1963-08-23 - Macy's Mishap
Summary: An accident in Macy's draws some random people together.
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Macy's New York City
Tue Aug 23, 1963 — Tue Aug 23 18:33:02 2016


With it's classic logo in bright white letters lording over Midtown, Macy's the place for all your high class shopping needs. The department store always seems nearly flooded with people, often in bright, clean clothing and wild modern styles. There is a shoe department that has everything from flats to knee-high go-go boots; a children's department with tiny frilled skirts and bow ties; a women's department filled with all the hottest mini-skirts, shoulder padded suits, long pants and elegant evening gowns; and lastly the men's department with stately suits and slacks. The perfume floor is a melange of alcoholic odors for one's body and the make up department is filled with perky, helpful cosmetics girls willing to do a make over for a purchase of a single item!


Kitty - Dark haired. Wiry. Athletic.
Piotr - 6'6", well-built young man with short dark hair.
Trish - A young woman with short, wavy blonde hair and hazel eyes.
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[O] Midtown


Macy's, with its gleaming tiles, shiny lights, and general shininess is, essentially a giant store for cats and kids of all sorts… unless you hate shopping. Kitty Pryde, despite her temporarily come and gone vapid phase (ha) in her teen years, has never really been one to shop. It's really no wonder that she lives in t-shirts and faded blue jeans.

Yet sometimes, stores are a necessity. As is the case today.

After a long, and rather scolding phone call last week, her parents have ordered, and apparently sent for something at pick-up in the large, cumbersome store. A long sigh escapes Kitty's lips as she peruses the directory to figure out where on earth she has to pick up whatever her mother has seen fit to send her, causing her linger beside the perfume counter just a little too long.

This, of course, draws the attention of an overzealous woman behind the counter, who sees necessary to spritz Kitty with some ridiculously flowery fragrance. "Aaaaaaachooo! Aaaaaachooo! Aaaaachooooo!" the last actually drives Kitty to intangibility… through the floor.

BANG. Kitty groans on the floor of Macy's. "Ow." She blinks hard, trying to decide if anything is broken.


Lorna was shopping with her birthday money. It was a sad thing, to go alone. Yet, better than to not go at all, she mused. Several new shirts had made its way onto her arm, some more exciting and daring than the young woman had dared before. Such was the chance of living on her own for the first time in her life. A sigh dragged from her lips as she rounded a display to try to find where the cute skirt in her size.

At least, that's what she would've been doing if she hadn't just seen the girl from school fall through the floor above and land on the floor infront of her. Her eyes widened and she scrambled back a step, two, right into the clothing rack. A squeak escaped her, and she caught herself just before she fell.

"Uh-uhm.. Ki-Kitty?" She blinked repeatedly as she caught her breath, her heart thudding in her chest. "Is that you? A-are you okay?" She called, trying at least, to not freak out about another mutant appearing in front of her.


It had not been difficult for Kitty to convince Piotr to come with her to the store, even though his last trip to Macy's had been… less than productive. It allowed him to take his mind off of how much of his morning had been spent in the Institute's medbay having his arm mended. With a blowtorch. The good news was, it had worked, and allowed a flesh-and-blood man in jeans and a t-shirt to accompany her to the store. But man. It was unsettling to think about.

He's halfway through offering her a "Gesundheit" when he realizes she's gone. Oh. Oh dear.

Rather than offer any kind of explanation or excuse to the perfume woman, Piotr just flashes his best smile, then pivots and rushes to the elevators. If he's lucky, she's only gone down one floor, and will be relatively easy to find.


Shopping! Clothes! Perfume! Accessories! Yes. This is the place for Trish. Her purse in hand, with cash and cheque book handy, the actress is ready to shop to her heart's content. Of course, she has no idea as to what she actually wants to buy. But that's why she's put aside a fair bit of time to the endeavour.
Trish is gazing at some clothes, not too far from Lorna, when someone seems to have fallen amongst the racks. "Oh dear!" She exclaims, more loudly than she'd intended, as she rushes toward Lorna and Kitty. "Is everything all right? Anybody hurt?"


