1963-08-17 - Janitorial Duty
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"Son of a bitch." Miles mutters with a groan, shifting through some of the papers that weren't ruined before setting his briefcase down and popping the lock on it. "Eat some bad Chinese and all sorts of things go wrong." He shakes his head as he gathers the papers out from under the dark suit he keeps folded up in there, "Guess it could have been worse."

Someone *should* have cleaned the conference room by now, but frankly, with the Director bring kidnapped by a giant green beast, SHIELD had better things to do until she was found again. Fortunately, Peggy is a self rescuing director, and a day and change after the Hulk carried her off, she and Dr. Banner made it back to a station somewhere in upstate New York, both checking in sas fine. Peggy could have been back at her desk ages ago, except for the demand from medical that she go in. So, it was time in medical. Then at her desk. And now, finally, at the base again. She steps into the room with a furrow of her brow. "…No one cleaned this place up yet?"

Armando steps into the ruined room with a shake of his head, "Good lord." he says quietly, shaking his head a little more. "What a mess." he says softly, looking over to Peggy. "I didn't realize I was a janitor." he says with a half smile, as he goes to check the damage. "Oh, jeez." he continues, "This is just a mess."

"Just got back myself, or I'd have already taken care of it." Miles doesn't seem very happy about the mess either. "You'd think with everyone we have it'd already be cleaned up though." He thumbs through his own papers, a combination of the nuke information he gathered, as well as some things pertaining to other cases he's working on. "Good to see you're in one piece though." This is directed at Peggy, because nobody has to worry about that with Armando.

"I was fine. The Hulk hadn't kidnapped me, so much as he was determined to protect and *save* me, which involved getting to the highest ground possible just in case New York City got bombed. It was really the sweetest kidnapping in which I've ever been involved." Peggy admits with a slightly teasing dead pan nature to her clipped, accented tone. She leans down, helping gather a few more papers. No, she's not a janitor either, but she's also not above dirty work, so here she is cleaning. "…Is there anything more to report from either of you?" She asks them both, half casual for the mess of it all.

"I don't have any further reports at this time." Armando replies simply. "Glad you're okay, though." he offers with a quiet smile to Peggy. Armando begins to piece through various papers that are on the floor- quietly checking what's around. "We should maybe think about doing some reconstruction since we have a reason now. Easy to make it hidden when there's no reason to hide it." he says with a quiet smile, "That way this old fort can get some upgrades."

"No ma'am." Miles replies, "When I get the opportunity I'll conduct that interview though and get that report to you." He moves to help clean things up as well, setting his papers back into the briefcase. "Though while I was out the other day a man fell out of the sky, bounced into some vehicles, and broke a hole in the road to run off into the sewers. So that may be something to look into."

"…A man…fell out of the sky." Peggy blinks, staring at Miles for a few heartbeats, "…What was he wearing? Were there any airplanes or helos in the air that he could have come from?" That was clearly a report-worthy incident, even as Peggy stares in slight disbelief. She shouldn't disbelieve anything these days, she knows that better. A quiet nod is given in Darwin's direction. "Not a poor choice, either… If they let us upgrade. It's still technically US territory."

"Its in their best interest." Armando notes, "Send Steve into it. They'd be hard pressed to deny the real American hero." he says quietly, "I'd be more interested in what he looks like." Armando says, regarding the man who fell from the sky. "If he's a mutant, I might know him." he notes.

"I doubt it." Miles says to Armando. "He thought he was in Englad, spoke like he fell out of a Shakespeare play, except he was completely naked." He lifts his shoulders in a slight shrug. "A couple of mutants were around, we stopped anybody from dying. We didn't, however, stop the self proclaimed Prince of Power from escaping."

A smirk crosses Peggy's ever red lips — apparently, she took time to put on fresh lipstick, even if she's looking a little pale around the edges. That's not uncommon these days. "Poor Steve. The last thing in the world he wants is politics, but it isn't a bad idea, actually. Especially for his team's new base. I'll talk to him." And then Peggy stares back at Miles, her mind catching up with the verbal report he's giving. she blinks slowly…"Prince…of…power…Isn't that another name for the Devil? What the hell…"

"Quite a few Princes of Powers in history. A happy title for those who wish it." Armando shrugs, "Doesn't sound like the guy I know who has a tendency for falling from the sky." he says with a chuckle, "I like Steve. He's a good man. He's the kind of person I want to be, you know? I used to read old newspapers about him in the library." he smiles quietly.

"I don't think we have much to worry about the devil, Ms. Sousa." he says, "We've got enough problems."

"I don't think he was the Devil, seemed more like an adventurer than a schemer." Miles clearly isn't too worried about him. "And Steve seems like a cool person, though he tends to make you feel bad about defending yourself with a weapon. Haven't wore my revolver since the attack on the buses."

"Steve fought in the war with the rest of us and sure as HELL used a gun when it was necessary. So, don't let him make you feel bad about doing what you must to protect your country and yourself." Peggy states flatly, rather dead serious about that, even if she talks about the war like she was on the front lines herself and SURELY she wasn't, because she's a woman, and that just wasn't *done* in those days. Still, she seems dead serious. "I'll keep an eye out for reports about this…falling sky adventurer." Still dead pan. And then she finishes scooping up the last few things from the floor and quickly moves to standing. Perhaps a bit too quickly. She wavers a bit, catching herself on the edge of the table.

Armando continues to pick up pieces of debris, but pauses when he notices Peggy wavering. "Maybe you should take a seat?" he offers, as he moves over to pull a seat out for the woman. "You did just go through quite the… adventure." he offers diplomatically, "Miles and I can clean up a bit- you just direct things." he offers with a quiet smile as he nods towards the chair. Trying to be polite.

"To be fair, I was invisible. As far as they knew it was just Captain America thwarting their plans." Miles stops when Peggy looks like she might fall, "Yeah, we can take care of this. If you're not feeling well get some rest. I mean, I'm sure you won't, but we can handle it."

The woman has been so good about hiding anything being off around the office. But a day being carried away, sans food or water, it's still catching up to her. Still, it's achingly embarrassing as she leans there against the table, setting down the stack of papers carefully so no one has to reorganize them. "No, no…I'm fine. I probably should have gotten more sleep last night. This is fine. Still… I should get these things to a more secure area, probably, until we figure out more storage."

"Are you sure? I mean, you were kidnapped by The Hulk. The fact you're up at all is pretty amazing." Armando notes quietly, "How about you let us collect all this and get it sorted and you get the transportation details settled?" he suggests, "That way, you can get some coffee and get out of the trenches for a little while."

"Maybe a bagel too." Miles adds helpfully. "Or I could go grab takeout afterwards. Just don't recomend Chinese right now."

"I am *fine*, gentlemen. Thank you very much. I'll get this dropped off with the anaylsts and check in with Wilson about how the rest of things are going. It was good seeing both of you." Peggy offers them with a curt, business like smile, and then she turns on the ball of her foot and heads for the door, the papers clutched against her chest.

"Of course. Let me know if you need me to reconstruct any of my report- I've got it committed to memory." Armando offers simply, as he looks towards Miles with a quiet shrug. Armando then gets to work- picking up and sorting papers.

"Yes ma'am." Miles replies with a nod, stopping to put the various papers and objects he's collected into their rightful place.

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