1963-07-26 - The Primadonna and the Prince
Summary: Amora seeks out Louis King and shares in her newest magical adventure.
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Theme Song: Primadonna, Marina and the Diamonds
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The heat is fairly heavy inside the faculty building, the haven of so many of Columbia's instructors and one point where they can go to get work done. Inside the Archaeology Department, Ms. Murtz sits outside the bank of offices, fanning herself with a small folded newspaper while an old electric fan slowly rotates back and forth on her desk. She seems to be idly watching the clock above her desk, and then looking back down to the remaining mass of paper on her desk displaying several headlines about the Yankees.

"Ms. Murtz?"

"Yes, Professor King?"

"I need a ticket for the Met. Can you arrange that, please?"

Ms. Murtz frowns and pushes some of the papers to the side on her desk, heaving a low sigh as she reaches for the phone. "For that event thing?"

"Yes, Ms. Murtz, if you please."

And meanwhile, inside that office, Professor King sets down the copy of MODE he'd been thumbing through, resting a hand upon it and fingers tapping lightly upon the cover.


Amora made her way to the office of one Professor King with the wide eyes of a youth. Her form was that of a young woman, one barely considered old enough to study at such a place of education. Her usual blonde hair was a brilliant red, pulled back into a long braid over her shoulder. She hugged a mess of books, papers and other assorted 'props' that marked her as a stressed out student. Freckles dotted her cheeks in a vast array and spread down to her neck where they disappeared under a high collared, lime green dress with a mini-skirt.

There were no heels, simply a pair of beat up looking sandals. She made her way to the front desk, biting her lower lip and shifting her weight from foot to foot as if in nervous trepidation of bothering the occupied Ms. Murtz.

"Is Professor King in his office? I know it's not his posted office hours, but I really need more help with the new project he assigned and I don't have any other time." She warbled her voice high pitched and sounding on the verge of tears. Large green eyes turned on Ms. Murtz in a pleading, begging gaze.


Ms. Murtz's response is to gesture a thumb behind her and offer her an insightful, "Ehn." But it's enough for the young woman to get the go ahead to wander into the office. At his seat, Louis looks up, eyebrow cocking at the young woman before him and the guise she wears. He offers a small wave of greeting, merely his hand lifting. But then a smile infects his features as he announces most likely for Ms. Murtz's sake, "Ah, Heidi. So good to see you. What seems to be the problem?"

As he says this he gestures with a nod towards the door, signalling she should close it even as he crosses a leg over his knee, his gaze distancing for a moment in vague concentration but then returning to there here and now.

When the door closes he inclines his chin and asks, "Amora, I trust all is well with you and yours?"


Amora made her way over with the gushing thank you's of her persona, entering the office with wicked glee as he greets her and she shuts the door with a bump of her hip. A wave of her hand a magic glossed over the entryway and her own guise melted away to the one she typically wore on Midgard. Yet the books in her arms didn't fade, though the bindings melted away to something far older and bound in embossed leather. She sashayed over to him, and perched on the side of his desk, excitement lighting up her eyes as she set the books down.

"Loki, have you been to the pocket dimension called Limbo?" She asked, her voice breathless with her interest. It was as if the centuries had melted away and she was the fascinated young girl again, learning side by side with him. The only two in the class to keep up, to go beyond..


"I haven't spent much time there, no." Loki looks at Amora curiously, he hazards a half-smile as he attempts to at least share partially in her excitement. "It is isolated in the road map of reality, as it were. No true resources of note. A storm in a teacup as far as I recall." He leans back in his chair, resting his hands upon his abdomen with fingers interlaced. "You had occasion to visit there?"

As he asks this his eyes glow faintly for a moment, his perceptions shifting just a touch, perhaps to consider what ambient magic there might be around her, or perhaps to see if during her visit there she might have picked up a stray stowaway or two. He might know at least that much about Limbo and its denizens.