%r%r Keith was totally being a good boy. He was disguised as a human in his default redhead-and-freckles look, and he was doing absolutely nothing to draw attention to himself. It was a requirement when going out shopping with Kitty and Piotr, considering the tower Russian already drew eyes like crazy. And goodness knows that after the night all three of them had, they could use the benefits of retail therapy- to throw themselves at the gilded altar of capitalism and wash themselves in consumerism up to their ears- wait… maybe he was hanging out too much with Piotr.%r%r He is sensitive to the waves of perfume, having the kind of nose that he does- and is too busy waving his hands in front of his face and closing his eyes to cast away the foul stench to see Kitty fall through. "Augh! It's the attack of the Mary Kay commandos!"%r%rThis is, actually, the year that Mary Kay Inc. came into existence. Now you know, and knowing…%r%r"Why do people wear that stuff on them? It's so… " he's looking for the olfactory equivalent of 'gaudy', but can't seem to find it, "Ugh. Right Kitty?"%r%r"Kitty?"%r%rKeith blinks. No Kitty. What he sees is Piotr making like a man wanted for the elevators. "Hey! Big guy, wait for me!" %r%rHe starts hobbling after Piotr, his crutches working overtime to keep up.%r%r


Keith was totally being a good boy. He was disguised as a human in his default redhead-and-freckles look, and he was doing absolutely nothing to draw attention to himself. It was a requirement when going out shopping with Kitty and Piotr, considering the tower Russian already drew eyes like crazy. And goodness knows that after the night all three of them had, they could use the benefits of retail therapy- to throw themselves at the gilded altar of capitalism and wash themselves in consumerism up to their ears- wait… maybe he was hanging out too much with Piotr.

He is sensitive to the waves of perfume, having the kind of nose that he does- and is too busy waving his hands in front of his face and closing his eyes to cast away the foul stench to see Kitty fall through. "Augh! It's the attack of the Mary Kay commandos!"

This is, actually, the year that Mary Kay Inc. came into existence. Now you know, and knowing…

"Why do people wear that stuff on them? It's so… " he's looking for the olfactory equivalent of 'gaudy', but can't seem to find it, "Ugh. Right Kitty?"


Keith blinks. No Kitty. What he sees is Piotr making like a man wanted for the elevators. "Hey! Big guy, wait for me!"

He starts hobbling after Piotr, his crutches working overtime to keep up.


Another groan follows Lorna's question, but Kitty doesn't move. She sniffles loudly, and rather irritably as her eyes, now puffy from reacting to whatever was in that perfume, blink HARD. There's a moment where she wonders if anybody saw what just happened, but then Lorna is saying her name. Yup. Someone saw.

Her cheeks flush brilliant red, and she presses her palms to the ground. She is not an amateur phaser! With a very sheepish, and altogether withdrawn smile, she issues a small three fingered wave to Lorna. "I'm… I'm okay, Lorna… just… dropping in…" she offers meekly with just a touch of humour… until her eyes flit to the VERY recognizable Trish Walker.

While Kitty was embarrassed before, she can't figure out if she's knocked herself out now! Her mouth gapes in disbelief and her lips try to make words. "It's… ohmygoshIcan'tbelievethatitsyou — " she points rather expectantly towards Trish while looking towards Lorna.

While her back throbs from hitting the ground so hard, she feels rather flustered while she observes, "Did — what — PATSY!!! It's PATSY!" Her lips curve into a large toothy grin. "I used to watch you on TV when I was like YOUNG and you would always say that thing that you always say that thing — can you say the thing?!"

Oh dear. People should feel rather sorry for Trish right now.


Lorna rushed over to Kitty, finding some courage to do so despite the intial shock of seeing the woman fall through the floor above, or was it the ceiling? Which ever it was she was kneeing down to offer the woman a hand when Kitty starts to completely gape and gab about something behind her. So, Lorna glances behind her and her brows shot upwards.

"Oh. My. God." She blinked repeatedly, her hand—which had been held out in offer previously was now pressed against her mouth as she held back a rather high pitched noise. She tried, honestly she did. Even if she could get beyond the high pitched noise and actually speak any further.


Piotr will probably remember to apologize to Keith for rushing off without him. Again. But first, he needs to find Kitty and make sure that noone saw what happened and reacted badly. This is where being six and a half feet tall can come in handy — he can see over the racks and displays without difficulty. And what does he see?

