1963-08-20 - My Brothers Keeper
Summary: Cain is back in town, and looking for Charles Xavier.
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At the Hideaway bar, Cain's pretty hard to miss. He takes up two stools after all, his massive shoulders and thick neck visible from across the room, even in low light. He'd been asking about charles, wondering aloud what he was up to, who his friends were.

One of the locals served as a contact for Raven, just enough to give her warning if something were going down at the Mansion or regarding Charles Xavier. This definitely qualified.

By the time Raven gets there, Cain's on his fifth beer, nursing it slowly. The bar is quiet for the moment. One guy had thought for a second about standing up to the big bully crowding the place. His friend Joe was driving him to the emergency room now. His arm would be right again in a few months.


Word dripped down the grapevine into Harlem. A call system was set in place. With the right money and the good ol' Severide name, it all patched through to one place that was all typical for dear old 'brother' to occupy. At least.. if she thinks it's who it really is. It could have been Fred. She misses that rotund bastard.

The doors swing open to Harry's, Raven wearing her neutral normal face that's known around the manse, to Erik and Charles, no blue skin, but a touch of blush that peppers her cheeks and her blonde curls dancing upon shoulders dressed in black. The slacks and low heels create a tempering click as she stops in the middle of the bar to survey the damage, the bartender looking towards her uneasily as she gives two fingers and a wave towards the big man.

Shrouded in shadow he might be, but she -knows- that face.

With a push of a fallen chair aside, Raven slowly approaches the table, no ward or warning of her intending to sit, her fingers grasp and pull it back, plopping down right in front of it. This man wasn't outright recognizable to her. It takes her a moment to speak, and she only does so after both of the beers were delivered and deposited upon the table. "Got in a little bit of a tizzy here, did we?"


Cain hasn't been to the States in twenty years, until recent days. Long ways way. He's got stubble on his cheeks and he turns to take a look at the blonde, cocking his head as he takes her in. He gives a half-grin and shrugs, "Tizzy? Ain't exactly the word I'd use," he says.

When he turns to face her, she can get a sense of just how big he is. Cain was always tall, but now he's over seven feet in height, shoulder as wide as the fender of a Buick. His hair is cut tight to his skull, :hasn't been to the States in twenty years, until recent days. Long ways way. He's got stubble on his cheeks and he turns to take a look at the blonde, cocking his head as he takes her in. He gives a half-grin and shrugs, "Tizzy? Ain't exactly the word I'd use," he says.

When he turns to face her, she can get a sense of just how big he is. Cain was always tall, but now he's over seven feet in height, shoulder as wide as the fender of a Buick. His hair is cut tight to his skull, basically shaved as he looks her over. Fred probably looks at pork chops the way Cain is currently looking at Raven.

"You look like his type," he says. "Blonde, pretty. Passes for rich, but prob'ly cheap underneath," he says. "You know Charles Xavier, sugar? He got a school near here, for the 'gifted'. I'm guessin' that means freaks like him. You a freak, pretty girl?"


Raven silently reaches for the bottle, twisting the top off with an easy turn before she takes a swig. He was a big man, and yet she was already figuring out ways to try to take him down if need be. Though.. past memories were slowly creeping to the surface.

There was a lot of yelling.. and a little bit of blood.
A young boy crying and a young girl hugging him tightly. 'He's just mean.' She could hear the young girl say.

"You're actually wrong. He has a thing for brunettes." Raven comments half-heartedly. She doesn't even entertain the thought of answering his question right off, her head twisting just a little back and forth, her body leaning forward as one arm goes out towards the bar as a whole. "You're in a place meant for freaks and you ask me this question? How about this. You tell me why you're looking for this Charles Xavier and I'll see about getting what you need without ever meeting the man."


Cain snorts, "Sorry, doll. Family business," he says. "Me and Charlie gotta have a little sit down. Hash a few things out. Old wounds, old blood," he says. "Dries up, but it always leaves stains, don't it? Well…we're gonna do a little laundry, him an' me," he says.

"What I need t'know is just exactly how much o' that mind voodoo crap he can do - and if there's a way to block it. See, I already had enough o' him snoopin' around my head for one lifetime. An' it'd be awful rude if he used a dirty trick like that on me, just to protect his own scrawny hide."


"Family business?" The beer was promptly placed upon the table and slid aside. Her brows now furrowing. Even though she felt that Charles had essentially cast her aside, disowned her, turned away from her, she was still as protective of him as ever. In fact, she almost mused to herself that what she did now, was to prove a point. Prove a point that she could be just more than someone who fights on the sidelines..

