1963-07-29 - Breakfast Acrobatics
Summary: Talks of training while eating breakfast.
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Jubilee is finally done with that last adventure. Well, not done. The thing's in the Danger Room and
will need to be investigated, but that's mostly beyond her except to report what she saw. This
morning it's not as hot, so she eschews the popsicle breakfast, and comes on out of her room to get
something more 'normal.' Sausage, cereal, orange juice. the food stuffs in a bowl, juice in a glass,
she sits outside on the porch, lazily eating.

Akihiro woke up early to avoid having to run in the heat, he circles around in a pair of pt shorts
and a thin shirt. Once he catches sight of Jubilee he throws his hand up in a wave and heads over
that way. "Hey, what's happening?" he asks with an easy smile, he isn't out of breath and doesn't
look to have broken a sweat yet.

Jubilee lifts her spoon from her breakfast and waves back, looking over to Akihiro, "Hi," she laughs,
pausing to have some more of her food. "Going outside in this to run… ugh. Just ugh."

"Well, I'm just finishing up actually. Been running for a couple of hours. Mind if I have a seat?"
Akihiro stretches lightly. "Planned on going to the gym afterwards, if you wanna join me when you're
done." He opens the pocket on his tiny shorts and produces a pack of cigarettes, popping one into
his mouth and lighting it up.

Jubilee winces again and shakes her head. "Gah. I can't even imagine. If I wanted to exercise I'd
use the Danger room or something. Going outside in this and getting sweatiER? Yuck." She laughs and
takes a long drink of juice. "And you're going to the gym after? What, like not the danger room?"

"That's afterwards. If you wanna hold out and spar I'd be happy to let you hit me in the face a few
times." Akihiro flashes a playful wink and takes a seat on the top step, taking a drag from his
cigarette. "But I'm really taking it easy, I could keep going all day if I really wanted to."

Jubilee chews and swallows a mouthful of cereal, shaking her head and smiling. "I don't fight hand
to hand! Well, I know people want me to learn, but I'm not like you, I'm not like Logan. I don't
have that natural talent."

"It wasn't natural talent, I just started young." Akihiro reaches up to rub at his jaw, "I wasn't in
Canada on vacation, the last four years they were beating it into me. If you mess up they beat you
and you do it again. They killed people to prove points. I had my eyes snatched out more than once."
he provides this quietly, like it's hard for him to actually say it. "So, if you want to learn
either myself or my father can teach you. Just without the torture."

Jubilee smiles weakly. "You don't think it's talent? I mean, your muscles recover when you exercise
don't they?" Then he goes into his story, she winces, puts her glass down, and shakes her head. "Oh
my goodness that's horrible. How could you stand that? How could someone do that?"

"I started training before that happened. Could shoot a bow and wield a sword by the time Akihira
and Natsumi died." Akihiro doesn't look back at Jubilee, now he's smoking and looking into the
distance. "He liked hurting people, so it was pretty easy for him."

Jubilee winces yet again "Ugh. I'm so sorry. I can't imagine. I was lucky compared with your
situation. Do you want some juice before you continue training? There's plenty of the orange juice
here." Then pausing to eat some more. "Do you still enjoy the training despite that?"

"No, but thank you." Akihiro drops his cigarette and crushes it underfoot. "It keeps me busy. Figure
I need to be strong and fast, especially when they figure out I'm in New York." He cracks his
knuckles, then his neck. "Besides," his entire demeanor changes and he looks over to flash a grin,
"how am I supposed to charm beautiful women like yourself if I'm weak?"

Jubilee looks around and winks at the guy. "Well true, true, that does seem to help you doesn't it?"
she giggles between bites. "I think Alex was suggesting we all get together and learn combat. Maybe
you should arrange with him to get some classes? I'm kind of reluctant though."

"Whatever it takes." Akihiro pushes up and heads over to sit in front of Jubilee now that he's
finished smoking. "How about I give you some private lessons then? Go at your speed, not do anything

Jubilee sits back, sipping, and finishing the last of her breakfast. "That doesn't sound like much
fun. You know what my power is right? I 'm not…. I mean. If I get hit, then it's there. I don't
regenerate back."

