1963-08-05 - Mutilation
Summary: Raven intercepts a 'dumping' from local mobsters, Daredevil cuts in and takes his prize.
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For August, it's a cold evening. Then again, New York does tend to get colder in some spots, depending on how the wind blows. There happens to be one avenue in Hell's Kitchen where the breeze blows; for the rest of it, the alleys and side streets are a blistering, soupy mess.

Said side streets also suggest a quieter area, with fewer people out wandering the streets. Fewer people means more trouble, and from one particular alley, a fellow bursts forth, clearly all fucked up on Joy. He's dancing around, singing unintelligibly at the top of his lungs, and wearing only his tighty whiteys and white socks.


Raven had a particular reason for being in Hell's Kitchen this night. One for a high powered business and scientific mogul who recently.. well not so recently made out easy with an assassination attempted with a certain woman who shall not be named. The Maggia family, shaking down construction workers and their failed attempt drew ire. Tonight was a night of leads, find and pinpoint the location of the Italian family and send in Big Boy to wreck their shit with no casualties.

Though, there may be a bit of blood and a few broken bones, but as long as the job itself was done Raven wouldn't bat an eye at the outcome.

It was the singing that gets her attention as she passes by, the jacket soon tugged against her shoulders and body briefly checked to make sure that her little bit of arsenal was kept into place, heels lightly clicking against the ground as she stops where the alleyway opens up to lean against the wall of the building. For hilarities sake she watches, her light gloved hands dashing into a bit of blonde to tug it free and out as she calls out, "Might want to head back inside, you'll catch a death of a cold!"


"Laaaa la la, LAAAAA!" The man stops, head twitching, and turns to stare at Raven. "Nnnnonsense, my lovely cherubim! For the night is young and the air tight as a fourteen year old's kitten! BWAAHAHAHAHA!!!" He slaps his knees and drools a little.

There, at the mouth of the alley, Raven is likely to see it before the drugged up chap, if he's even sober enough to see it at all. A black Mercedes, with shadowy figures inside, rolling down the alley from deep on the other end. The headlamps extinguish as soon as it's turned off the street, and it parks not far from a dumpster.


Her eyes wince as the man's voice hits the sharpest note of irritation, her teeth even grit as she lets out a brief sigh and a shake of her head. And then she groans, a most disgusted look upon her face as she nearly pushes herself from the wall to head into the direction that was intended. Until she saw those lights.

That little move forward has her stopping, glancing down the alleyway with a slight little squint, her movements slow as she walks towards the man right when the lights dim low to dark. "Come on." She says, her hands.. thankfully gloved, reaching out to try to put an arm around the naked shoulders to try to tug him out of the way. "Let's get you somewhere warm. Yeah? Maybe some coffee in you. Heat those bones right up. What do you say?"


"Nnnnooo no no no no no, NO!" The man shrugs away from her. "I'm burning up! I GOT A FEVAH, baby! A FEVAH!"

Meanwhile, a suited man steps out of the passenger seat of that Mercedes. He walks around to the trunk and pops it with a switchblade, then begins the work of hauling someone out from within. There are some muffled cries, and the man can barely be heard uttering a gruff, "Shut up!"

"I don't need to be somewhere warm, I need to be out here!" the druggie cries. "Where it's COOL and BEAUTIFUL, and all the people are singing about how wonderful everything is!" He begins to twirl, and wet himself at the same time. He doesn't seem to care, though.


She smelled it probably before it hit the ground, Raven backs away with her hands out in front of her, her teeth bared as she shudders and steps away from him. "Jesus christ almighty!" She snaps out, taking those few steps towards the drunkard.. or high person to lift her boot to give him a shove at his backside. "Then get the hell out of here.. JESUS.." She was already wiping her hands off at her coat as she glances back towards the sedan, the trunk was open and the car shook iself enough for her to turn down that way.

