1963-07-19 - Homecoming after a fashion
Summary: Once away from the place of food and drink, Amora brings Thor back to the apartment she shares with Loki. They speak only briefly when Loki doth appear.
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Amora exited the cafe the umbrella that had been 'loaned' to her before, in her hand as she stepped outside. The ground was soaked, and puddles splashed along the sides of the road and walk ways. Yet the rain itself had lightened considerably. She had a feeling it wouldn't last. Her heels clicked sharply as she moved out, popping the umbrella open with a snap and waving a hand out toward the passing vechiles. "Taxi!"

Of course the yellow car pulled to a stop, in fact several did, under the power of her voice and form. She smiled, glancing back faintly over her shoulder to eye the cafe and the multitude of mortals that remained inside. Her gaze landing on the God of Thunder briefly before she turned back to face the taxi. She opened the door without her usual flourish and closed the umbrella as she slipped inside.

She glanced back once she was seated, checking to see if Thor had actually followed her or not as she leaned forward to pat the leather seat beside her. "Come along, I have a place that's safe that we can talk. And you can rest. I promise there is no trickery on my part here." Her voice low but clear enough to be heard.


As Thor leaves the cafe, there are more than a few people waving, laughing, and making promises to 'meet up' again sometime soon. He looks pleased as well, and looking forward, the rain is indeed letting up; breaks in the clouds are actually happening in the far-off west.

Turning about, Thor follows Amora towards the taxi. He looks a little dubious once again, however, and he leans, placing a hand on the edge of the open door. "Are you certain we both can fit? It is.. small." He's almost willing to walk. Still, he tries to squeeze himself in, knees almost to his chin, and he pulls the door shut.

"I will be holding you to your word."


Amora leaned forward once Thor settled into the car, and she gave the driver directions to the apartment on 5th avenue. She settled back once the vechile pulled into motion and her gaze settled on Thor beside her. Her form was smaller than it should be, her human guise still maintained as she crossed her legs and rearranged her skirt with a dismissive air.

"This is how one travels here, I've had to make do. Now it would seem, so shall you." She murmured softly, her brows drawing together as she spoke.

"I did not choose to willingly come here. Your father cast me out weeks ago." She pursed her lips together as she spoke, her voice soft and she turned her gaze out the window. "I can't say that I'm not disapointed to hear that my exile was unknown so."


Cabs were not made for rear seat leg room, and his hands rest on his knees, his back hunched. "There has to be a better way," is mused. "I will find it." Later. Thor looks to the side, and Amora's form is both familiar and not. Smaller. A shadow of what a mortal might be, but different. He scowls; a costume.

"My father…" Thor considers for a long moment before he continues, "…knows nothing. He did not confer with me when he sent you to Midgard, and I am certain he will not discuss it with me when he determines that you are allowed home once again." Driver? What driver? Thor doesn't seem to care.

"I've been a little busy myself."


Amora waved a hand and a flicker of green power covered over the window separating the two from the driver. She sighed, shrugging as she wrapped her arms around her middle and settled her gaze upon Thor again. "I don't doubt that, but you realize why I cannot simply teleport us away. Humans here are unaware of the other Nine Realms. There is power here on Midgard, but it is nothing to what we see and know. It would cause chaos for them Thor, if they knew." She murmured softly.

"As far as your father is concerned," She grimaced, pushing her hair back from her face. "I don't think he always sees you for you, but rather as a prince of the realm." Her voice was soft and she paused momentarily.

"I understand why he exiled me, I dislike it and want to go home so terribly.." Her voice cracked slightly, and for once it was honest. "I don't want to be here. I want to go home."


Thor watches as the veil is drawn, and the magic is a familiar tingling. "I think the sooner they understand they are not alone, the better." Looking forward again, he shakes his head, "I will not hide. I have reason to be here."

