1963-07-22 - Of Goddesses and Kings
Summary: A meeting between a goddess and a man who would be king, and an alliance forged…
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Amora didn't arrive in a limo this time, much less on a gentleman's arm. Rather she just 'appeared' in the shadows away from prying mortal eyes. Her appearance was much the same as it had been for her last visit, stately curls of gold ringed her head and spilled down her back. A golden dress of shimmery material clung to her form as she sauntered toward the door to the club's entrance. Her heels clicking with every step she made, and drew the eyes to her figure.

A sultry smile met the bouncers that stood outside, and she paused to speak with one. Her manicured hand holding a crisp card out to the man at the door.

"I would like to speak with Sebastian? If he's available that is.. Helen Eve would very much like to speak with him again." Her voice was low and rich, barely above a murmur. She fluttered thick eyelashes at the 'guard'.


They notice, these guards, and although they are different men— they are both big, strong men— the name Helen Eve registers with who is so clearly the leader between the two. "Miss Eve. Mr. Shaw left instructions that we were to see to it that you had privileges should you decide to grace the Club hall again. Please, come this way." He steps aside, bowing slightly and holding the door open for the graceful lady.

Once she's in, one of the conceirge attendants approaches, and the guard whispers a name. The guard takes his leave, his eyes wandering slightly. This fellow is bright and not unpleasing to the eye, but far more house trained then the thug minions— his eyes never wander a bit. "You wish to see Mr. Shaw? Oh, he's in the Chairman's Office, I'll send a message to him. If you'll have a seat, I'd be honored to see that you were refreshed with whatever it is you desire as you wait for his response."


Amora preened, as she always did under the flattery and looks that were sent her way. Her hips swayed with each step, and she winked at a few of the more handsome and eye catching people she passed. She tossed her hair over her shoulder, content to settle into a chair that was offered to her and cross her legs. Her hands perched on her knees as she sent the attendant one of her customary sultry smiles.

"Your best wine will do nicely, thank you." She settled in to wait, however long it might be. Her leg bobbing up and down with a flash of her stockings and calve showing between the slit in the fabric of her skirt.


It doesn't take long for a lady to come bring a tray, and upon it are two glasses; one chiled with a white wine, one red. They're both superb, but instead of the servers here asking questions of the lady who said best wine? They offer options. The service at the Hellfire Club doesn't like putting questions to the guests and never wants to be wrong on pleasing them.

But it takes only a minute longer for the porter to return and give a little bow before the lady, "Miss Eve, Mister Shaw was just finishing dinner in the Office, but he asked if you would like to join him for dessert? I assure you, our pastry chef's are the finest in the city, and the dessert wine most splendid." The man seems… nervous. Tense. And not because of Amora. He gestures to the side door, almost visibly beckoning the fine lady to go.


Amora rose with a languid motion and roll of her shoulders as she glanced over the two wines on offer. A dismissive glance ventured over the messenger that bowed before her and she plucked the red wine with an idle air and sipped at it once before setting it aside.

"Mmm, that sounds quite delightful. Thank you." She curled a hand through a stray strand of golden hair that fell out of place and made her way toward the door. Whether she noticed or cared for the man's nervous disposition matter not to her as she strode forward with a painted smile on her scarlet lips.


Down that hall leads the porter, practically falling over himself to bow, "Mister Shaw said you were to be treated as a platinum member, apparently, and … err, that you shuold have been shown to the Office the moment it was known you wanted to see him. There was some sort of miscommunication, but I assure you, Miss Eve, it is entirely my own fault." The elevator ride up has him, thankfully, silent, now that he's gotten his apology out.

At what is dubbed the Chairman's Office there is a pair of double doors, and no more then six guards nearby: one on either side of the door, two at the entrance to the hall, and two sitting reading a book nonchalantly. But those are guards, absolutely. The two at the door open it and…

The Chairman's Office is not so much an office as a room as big as some large apartments, centered with a long marble table with terribly comfortable looking leather chairs along the side. The Art Deco with its stylized angels and demons are most pronounced here, all polished platinum and gold. The walls are covered in alcoves that are books and stranger collections of art pieces, and there's four closed passages leading off to unknown rooms. A large desk sits at the far distance of the room, behind which is a throne like chair. But that's not where Sebastian sits.