While she wasn't much of a good samaritan, if something caught her attention she was going to check it out. And then she was going to apologize and look the other way if .. well.. maybe. Who knows. It all depended on if she was feeling generous. "Hello?" She offers up in a slight sing-song voice. "Need a hand?" They probably didn't, but it was always best to at least try to appear to be helpful..


Immediately, the back doors open, and two more men wearing suits step out. Suits… and tommy guns.

"Get outta here, lady," one of them warns, and the guns are leveled Raven's way. "Now!"

The third continues grunting and dragging a body, not yet dead, toward that dumpster.


Raven steps back with a gasp, her hands immediately high in the air, wild eyes glance from the men, the sedan, to the body that was being dragged and the man who had him. "Oh.. oh my god!" She shrieks out, taking a step back, her shoulder lowering just a touch as her brain begins to work.. It was a disgusting process. Moving the vital parts of herself with painful shifts, shifts that doesn't allow the pain to reach her gaze. Thankfully, there was a little false shock that covers it all.

"Alright.. alright!" She finally snaps out. "It.. its too late to do this.. there was this man and he was all sorts of crazy and I'm pretty sure I stepped in his piss.." In other words.. "I don't have time for this shit."

Her foot steps forward towards the men, her body swinging downward with the momentum that has her back foot launching upright in an arch to aim a heel at one of the gunman's head. If she were lucky, her nimbleness and quickness would allow that same foot to tap upon the ground with a quick shift and bend to sweep kick the other gunman off of his feet.


The two men look at each other, confused, then back toward Raven. "What the-"

Turns out the would be passerby is fast, nimble, and knows how to fight. Her trick works splendidly, with one disadvantage; the second chum manages to let loose a barrage of submachine gun fire that sprays harmlessly into the brick, peppering the alley with shrapnel.

Thats bound to attract attention.

"Fuck this," the third mobster curses, and drops the body of a woman, naked, onto the dirty pavement. Her features are sheathed in shadow for the moment, while the man who'd carried her makes a mad dash for the Mercedes and it's open rear doors.


Well, at least the shrapnel doesn't hurt. Even though it knicks and pierces the skin of her cheek to give her at least some pretty little scars, though it did cut off a few thin strands of her hair which would almost be more than enough to piss her off. That crouched stand she continues to possess has her creeping forward like a phantom, both hands raised to smack down upon the men's jaw in hopes of knocking them out right then and there. They call it a sweet spot if you do it just right.

The tommy guns were soon grasped by their handles as the man takes off, Raven drawing one of them upright to pepper the building over his fleeing.. (or maybe not fleeing) head to hopefully halt his escape. "DON'T you -dare-.." She snaps out. If that didn't get his attention, she'd go for the kneecaps next. All of this was done with a measure of calm as she continues to move, one foot moving over the other in a sideways motion, attempting to approach the fallen woman as she glances quick into her direction and back.


Teeth. They are, shall we say, split. With a particularly ugly crunch and two sprays of fresh blood.

The third man freezes, hands in the air. "Alright, lady, alright. Jesus, Mary and Joseph!"

The driver keeps his head forward. He's not moving a muscle, though he's heavily considered bailing on the others right here and now. Instead, he waits. Probably looking for another opening, or hoping the woman doesn't think of him.

"Lady," Raven's would-be hostage warns, "I'm gonna tell you right now, you don't wanna see this."


One of the tommy guns were immediately discarded as it's tossed behind her, landing into the dumpster with a loud *CLANG*. She keeps the other in her good hand leveled, her eyes narrowed as she stops near the woman, shifting her foot to the side to try to nudge and lightly kick her thigh to awaken her. Sure, there was a driver, but if the car itself wasn't aimed and angled to smack her silly, she didn't care. But the silhouette was noticed, watched for any sudden movements, in which she'd just get out of the way in her attempt to live a 'killing-free' life.

"Son." She states plainly, even though she looks to be a touch younger than he.. "..nothing surprises me anymore. Now get your ass back away from the car."