Now, Thor shifts in his seat and his jaw sets. "We disagree as to what is good for the Realm, Amora. I think that if you give Midgard a chance, you will find reason to love it and care for its people as I do. They have changed so much in so little time… when the All Father himself enjoyed their company."


Amora shifted uncomfortably under his words, and looked down at her hands. "I've seen mortal men degrade others in the name of power, proclaim themselves King and seek to throw down the weak. The mortals I have met while here on Midgard are no better, if not worse, than others I have met throughout the Nine Realms. They're balanced so precariously upon a knife's edge. Please, I ask you, if you will not keep a careful footing, then you at least allow me the safety of it." Her hands curled as she spoke and she lifted her green eyes toward him.

"Your father halved my powers while I'm here and every day Midgard has torn at what's remained. I'm weakened while I'm here Thor, I've been so alone." She tore her gaze away from him, back to her hands as she tucked them back into the fold of her arms.

"It's different to choose to come here as opposed to being forced here."


Thor listens, he does, and blue eyes are watching Amora as she speaks, in his view, earnestly. With concern filling her tones. "They have always been, Amora. We have been in the front of their battles, besting their foes, guiding their actions. And this is what has become of them when my father turns away from them." He is just as earnest, but at her request, he just.. he's puzzled for that moment. Once again, the question of exile rears its head.

"Amora, what did you do to earn exile here?" There's a lot of things including Odin's whim, but Thor wants to hear it directly. "What is it that caused my father to send you here, of all places?"


Amora lifted her gaze toward him, her green eyes clashing with his earnest blue. A flicker of something echoed there, regret perhaps, at some thing unsaid. Yet she broke his gaze, lowering it once more to her hands as she smoothed them over the skirts of her dress. "Did you not say they've grown so since your father last ventured forth to this realm?" She frowned then, and glanced side long at him from beneath her eyelashes.

Further response in regards to her exile was cut off as the taxi slowed and came to a halt with a creak, the driver rapping a hand against the window that separated them. Amora hesitated for a moment, before she leaned forward, opening up her purse and passing several bills that were likely too large for the sum of the ride. Still, she smiled at the man, thanked him and opened the door closest to her to slide out of it.

Before them was a tall, and rather ritzy apartment building with a man at the front that greeted Amora warmly and opened the door for her when she approached. The matter of her exile still unexplained as she walked with a click of her heels. "Thank you Birdie, this is a friend of mine. He'll be staying a while, please make sure to be extra nice to him. He's new in town." She winked, casting a glance backward at Thor.


"They have," Thor begins again. "A Realm that could hold such a person—"

And, here is their stop, apparently, and Thor is cut off. The fare is paid, and the large man opens the door with more than a little relief. One leg, two, and he pulls his body out, finally back to his full height. He turns to follow Amora before he lifts his gaze skyward. "Impressive, Amora. Are you sure you are keeping to the shadows on this Realm? Truly?"

Still, Thor follows once again through the revolving door, a nod to the doorman given, identified now as 'Birdie'. Doesn't even begin to phase him as to how it might appear. This 'friend'.

"They have. There were no vehicles such as these, nor those wings. And that city corner? My father could not begin to believe there were such things, so blind he is to this realm."


Amora smiled in parting to the doorman, moving along as Thor exited the taxi and strode through the revolving door. At the Prince's comment about sticking to the shadows she grinned, a bright and warm smile that showed a flash of white teeth as she laughed and tried to hook her arm through his. Leading him toward the elevator and waving politely at the front desk.

"I am keeping to the shadows, darling. I haven't bent these mortals to my will. I have paid with money that has been earned and earned fairly. I am known as Helen Eve here, which is why it was so very confusing to poor Clea when you called me Amora." She murmured, looking up at him.

"I was here a few decades ago, and even then things were not as they are now. I will admit that they've grown greatly, but.. it's a rotten in so many ways." She whispered as the elevator dinged and the doors opened.

"But it's nothing new, it's the same as it ever was. A man thinking himself to rule by right of might. A few gifted think themselves inheritors of this realm.." She frowned faintly. "There is darkness here for all the light.."