A growing gathering of people, surrounding someone, and an excited murmur going through them all. Was that a shriek? Hell.

Piotr looks back over his shoulder for Keith, edging back to meet him so that he can lower his voice. "We may need to leave quickly," he rumbles quietly. Then he's picking his way towards the crowd, moving as quickly as he can without literally bowling anyone over.


"Oh, good. You're…up." Trish flashes Kitty, who must be around her same age, a little smile. Clearing her throat, she chuckles. "It's true. It's me. You…you want me to say…?" She furrows her brow, looking at Lorna. "Are you okay?" She asks. Of course, this is one of the typical reactions to her that she's come to get used to.

"I…oh, I suppose I could say it. It's always been rather fun to say." Trish says to Kitty, allowing a smile to crawl across her face once more. "Iiiit's Patsy! I really wanna be your friend! I hope this day will never end!" It's the least she could do for the poor young woman who fell, somehow, amongst the clothing.

"Are you going to be okay?" She asks of Kitty, gently placing a hand on her shoulder. "Is this your friend?" She glances to Lorna once again. "Maybe she can make sure you get home okay?"

Tilting her head, she says, "Or is there someone I can call? Maybe a car service to get you somewhere? You seem to be all right, but you did appear to fall quite hard." Yes, Patsy from It's Patsy is offering to pay for car service to get them home safely.


"We always have to leave quickly," Keith says, perfectly deadpan. When Piotr gets going, he does his best to keep up, huffing a little. "You know, Piotr… next time, I'm just going to bring a harness and I'll strap myself to your back. Do you see her?…" he pauses.

"… was she the one shrieking, or was she the cause of shrieking in others?" Keith is short. Like, very short. He does not have the privileged watchtower-like line of sight that the big Russian does.


"RIGHT?" Kitty echoes after Lorna stares at Patsy. "I mean, I can't believe you're a real person who shops at the same store I am currently shopping at! I must be so cool right now I can't even imagine how cool I must be!" Evidently, Kitty's fall obliterated the parts of her brain that tell her she's talking too much. "WOW! WOOOOOW! I can't! Iiiiiit's Patsy!" Kitty repeats just beaming.

The hand at her shoulder gets a rather delighted grin, and even with her bright crimson face, Kitty is on some heavenly plane. But then she's being asked questions. Wait, Patsy cares to ask questions? Who knew?! "Uh I uh," Kitty squints, trying to ascertain what on earth Patsy has asked, and so she answers a question that she assumes Trish has asked, "I'm Katherine I mean Kate I mean Kitty and I really did watch the show and — " wait, did she ask about Lorna?

For a few beats, Kitty openly stares at Trish, trying to process what she has been asked. "Right. I'm…. fine?" it's a question more than an answer. "And, this," she points towards Lorna, "is Lorna. We met at NYU a few days ago. I'm here with a good friend of mine and my boyf — well, the guy that I spend time with and — it's complicated. I think they're upstairs. One's a red head. The other is really tall. And kind of broad? Like football player broad — " She lifts a hand dismissively. If Trish wanted to know Kitty's life story, Kitty would probably tell her right now through the combination of nerves and weird familiarity.


Lorna stared from Trish to Kitty and back again. Her hand falling away as she gaped and then finally, nodded. "Yes! I'm fine, just fine. Sorry, uhm. Uh.. Yes. Kitty is really nice." She offered lamely, staring as she struggled to not stare and failed miserably. The poor girl turned a shade of red that matched Kitty's and the two brunettes were almost a matching pair.

"Wow.. I can't believe this is actually happening. I'm such an idoit.." She whimpered.


'Football player broad' might be understating things. The guy who manages to squeeze through the assembled onlookers is simply massive, like, Muscle Beach big. And also very puzzled.

"…maybe we do not need to leave quickly this time," Piotr says slowly, keeping his heavily-accented voice low. Noone is panicking. In fact, they seem pretty happy. This is… unexpected. He gives Keith a confused look before he lifts a hand, giving Kitty an uncertain wave.

"Katya?" the big man asks, eyes flicking between the trio of women. "You are unhurt?"


