1963-07-25 - Father Figures
Summary: Dr. Pinkerton gets a man's opinion about what to do when dating. She picks Chief Daniel Sousa for this task.
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So. Coffee dates. Then robots. Then more thoughts about coffee dates. Granted, Annamena wanted to actually go that night but something came up on the work end. And then that big battle in New York that left her leaving reports with Agent Fury, Sousa, and Director Carter, and cataloging everything she's managed to scrape up during the encounter. But still, there was some concerns. And it was nothing that she could really talk to Agent Fury about. No. She.. really couldn't.

Wandering feet actually takes her to the office of Chief Daniel Sousa. He was a married man, with a kid and another on the way. So it would be the logical choice to actually speak to him regarding this certain and personal matter.

She knocks upon the door not once, but twice. She even checks the handle. "Chief Sousa? Dr. Pinkerton. May I enter?"


The door isn't locked; it rarely is, but it was closed. At the knock and the announcement, a weary voice offers, "Come in."

He's too tired to get up and answer the door right now. There's a large cup of coffee on his desk, possibily necessary due to the exhausted look and bloodshot eyes Chief Sousa is sporting this morning. Nevertheless, he is still dressed for business and as another comes in, he does his best to pull himself together.

"Dr. Pinkerton. What can I do for you? Is everything all right? Peggy…" There's the beginning of more worry across his brow — he may be getting more grey hair in before this year is up!


See! Sensitivities courses are working! SHIELD was great when it comes to teaching. Though, if Annamena would actually apply it..

As she enters the office, she takes one solid look at Sousa, then frowns. "Margaret is fine." She closes the door behind her, then moves away from it to take a seat in front of him without prompt. There was a slight worry upon her lip, her hand reaching to rub at the back of her neck. "Though, I would like to see her in a week for another blood test."

She fixes her bag in front of her, then clears her throat. "I'd like to talk to you about a personal matter. There was consideration for me to actually sit down with my Father to discuss something of a personal nature but I do believe that if I would, my employment would effectively end." She explains.

"You've read my file, yes? And I'm sure that it is pertinent that I remain employed here where help is readily available for me and one of my.. episodes. That said.. I do not wish to rock that boat since what I have to discuss concerns another one of your subordinates."


"She doesn't like that name. She prefers 'Peggy' or 'Director Carter'," is offered with a tired sort of smile. "I'll try to remind her to make an appointment to see you, but your best bet is to go to her directly about it." He starts to gesture for her to take a seat but she's already there. All right then. "Do you want some coffee or tea or anything?" Sousa does reach for his own mug to take a long sip. It might be helping with the hangover.

When she asks to talk to him about a Personal Matter and then mentions that it would be something she'd normally talk to her father about, there's a brief look of shock before he briefly rests his head in his hands; he's old enough to be considered a 'father figure'. When did that happen? He looks up though and rests his hands back on the desk, "I didn't read your file. I didn't hire you, so…need-to-know basis and all that. Why would your father cause your employment to end?"

At the mention of one of his subordinates he straightens, "Have any of the guys been giving you trouble? I swear, those idiots…"


Annamena nods slightly. "Yes. Director Carter. My apologies."

See! She was being nice! "I'm fine. I've already had coffee. I believe the next cup would be in another three hours." She shifts uncomfortably, then leans forward just a touch to explain. She was unaware of any social cues of his distress. "My father believes that I have a condition. There was consideration that I am a mutant, but seeing as the gene is not found with my father nor mother as I have seen it all has come into question. But I suffer from black outs. When recorded I exhibit signs of unruly behavior and strength that I lack as I am now. During a test, when I was younger, it was recorded that I can lift two hundred pounds. At least before the muscle tears and before the growth spurt."

"In any case. My mother and father surmised that extreme emotions could possibly trigger -that- effect. And would rather me remain celibate and to only form friendly relationships. They fear that if that effect is triggered that I would possibly hurt or harm my co-workers."

At his sudden alarm and anger, she actually giggles just a little, her eyes downcast right into her lap. "Heaven's no! It's.. well. I asked one out on a date. Or what perceives to be a date. And I need advice."