Sebastian sits at the head of the marble table, and a chair is pulled out just to the first side. Before him on the table are two… works of edible art. Large crystal chalices overflowing with chocolate, some dark caramel-cinnamon liquer ice cream, extravagant and fine chocolate shapes made up in an abstract way, covered in places with edible gold leaf and in others gold powder.

Sebastian rises, and makes a dismissive gesture— a very vague one— to the porter, as he steps forward to extend his hand to Helen. "Why, it's so good to see you again, Helen. Welcome to heart of the Helllfire Club."


Amora took in the bowing and scaping of the servant without so much as a blink of her eye. Nor did she attempt to assuage his nerves or assault him with a verbal barrage that he was likely expecting. She merely inclined her head, a hand settling on her hip as she watched the measure of the floors scrape by the lift. She waved a dismissive hand to him, uninterested as the elevator's door swept open and she was escorted into the great hall of an office.

The opulence was expected, so much so she barely parted an interested glance about the door as she was ushered inside by the guard's opening the doors. The sight of the deserts was taken in with a hitch of a golden eyebrow, an ephemeral glance over the sugary sculptures and then her attention was focused solely on the occupant of the room.

A wonderiously warm smile pulled at her lips as she sauntered toward him with equally outstretched hands. A flutter of her eyelashes and she met Sebastian's gaze with her own evenly.

"It's lovely, Sebastian, you have an excellent eye." She murmured, "I had hoped to discuss a mutually.. benefitial idea with you. But this looks so fabulous I shall have to keep you waiting a while longer.."


"I have never been one that feared mixing business with pleasure, especially when it involves taking something beautiful and unique in the world and …" Sebastian can't help but grin, seeming to intend the next as a tease or a joke, "Utterly destroying it so that no one will ever see its like again, save if they can look into my mind to see it. Antonio is an artist that has no equal in the pastry arts." Or perhaps it is not such a joke after all. Still, he reaches out to take one of her hands and squeeze them in an appreciative way. Some other men might bow and kiss at that point. Sebastian doesn't show that kind of deference to anyone; but that doesn't mean he can't show fondness and welcome, or that he has any issue pulling out the chair in offering to Miss Eve.

"But if you are to keep me waiting…" He smiles, "…then so be it, for I am the most patient man in the world. Do you know why? Most people think patience is a lack of will to act, or a sense of passivity. It is not. Its the awareness that when you act is as important to success as what it is you do."

He steps over to the cupboard at the side of the room then, pulling out a second glass to sit on the table by the one already there, where a slightly sweet but quite sharp dessert wine is sitting chilled.


Amora's lips pulled into a smirk as she turned her gaze to the pastries and back at his 'joke'. A return in squeezing his hands with her's, manicured nails pressing lightly against the flesh of his palm before she withdrew to settle into the offered chair. She reclined much like a queen surveying from a throne, an ease with such luxury and comfort that most did not hold. Glittering eyes followed his movements toward the cupboard as she propped her chin up with a pale hand while the other accepted the glass he poured her of the sweet, chilled, wine.

"I won't hold you in suspense for long I promise, but how rude would it be for me to not try a delectable taste of your display?" She swirled the wine about in its glass, pausing to sip at it for a length of time and roll the flavour about her tongue.

"I have been accused of being impatient. The simple truth being that I have a strong intolerance for fools and those that betray my trust. I can play for the long run, a very.. very.. long time if needed." She all but purred as she closed her eyes for the briefest of moments.


"Then I hope you savor it, Helen, my dear." Sebastian settles down into his own chair, as regal in his own way as any king who has likely lived on earth for a long time— but for once perhaps he does not simply own the space around him as his personal due as he usually does, at least not while Amora sits as a queen. "The world is full of fools, or worse, those who are willfully blind or who lack the will to excellence. In that, my dear, we share a trait: I have no tolerance for them as well. Fortunately, wealth and connections mean I am able to choose whom I surround myself with."

Lifting the silver spoon, he taps it against the gold leaf crusted cap, and with a tinkle the chocolate dome cracks, chocolate and gold falling down into the ice cream below. He takes a small spoonful and tastes it, letting his eyes close as he savors it. Sebastian is a man who enjoys his pleasures.