Thor looks down as Amora hooks her arm through his, but he doesn't fuss. Neither does he engage in the smiles and laughter either. Now, here and alone with her, he's beginning to feel that weight again, and it shows upon his face.

A sigh exits the great man and he shakes his head, "I shall not debate with you the merits of this Realm over the others. There are those that would rule, aye. I understand it. It has always been. Only now, there is more good to this world than those who would form it into their own creation, and I would help see them through such dark times. They are worth the effort. The care and consideration." Thor looks to Amora, and he's dead set, "And that is all I will say to the matter."

Thor is led to the elevator, and instinctively, he looks up once again, this time consideringly. The *ding* of the elevator brings his attention back and he takes a step back before he gestures. He knows these contraptions.. he and Jane rode them regularly.


Amora's smile fades as he speaks and shuts down further debate about the merits of the realm. Her own feelings quite clearly written on her features in disbelief as he pulled back and stepped away from the elevator. Her brows arched upwards and she frowned, "It's clearly large enough to house you, don't tell me that my prince fears a simple lift?" She arched a brow, a hand settling on her hip as she cocked it to the side.

"The apartment is on the upper floors," She added dryly before she sighed and gestured to the door marked with a stairwell. "Come along then." She muttered after a moment, stalking toward the door and opening it without waiting for a response from him.


Thor is done with the merits and flaws of Midgard, yes. If anything, it has caused something of a descent of mood, and staring at the open elevator, he calls back to his companion. "Amora, we will take this. I have ridden in these before. Come back and instruct it as to what level it will bring us to." And to mark his words, he takes a step forward onto, his hand held out to be sure the doors don't close behind him.


Irritation would never dawn in Amora's gaze when it settled upon Thor, no. Such was impossible. Even so there was a heated flicker of emotion in her gaze as she returned to the elevator with a huff of air and stepped inside with several sharp clicks of her heels. She glanced toward him as as she entered, passing by him and slipping inside nimbly and pressing the required button. As Thor stepped inside the doors would shut and she crossed her arms, leaning against the wall to look up at him.

"I'm sorry. For earlier. You've only just arrived and I've been less than accomodating." She murmured softly and held her hands out. "I'm just.. I.." She seemed to flounder for words for a long moment. "I sensed your presence and thought you might need a familiar face here. A place to stay.. I've been overly anxious to be there for you. To have someone I know here.."


Thor watches the flicker of emotions on Amora's face and he puts his hands behind him, ostensibly holding on to the bar behind him. He catches the floor number and nods briefly before he looks up again. After a couple of seconds of silence for his part, Thor looks back down, and glances to the outstretched hands. Finally, he takes them, though he has to take a step forward.

"Amora," he says quietly. "I have friends here that I cannot see. I cannot even begin to explain to them…" Thor shakes his head, "I appreciate the aid. I also appreciate the hospitality. Do not believe for a moment I do not." Does he sound as if there is a 'but' in there? "But you know I cannot remain for long. I know not the reason of your exile, though I'm sure I'll discover it in time." He smiles a touch lopsidedly, "You have never been able to keep anything from me for long." Of course, 'long' is relative!


Amora's features warmed with a smile as Thor took her hands, her fingers curling to grasp back at him. She looked down at their hands, her smile fading somewhat as she gave his hands a squeeze. "I know, but give me the chance at least to enjoy your presence while you're here with me?" Her voice lifts as she looked up again and took a step closer still.

A reflexive smile crossing her features at his own lopsided grin, "I missed you greatly." She whispered, standing upon her toes to press a kiss against his chin. Her human guise short enough that it required a bit more effort than her usual form, and if not for Thor's grip on her hands, she'd have upset her balance considerably.

Amora laughed faintly as the elevator dinged to a halt, and she nodded toward the opening doors. "Here's our stop."