Amora grinned as she inclined her head and from a pocket pulled out a tiny rock and held it out on offer to him. His gaze would note that it was made of magic, pure and raw and of the element of Limbo itself. Yet other than that, there was nothing to suggest Amora had picked up anything 'extra' there.

"I went there looking for magic, and I found it. The whole realm isn't much of note, little demons and spirits. A nightmarish place to be sure, but it's entirely made of magic. Asgard's ambient magicks are everywhere, sure but this place? It was created entirely of magic. Even the rocks.."

She grinned wickedly, "Of course the ruler there is an utter bastard of a man. Wouldn't even take a moment to welcome me before he started blasting everywhere." She faked a pout, sticking out her lower lip.


A small chuckle slips from him as he considers the rock, then gives her a nod. "I can see the appeal, Amora." He maintains his leisurely posture, the foot hanging over his knee bounces a few times as he looks thoughtful at the magical mineral, then turns his gaze back upon her. "If you find a way to access this resource you could regain some measure of your power. But I would be wary." Of course he'd be wary, he's such a killjoy at times.

"Such a thing is a dangerous foundation upon which to build." He gestures sidelong, "The transference of power is often at a poor exchange rate, and accessing it more cleanly might leave you beholden in some form to this irate individual." He taps a fingertip upon the desk and then murmurs, "Though it also could allow you to circumvent your exile. But you would still be bereft of place in Asgard. Hm." She can tell he's casually turning over thoughts about the possible uses for such to attain the goals she told him she seeks.


Amora's brow hitched upwards as she propped herself up on his desk with a hand, and a faint 'pfft' escaped her in response to his 'be wary'. "I don't plan to make a habit of going there, but I thought it a good point to study these samples I took while there. The place itself was absolutely horrendous." She drawled and rolled her shoulders back as she watched him.

"I want your help in testing a few spells on it. It's not the only sample I took, and I thought it might be interesting to use them as batteries if you will for a potion or spell that requires constant magic." She murmured thoughtfully. "I'm working on the exchange rate now. I've already been toying with magic from the Dark Dimension, so I thought I might be able to rework the spells I'm currently using."

She paused and a slow smile curved at her lips. "I forgot, did I tell you that I found a denizen of the Dark Dimension? And that she freely gave me use of her magic?"


Looking towards the stone offered, he furrows his brow thoughtfully as he observes. "They might be more functional for a spell that requires a rapid expenditure of energy. The decay rate might be a hindrance. You could maintain, perhaps. But it would not be efficient."

But then she shifts topics and he looks curious, "Oh? That's interesting. You don't see many individuals from such a land." He doesn't ask for the name, or the details, perhaps because he might not wish to pay the price for what that would cost him. Instead he uncurls a hand, "That is kind of them. But then most individuals do seem to take a shine to you." His smile twitches faintly.


Amora closed her hand briefly over the stone as he did not take it, and it vanished in her grip. She slid of his desk, making to settle on his lap if allowed, with her legs folded neatly to the side. "I want you to help me test it, like in the old days. No one else can possibly compare to us when we put our heads together." She breathed, reaching up to try to run her fingers through his hairagainif allowed.

"And as far as my little friend, she's an exile among her people too. She's quite the lovely little package. I'm surprised you didn't notice her before. She practically leaked magic all over. Untrained in how to keep her magic hidden or even to keep it from spilling all over the place. It was terribly tragic."


Once she settles in his lap he smiles at her ruefully and shakes his head, though he doesn't toss her away or deny her such familiarity, at least for now. "I'll aid you as I can, but I would prefer that you only call on me in this matter if you reach a wall in your research you cannot circumvent. Take the aid of your friend, and if you find something unassailable then certainly."

"If you are speaking on the individual I believe you may be, you are correct. But you see, Amora, I sometimes err on the side of subtlety as opposed to immediate gain." His lip curls wry as he looks to her, "But are you being honest with her? You may be underestimating her and that could damage your resource."