The excitement is rather infectious. Some fans annoy Trish. But these two are kind of sweet, in their own ways, really. "I believe you when you say you watched the show…Kitty." She calls her by the third name given, assuming that's what she wants to be called. "And it's really me. Patsy from It's Patsy. Though you can call me Trish. Although, if Patsy is what you prefer, I think I can manage." She says with a little smile.

"Oh! NYU! I love it there. Such a great campus and amazing professors." She says happily. "I'm glad to see you're fine, though. And that you've got your new friend to help." She pauses, listening to the girl talk about the others she's with.

"Hmm. A friend and a complicated boyf that are around here somewhere." She starts to look around. "I'm sure I can help you find them. It shouldn't be too difficult, if the one is as big as you claim."

Trish's attention falls to Lorna, though, for a moment. "You are not an idiot. Why would you even say that about yourself? You seem like a lovely young lady!"

She opens her mouth to say more, when an obviously large gentleman pushes his way through the crowd. "Is that the um…young man you were talking about, Kitty?" She says, pointing to Piotr, who has already asked her about her wellbeing.


Keith looks at Piotr and sizes him up for a second. Yep, complicated boy definitely sums it up. The redhead retreats a bit behind Piotr, better to observe without being the focus of attention. Piotr is so very good at drawing attention away from you when you wanted to be sneaky. He was definitely curious about what on earth was going on in here…


"Yeah!" Kitty grins at Patsy. "That's him! And my friend Keith!"

Kitty issues Piotr and Keith a sheepish two finger wave, "I fell," before pointing her thumb at Patsy, "but Patsy and Lorna helped me." She looks towards Trish, "See?! It's Patsy! You know, from Iiiit's Patsy?" Although after a few beats she ponders, I'm guessing they didn't have that where you grew up! Well it is, Patsy, I mean, er, Trish?" Her eyes widen as she lifts a hand apologetically, "Sorry. I just fell. Kind of hard," like she has to explain the circumstances that she needs as an excuse, "and it hurt and I'm having a hard time — because — wow."

If at all possible her cheeks flush even brighter. "Sorry." Her lips press together and her chin drops as she finally brings herself to a stand. But in standing, she suddenly feels very dizzy, causing her knees to buckle underneath her. Evidently she fell harder than she thought.


Lorna fumbled for words and turned even redder as Trish gently corrected her mumbled, self-put down. She swallowed a lump, struggled for some kind of a response and ended with a small. "O-oh. T-thank you." She squeaked, her eyes widening as she stared again. And then Kitty was gesturing to Piotr and someone she didn't know at all and she glanced over her shoulders and offered a tiny, meek wave toward Piotr.

As Kitty stood and then started down again, Lorna shoved forward to try to wrap an arm around the other woman's figure to slow her descent and try to catch her. Her would be purchases forgotten on the Macy's floor beside her in her quicky scramble.


The explanation from Kitty does very little to make Piotr look less confused, but that doesn't stop him from offering both Trish and Lorna a polite smile. "Ah… hello. You made your shift, I hope?" he adds to Lorna, looking oddly self-conscious.

Whatever he was going to say next is dismissed out of hand — Piotr takes a quick step and reaches out to try catching Kitty by the shoulders and hold her steady. The worried "<Easy!>" comes out in Russian. "Did you hit your head? You should sit."


Smiling awkwardly, Trish gives Piotr and Keith a little nod. "Hello…to both of you. I'm glad to meet you." If she's disappointed that they don't recognize her, she doesn't give any indication of it. Her concern, at the moment, is about the wellbeing of Kitty. "Really," she says to Kitty, "if Patsy is easier for you, I'm happy to be called Patsy." She says cheefully.

But the cheer soon turns back to worry as the young woman starts to fall again. "Oh dear! I think we need some help. Perhaps we need to get her to the hospital!"


Keith recognizes Trish, alright. But considering that Kitty has essentially organized a one-woman ticker tape parade for her, he thinks it's best to just be… well.

"She could've gotten a concussion…" he looks at Lorna, and gives her a helpless shrug- he can't catch Kitties with his crutches. They also haven't been formally introduced yet, but first things first, "… We might have to take her to… somewhere medical. For observation."

He did not say the words med bay. He did not.