Thor actually chuckles as he squeezes her hands in return. As far as he's concerned, two old friends are back together, and there will be the necessary space in which to mourn the loss of his lady love. Everything is moving so quickly for the Crown Prince that a little bit of quiet contemplation is a very good thing.

"Amora.." is chuckled in a teasing warning at the kiss, and when the elevator *dings* and the doors open, Thor's ready to depart the conveyance. "My father doesn't understand this, but my remaining here will be a good thing for Asgard." He takes a step off, and turns about to take a step backwards, "It is an idle question, but have you seen my brother? It has been too long since I've laid eyes, and I, no doubt, would think that he'd like to hear of my current position with our father so he can advise me on a few things as he once did."


Amora stood at the door, a hand pressed against it as she whispered a few words, overlaying her magic over the wards Loki had installed. She closed her eyes, using her body to block the magic as she made use of the excuse of unlocking the door. All the masculine artifacts in the apartment, all the little things that screamed that it was not her apartment alone, were replaced, hidden, or vanished. After a moment she turned, the door unlocked as she smiled back at Thor.

"I want you to explain to me how your remaining here is good for Asgard, but I first imagine that you're hungry, no? There's plenty of food in the icebox that the mortals call a 'fridge' these days. It's a marvelous invention." She held the door open as she leaned against the frame.

"As for your brother?" She hitched a brow upwards, "You know he doesn't put much stock in my presence."


Thor doesn't know much of magic, truly, but he knows his brother's 'feel'. Amora's just that good of a sorceress, however, to keep his brother's presence from his eyes, and so he waits until the door is unlocked and they can enter.

Thor does enter, and wanders slowly around, looking at the residence. "Thank you," is answered in regards to the offer of food in the 'refrigerator'. His wanderings actually does take him into the kitchen to check the refrigerator. Cheese. Fruit… and he takes some of the crusty bread before he nibbles and exits the kitchen proper. "Midgard is indeed one of the Realms, yes? It should not be forgotten as the others have. My father turns away and does not notice changes that happen within Asgard itself. To be here and to reestablish our relationship with these people?"

When he takes that momentary break, Thor lowers himself onto a chair, but he leans forward. "No, he does not… but if he was here, he might seek you out regardless. My brother does not let opportunity pass him by if he can help it."


Amora made her way to the rather sturdily built table as Thor explored the kitchen, a sigh of relief passing her lips as she glanced around and found her magic to have held up. She settled in a chair opposite of Thor as he sat down and she propped her chin up, crossing her legs as she listened carefully to his words, as if truly considering them. Even if they made little impact on her opinion of Midgard.

"How would you propose to do this Thor? The people of Midgard.. by and large it would break many if they learned that their world was not alone. I spoke to many since I have been here, and I've been laughed at outright when I tried to explain it to one.."

A pause followed as she shifted in her seat at Thor's mention of his brother. "Loki would not bother himself with ever seeking me out unless he wanted something from me." Her voice was soft and she lifted her gaze back to him. It was a careful truth, and she had not lied once in regards to Loki, though neither did she ever truly give him an answer to his questions.

"Thor.." She bit her lower lip as she reached out with both her hands toward him, leaning forward. "Your father.. he, made my return to Asgard conditional on your return."


"I find their leaders." It's a matter of fact statement, and Thor continues, "And then we discuss their place within the Nine." Thor looks at his hands as he pulls the bread apart and pops piece by piece in his mouth. "Jane and I discussed it at great lengths…" and his voice trails off once again. Shaking his head as if to dislodge a thought, Thor rises quickly from his seat once again as he catches the tail end of the confession.

"He what?" Thor stops in his rise to stare at Amora. "What was it you did, Amora?" The tones sound a touch darker and a little more serious. "Do not lie to me because I will know the truth."


Amora sagged in her seat, her gaze falling back to her hands as she curled them up and crossed her arms. She leaned back, until the wood creaked under her and she avoided meeting his gaze. "It's different for you, for both you and Loki. You will always be welcome back in Asgard no matter what you do. You have your parents' love and the love of the people. Everyone adores you." She waved a hand toward him, her features drawn.

