1963-08-20 - The Kid Will Never Know
Summary: Armando and Annamena discuss what happened when they got captured.
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The days run odd in this place. To the point that Annamena wanted to sleep her life away until there was action, but she knew that her mind wouldn't be 100% upon being awake and groggy. So she remains upon her bunk, her arm dangling down, one foot kicked up to rest upon the bed. Her shoes were on the floor, her jacket as well. It seems as if she were the only person who had gotten comfortable during their plight. Even her glasses were set inside of her shoes. There was no use in keeping them on when she wouldn't be doing any reading or tinkering just yet.

At least Sam was somewhat okay. No one else was hurt save for her fingers that were burnt, but it was par for the course. They were the toughest parts of her due to years upon years of suffering burns due to work. Thankfully, that was the only thing.

"Anyone else awake?" She quietly murmurs. "It's so lonely here even though everyone is here.."

Armando hasn't slept. Not for days. It doesn't seem to have affected him badly. He watches the door. He watches the others. He stands quiet guard over his friends as he tries to parse the events of their capture- and the moments before. He looks over to Annamena and smiles quietly. "Yeah. I'm still awake." he offers to her softly, "Hungry? Thirsty?" he wonders of Anna, nodding towards his uneaten meal and water.

The quiet snores of the men (and woman) has her turning her head away to face the wall. But hearing Armando, she finally lets loose a little smile, turning upon the bed to sit upright. "Yeah.." The little woman carefully climbs down from her top bunk, landing a little wobbily upon her feet. She -was- hungry and thirsty, but tried her best to not annoy anyone as she usually would. Tight spaces weren't really good for someone like her.

"We didn't have a chance to talk again. I just wanted to say thank you for saving me that day. You remember me, right?" She asks, reaching out to take his tray and settling upon the floor with a cross of her legs. "Going to eat with me?"

"You can have it. I don't need to eat. I've been saving it for you guys.> Armando says quietly, as he shifts to join Anna on the floor. "You enjoy it. Its not like they want to feed us- that meal can really help you guys. Morale. Nutrition." he smiles quietly.

"Its okay. I remember. I still have your eyeglasses." Armando offers, "Carried them around for a while hoping to see you about so I could give them back." he admits with a quiet smile. "I'm glad you're okay."

"How can you survive if you do not need to eat?" It would possibly be the only thing Anna says for a while; for as soon as those words leave her lips, she pushes the tray upon her lap and quietly begins to eat. It wasn't bad. A little bit of oatmeal sweetened with raisins. The bread has been old, but the thick cut was delicious when dipped. At least to Anna. She hadn't eaten all day. She does agree with him by a nod of her head, a little smile gone as she carefully wipes away at her lips with the tips of her fingers.

"You still have them?" She asks, surprised. "That's.. wonderful!" In a time when she could be sad, she found this to be great news. "Its a nice thing to hear before we die." Morbidity aside, she glances back towards the sleeping few, then murmurs lowly. "I have been thinking.." She starts, letting out a sigh, putting the food tray down before her. "I think.. that the thing that captured us is going to go for the strongest person here. I think it may be you."

"That's fine. I'm sure that so called superior being will be infuriated with how little I tell him, and how little I flinch when he puts me under whatever torture he can imagine." Armando says with a wry smile. "We'll get out of here. When we do, I'll give you those glasses back." he assures Annamena.

"I want to make sure you and the others are protected. I think I can take it." Armando says with a little smile. A wan thing. "Honestly, I'm hoping MODOK comes after me hard- and discovers that between us, I can survive anything he throws at me- I'm absolutely positive of it."

"I think that the .. thing would see that as a great challenge and would like to try harder." Even though her tones were even, Annamena was clearly worried about the guy. She draws her knees up, placing her arms around them to rest her chin upon, watching Armando with abject curiosity. "I still would like to show you my work, by the way. Though, under different terms, as it were. So maybe, come by after all of this is over?"

"I think that we all are going to be fine.." She half-heartedly lies. Sam wasn't fine. He smacked into the wall pretty hard and she did her best at patching him up with what little she had. The rest weren't hurt, but they were angry. "What.." She starts. "..but what if you can't? What if you crack? What if we all crack." She knows she would. "I mean.. did we think of another plan just in case we -can't- make it out of here?"

"I'd like to see it. We'll do it once we're out of this, I'll stop by." Armando assures Annamena with another quiet smile. "It'll be a learning experience for both of us, I'm sure." Armando says over to Anna with a quiet smile. "And if I can't? I can't. Its just the way things are. I'll do my best, though. And I hope he comes hard, and finds nothing but frustration."

"I know.." For once, Anna didn't really sound all that alright. But his calm demeanor was helping a little. Her lips press against her hand, her head bopping rather quickly as she draws in a breath. "I don't know how you could be so calm after these events. I know how I can personally, but that's a matter in itself. But.. you?" She shakes her head. "I don't know if you've ever had any training and most of the people I know here are with SHIELD. How do you do it?"

"Panic won't help us." Armando says softly. "I've run into burning buildings. I had a bus blow up around me…." Armando just quietly shrugs. "Panic is fear turned to chaos. There's no benefit to panic right now." he speaks softly now, calm tones. Always calm and quiet tones. "I'm afraid, I'll admit." he says to Anna. "I'm terrified. Its weird- because its not me I'm terrified for. Its for you. Its for Sam and Alex and Bobby. For Sousa." he shakes his head.

"I've never been afraid like this before. I was always alone. I never had friends I cared so deeply about." Armando whispers, "If I can survive anything, its nothing for me to put myself into danger to help those who might not be able to survive it."