The steadying arm at Kitty's shoulders earns Piotr a thankful, and incredibly fond smile. The Russian wins a broader, nearly dreamy grin, and she repeats it almost perfectly, but not perfectly enough, "<Liver!>" Piotr can laugh about this to himself later. His question, however, actually causes Kitty to reach up to the back of her head and cringes when her fingers meet a bump.

Her face scrunches as she nods slightly, Yes, she hit her head, only to shake it seconds later when thew word hospital is mentioned. "N-no. I'm I'm okay. I just need. I need to walk it off — " because that's a good idea. Kitty's judgment may be a bit impaired.


Lorna stepped back as Piotr came rushing in to catch Kitty far more fully than she could ever hope to do, and she offered the large man a smile as she stepped back. Her gaze swung toward Keith, and she offered a meak wave in turn. Still she turned around to at least start gathering up the clothes she had dropped, straightening the display she had backed up into before and generally trying to fix things for a lack of anything else that she could do. Finally, she turned back, a furrow of her brow following.

"Well, if you have a concussion you should get some ice on it and lie down. My mother always said that rest cures most things." She offered softly as she noticed Kitty's claims at being just *fine*.

"At the very least.." She added, grimacing.


The word 'hospital' makes Piotr wince. What an odd reaction. "I, ah… I can make sure she gets help," is about all he's willing to commit to, peering down at Kitty with a concerned frown. Okay. He'll laugh about the attempt at Russian later, when he's less worried about everything else.

"I feel very silly doing this," Piotr grumbles to himself, drawing in a deep breath before he stoops down long enough to scoop Kitty up off of her feet. "But. No walking. You are too…" He trails off, struggling to try and find the right word, and eventually settles on "…unsteady? So." He gives Lorna and Trish a very embarrassed look.


"I'm the one in crutches, yet she gets the pickup. Is there any justice in this world?" Vorpal says to Lorna in a manner not too distant from Groucho Marx's. "We know a good doctor who can take care of her."

He looks at Trish, "I'd totally ask you for an autograph for her when she stops being loopy, but it would embarrass her completely. Completely mortified, even."

He pauses for a second, and thinks about this.

He then digs into his jacket, producing a notepad and a pen. "Could you personalize it for her?"


ROLL: Kitty +rolls 1d3 for a result of: 1


Kitty starts to object at the prescribed rest, "N-no doctors. Never again. Never. Besides, I'm honestly oh — kaaaaaaaah," and she's being picked up by her boyf, causing her expression to change from resolute to downright bashful. Her hands press to her face and she looks down at him. "You know I could get out of this if I wanted to — like I could do that —just so we're both clear on this that I am completely capable of getting down — " while Kitty doesn't intend it to come out the way it does, she essentially confesses her desire to be carried.

And, unfortunately for Kitty, she's getting loopier by the minute, and takes to explaining the same story again, "It's really high up here — " she looks down " — do you get dizzy sometimes? I feel like if I was always this tall it would be dizzying — "


Stepping back, Trish watches the friends help. She casts a somewhat confused glance to Vorpal. "Oh…um…yes, of, of course I can!" She takes the notepad and pen and starts writing, 'Dear Kitty, You are an amazing energetic young woman. Keep it up! I hope you feel better soon! Yours truly, Ptasy, of It's Patsy' And with that, she hands it back to Vorpal.

Glancing around, she says, "Well, I'd like to help somehow. I've got an account with a car service. Let me call them for you, and they'll take you wherever you need to go! I'll have them meet you at the front entrance?" Without asking, she's off to ask for use of one of the store's phones.


Lorna chewed her lower lip as she shifted her weight upon her toes back and forth, and turned her gaze from Trish and the young man she still didn't know—to Kitty and Piotr. She made her way over toward Kitty, concern etched on her brow. "If there's anything I can do to help out?" She pushed her hair back from her face, shooting her gaze from the loopy-woman up and up toward Piotr.

"/Is/ there anything I can do to help? I mean.." She sighed in a rush of air, her shoulders deflating.


"Yes, Katya. You could get down very easily," Piotr tells Kitty in a very patient voice. "We are very clear. I promise." He pauses and adds, "Sometimes, a little dizzy."