"Do you even know who my parents were? Who my mother was? Because I have no memory of her. I have nothing left of her at all." Her features twisted with a grimace.

"The only thing I was supposed to have was her necklace. And that too, I thought, had been lost to me." She sighed, dragging a hand through her hair. "But I found it. I found it and I was going to have mother's necklace back. The Brsingamen was mine by right, and I found it in your's father's vaults!" She turned sharp green eyes upon him.

"And he denied it to me, he denied me by birth right as the eldest child. It's all I have left and it should have passed to me years ago."


Thor listens carefully, his expression remaining intent. As the story unfolds, a scowl creases his face and blue eyes narrow. The clouds that had been moving away light gently over the ocean in 'heat lightning'. "And so my father would release your exile? Did he say he would give you your mother's torc back?" He takes a step towards her, wanting the information now. "Or did he just say he would allow you access to Asgard once again, and still you would be in this situation?"


Amora sighed heavily and the anger flushed out of her all at once. She lowered her gaze as the thunder crackled outside and the clouds rolled in once more. "He would release my exile and allow me to return home if you returned with me. That was all." She whispered, and turned green eyes upwards at him. "I felt you had a right to know." She swallowed a lump in her throat and rose.

"My feelings for you haven't changed Thor, but it makes me sick to think that your father wanted to use them as a means for me to regain my place in Asgard." She stepped closer to him, reaching out a hand. "I know you don't feel that way toward me anyways, and that you have no desire to return. It's a vain venture for me to attempt it."


As Amora continues, Thor watches her carefully, blue eyes intent upon her. "No promise of anything else," he murmurs. "Do you believe he would return to you your magic too?" Now, he approaches her and looks down and into those green eyes. "Believe me, Amora. Here, this Realm of Midgard… my father believes it to be very much like Niflhel, apparently. It is not. You will see that."

Thor allows his hand to be taken, and he gives it a squeeze, "I know you understand when I tell you that I cannot return for hollow promises made. I will not." He offers a lopsided smile, an encouraging one, "Would you like a Prince to fold under such a promise? A King, then, to bend at first opportunity instead of turning it to grand adventure and benefit for all?"


Amora met his gaze, her green eyes searching over his features and she clasped his hand with both of her own. At his words she lowered her gaze, and she allowed a sigh to fall from her lips. "I don't know what to believe. This realm is terrible to me and what powers I still wield. I have naught of my possessions, and am left vulnerable." She pursed her lips together. "At this point I merely wish to go home.."

His encouraging smile earned a return of her gaze and a twitch of her own lips. "Will you not leave me then to face this alone? I think I might bare such a burden and remain if I am not alone.."


"Vulnerable?" Thor says the word in teasing disbelief, "You are hardly that, even at your perceived weakest, Amora. You will find yourself amassing quite a collection soon enough. A couple of weeks, you say, and here is this apartment. Stocked larder. Friends… that woman, in the bar who knew you… you are far from helpless." A chuckle actually exits and he lifts a hand to touch her lips with a finger, "You are not that desperate yet, and you know it. Say no such desperate things."

Brows rise, though, at the sound of hope that appears to tinge Amora's tones and he exhales in a mock exhasperated sigh. "I would not leave you to suffer the difficulties, but I will not always be around either. You do have friends to count amongst the mortals; do not ignore them as useless. You may find them your greatest ally."


Amora's expression brightened at Thor's words and lowered her gaze with fluttering eyelashes as he teased her and reached out to brush her lips. She smiled, once again the warm, open smile he had gained from her previously. She slid closer, tilting her head back to meet his gaze as a chuckle escaped her breathlessly. "Clea isn't a mortal actually." She laughed again, shaking her head. Her laughter faded though the cheer still lit her eyes, turning her head she pecked at his finger that had brushed against her lips in a playful manner.