"But you're nearly invincible. Indestructable.." Anna points out. But the fact that he really was terrified, it makes her smile, only a little. And it's completely sad. "I'm terrified too. I've come to respect and like the rest of the people here. They're like family." She looks back at them, and then to Armando. "And I'm just scared I won't get to sleep in my own bed. And that I won't be able to finish my portable laser project. It's a small wristlet type thing that could possibly burn through solid types of matter. In theory." She rocks a little back and forth.

"I'm scared I won't get to eat a nice burger and fries again. Or apple pie. And I'm attempting to grow fungus in a petri-dish. Though, in stalks." She nods slightly, then leans over to grasp his hand. "I wish I could tell you to not be afraid, you have every right to be. But.. I can say that I'm glad to be here with you. You're the most selfless person I've ever met and I hope it never changes you."

"I'm not. Its easy to give when you don't really need anything to survive." Armando notes. "I don't need to breath. I don't need to eat or sleep." he smiles quietly, "I like doing things, though. Its just not required. Its people who have something to lose who are selfless. For me, it just makes sense- its the right thing to do because I'm not in need." Armando shrugs quietly. "All I want is to help people. I'm probably not going to die of old age- I mean, I can survive anything already… So.. Old Age." Armando just chuckles. "That's my future. I'm going to see my actions and explain them to everyone's children. I have to be able to be proud of what I've done."

Anna considers his words, rocking back and forth just a touch as she gives a faint shake of her head. "You do have something to lose. In fact, the way you put it, you'll forever have something to lose." She smiles sadly. "All of us." She looks around, then sighs. "I guess there are memories, too. So that's something." She folds her legs again then takes the try into her lap, intent on finishing the meal before her. But then she puts it back down again. Someone else may be hungry. She didn't want to be selfish.

"And are you proud of what you've done so far?"

"I'm not proud I killed a man." Armando replies. "I mean, he was trying to kill others. He was party to stealing at least fifteen nuclear weapons- but what about his family? He's got a mother and a father. He might have a wife and kids who don't know anything about what he does… and I took him from them." he looks down at his hands. At his uniform- burned out on the chest where his grey skin can be easily seen. Blood is flecked on his body. "I didn't feel it until we were here. After it had happened. I don't like it." he speaks so quietly now, barely a whisper- easily heard in the silence of their prison.

Annamena winces. She didn't know what it was like to kill a man, no. But that other person inside of her might. She wasn't going to touch that subject with a ten foot pole, but she could tell that he was remorseful. "When you stop feeling anything completely, that's when it becomes a problem, I've heard." She scoots up closer, then finally does take his hands. Bloodied or not, she would hold him tightly. Her voice lowered as she speaks.

"If you took them from him, then you've possibly done the world a service." She explains. "He made the world unsafe for his wife and children if he had them. He attempted to kill people who wanted to make the place better for people. What if he had done something worse before? What if he -would- have done something worse when he left? Like hurt that wife or child?" She lets go, then moves to sit next to him to lay her head upon his shoulder. "I know you don't like it. And you will have to live with it. I won't pretend to understand how you feel. But I also know that you will have to live with the possibility that you've saved our lives. Please don't think of us as a burden."

"That doesn't matter to the child." Armando speaks with a certain knowledge here. "I'd still welcome my Mother or Father back with open arms if they showed up at my door. Even after the neglect. Even after abandoning me. Slapping me in the face and throwing me out their lives. No matter what happens, someone took that kid's father from him." Armando says softly. "Even if he was a rat bastard- and he most certainly was, and I know the world is better off without him… that won't matter. Something will always be missing for that child." Armando has thought about this a lot- not sleeping will give a man a lot of time to think. "I don't see anyone here as a burden. You're my friends- my comrades."

"It wouldn't, no." She agrees. She didn't know a way to make him feel better. Emotions weren't her fortay. "If.. when we get out of here. Would you like to find out his name and give him a proper burial? To send him home in case he does have a family who is left wondering.." She frowns. "I imagine once this place is compromised they have already cleaned up. But.. we''ll find things to go on. And if he has family, we will give them peace. And a better future. Does that sound okay to you?"

"I don't think we can do that, Anna." The grey-skinned mutant replies with a shake of his head. "This is top secret. The people who live or die- that's a state secret now. If they go to prison, it'll be quiet like -and probably somewhere that everyone has security clearances." he just sighs. "I'm just going to have to work through this myself. I consider human life so valuable. We're all so unique and beautiful." he just smiles quietly over to Anna. "The kids will live. And maybe, in a way, its a kindness that they may only remember a father's love…. its more than some of us get."

"You're right.. but you're wrong, Armando. We can do it." Or rather, she'll probably do it for him. Though there was no question as if it were for the better or worse knowing that he really, actually did take someone from their family. Maybe she wanted to know. How very selfish.

"Well.. don't." She says quietly. "I'm not the best person for an ear. But if you need one, I am here." She looks around, then shrugs faintly. "Its also harm in knowing that they'll never be there and you do not know why." But, she was going to let it go. "I think I will get back to bed. This food. I do not feel so well right now." She smiles towards him, then leans away to give him a light pat upon the arm. "You'll be okay by yourself?"

"Yeah, I'll be fine. I'll keep watch and let you guys know if something comes up." Armando says again as he stands to sit again where he had been before, putting the tray to the side. "Sleep as well as you can with that situation. Don't worry. I won't let anything happen to you guys."

Poindexter sighs quietly, her shoulders slumping as she makes her way towards her bunk. She couldn't really offer words of encouragement, but she does give him a slightly final stare. Final as in, she's going to look into SHIELD to see if there was a counselor on board. That's the least she could do for him since he saved her life. With that thought in mind, she climbs up into the top bunk, then settles upon her side, curled up and ready for the rest of the nights sleep. "Gnight Armando."

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