"There's a gene that indicates if someone's a mutant?" Did anyone tell him this? That…could have been helpful to know, especially last night! Sousa looks back to his coffee and takes another sip as he listens. "I presume that Director Carter knows of this." And if she trusts the doctor not to break their building, he does as well. Would have been nice to know, though.

"Extreme emotion.. Extreme anger and upset or does this happen when you're really, really happy, too?" Because that would be kind of sad, especially when he hears what her parents suggest.

The request for dating advice has him giving another look of surprise. "I. Oh. Uh, sure, I'll do my best? Just bear in mind it's been ten years since I've been out on a date…"


"I have my suspicions. Yes. But that is something that requires a lot of testing for and I do not have the capabilities for it. Such as, a ready and willing mutant. Although I could check myself but that wouldn't yield the proper results."

She takes in a breath, then nods. "Yes. Director Carter knows of this condition. I believe Agent Fury does as well. I was under the assumption that all of my bosses would be aware of such but apparently that is not the case. I will forward you my file post haste." She shifts again, then smiles.

"I have not had a moment of extreme happiness. So I do not know if something as such would happen. But I have learned to keep everything compartmentalized and take the logical standpoint to heart." Yes. It was a sad.. sad.. sad.. way to live, but it works.

"Yes, you haven't dated for ten years but you are a man. Usually, men know what men like. If I am to be successful on this date and form relationships.. friend or otherwise.. I need help. What do I wear? What do I talk about.." As she speaks, she pulls out a notepad, ready to write notes.

So weird… so.. so weird..


Sousa gives a grimace, "I doubt you'll find any willing mutants," and he gives a wave of his hand. "I don't need to see your file unless you want me to see it. I trust the Director and Agent Fury." Now he knows, however, not to make the doctor angry. He probably wouldn't like her when she's angry.

He does listen, though, and look at her as she prepares to take notes on his suggestions as to how to be successful on her date.

"You know, all men aren't alike." He'll start off with that. "It also depends on what your goals are for this relationship. Are you just looking to make a new friend? Are you looking for marriage? Are you looking for something…uhh…temporary? Have you defined what your goals are yet?"


"I can be very persuasive, Chief Sousa."

"But I do believe if we are going to be working together and that I am your wife's physician, it should be a given that you do look over my files so that you and your wife could speak about my performance. Past. Current. And possible future."

Now, once he starts speaking, she stares off into the distance (which was not very far, mind you), then lowers her head and begins to write. Obviously, she was writing that all men weren't alike. She quickly flips the page, then clears her throat.

"Well, Chief Sousa. I have many goals. Friendship being the number one priority, as the instructor in my sensitivies course for SHIELD says.. and I quote.. 'Dr. Pinkerton, you need someone to talk to. Like a friend.' I have not thought about marriage until I made this list. So yes. But it is below others. I would like to have something temporary as well. Just to see if I even belong with a man as my life partner. Which in that case, I would be speaking with Mar—.. Peggy for further evaluation."


It's like telling a robot how to date. Sousa's just sort of blinking at the doctor as she states things so matter-of-factly. "All right, well…you have that defined, so that's good. I guess the next question is, do you like the guy you're asking on a date? What do you like about him? He's nice to you, right?" They should really just start right there with that.


Poindexter gives Sousa a nearly owlish look. She never really thought about liking the man. He did appeal to her, he was tall and had fair skin, his nose oddly reminded her of a bird. It was rather darling. "He's interesting. There is a port that connects to his spinal column that allows me to inject his medicine for a direct line." Uh. "He is tall." She blinks, this was obviously a struggle. "He sounds nice." She sniffs slightly. "He was nice to me. Very matter of fact, sort." Uh.. she was.. struggling. And fidgeting.


"Ok, good. He's interesting. That's a good…" he starts off but then his voice sort of fails as Poindexter mentions the port. Uhm. "Ok," Sousa tries again, this time more slowly. "I would probably not use that as a reason for attraction. But he's interesting is good. And he's tall. And nice to you." Those are all good. "Have you talked to him before? Do you know anything about him…besides the port in his spine."