A few moments later, "As to those who betray my trust… that is another matter entirely. That is unacceptable. It is insufficient betrayal be kept away from me. It must be punished. I will not be betrayed twice." There's a certain calm, idle finality to his voice.


Amora smiled, setting the wine glass down with a soft click against the table top. She reached for a spoon after he did, allowing him to break the chocolate and golden shell before she ventured to taste herself. With a dramatic removal of the spoon she makes an exaggerated 'mmm', and then sets that too aside. "Then we are much alike, Sebastian." Her voice low and sinuous.

She leans back against the chair, letting the silence between them linger a beat before she spoke again. "Unfortunately, I have not the complete control of those I needs must associate with." She picked up her wine, recrossing her legs as she sipped.

"But I am working to better that every day," She gestured toward him with a widening of her smile. "Now, I've a question for you Sebastian.. what do you think of life beyond our little planet Earth? I know, it sounds off-topic, but I assure you.. that it is connected."


Sebastian watches as Amora takes her first bite of the dessert, smiling and nodding with encouragement; the only thing better then savoring a delicacy is watching a beautiful woman savor it too. He lifts his own wine and takes a sip, nodding his head in genuine sympathy when she says she doesn't have control over her associations. He's about to say something, then a new question comes.

Sebastian blinks slowly, looking surprised, but not perhaps as much as he should be.

"Up until recently, I didn't give it any real thought at all. Oh, as a physicist I am aware of how large the universe is and consider it the highest hubris to think evolution would lead to the spark of life on this planet alone." Sebastian shakes his head slowly, and smiles slightly, "I recently became aware that my perceptions were limited and that there are others upon this world besides the humans and my people."


Amora inclined her head, smoothly leaning forward to take up the spoon and enjoy another dollop of ice cream. She sighed perceptibly and shifted in her seat. "Then this will be much easier to explain and we can skip ahead," She waved a hand, green light illuminating the tips of her fingers idly as she gestured to the air above them.

"I am much more than what your kind all a mutant. With powers beyond most mortal ken," When she said 'most' her eyes drifted over him and she grinned. "I am from the realm of Asgard, and if you heard about an incident in Times Square with a man shoving a car around like a piece of paper, then you have heard of the Prince of my realm. He has arrived on Earth."

Her green eyes leveled with his gaze, waiting, watching for a beat before she continued. "To come to my point.. I am more than willing to lend my powers to your cause, Sebastian.. and all I ask is that on your way to claiming this realm.. that you ensure humanity's worst is put into light. Let them destroy themselves by their own hand.. give it a nudge. And speak not of me or my presence behind it.. That's all.."


For a long moment, Sebastian's eyes rest upon the goddess, and though he stares, there is nothing carnal in his expression. The Black King is calculating, considering, observing.

He lifts his wine glass and takes a sip, the barest taste, if only to give him something to do as his thoughts shift over the implications and sorts the various questions that come to mind.

He's not nervous, and there's no hint of fear: either he did not take her claim of great power seriously, did not entirely believe it— or perhaps he is simply confident in his own abilities. But he is curious, that shows in his features. "That is a most interesting proposition. Before I speak in any detail about my own plans for this world, my people, and the humans… I must ask, why? Do you oppose your Prince's purpose in being here, is that why you would offer aide to the Hellfire Club? Or is there something that showing the humans for what they truly are— naive, self-destructive and pathetic Neanderthals that do not even know yet that they are going extinct, to be replaced by the children of the future— would earn you something in this Prince's eyes?"

Sebastian smiles, "It is not that I don't trust your offer on its face, my dear, it is simply that I feel I need to attempt to understand the motivations of those I may welcome into the Inner Circle."


Amora for her part, waited patiently, watching him turn over and mull over her offer and her words. She took no offense it seemed at his questions and simply inclined her head smoothly. "You've rights to question me, it would be strange indeed to not question such an offer. I would think less of you, if you did not." She smiled back, at ease as she sipped at her wine and let her magic fade.

"My Prince loves humans, he olds them in high esteem. He is naive. I would turn his gaze away from them so it might return home." She murmured smoothly. "But he is nothing if not bullheaded, I believe is the term.. And he needs to witness for himself humanity at its worst. I figured since you spoke of your own people rising up, that would merely be in your best interest and in mine.. that we might work together in this."

