1963-08-19 - Trapped
Summary: Darwin and Wasp talk quietly while imprisoned by AIM
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Seems that the Winsome Wasp perhaps took it harder then most, at least in the exhaustion department, because she was out for quite some time. When she finally wakes up she stretches, yawns and slowly gets up, moving her wings a bit as she slowly opens her eyes. Sat on the floor by the metallic wall, she's very easy to miss unless someone was looking for her. "Wait…" she murmurs while still yawning, "last night wasn't a dream? Was it last night?"

"No dream." Armando says, as he sits quietly, resting against a different wall. "We're trapped by an ugly, giant-headed megalomaniac, who thinks he's the pinnacle of evolution." He looks over to Wasp, "Just relax. No one's going to let anything happen to you. I won't let them." he offers quietly, with an undercurrent of something in his voice- a darkness. "You're my friends. I won't let you be hurt."

"Well that ruins my morning, assuming it is morning…so first mission and it goes ape, hope nobody blames this on me!" Wasp laughs, her eyes focusing on Darwin, "at least we got good company here. So, you figure they'll do evil experiments on us? Or just be stupid and let us somehow turn things around on them?"

Armando chuckles quietly, "I don't think anyone expected this." he says with a quiet smile. "At least they're feeding us. So, they must want us for something." he notes, "I'm going to try and get them to take me first, if they take anyone." he continues. "I think I've got the best chance of not being injured… and maybe pissing that fat-head off a bit." he gives a quiet kind of grin, shaking his head. "This has all gone tits up, though. All together, I'd say this can be considered pretty much an abject failure for a mission."

"I don't know how I feel about them wanting us for something, you know? 'Something' can be so many things!" Wasp sounds very unhappy when she makes her point. "Well…I can hide in the pocket of whoever they take, so they don't know I'm with them, and then maybe I can sneak out and get the lay of the land? Maybe I can find something interesting, mess aroun with their technology…options!"

"Maybe. I think we need to make sure Sam is okay, first. We can't go without him." Armando says quietly. "I think we should wait before we make any plans- wait for consensus of the squad. We need to work together to get out of this together." The mutant says quietly. "Still, its not a bad idea." he offers to Wasp. "How you holding up?" he wonders next, looking to her quietly.

"I'm alive!" Wasp says while making a thumbs up sign with her fingers, "so that's good!" She then looks around before muttering, "but the fact we're here isn't all that good. I don't suppose they'll serve us alcohol, huh?"

"That's a start." Armando says, "We're all alive. Its a good thing. That's a step in the right direction." He smiles, a weak smile. "We'll live through it. I don't think a drink is on the menu, though." Armando lays his head back, resting against the metal wall. "You've got a good attitude, given the situation."

"Sure I do, believe it or not, I seen things, I done things, I'm a trooper, that's why I decided to become the Winsome Wasp!" Janet looks quite pleased with herself, cheerful, or generally in denial about the grim outlook of their situation, buzzing into the air, she moves closer to Darwin as she looks over at Sam, "so, he really hurt himself badly, didn't he? Hope we can get out of here so he can recover." She then turns to look at Darwin, "you know, I bet you have seen worse too. Can't wait to zap that box brain."

"I guess. In some senses." Armando offers quietly, "But, I haven't seen my friends in a situation that might kill them. I mean, maybe I have… but not like this." He admits. "I killed a man, Wasp. I've… never done anything like that before. I… considered myself a pacifist." he takes a slow breath. Quiet.

"I saw you, and Havok and Iceman under attack and I just…. Something shifted in my head." Armando is quiet. "I just acted and I killed the man who was going after my tribe."

"Congratulations, Darwin," the Wasp says as she grows to 4' just so she can give him a hug, "you discovered that when someone comes for you, you're going to make a stand. I think it's an admirable quality. Everyone can be a pacifist. But you know what happens to a nation of pacifists?" Wasp no doubt is relating to the not too long ago WWII, "they get taken over by ugly, violent bastards." Wasp smiles, she can tell Armando is taking it real hard, and she tries to lift his spirits by answering for him, "nothing shifted. You evolved. It's what you do. I guess there's room for evolution in our beliefs too."

"It wasn't me who was in danger. It was others. It was when others were in danger. I can take some solace in that." Armando admits. "I don't think I'd go so far to protect to myself." he says. "I don't have so much to worry about, you know? I mean.. I'm starting to believe I really can survive anything." He shakes his head, "But how it felt? It.. was alien to me. I didn't pause when I killed him. I just acted. It was there- and now, I feel. I don't know." he says softly, "That guy could have kids. They don't know or care that their father was a bad man. I'm still the guy who made them orphans."

"I felt this feeling you describe only one time before…never since," Wasp says quietly, breaking her embrace of Armando before shrinking right back to 4 inches. "I know I'm young, and I know everyone thinks I'm silly. But I think all of us face tests…and to pass them, sometimes, we need to adapt. Otherwise, we break and fall apart." Buzzing about she quips, "I don't think of you as a killer, and you didn't make those kids orphans…remember why we're here? These bozos have 15 nuclear missiles. They want to burn the world."

"They probably have more." Armando says softly. "The data suggested more than fifteen may have gone missing- but I have no substantive proof." he whispers quietly, just smiling towards the Winsome Wasp. "Thanks, though." he says, "I appreciate your kindness. You're a really special person." he notes, "You've never once treated me like anything other than a person. ITs unique in this day in age."

"Really?" For a moment there, Wasp's eyes grow bigger as she realizes just how much of a doomsday situation they are trying to avert. "We better get out of here and succeed in our mission then!" She blushes a bit, which is harder to see now that shrunk back down to miniature size, seems she's not used to such genuinely spoken compliments. "I had a good father, he taught me a lot, and I think everyone deserves to be treated like a person. We may have differences, but we're all people. I don't care if it has to do with race, gender, or anything I didn't think of that still counts."

She would almost be a perfect nominee for a humble reward, though no doubt Darwin might hear the muffled "…I'm unique…" that she squeaks to herself, rather pleased with Darwin's flattery to the point she wouldn't mind having it on tape.

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