Amora inclined her head, sighing as she settled back against him. No intent of pursuing her usual goals or games at the moment as she merely continued to play with his hair idly. "Alright, that's fair. You've a hand in other things, I can respect that." She murmured, even if the glance away from him demonstrated how put out she was that he didn't jump at the chance to study a new magic source with her again.

"And yes, I am being honest.." She rolled her eyes, looking back to him. "Mostly. The spell I casted did as I said it would. And she freely offered me some of her magic to plug the way Midgard devours mine. I simply did not tell her further about who you are or who I am either.. at least not who I am yet. Thor nearly mussed everything up by yelling my name in Times Square." She grumbled, her lower lip sticking out plantifly.

"And where did you set up our Crown-Prince? I haven't seen him. It was mean of you to take him away when I had him agreeing to stay with me." She tapped the side of his chin unhappily with a poke of her index finger.


A certain sardonic look is given to her as if it's clear he doesn't entirely believe what she's saying, but he's polite enough for now not to make comment on it. Instead he just holds up a hand as if to stay off her objections as he murmurs, "I have no idea where he is, I gave him information to let him know how to reach me should he so wish, and then set him loose."

But then he eyes her sidelong, lips pursing a touch as he murmurs, "And you cannot presume to come between two brothers who have not seen each other for over a century. I understand it mussed your plans, but if he did not return to you after we parted ways is no fault of mine."

That having been said he murmurs, "You really could stand to become a touch more patient, Amora. It would serve you well in the future."


Amora huffed, leaning back to eye him as he shot her a sidelong glance and lectured her about patience again. "I am being perfectly patient. There's a difference between being impatient and having a short temper." She murmured, and poked him again, this time on the shoulder. It was light, more intended to be playful than anything. Clearly, she was in a good mood.

"And you could stand to include me more on things. Then I wouldn't get so annoyed and lash out. Honestly, I have followed what you asked. You said not to tell *any* in your family where you are or what you've been up to. And I have not. I did not. Not even with Thor." She murmured softly, her voice low. Never mind that she had done so out of purely selfish reasons, but still.


"Amora," Louis seems at ease, though he doesn't seem to mind the poke on his shoulder. "If I need your aid, I will assuredly ask for it. You presume matters are progressing that I could include you in on which you would care about. You would not." His lip curls, "I could tell you about my activities here, could tell you about the mortals I interact with. Could tell you about my plans for the future. None of them would interest you, why? Because I have no plans to move immediately now now now and make things happen."

Perhaps it amuses him to harp on her lack of patience, but then again perhaps by him making so much noise about it then he might want it to annoy her, "If I see Thor again I'll point him your direction, however. Does that serve?"


Amora huffed, again, rolling her eyes skywards as he once again brought up her lack of patience. She pouted, and shifted on his lap, hooking an arm over the back of his chair to better support herself as she leaned back to consider him. Then she leaned forward again and made a show of examining his features. She made a 'huh' sound at the back of her throat and returned to her previous position.

"Midgard really has changed you so much, my Trickster Prince. I never thought I would ever consider your words to be so dry. No pranks or anything at all for me to be included on? How droll." She hooked an eye upwards.

Even his offer of turning Thor in her direction smacked of her not actually talking to the Loki she had long ago known.

"By the Nine Realms, I hope my stay here on Midgard doesn't turn me so.." She muttered dryly.


Abruptly he stands, "Amora, perhaps I should be more clear." She might stumble unceremoniously from his lap but if she's about to fall he'll go far enough to make sure she doesn't hit the ground. Perhaps he's even kind enough to help her take a seat on the desk. "There is nothing I am considering now, that I wish to include you on. For as you stand, in your current mindset, you would not be helpful. You are a hammer asking me to use it while I sculpt with clay."

He holds up his hands, perhaps to try and stay her reprisal or her anger, "I understand why that is. You are irate, you wish to return to your former status. But you must realize… what help you offer is coloured by that. You have no investment in this beyond your short term goal, and so that robs your offer of credibility."