"But thank you, Thor." She sighed, making to try to wrap her arms around him and bury her features against his chest. "I can bare a great many things if I know that you'll at least be there when I need you. Even if you're not always there."


Brows rise, "She isn't?" Now, this is something new. "She's not from Asgard, and from the looks of her, not from the other Realms unless she has sorcery to hide her true form." Thor doesn't sound too happy about that, though it's a thought for another time. As such, it is discarded at the laugh, and his own chuckle answers.

If it's comfort, Thor can give it; though nothing more. He wraps his arms around Amora for that hug, his head dropping, "You are a friend from my youth, Amora. To hear of my father's hollow promise gives me more reason to remain, and while I am here, I will be sure you are taken care of, even if I cannot be here to do so."


Amora will most likely be the first to get a hint of his arrival. The wards she'd placed in the area entwined with Loki's and would warn her of the surge of energy. It's only a bare moment before that surge becomes manifestation as out on the balcony there's a short sharp flicker of light followed with a *fwuuuf* of displaced air that causes the sliding glass door to jostle in its frame. And suddenly there is a man in a grey suit standing there.

Louis had known they were there as soon as they crossed the threshold. So he's had time to prepare. On various levels he'd imagined this moment in many ways. He'd imagined showing up in righteous fury, wreathed in power, proclaiming some dominion over Midgard. He'd imagined showing up and pointing a finger at the man who is his brother and shouting something akin to, 'J'accuse!' He'd even made plans of possible ways to counter different aspects of power for each being that was there… or could be there.

All such plans fall away in the first moment he looks across the way and he sees his brother and Amora. In each other's arms certainly, yet something about him seem… humbled?

So instead of wreathed in green fire and swathed in wild power Loki stands there at the door for a moment, fingertips on the glass window. And he smiles.

There's a faint whisper as the door slides open, the man in the oh so plain grey suit stands there, one hand in his pocket and a wry half-smile there on the corner of his mouth. And he offers just one word. "Brother."


Amora smiled into the fabric of Thor's shirt, her eyes closed as she simply enjoyed the physical warmth of his arms wrapped around her. She didn't lift her head as he spoke, merely holding on all the more as she blocked out the reality of the embrace. Comfort was comfort and she took what she could with a greediness that rivaled tales of dragons and treasure. So when the wards chimed in her mind of Loki's presence she didn't pull back. She didn't alert Thor to his brother's figure lurking outside on the balcony.

Yet still her shoulders stiffened as the God lingered out there without announcing himself for several moments. Not until the glass door swung open and he entered the room fully did she draw back. Her eyes narrowed into a hate filled glare as she scowled at Loki, her lips pursing into a thin line as she crossed her arms. If looks alone could kill, Loki would likely be on fire and crumbling into ashes.

Yet she used no magic, merely standing there in a sullen silence as she knew any attempts at conversation would be run over between the two brothers.


Thor takes a step away, and there is no guilt etched upon his face, even as Amora's visage darkens. His heart isn't in the clutch, and it's probably obvious with the way the pair part. At first, he looks puzzled. Confused.. and he looks between Amora and Loki.

"Brother." First, the greeting, and it's a warm, friendly sound.

It's fleeting, however, as Thor spins around to stare at Amora once again. "You'd said you hadn't seen him?" He's looking for that acknowledgment or denial. "Did you know?"


A small glance is given towards Amora, but then Loki's voice lifts to perhaps save her embarrassment. "That is my fault, Thor." He steps further into the room, closing the door behind him. He turns back and his features are turned slightly into contrition though still with a ghost of a smile. "I asked of her to not speak of my presence to anyone of when she first came to my notice."

He looks towards the door behind him for a moment, then back towards the two at the couch. "I am glad she decided to abide by my wishes." It's easy to fall into the steady pace of an Asgardian's discourse.