"I will tell you nothing about my brother.." She nearly snaps, preparing to leap out the chair if things were to get hairy. This was a losing fight, but thankfully she came prepared and well armed with knives and a snub nosed pistol at her back. "..and you are forbidden from touching a hair on his head.." Still, those memories were playing her mind, it didn't quite hit her just yet. "You get anywhere near Westchester I will have your head, do you understand me?"


Cain rolls his neck for a second, creating a few pops that sound like gunshots. He pushes away from the bar and moves to stand, looming over the woman with his eyes narrowed. "-Your- brother?" he says in surprise, then peers more closely, "Can it be…are you that little girl? What was the name…Blackbird…Raven!" he says. "That's it, Raven. His little girlfriend, the one he protected. Always needed someone to look up to him and tell him he was the best boy, old Charlie. I bet he used to come to you after I beat his ass, cryin' an' lookin' for comfort. Maybe hopin' you'd give him a little heavy pettin', make 'im feel better. Didn't take, though, if you callin' him brother, I ain't surprised he couldn't close the deal," he smirks.

He leans in closer, "You don't remember me, girlie? I guess I do look different, nowadays. Swallowing up the power of a God will do that to ya - but my name's still the same," he laughs. "It's me, girlie. It's Cain. I've come home."


Oh.. now it hits her. Raven purses her lips tightly, her chair turning slightly as the man stands, her arm draped along the back of it as she leans back as he begins to stalk and soon loom over her like so. She remembers that looming little boy. While she pretended to be small herself, she put on those airs that she was afraid but deep down? She had never known the cruelty in children as she did him. Cain. He was.. frightening.

"Cain.." She murmurs quietly, then slowly stands. While she never held bad blood for him.. he was just a kid but.. gods?

"What the hell?!" She pushes .. well tries to push him back away from her, taking a step and stumbling a little over her chair. "Cain.. You.. I thought you were dead!" Did she reach for him? No. In a way she wanted to. He was as much her brother as Charles was, to a lesser degree. "Wha.. you sw.. oh.. my god.."


Cain smiles, "God I am or somethin' like it," he says. "Feel free to worship. I came close to dead plenty of times. I never came back because I knew…whatever went wrong, I'd be blamed and Charles would walk away scot-free, like he always does. Golden boy. How can you even trust yourself around him? Knowing he can take yer every thought and make it do whatever he likes?"

He gets another beer off the bar, most of the place having cleared out, leaving the two of them facing one another. Her attempt to push at him doesn't move him an inch. It's like shoving the face of a cliff. "I ain't got no problem with you, Raven. But friendly advice - stay outta my way. Cause ain't nothin' can stop me nowadays. Charlie's gonna find that out."


"You are wrong. Simply put. Charles would never dare try to change the mind of another. He's not like us." And that was the damn truth. While at times she thinks that Charles may walk on water, he was a fool. And his foolhardiness was born through innocence. "We grew up together, Cain. Do you honestly think he has it in him to assault us like this? Has he ever done that to you? Answer me honestly.."

The conversation was getting a little more heated, she felt this. She had to take a step back to draw her arms afold about her chest, her teeth gritted slightly as she draws in a breath. "I won't allow it, Cain. You cannot go home. It's over, and it has been for a very, very long time. There's things taking place out here in this world that are much bigger than your petty grudge against Charles. Let it go and help us. Help me. Help him. Just let all of this anger go. You're home now. With your family."


Cain snorts, "How would I know? You can't. That's the thing. He can make you trust him. He can make ya like him. Every damn thing in your head, everything that makes you you…he can play with it. You say he'd never do that, but what if he just makes ya think that? Can't be sure," he shrugs.

"I don't give a damn about the world, any more than it ever gave a damn about me," he says. "Family's never been nothin' to me but the first people to beat me down and tell me I was worthless. Well, I sure as fuck ain't worthless now. And now you say you're not gonna let me?" he says and there's a flaring ember in his eyes as he lashes out a fist at the bar. It collapses, shattering immediately, splinters flying everywhere, the few remaining people screaming as the glass behind the bar shatters as well, a rain of glass and wood over all of them.

"Try and stop me."


That was a damn good point. There was no way of knowing. But her long life and her practicing against those defenses may or may not have ensured her protection. But she knew that Charles loved her and would never violate her as such.. maybe.. unless she toes that line and goes right past it. But even then..

"I have -never- beaten you down nor lay hands upon you and you know it, Cain. Neither has Charles. He's always been the object of your anger and he still never lifted a hand against you. And god knows, I wanted to. You have -no- idea how much I wanted to. But you were my brother. You -are- my brother as much as he is. And I loved you just the same as I did him!"