"Exactly why you need to know how to not get hit, and hit back. You know some mutants can nullify
powers, right?" Akihiro arches a brow slightly. "If you're gonna be part of the X-Men you have to at
least know the basics, or you could get yourself hurt. Besides, after our private lessons we can
have a smoke."

Jubilee raises her brows, tilting her head from side to side. "Alright alright, I guess you're right,
" she smiles guiltily, rolling her eyes. She knows he's right even if she doesn't want to do it.

Akihiro claps his hands together, "Excellent! So we fight, smoke, then hit the showers. Do that a
couple times a week for a month or two and you should be more than capable of holding your own."

Jubilee blinks "Wait what?" She gets up slowly, gathering her dishes, since there's no food or drink
left in them. "We can't actually fight? You know how I fight right?"

"You're welcome to hit me with it." Akihiro waves his hand dismissively. "But you also need to work
on your hand to hand too. So I can teach you that much, and then you can work your powers into it."

Jubilee winces, as she gestures for him to follow, as she then goes back into the building, to take
her stuff away to wash up in the kitchen. "Well yeah, if I hit you with something of mine, it's fine.
But if your claws come out, it's going to end in a hurry. I'm just not sure how this is supposed to
work." She just graduated high school. Proper X-Men training is new to her.

"I'm not limited to my claws." Akihiro follows after Jubilee, hand grazing across her lower back in
a sort of encouraging manner. "And I can pull my punches. You need to learn how to fight before we
actually fight though. So it's not something you have to worry about just yet."

Jubilee glances back at the hand on her waist as she starts washing dishes. She definitely doesn't
pull away or anything like that, but her hands are getting wet and soapy as she takes care of her
spoon, her bowl, and her glass. It's easy enough though. "It sounds hard, and something I won't be
very good at."

Jubilee isn't really connecting 'dodging' with stuff like 'gymnastics'

"Anything physical you're good at?" Akihiro asks, leaning against the counter as he watches her do
her thing. "If you're a sprinter, gymnast, or lift any weights it'll be easier than you think. Might
even cut down on how much time you have to spend actually learning the basics too."

Jubilee finishes the washing part, and now begins running the water long enough to rinse off
everything. "Well I can do gymnastics," she says right away, briefly looking up and back at him from
her work. "But I don't see what that has to do with hitting people and being hit."

"Not being hit." Akihiro replies simply. "Or outmaneuvering and hitting before they can hit you.
Also means you're more fit than average people, so that's a good thing. I don't think you'll have
any problem catching onto this whatsoever."

Jubilee smiles faintly, as she now dries off each dish, to put them away. There, it's like she never
even made a mess. Perfect. "Well thank you. Maybe what we can do is, I can show you what I can do,
then when you do a lesson, maybe it'll help."

"Excellent." Akihiro flashes a grin, "I'm eager to get started. You have training clothes still, or
do we need to go shopping? Actually, let's just go shopping anyway. It'll give us an excuse to go
into the city and look around."

Jubilee snickers. "I can find something to put on for training, if necessary. You're making this
feel like I'm back in school." Closing a couple cabinets and a drawer, she then leans on the counter
aned looks at Akihiro. "You do enjoy these things."

"I'd hope so. I think the professor would kick us both out if we shopped up for training without
anything on." Akihiro teases. In response to the comment he lifts his shoulders in a slight shrug,
"Yeah, I do. I didn't at first.. But now I'd go crazy if I couldn't fight."

Jubilee snickers and shakes her head. "Well I don't think it's really my thing, so I'm going to need
you guys to take it easy on me in this training I Think. It's like smoking. You don't give a new
person too much too fast do you?"

"Nope, I try to work them up to it." Akihiro tries his best to keep a straight face, but a grin
breaks through. "I'll even rub your back afterwards if that's what it takes to get you training with

Jubilee snickers. "We'll see. I told you I'll do it but it doesn't mean I'mg oing to enjoy it."

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