ache that seized her and dragged at her insides, tugging her forward.

Between one blink and the next she was standing behind him, a hand reaching out to press softly against his upper arm. "I will follow you, no matter where you go. You will always be my Prince, and have my loyalty. Be it here or in Asgard as heir or no." She bowed her head, stepping back and retracting her hand.


Thor watches as well as listens to Amora, his head bobbing at her words. She's right, of course. "He would underestimate them. He's ignored my protestations that these mortals are not the same as the ones we once knew."

Looking down as the sorceress crosses the distance in order to lay a hand on his arm, Thor chuffs a short breathy laugh before he sets his hand upon hers briefly. "And for that, I thank you for your loyalty, Amora." All this for his brother.

As she steps back, Thor straightens again and offers a brief smile, though again there's no humour in those blue eyes. Just outside, it can be discerned that rain has begun to fall, the water beading on the windows. "Soon enough we will move. If Loki be in trouble, we will clear him of it." With that, he does pull the door open, and he's past the threshold, and back under the watchful gaze, perhaps, of Heimdall.

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