The man slowly backs away from the car. He waits until Raven looks toward the naked woman, at which point he shoots a meaningful look at the driver.

When Raven moves out of the way of a street light, the woman is no longer cast in shadow. The sight seen is… horrendous, to say the least. Her arms have been severed and removed right above the elbows, wrapped up in bloodstained gauze. Her ears have been removed, the hair shaved away from the edge of her head, and the wound stitched closed, leaving behind holes where her ear canals remain open. Her nose, in similar fashion, seems to have been partly removed and stitched shut.

There are markings made on her legs, dash marks that surround her legs right above the knee. Below, her legs are clearly mutated, with excess skin that resembles scales and webbed feet.

The woman whimpers and trembles, as if she's been through unmentionable trauma.

"Now listen here," the man tells Raven. "We weren't involved in… whatever happened to her. You hear? We was paid to drop her off. That's all. Now…" He lowers his hands in a gesture toward Raven. "Put down the tommy gun, sugar. Ain't no one here wants to get hurt more'n they already are."


Color her a liar.

This was shocking.

Her eyes remain wide as she draws her eyes along the woman's disfigured form, her lips curling into an all too noticible frown, the hand that holds the tommy gun aloft begins to tremble and shake as her breath catches within her throat. Her eyes were stinging, and it was then that she could hear her harsh breathing as her lips snap shut to quell the sound of a choked, cry of anger.

She could see her now. The woman was possibly a beautiful mermaid; mutant obviously, but beautiful none the less. Her eyes close as she allows a breath of air to draw from her nostrils, her gaze finally turning upon the man as she lifts the tommy gun with renewed vigor.

"Your willingness at her disposal has placed you at the moment of involvement of her torture.." To be tortured, experimented on possibly, and soon discarded like filth? She was at that crossroads. Right into the land of anti-hero or villainy, and this woman possibly tipped the scales to the point of no-return again.


She squeezes the trigger lightly to fire off a burst of a shot towards the man's shoulder, or somewhere close. Damn the consquences.


"Now wait just a damn -"

The moment that shot is fired, the car's engine screeches to life. The clutch is disengaged, and the tires screech. The driver manages to get twenty five feet distance, when an object flies through the air, breaks through the windshield, and strikes the driver right in the temple.

The car veers to the left, but a figure dressed in red lands on the hood. He yanks on a cable that is attached to a billy club, the same item that broke the windscreen, and the club finds itself lodged against the steering wheel. The tug pulls the car straight, then sends it veering the other direction. The fender scrapes along the alley wall, slowing it's progress.

Meanwhile, the mobster engaging Raven ignores the blood spurting from his shoulder. He brandishes his switchblade again, and goes lunging at her!


The tommy gun was thrown to the side as Raven ducks out of the way, moving to turn into the direction of the car to give chase but a shocking turn of events halts her cold. It seems that someone already was there, and with a hold up of her hand and a squint of her eyes, she sees the figure in red and mumbles.. "Jersey devil.." That would through a krimp into her long-term plans..

But the movement from the side of her eyes were telling, as the man brandishes his blade and lunges, Raven snaps out with a snatch to his wrist and a follow through-turn of her body against his arm, elbow striking out to catch his temple, then down towards the nap of his neck to the hollow where the shoulder connects with a horrible slam and curl.

She has him stretched; her arm bent at an awkward angle that has her fingers curling against his jaw, her own back put at an arch that threatens to straigten and snap his neck in just one go. But she doesn't. She pulls his muscles just so to show his intent, wordlessly manuvering his body like a machine to heavily encourage the disarming of his blade.


"Now," Daredevil quips, while climbing the hood of the still moving car and flipping himself through the air. "Just gotta…"

He yanks on the cord, bringing him down on the trunk of the car. The cord pulls the car even tighter into the building, causing it to jackknife. Moments before Daredevil becomes a pancake against the opposing wall, he leaps into the air once more, vaults himself along the brick with three quick strides, then twists through the air to land on the asphalt with the cord still in his hand, attached to the steering wheel.