Stepping forwards he slides his hands out of his pockets and takes a deep breath. His lips twist and then he says, "You look terrible, brother. So how did you screw up to get yourself cast down here amongst us, you gigantic oaf." At the last few words he can't hold back the laugh as he extends a hand towards the man to give him a fair greeting.


Amora held up her hands as Thor settled his gaze back to her, "I didn't say that I hadn't seen him. Merely that he doesn't seek me out unless he wants something from me. Which is typically true." She murmured, letting her hands fall back as Loki spoke up about her involvement in not telling Thor his where abouts. She stepped back, her hands settling behind her back as she watched.

Her expression closed off further as Loki stepped foward and held a light greeting. Anything that might give way about her feelings remained locked behind a mask of polite interest as she said nothing further.


Thor turns back around to watch Loki, and .. it's his brother. The one person who knows what to say and when to say it. How many times had his golden voice gotten them out of trouble? (Or into more trouble, which, at times was grander?) He exhales, breathing out his upset, and approaches his brother finally, clasping the arm in one hand only to try and pull him into a heartfelt hug in the other.

"I have been worse, brother, though at times it is difficult to remember when." Thor will release the hand, freeing his brother soon after. "Father and I had a disagreement, once again. This time, I've left of my own accord, and apparently," Now, Thor looks at Amora, "He is playing at games that he cannot win." Not with a headstrong Prince, anyway. What's the worst that could happen?

Oh yeah. Loss of the throne and permanant exile. Oops? It hasn't yet happened, thankfully.

"I'm here because I believe in Midgard. It's changed since Father's been here last. You know it, I—" There's that realization that comes dawning onto the elder Prince's face, and his expression falls, and curiosity rises to take its place, "Where have you been, Loki?" Really, he didn't just realize Loki's been missing… right?


At first Loki seems like he's so terribly put out, ugh, a hug, from his brother. Ugh! But then he seems to give in as the animated man draws him in. And he lets go with a laugh, slapping a fist on his brother's back and for a moment it's back in the great hall and he lets his laugh become a tough raucous. They part, and he shakes his head, smirking and looking to the side as if he couldn't believe Thor, or perhaps only begrudgingly so.

"There is a word for you here on Midgard, brother. Only in regards to how you get along with father. And that word is goofball." He steps back and sweeps an arm down indicating himself. "I have been here. A hundred and…" He scrunches up an eye as he looks upwards, "Twenty two years I believe. I have no idea how much time has passed on Asgard."

He starts to cross towards the liquor cabinet in the buffet next to the television. Curious that he knows where it is. He starts to make three drinks, pouring bourbon from a crystal bottle. Tilting his head to the side he gathers up one of the glasses and walks towards Amora. "Amora, I am afraid I must impose upon you a request. Would you please be so kind as to leave us and allow us to speak together?"


Amora for her part, did nothing to interupt the brother's reunion. She merely watched as an observer would a staged play of some kind, a distant politeness that she dared not interfere with. It was only until Loki returned with a glass in hand that she stirred back into reaction. She tilted her head to the side, accepting the offered drink with a hand she lifted her gaze to meet the trickster God's own gaze evenly. Then she smiled faintly, pushing her hair back over her shoulder.

"I need to clean up anyways, someone summoned a tornado in Times Square today." She murmured with a hitch of her brow, sipping at her drink. She made a polite, if some what mocking nod to Loki and then to Thor.

"I'll get the extra linens and pillows for you too, darling." She murmured in Thor's direction before she turned and sauntered down the hall toward the bathroom and interconnecting bedroom.


There's a tension that is released in Thor's shoulders once the embrace is returned and then broken. A feeling of 'completeness', that now, with the brothers together, there is little that cannot be accomplished if they but try.

"Goofball?" Thor quirks his head and his brows crease before he nods once, twice, "Okay." He rumbles a chuckle soon after, and looking about the apartment again, it's like he's seeing it again, for the first time? How could he have missed things before? Once again, Thor moves slowly around the apartment before he ends up facing both Loki and then Amora once again.

