1963-08-21 - Team Building Pt 2
Summary: Armando talks to Bobby about the team and working together.
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Armando has for the few days they've been rather quiet- he hasn't eaten. He hasn't drank anything- no sleep. Just sitting impassively. He has a partial tray of food nearby. He looks up and over towards Bobby, just smiling quiet when he notices his fellow mutant. "Hey.." he offers over. "You awake?" he wonders as he shifts to join Bobby where-ever he may be.

"Yes." Bobby answers, opening his eyes and propping himself up on his elbows. "Just chilling till the man in charge decides it's time for us to break out of here. Which should have been a few hours after we got here but obviously there's some tactical advantage to waiting till Big Head shows up and starts interrogating people. What do I know?" Yes, that was easily said loudly enough for the SHIELD guys to hear. "What's up?"

Armando nods quietly. Listening to Bobby as he comes to join his fellow mutant, sitting quietly next to his fellow X-Man and Avenger. "First, I wanted to see how you were doing?" he says, "Make sure you're okay. We're really in a pickle here. If it comes to bighead taking anyone, let me go. He probably can't do anything to me." he says, quietly. Taking a moment. "You hungry?" he wonders of Bobby, "I've got some food left- Anna ate most of it." he says, as he nods across the room towards his food tray. "I don't need it." Armando says.

"I was thinking about that. About escape. I've been watching them for the past few days and nights- pretending I'm asleep and studying their schedules."

"Nah, I'm good for now. Thanks though." Bobby says, sitting up and turning to sit on the edge of the bunk. "I'm thinking the interrogation isn't going to be physical. Not that I'm sure he's a telepath but man, the size of his head. Are you resistant to that too?"

"I'm thinking he'll be the type to make it hurt." Armando says, looking over to Bobby. "If it causes damage, I'll be resistant to it. Anything that threatens survival, I overcome it." The grey-skinned mutant says with a little smile. A quiet thing. "He's no Xavier." Armando notes with a bit more genuine of a smile.

"Here's the thing. We need a plan- we need to act as a team." Armando says as he looks over to Bobby, "We can't go off half-cocked. We've got an injured man- a good man, who treats mutants like people." he begins, "We've got women here who are scared." he continues, as he looks now into Bobby's eyes- all serious. "So, we need to pull together here. A lot more than our skins is on the line here. These people stole at *least* fifteen nuclear warheads." He continues that white-eyed stare into his fellow mutant's eyes. "Everyone is counting on us." he says softly. "Everyone. Everywhere." he takes a slow breath, "So, I'm thinking that we need to work together here to get out- not fight amongst ourselves." he says, "Because everyone is doing their best here- and Sousa, he's got years of experience on all of us in this sort of thing."

Armando takes a slow breath. "And its not about you and me anymore. Its about the people we promised to protect- as X-Men, and as Avengers. We do need to act fast, you're right- but we need to act smart more than anything else."

"You know, I think I heard a rumor about some missing H Bombs." Bobby responds dryly. "Oh, right. It's why I'm here. And I assume everyone else as well. I'm well aware of the stakes and I've been working with a team for a while now. And frankly, I think Sousa is way above his head in this the minute Big Head showed up. Sure, he might be great at sifting through reports. But this?" he asks, motioning around them. "And like you said, the other one is hurt and can't do anything. If you know a single good reason to stick around waiting for Big Head to return instead of getting the hell out of here, I'd love to hear it. Because I don't see how waiting helps us at all. Can you see through metal now? Don't answer that, they're probably listening."

Armando looks quietly at Bobby. "Why don't you give the guy a chance? You're not acting rationally. You're acting emotionally." He stands, "You want your reason, Bobby? Its the right thing to do. We still have a job to do here- I don't know about you, Bobby, but I'm worried about the people I love. I'm worried about you and Alex. I'm worried about Moira, and Xavier, Logan and Jean. You people are my family." he just stares at Bobby, as if confused- not understanding. "And these people are my friends. None of them have treated me as anything other than human. If people like that aren't worth giving a chance, who is?"

"I don't agree that it's the right thing to do." Bobby counters. "So my good reason counters yours. And of course, I'm worried. I'm even worried about the total strangers who'll die if those bombs go off. So yeah, you're not the only one who gives a damn. But these people are not my friends. I don't know them and I barely trust them. They need to prove themselves to me and I'd bet they feel exactly the same. And so far, they haven't." He shrugs. "They probably feel the same in that too. But just sitting around here doing nothing isn't giving me any reason to have faith in them. You do? Great. I hope you're right."

Armando nods quietly, looking at Bobby. "Do I need to prove myself to you, Bobby?" he asks of his fellow mutant, a quiet thing as he looks into the other man's eyes. "Do you trust me?" he wonders, "Do you think I'd ever do anything to hurt anyone?" he sighs, "What's the use- you've made your decision. You've decided that instead of giving, you'd rather take. They can't prove themselves to you if you never give them a chance." he shrugs quietly, "Now's the time to give them the chance. You won't know if you can trust someone until you trust them, Bobby. That's the way trust works. Someone has to be the bigger man and give it first, and you let them prove themselves worthy of that trust. Its the only sure way you'll ever know." He turns and walks over to his tray, still with food on it and returns before offering it to Bobby. "Please, Bobby. I'm begging you here, just give them a chance. If you won't do it for yourself- do it for the people back at the mansion. Do it for the people you love. You don't have to like it- but the fact of the matter is that together, we can make a really potent team."

"I talked to Sousa today. He's more than willing to trust you as part of the team. To work together to put a plan into action that won't only save all of us- but might just save the world. Please, Bobby…" Armando just sighs quietly, "Please."

"If I wasn't willing to give them a chance, I wouldn't be here." Bobby points out. "I'd have said no from the beginning and argued against it. Instead, I said we should give it a shot. And now here we are." He looks around to make his point. "Sitting around, doing nothing, waiting for… something. Not giving me a lot of confidence in them. Thanks." he says, taking the tray. "I'll share it with Alex. I'm ready to move. When they are, I'll do my part so we can get out of here and get those damn bombs back."

"You both need your strength. Lets just keep the sniping at each other to a minimum." Armando offers, "Right now we all need to work together- and when we're out of here? Then you can make a decision." he says, "For now, lets have a little faith in one another- please. No one expected an ugly, big-headed megalomaniac who could somehow warp time and space. No one *could* have expected that." he notes softly, "We'll come up with a plan soon. We need to know the lay of the land, first. Know where to go, and how to escape. We're going to need a distraction so Wasp can get out and scout for us. We'll just get captured again if we don't go with a plan- I just need you and Alex to be part of that. I'm starting to formulate something, but you two are required for it to succeed. I thought about asking you to promise me you'd be there- but I don't think that's needed. I trust you, Bobby." Armando then turns and walks over to his own bunk- sitting and returning to his vigil. "Thanks for listening, brother."

"No, Big Head was not high on my list of how this could go wrong." Bobby agrees with just a hint of humor in his voice. Granted, it's black humor but it's humor. "Like I said, I'm ready. Hopefully the rest of you will be too before we're even more weak from too little food." Giving Darwin a nod, he stands to head over to Alex to split the tray. "Sure thing."

Armando smiles- nodding his head over to Bobby- before he looks towards the door. "Don't worry. We'll make it, Bobby." he promises quietly.

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