A noise of shock mixed with irritation as he stood and upset her balance. Between catching herself on the chair and his arm until she was able to right herself. She didn't sit, not as he spoke and ire flashed hot in her gaze. Her mouth opened and shut as he held up a hand, and an angry flush heated her features. She crossed her arms, standing there and glowering at him until he finished speaking and then she seemed to deflate. She settled back onto the edge of his chair, scowling silently as she sat there. It was a rarity. She did not lash back out. No stunning retorts or viper quick insults shot back at him.

Amora merely sat there, and lifted a hand to press against her lips as she averted her gaze from him and fell silent. There was nothing she offered back in response, which in and of itself perhaps, was the greatest response she could give him in return.


A hand rests upon her shoulder as he tells her quietly, "I understand your ire, and believe me I have felt it in the past." Loki steps to her side and gives a gentle squeeze to the tense muscles along the curve of her neck and along her back, trying at least to give an out for her stress as he murmurs quietly. He takes a deep breath, as if considering something, and then he gives voice to it quietly.

"Amora, you have been given a task by the All Father. And such tasks must be given their due weight of regard. Yet you must also see that your success in that task is not the only way to advance your goals."

He leans against the desk beside her and looks towards the window that leads out to the quad as he continues to rub gently should she allow. "You wish to return to Asgard, to regain your place in the court. You could do so by making Thor return. You can also do so through other means. You could create a situation that makes Odin satisfied with the status quo of Thor's presence on Midgard. Or create a situation in the court where your presence as an expert would be required…"


Amora allowed the touch, though she remained silent still. Her posture unchanging though the muscles of her shoulders slowly relaxed under his touch. She pursed her lips, and allowed the silence to continue for several moments after he finished speaking. "Do you really think I have not considered such and have not planned for it, Loki?" Her voice was soft, hardly a whisper.

"Do you think that I do not have long term goals beyond all of this? Besides my desire to return to my position? Even if I did so, what position is it? The court has no love for me." She paused, green eyes slicing back to peer at him.

"Do you really think me another hammer handed fool to not think beyond the simple here and now? Because if you think me so, Loki. I would have you say it now and be done with it."


"I am forced to think of it Amora, when you damage your position for momentary gain." He says this levelly and then gives a small shrug, "Perhaps you are operating on a level deeper than I am perceiving. Yet I have been taking steps to grant you your privacy. So if you have things well in hand, then forgive me my presumption."

That having been said he gives her shoulder another small squeeze before he steps back around the room, walking towards the window and casting his gaze beyond, lifting a fingertip to the shades and pulling one of the slats down so he can see outside better. "Yet if I felt you were truly let loose in the china shop, as it were, then our interactions would be different." His lip curls slightly.


Amora's lips curled slightly at his words a mirror to his own. She closed her eyes for a brief moment, exhaling as she released a breath. Then she crossed her legs and settled back in the chair when he ceased the massage of her shoulders. "If I truly wanted to, I could get into Asgard when I desired it. You know this. It's not my first time spent in exile. It's simply the first time that the All Father set me a goal that is impossible. I'm not a fool, Loki. I know that while I might snare Thor for a night, even several.. it's not enough to turn him away from Midgard." She murmured softly.

"Your father dislikes me. He always has. I highly doubt that if I had ever managed what I wanted that he'd allow me on the throne of Asgard anymore than he'd allow a mortal. We both know who he favors for his heir." She muttered, shrugging.

"Which begs the question of what he truly wants. No?"


"Then it sounds like you have matters well in hand, if so then what truly troubles you?" Loki asks her lightly, his eyebrows lifting with curiosity as he turns back to her. Sliding his hands into the pockets of his pants, he walks towards her and take a seat beside her on the desk. "If the All Father has set you a task, he expects you to attempt to perform it, perhaps make what attempts you can to proclaim your loyalty to the throne, but beyond that…"

That having been said, Loki opens his hands wide as he murmurs, "Perhaps simply make your ease for a time in Midgard. Set yourself in an unassailable position and then enjoy yourself. Or offer what help you can to those that interest you here or there."