Thor isn't going to feel guilty over the tornado, though he does acknowledge it. "It was unavoidable." Exactly. The extra linens and such, however, now that he's learned this is his brother's place?

"Do you mind my remaining here until I find rooms of my own," is asked. "Surely…" and Amora is gone.

Thor watches as the sorceress departs before he looks back at Loki, and crosses the short distance between them. "One hundred and twenty-two years in Midgard. I would have your help, brother, convincing father that Midgard deserves our attention. That these mortals are better than he gives them credit."


A hand is lifted for a moment, as if to stay Thor's approach or perhaps his words. Loki's green eyes slide to the side and once Amora has departed the room he holds up a hand with two fingers parted. There's a very faint flicker of eldritch energy that lashes around his fingertips, then launch off of them like small will'o'wisps that leap and quickly dance around the room in one smooth circle that disappears abruptly. For them, nothing changes, but for anyone with say enchanted items in the area for listening, or attempting to scry, or even to perceive the sound waves that no longer are drifting out… well it's eerily quiet.

Turning back towards Thor, Loki then gives a nod and takes a deep breath. "Amora would be furious to hear me say this, but on some level I agree with you. I have lived amongst them, lived several lifetimes. I have played at many roles, brother. I am not entirely… native, but it has definitely left its mark on me."

He continues to finish with the drinks, extending one towards Thor though bourbon has hardly the kick of Asgardian ale. "Whatever you did, father is quite displeased with you. He has set Amora to try and seduce you to bring you back to the fold. Though she is not entirely untrustworthy. She may have already told you of such. But beware. She will seek a restoration of her place and her power."


Thor knows better the moment Loki raises a hand; it's their signals. He waits a moment until everything is complete. Then, Thor reaches for the glass with a nod of thanks, and first extends it forward in a gesture of a toast before it is gone. Down.

Some things just don't change?

The glass is glanced at, and Thor considers the flavor before he turns about to sit down on the chair he'd vacated a little earlier, blue eyes listening intently now, his expression sober. "I don't know if you were aware. I wished to wed a lady from this Realm, but father would hear nothing of it. No mortal on the throne." Which really does make him sound petulant, but at this point, Thor doesn't really care. "We agreed that there would be a test, and she failed." Thor shakes his head and looks sad, almost mournful. "She would have made a lovely queen, Loki. Kind. Intelligent. Open and understanding."

Thor's got hope, now, and as Loki fills him in, he nods. "Amora told me that she'd discovered her mother's necklace in Father's vault. What she was doing there, she didn't say.. but apparently Father caught her and exiled her." Great paws toy with the empty glass before he offers a smile to his brother. "You've been wearing off on me. I asked, and Father did not promise anything but the lifting of the exile. According to her." He was so pleased that he'd worked that out!


Furrowing his brow, Loki looks towards the other room and quirks an eyebrow, a flicker of annoyance settling on his features. But for now he looks back towards Thor and offers a laugh, shaking his head. "Ah Thor, leave it to you to take a stand against father over a mortal woman." He takes a quick drink himself, then offers a refill as he refills his own. "I partially agree with him, mortals are terribly short-lived, albeit complex. They have a merit of their own. But the throne of Asgard…" He cocks an eyebrow as if not entirely sure of that himself.

But to stay any protest he holds up the bottle as if to acknowledge his brother's feelings. "Still, you do realize this is just you both being pig-headed? You just have to decide how far you wish to take this. You'll need to force acknowledgement from him, and that is no easy thing, Thunderer."

Then there's a slight wince from him that causes him to laugh as he shakes his head once again looking towards the wall. "Perhaps it is best if we continue this elsewhere, brother. I get the feeling that Amora is not terribly… pleased that we have excluded her from our discussion." He looks back to the tall man and cocks an eyebrow. "Shall we adjourn somewhere that we can continue without being quite so obviously rude to the Enchantress?"

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