She sipped at her wine again, her gaze lowered to the rim of the glass as she smoothed a finger tip against the top. "If you feel the need to not include me in said plans that is perfectly acceptable. I have faith that you can accomplish this without my aid, but I offer it none the less.." She paused, lifting her gaze back to his.

"Whatever you need, though I doubt you need anything from me.. I am more than willing to offer it."


"I would be a fool to turn down aide willingly offered, and since I do not care what happens to the humans" He clearly does not even vaguely consider himself a member of that race, "in fact, it is my intention that they will destroy themselves to usher in the world of the future, of my people. Those humans that survive…" Sebastian shrugs his shoulders slowly, "…they will be permitted to live, if they learn their proper place. Mmm."

He lifts his spoon, dipping it into the spicey ice cream and chocolate and lifts it to his mouth as he considers, though he does not savor it quite as he did before. He's thinking.

"The Hellfire Club is a facade, an engine of power, and within it is a seed. A seed I have planted within, my Inner Circle, and we are growing. Already I have taken this branch wholly as my domain— arguably the most powerful branch, though London would argue that case. Eventually, in my time, I will claim the mantle of Lord Imperial and purge the organization of the human powers that think they are pulling the strings in the world."

Sebastian smiles, and that smile has nothing warm in it, "To be blunt, it does not suit my purposes to have a Prince of another world meddling in what is mine by birthright. So our interests are aligned, at least that much. In the meantime, I might be able to turn the other branches into useful tools… corrupt them from within and set them loose, before I save the organization and purge it. Not to mention, we have many… projects ongoing."

Sebastian tilts his head to the side, "Would your Prince like to know that the human government is actively irradiating its own people to test to see … what happens?"


Amora leaned forward as she watched the gears turn over in his head, musing, thinking. She smiled a sharp thing with edges and a flash of white teeth too perfect to ever have been mortal. She reached forward to pick up her spoon and dip it into the ice cream again, rolling the contents around on her tongue briefly before she spoke.

"Then our purposes align. My Prince does not believe in hiding his personage from mortal eyes, so you can expect to see his appearances all over as he does what he thinks is right. I suspect the governments will be all a flutter at him when he makes an appearance publically. So that should aid you in your endeavors." She paused, and reached for her wine.

"But as to your last point.." She laughed lightly over the rim of her glass, settling back into her seat. "I believe that with the so traigic and -violent- riot was stirred up a few days ago.. well it's a start.."


"I must take care with how that last fact is revealed, as the testing is part of my own agenda; I have altered the parameters of the Government's orders so that the purpose of this irradiation is not simply to test radiation effects, but determine if that is the source of mutation. But, I must consider it." Sebastian sounds pleased by this conversation, really. "In the meantime, there are other ways I can cause strife. Especially as some chaos suits my purposes at this time."

Regarding Amora with open curiosity, he smiles his most charming smile, and its one that wins over many a mortal, "If it does not displease you, and I do not seek any great secrets, but if I knew some of what you were capable of doing I could consider how best to integrate your talents into the Inner Circle's agenda. I would, of course, reciprocate. I'm afraid that I know little of what an … Asgardian … is capable of. The other … offworlder I am aware of had quite unusual talents, though I saw only a glimpse."


Amora inclined her head and she shifted in her seat, her hand rose and with a flickering of green light; the room was awash in green light that fluttered and magically the room appeared much like an ancient castle. Stone work arches covered the ceiling, gilded with gold and draped with heraldry and rich fabrics. A giant, monster of a fire roared at the sides of the hall. At the top, where his desk had been sat a splendid throne, enmeshed with gold and jewels. A great mosasic of colored glass sat behind it with a picture dipicting Sebastian's glory like some hero of old.

Amora sat back, crossed her legs and smiled. "Illusion or truth, I can make it either. I can crush stone with my hands. I can rent a hole in the seam of your realm. I can teleport myself across the lands and back. I can do a great many things Sebastian. Think to your myths and legends, my powers are that equal to most of your goddesses.."