Amora sighed, pursing her lips. "I dislike being set on a path by the All Father when I know not what he truly wants. It's a test of some kind Loki, I know it. But what he tests, I know not. It's frustrating. His sentiments are true that he wants his heir back, but beyond that? I can't fathom it. I know that Heimdall must be checking regularly, so I have continued to make /attempts/ for the slim possibility that it is all the All Father wants.." She crossed her arms, her head bent in concentration.

"There is a larger plan than you or I know, and it troubles me a great deal." She whispered, "If he desired Thor back why not command him to return? Why not send someone he would /listen/ to? Why send me? When he knows it would fail.." She sighed, her shoulders falling as she leaned against him as he sat beside her.

"I dislike Midgard on the whole, it's entertaining yes, and while there are no more fools and idiots at home than here.." She closed her eyes and sighed. "I dislike the fact that I was forced here in such a manner, without my full powers. Why here of all the realms.."


Pushing a hand through his hair and considering her somewhat sidelong, Louis smirks crookedly and tells her idly, "In such a situation there is little harm in performing your duty as you can. In part you have somewhat discharged it, having made your effort against Thor. If the All Father contacts you again, perhaps ask for his advice if he allows discourse, or even aid. You might be surprised."

A small shrug is given but then he slides off the desk, dusting his hands lightly upon the legs of his pants, his eyes drifting towards the front office where Ms. Murtz sits sentinel outside of his office, but then he turns back towards her. "I believe he has already commanded Thor's return, and there is no one he would listen to. If Odin is truly seeking his return… then I may fear what actions he may take. For there are a few events that could draw him back without question. It would be ill received and poorly done if he embarked on such a task."

That having been said, Louis gestures to the side, "If you wish, I can aid you in travelling to another realm. Though of the ones I have visited, Midgard is perhaps most amenable to our kind. Svartalfheim has its appeal… but it is more dangerous."


Amora's gaze followed him as he moved and she shrugged lightly, a roll of her shoulders and toss of her hair. "Which is what I have done." She paused and her head tilted to the side in thought as she considered him and his comments on what could truly bring Thor back to Asgard. Her lips thinned and she lowered her gaze to some point on the floor.

"And yes, I can see what you mean by what might draw Thor to return. I am.. concerned that such things might be in motion already." Her voice was soft as she rose and glanced at the windows and back to him.

"I do not fancy a visit to Svartalfheim. Nor anywhere else. I merely dislike having been forced here above all others. What good would it do me to go to another realm?"


Grinning a touch, Louis looks towards Amora, "Sometimes it is a benefit when you are unsure what to do, to do something that no one expects. If only to make them think twice." But he gives a small shrug as he slides his hands into the pockets of his pants and starts towards the door. "I do have a course to teach shortly, Amora. Unless you wanted to masquerade as my teaching assistant you might want to wander off, I doubt you'll find it terribly interesting."

A hand rests on the doorknob and he makes to be a gracious host and walk her out, as is proper. "But if you need anything else, you know where to find me."


Amora's lips pulled back into a reflexive smile as he grinned and she fluttered her eyelashes lightly and peered up at him from under the black veil of her mascara. "Is that what you do, my Prince?" Her voice the flirtatious purr that she usually teased with. But then it faded and she rolled her shoulders back into another shrug.

"Believe it or not I have sat in on a few of the mortal's classes out of sheer lack of anything better to do." She paused, "It was rather boring." She drawled, "I don't know how you do it." She morphed back into the younger human guise she had donned on her way in and settled a hand on her hip.

"I'm thinking about becoming a Hollywood star. What do you think? I could be on the silver screen. Woo-ing all of humanity." She winked and sighed, letting her hand fall back to her side.


A smirk comes to life, "You would do well, though I somehow think you'd probably burn down a few studios in the process. In Hollywood, beauty is appreciated but only as a commodity." As he says that, he pulls the door open, and steps back to allow her access.

"Til next time, Amora. And feel free to bring your friend along some time. His presence can be cathartic I imagine."


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