1963-07-24 - Fashion Forward
Summary: Janet van Dyne takes a walk in the park- and happens upon Armando. A conversation follows.
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There's a bit of a commotion in one area of the park, flashes of cameras and excitement in the crowd, it doesn't last for too long. When the crowd does begin to disperse a bit, it seems the source was a visit from Janet Van Dyne, young heiress of the affluent Van Dyne family and recently fashion designer of some renown. She's dressed in a sharp red a-line dress, with a tight bodice, and a very fashionable pill box hat, also in red to match her dress. She waves her hand jovially at the those who sought her attention, posing for a picture here and there, before proceeding further into the park, taking in that pause of nature in the midst of the concrete jungle.

And in the park is a young man unlike most- grey skinned, hairless- without eyebrows even- and featureless white eyes. He's wearing a tailored suit- a well made thing that is of proper modern fashion. Still, Armando's suit doesn't hide his height- nor does it hide his overlong arms. Indeed, there's no hiding that Armando is a mutant.

Armando sits quietly on a bench that's somewhat more hidden than others- off in some trees its shaded from the summer heat, sun dappling through the boughs. He's reading a book- something by Wodehouse- undoubtedly one of his famous books on Jeeves and Wooster set in an Edwardian Eden without any of the world's problems- an excellent escape from the tense atmosphere of being a mutant in Manhattan.

One of the things Janet likes to do when she makes it to the park, is observe other people, see how they interact with this unlikely piece of nature in the middle of a bustling city. One of the people who catches her attention this go around is Armando, first he's different, visibly so. Second, he seems to have a solid fashion sense. Rather extroverted, Janet has no problem walking right up to him, after having spotted him, "what are you reading?" She asks, without any real interest in the answer. She could have peeked at the title of his book if she really cared for it.

Armando looks up before answering. "Right Ho, Jeeves by P.G. Wodehouse." he offers, tilting the book slightly so as to show off the cover. "Its very well written, quite funny. An excellent way to spend an afternoon in the park." he offers in return with a genuine smile. "You know those people taking pictures of you will have a field day with this." he says, giving a nod towards one of the tabloid reporters who's likely followed Janet further into the park.

Janet looks with the very least politely feigned interest as she's shown the cover, "funny, huh? That's a relief, a book that manages not to be stuffy. I think I will give it a read," Janet says, as she reaches into her purse to take down a little notepad and write down the title and author for reference. "What…? They're still lingering?" Janet seems surprised as she turns after Armando's pointing finger, before spotting a tabloid reporter who is now making a show of snapping pictures of the scenery. "Oh my, I can only imagine…Janet Van Dyne knows what books are." She nods to herself as she turns to look at Armando, "think an article like that would sell for them? Mmmm…maybe nobody would believe it."

"Wodehouse is a comedy writer. His Jeeves and Wooster series is certainly among my favorite." Armando offers, with a smile. He doesn't stare- although with those featureless white eyes it be very difficult to tell if he was. "It sounds as if you rather don't care for their attention. Or, at least, you wish it were different." he offers simply, as he closes his book and sets it down quietly on the bench. "Van Dyne- I know that name. A scientist- wrote some papers on molecular transportation, I think. Paired quantum states- really quite brilliant work, although, I imagine the possibilities of technology using such states to be rather dangerous if executed improperly." He shakes his head, "Well, Janet- it is a pleasure to meet you all the same. Most women walk rather quickly away from me- and lovely women at double speed. The kindness is appreciated."

"Mind if I join you?" Janet asks and before getting an answer slips next to Armando on the bench, "I think I'd like to read this cat, Wodehouse." So far she's yet to make a single comment on Armando's very different look, she even withheld her opinion of his fashion sense in order to keep up the flow of conversation. "I guess I mostly enjoy the attention," Janet admits, "but, I don't like it when they write up bad scenes about me. It's all gossip really, none of them really knows me."

Janet for a moment looks all too serious as she turns to look directly at Armando’s pupil-less eyes, "Vernon Van Dyne was my father…he did a lot of ground breaking work in science. I wish I could tell you about it, but seems like you already know more than I would," the grin returns to her lips, pleased perhaps to meet someone who genuinely seems to know of her father's work. She plays it rather well, considering the specific work cited just happens to be the one that lead to what she does when not pursuing fashion. "Come now, you dress fab, and you're very likable, I don't get why women would hurry on their way." Well, she most certainly does, mutants are feared every bit as much as Soviets if not more so, but Janet does try to be accepting of others. At least until they prove themselves that they are dips.

"Please, go right ahead." Armando says, standing even as Janet is sliding to sit- before sitting again himself. Manners make the man, after all. "He's rather prolific, Wodehouse that is. I think you'll find something in his bibliography you'll enjoy. He also had a hand in Anything Goes- the Cole Porter musical. One of Porter's best, if you ask me."

Armando smiles, giving a quiet laugh as Janet continues to be so very polite. He doesn't continue speaking on the young woman's father- just giving that wry smile to Janet. "The clothes certainly help keep them from claiming I'm out to get them, and for that I'm lucky. However, lets not pretend for the sake of my feelings. I've grown rather used to it. Unlike many mutants, I was born different- I've experienced that ignorance all my life."

Janet does take note at Armando's exceptional manners, and smiles rather warmly at his display. "Sounds like quite the gasser, this Wodehouse, I'll be sure to follow your recommendation. You know, that's a first I've been recommended a book by a guy, one that's not my father, that is."

Janet sighs when Armando assures her how pretense isn't necessary, because he does live in the real world. "I wish evolution would catch up with those dips and they'll someday grow a brain." Janet offers her take on prejudice against mutants, or anyone for that matter, before nudging Armando with her elbow ever so slightly, "so then, now that you know my name, how about I get to know yours? Don't tell me you're Wodehouse and you've been totting your own horn!"

"Armando- Armando Munoz. I'm sorry, I'd thought I'd introduced myself- but, get me talking about a book and I tend to forget myself." Armando offers with a bit of a sheepish grin. "If you want book recommendations, I've got plenty, Janet. I find little better than time with a good book." he smiles quietly, giving a bit of a grin when evolution is mentioned.

"Funny thing, evolution. I'm something of an expert on it- that's what I do. We all have little powers, mind is evolution." Armando offers. "I'm in a constant state of evolution, according to the scientists who did tests on my when I was younger. The wrote a paper on me- Darwin: The Evolving Boy."

"Oh I dig that, passion is captivating. Not too many people have it, so you've that blessing on your side, Armando," Janet says warmly, giggling a bit at how a mention of a book could make someone so very gentlemanly forgot to introduce himself.

"You are?" Janet is caught off guard by the comment of evolution, not too many are experts in that field. "Oh, wow! Darwin! My father was very impressed with that work, I heard quite a bit about you. Well, indirectly. Very pleased to meet you, hope that scientist was good due while he did that study!"

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