"… 'stick' the landing."

Meanwhile, Raven's enemy groans and squeals in agony, his fingers trembling. He finally release the blade, and with its clattering into the ground, Daredevil whips his masked face around and looks into their general direction, frowning.

"No," the mobster complains, looking at the figure in red. "The Devil. You have to let me go!" he begs Raven. "Now! Please!"



The display in which the Devil works has Raven staring. The only thing that reminds her that she's had the man in a tight and dangerous hold was the clack and clang of the switchblade upon the ground. Her eyes shift towards the left with a slight grin, his begs and pleas enough for her to lean in to stretch the corded muscle just so.

"Well would you look at that.." She mumbles, eye to eye of the man. "..you're caught between the devil and a -true- monster." Baby blue eyes soon shift yellow, the laughter that nearly shoots from her gaze evident. "Though.."

Daredevil could possibly hear it. Or 'see' it in that way he knows how, she didn't exactly conceal her movements as she kicks up from the ground with a smack that sends his vision brightening in that field. Some -how-, her body manuvers itself to slide behind the man, the quick and twisted movement keeps that arm aloft and her hand adjusting itself to remain pressed hard against his adams apple. That directions places the frightened mobster in between her and the Devil, her knee knocking against the back of his to use him like a puppet to walk him forward.

"Who the hell are you." It was not a question, but a demand for an answer.


With a cock of his head, Daredevil listens. He listens carefully until the woman is approaching her with that proverbial meat shield, at which point he turns back to the car and gives an underhanded yank on the cable.

The billy club, dislodged, comes flipping out of the car. A flip of a switch, and the cable recoils, drawing the club back toward its sister in Daredevil's hand.

"Ask him," he tells Raven, with an upnod to her prisoner. "I'm sure he knows."

"He's the Devil of Hell's Kitchen," the mobster wheezes. "You need to let me go and run, woman!"

"Is that what you're going to do?" asks Daredevil, addressing Raven. "Let him go and run away?" A nod to the mutilated woman. "What about her?" He grimaces. "She won't survive without a hospital, will she?"


Amusement marks her features as she holds the man aloft, her head tilting just a little bit to study the Devil who remains poised and confident. He gives her a choice, well.. they both do. Let the man go, run.. let the man go.. run and care for the woman.. or something else sinister that creeps at the back of her mind which would make her night well worth the deviation..

"I do have a few choices that I mulled over briefly." She casually answers the man, her lips scrunching up in thought. "Being that you've actually disabled a potential vehicle for my use, I'll have to carry the woman two blocks to get her the necessary attention."

With a look back, she studies the woman.

"If her heart is strong. She will survive where I will take her. And she will -thrive-. But him?" Raven's hand twists, sending a cracking snap through the air to break his wrist, a hard shove of that same arm into the shoulder to attempt to dislodge and dislocate. Dismantling a body is easy, yet when they writhe? It was much more annoying.

Her foot strikes out to curl around his thigh, hopping back with a drag and a twist of her body around his to use the heaviest point of her body to snap his knee backwards. As she lets him go, she backwards somersaults out of the way, fingers pressed and splayed against the ground before she rises to rush towards the woman's side.

"To bude bolet, drah. Prosm, zustan se mnou." She murmurs towards the woman, attempting to gather the broken victim within her arms to carry away from the darkened alley.


Daredevil doesn't grimace. He's done worse - well, perhaps not worse, but he's done similar. Equal. He also divines exactly what she's up to by sound and air motion alone. More pressure here, or a twist too far there, and the man would be dead.

Instead, he collapses on the ground, writing and crying out in agony.

"It won't end here," he warns Raven as she makes her departure. "This is only the beginning."

For his part, he strides towards the broken mobster. The billy club is once again separated; he wraps it's cord twice around the man's body from crotch to shoulder, then ties it off, before firing the other end toward the roof above.

Moments later, Daredevil is flying upward, with a groaning and moaning mobster in tow.


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