His show of power had her flinching in a jump, her body leaning to the side to look at those frightened gazes, her hand drawing up to shoo the last remaining few out of the bar itself so that she could turn and grab the bottle of bear by its neck to finish it off in one quick drink. This was going to hurt, she knew it. And there was no convincing Cain otherwise.

"I got children there to protect.." She mutters quietly. She had Charles and Erik to protect as well. "..you want it to be this way, Cain?" Her hand lifts to crack the bottle against the table which causes the bottom to shatter. "Fine. You're going to see a side of me that you're going to wish you never have."


Cain laughs softly, "Damn, he really is deep inside your head, ain't he? You're smart enough to know that bottle ain't gonna do a good god damn," he says. "You can't hurt me, Raven. I don't get hurt anymore, see. Not by anything. Not ever," he says. He grabs another bottle and casually smashes it against his own face, even chewing on one of the pieces for a moment before spitting out the shards.

"You never hurt me, that's true. But what Charles did to me was worse than a beating. He invaded me. He violated me. He -pitied- me. And I ain't gonna be pitied, not by him, not by anybody. I'll kill him before he pities me again," he says, the last coming out as a shout. "I'LL TEAR HIS GOD DAMN LEGS OFF AND SHOVE 'EM DOWN HIS THROAT FIRST!"

"It's real simple, girl. Move or get run over. Your choice."


This was as equally frustrating. He was damn near invulnerable. If he could crush that glass and chew it with no remorse then there was practically nothing she could do to keep him from getting to Charles.. even his shout about breaking his legs causes her to wince. A phantom of a wince, one that causes a deep chill that plagues her spine.

So she does move, slamming the shard of glass she's acquired upon the ground, immediately rushing past him as she pushes the last lingerer towards the door. She was frightened, she wasn't going to let him see it. But she had resolved to never let anyone harm a hair upon his head. Or any other mutants, for that matter..

As she reaches the door, she gives it a second thought, clear hesitation there as her gloved hand reaches out to slam it shut. Then lock it. The back of her shirt is lifted to retrieve her snub nose, the visible skin there slowly fading blue, her hair.. blonde as it was begins to bleed a hint of red as she pulls back the hammer to turn and point towards Cain.

"By the wheel of the bus, right?" She was opting to get run over.



Cain lets the bullet hit him in the face, the slug flattening as he neither flinches nor even tries to dodge. He stopped bothering. "That's a damn good shot," he says. "Better'n I'd expect. Cool under pressure. If I were tryin' to put together a team, I might give you a look, if you got more than that to back it up," he smirks. "it's always good to have a dame on the team. Suckers in the enemy and someone to keep ya warm back at the barracks," he says.

He casually sweeps a table with one hand, sending it flying as he starts stalking towards that door, seeing the crimson bleeding into her blonde hair, "Tell ya what. I'll give ya every bullet in that thing for free. Then I'm gonna walk right past ya and go on my way. But once I turn my back, if you try anything again…then I'm gonna have to hit back."


Raven narrows her eyes as the smoke clears; the bullet was too fast for her to pinpoint the location but a brief inspection of Cain proved that she hit him. And.. didn't break his skin. She takes a step back, gun still leveled towards him even as he speaks, blocking the door from the man even as he approaches. "Fuck you.." That was the only smart thing she could have said through the shock.

The table sweep has her eyes widening, her eyes soon diverting towards the gun, and back to him again. It would be a waste of bullets, and she already knows that there's no need to even try. Stabbing him wouldn't work, attempting to put an unholy beating on him wouldn't either. So there was little choice left. She had to warn Charles..


Cain keeps stalking forward, seeing the realization setting in on her. He'd gotten used to that expression - she wasn't the first to think she could do something, even something drastic, only to discover they were faced with a force that was beyond the ken of mortal flesh.

He stops short of her, with her at the door and ready to make her escape, "Go ahead. Warn him. Let him know I'm coming. I want him to be afraid. Because being afraid won't help."


She keeps the gun on him just for her own peace of mind, her hand reaching out to grip the door handle and turn. It was open just a crack, with her stepping forward and shifting to the side. "I'm going to do more than to warn him.." She says quietly, pushing herself towards that small entrance, her lips curling to the point spit gathers which was soon launched towards his feet.

"But I warned you.. you harm a hair on his head I will not stop until you're dead.."

And just for funsies, she fires off another shot, right towards his belly. If only because it would make her laugh afterwards.


Cain allows Raven to leave and, moments after the door closes, he shouts, "RUN AWAY! RUN BACK TO YOUR 'BROTHER'! RUN AND TELL HIM WHAT'S COMING FOR HIM!"


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