"Fascinating." Sebastian looks genuinely impressed, looking around at the illusion with an arch brow, leaning back in his chair a moment. He's lost all interest in the dessert, "And your beauty? Do please forgive me for being forward, but its perfection is beyond mortal — I've known that from the moment we first met. Is it truth or an illusion?" He laughs softly, "Then again, does it matter? I know the power of beauty wielded by an intelligent woman better then any man. My White Queen is second to no one born on this world." His voice holds some genuine affection for this Queen he speaks of, even if he acknowledges the qualifier: Amora is not, of coures, born on this world and exceeds Emma's beauty. He rises, and walks over to the cupboard set into the wall, and pulls out a knife. As he returns to his seat, he considers his words carefully.

"To put it simply, I can not die." And the knife is offered to Amora hilt first, as Sebastian reaches his hand out and lays it upon the table. His confidence is… absolute. Calm. "You are equal to a goddess, so I think it important that you not think I am a boastful mortal if we are to have a proper degree of mutual respect. Stab my hand. Use as much strength as you will."


Amora tilted her head with a curious inclination as she watched Sebastian rise and move about. In regards to her beauty she smiled and laughed again. "Beauty.. always lies.. However," She grinned and reclined back in her chair. "In my case it is a combination. I am often called 'Lovely one' in my own language and am regarded as such by most." Her eyes twinkled as she spoke.

"To you mortals however, I adjust myself to fit in best to your ideals of beauty. And let me tell you, they have changed vastly since I was last here." She turned her gaze toward him and the knife, her brows rising as she looked over the steel in his hand. She took the offered blade, turning it over in her hands and testing the strength of the metal with two of her fingers.

"Very well," She leaned up and out of her chair, and with some considerable strength drove the knife up to the hilt and down and into the wood of the table with a hard thunk.


What should have happened was that blade sliced right through Shaw's hand— but instead, the very instant the blade touches his skin all the energy of the thrust just vanishes, and she is left there holding the knife as it… scratches… his skin. There is a single drop of blood, the skin having been just cut, but only that. Gently, he reaches out to take the knife from Amora's hand and try to extract it, though he doesn't force it if she decides she wants to keep it and try again.

Unconcerned, Sebastian inclines his head with a smile, "It is a name well given, your people show wisdom. It is unfortunate that I can not see your world, I would find it interesting, if perhaps an unwanted distraction: I am an old man in a body that refuses to age, and so I am focused entirely upon my goal. The remaking of this world."

"You are much, much stronger then you appear to be." he says by way of a compliment, "I am stronger and faster then any human, and I can kill with the touch of a finger. There, then. I think we have established that we are not to be trifled with, and in honest respect, I welcome you as an Associate to the Inner Circle. Mmmn, Associate means we consider you an ally. There is no obligation on you save what you willingly decide to embrace at any moment."


Amora didn't attempt to stab the man again, her brows did hitch upwards in shock as she stared at the cut and handed over the blade. "That is truly a great gift, I have never, in all my years, seen a man born of Midgard have such powers. I have witnessed mortals turned to gods, but nothing of a man being born with such talents." She mused, a smile pulling at her lips as she turned her gaze upwards to his.

"Color me greatly please and impressed. To meet a Midgardian with such abilities is a relief. I have utter faith that you will accomplish whatever you set your mind to." She waved a hand, the illusions dispelling to show a circle, hovering mid-air. The images shown there were of great towers of gold and glittering roof tops with alien plants too grand to be seen on modern earth.

"That is a glimpse of what Asgard looks like. Eternal and forever." She smiled, warmly and honestly then. "I love it dearly." She sighed and turned her attention back to him.

"I think that ally works considerably well. Thank you, Sebastian. I look forward to working with you.."


Accepting the compliments with a friendly smile, Sebastian nods his head, even as he reaches over and presses a button beneath his end of the table. Its moments later that a man enters, "Helen Eve is an executive member of the Hellfire Club and is to be given her membership card and ensure she has complete access to the amenities. See to it." He turns to Amora then, "Please, do enjoy the rest of your dessert, but I have an appointment on a matter of mutual interest I must attend to. Anything you want or need— anything at all— is yours within these walls, and you will not need ask permission to enter again. It has been a delight. I hope we can arrange a dinner with Miss Frost— the President of this branch and my most trusted partner— soon."

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