"Interesting things, I suppose. Are attractive."

Ann leans back, her face a little blank as she tries to remember his face. Well, it wasn't trying, but she was attempting to remember what came over her when she asked him out for coffee. "I have talked to him before only in passing. When he was employed by SHIELD we said our usual greetings. But I am his doctor. I oversee his medical exams." Okay. This was starting to become a little futile.

"I do know that his mother controls the shipments of his medications to our facility, because.. as most would say.. she fears cutting the umbilical chord because he almost died. I believe it is a narcissistic control issue that he refuses to acknowledge."

She just called her date a mama's boy.


"Ok, wait. You're his doctor?" And he's no longer in SHIELD. A hand lifts to scrub at his face before Sousa points out, "Isn't it sort of against the rules to get involved with a patient? I mean, I never went to medical school so I don't know. But it seems like there's a weird…conflict of interest there that could be difficult to navigate."

And there's an overprotective mother involved. Luckily, he hasn't had to deal with those in a very long time.

"Ok." He's going to try to just get back to the whole 'What do I do on a date' thing. "Some guys like it when they feel like they have to take care of the girl. That she needs them, you know? Some guys like having a woman sort of push them around and make decisions for them." He shrugs at that. "Personally, I find confidence attractive in a woman. But that can sometimes go a little too far and she becomes cold and distant." There's a glance to see if she's taking notes. "But the best thing you can do is just be yourself and try to have a nice time. Otherwise the guy in question will never get to know the real you."


"Yes. For now until I move to the facility for Operation Paperclip." She widens her eyes a little, then turns away. "I am unsure. I suppose I should research the rules of fraternization amongst coworkers to see if it's something advisable." Aiieee.. she's in trouble. "I do hope I am not fired over this.."

Here comes the worry, but it was only minute for now. But as soon as he gets back on track, she begins to write the notes down, her head nodding. "So how can I tell if a man likes a woman who is docile? And how can I tell if a man likes a woman who is confident?" She was scribbling, and scratching. This was interesting!

"If.. I try to be myself, what if he does not like me?"


At least he's going to be prepared for when Mickey starts to date! Although Peggy might be even worse than him when that time comes. Sousa drains his mug of coffee, "So…technically, it's not a good idea to date your coworkers, but if Director Carter and I enforced that, well…we'd be hypocrites." It's no secret that they met as coworkers and continued as co-workers for the last fifteen or so years. "But a coworker is different than a patient."

Moving on, "Maybe he'll tell you? Maybe he'll act in an overprotective manner? Thing is, a lot of guys don't necessarily know what they want, or rather, they don't know how to express it. Maybe they date a certain type, maybe they don't." There's a little smile then, "Interpersonal relations aren't black and white. They're all shades of grey."

His eyebrows lift at her question, "Then he's not the right guy for you and you move on."


Ann nods her head as she writes, keeping her gaze focused upon the words that he speaks, her lips twisting every now and then, even making notes about Peggy and Sousa. Everything was being documented!

"Coworker.. is.. different… productive.. over protective… uh.. huh.." She sighs a little, seemingly almost defeated, then looks up towards Sousa.

"What if he's the right guy for me? Do I fit myself so that I am the right woman for him?"


Now he feels particularly paternal, oddly enough. There's almost a vision of the future where his daughter might ask the exact same question. "If he's the right guy for you," Sousa answers, his tone gentle, "He won't want to change a thing about you."



Poindexter happens to blink, and a lone little tear falls and rains down upon her cheek. Her hand lifts to pat it dry, her gaze falling down towards her paper as she slowly begins to write. "Okay." At least -that- sounded normal.

"Would you like a summary of my notes or do you trust that I've understood this inquiry?"


Sousa pats around in his suit jacket before he pulls out a clean handkerchief and hands it over, if she'd like. It's the truth, as far as he's concerned and it's the exact thing he'd say to his daughter.

"I trust that you've understood it all, Doctor. Just…trust your gut. You'll know if it's not right and you'll know if maybe there's more to it. Just be yourself and try to have a nice time. Allow yourself to be happy if you feel like it."


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