He blinks once at Trish before nodding once, raising his voice to call after her. "You are very kind! Sorry for trouble!" He has no idea why Keith got the nice woman to sign something, but… whatever. Americans, right?

Then Piotr's eyes fall upon Lorna, and he hesitates. "…perhaps. Walk with us?" he asks, offering an inviting smile to her as he starts carrying Kitty towards the door with a brief glance to be sure Keith is keeping up. "I meant to say, we made sure your books were returned to library…"


"Limp with us, hop with us," Keith adds after pocketing the autograph with a grin that's almost Cheshire in quality. Oh he's going to have so much fun when he can give it to Kitty. "I don't think we've met yet. I'm Keith. We're a very healthy bunch, as you can see," he gestures to his crutches, and The Incredibly Loopy Kitty currently playing the role of feather boa around Piotr's shoulders (not really). "How about you?"


As Lorna comes closer to Kitty, suddenly something becomes vitally important, "YOUR BOOKS! Ohmygosh your books! I'm for sorry you lost all of your library books and we didn't know what to do so we returned them to the library which I can only imagine would be ridiculously frustrating!" The note of apology in Kitty's voice is unmissable, as is the lightning speed at which she talks. "I'm so sorry I didn't know what else to do and it was just the easiest solution to the problem and I didn't know where you worked so taking them there seemed awfully stalker-y — " Her tongue rolls over her lips. The question, however, does cause Kitty pause. Can Lorna do anything to help out? And then, in all seriousness, with the level of brevity a doctor might make if giving someone a negative prognosis, Kitty answers: "Pie. Pie would be incredibly helpful." Also probably picking up her package from guest services, a suggestion someone saner might make. It's unlikely, once Kitty gets back her faculties and realizes what kind of lunacy she's engaged in, that she will not want to return (or leave her room) any time soon.

Another fond smile flicks to Piotr. "Have I ever told you couldn't be prettier if you were carved by Michelangelo?" it's quite the pick-up line. "Seriously. I told my roommate that right after I met you and I was entirely serious." She doesn't even blush when she says it. Evidently this is entirely appropriate conversation while being carried by someone. "It's true. Ask anyone. I'm sure Lorna, Keith, and Patsy would all agree."

Moments later she looks deflated. "I feel sleepy. I'm just gonna close my eyes."


Lorna's smile brightened and she folded her hands back behind her as she walked. "I'll get the door." She offered, as Piotr started forward. "And yeah.." She blushed faintly, "I figured that out as soon as I returned the next day. I had to start all over again. I wasn't having a good day." She wrinkled her nose up as she spoke softly, careful of Kitty's loop-ness born out of her concussion. A faint pinc of her brows following Kitty's rather long triade.

"I'm Lorna, it's nice to meet you Keith. I seem, for once to be better off. But.. as Kitty and everyone was so kind to me.. I figure one good turn deserves another."


"Well, that's mighty decent of you, Lorna. Nice to meetcha…" Keith grins at her, and then comes that line from Kitty.

He revels in it. Oh heavens, what a line. You could sit around for ages waiting and a line half as good wouldn't drop from the sky like this, wafted as it was by chubby cherubs and a choir of seraphim singing in sheer ecstasy.

That line could make careers.

"Why, I sure would say so, he's a total doll, alright," Keith grins. His grin is now almost full Cheshire, and it's so wide it is a marvel that the top of his head just doesn't fall right off. "I keep asking where I can find me a mold to make myself one just like him, but so far no luck whatsoever."

He's enjoying this, and enjoying the fact that Kitty is the source of it all. The cat is not malicious, but he is a cat, and the more teasing fodder there is, the greater the pleasure to be had. "Totally pretty, wouldnt'cha say, Lorna?" because sharing is caring.


"You have not told me that before, no," Piotr tells Kitty in that same very patient tone of voice. "I am sure you do feel sleepy, Katya, but it is important that you stay awake for us. You must tell me why you were so excited to meet this woman. Should I recognize her?" Surely, this is a good and clever plan.

Slowly, Piotr's gaze shifts to give Keith a good old-fashioned side-eye. Where to find the mold? "Siberia," he notes lowly, before he offers Lorna a quiet, polite thanks for getting the door.

Sorry, Kitty. They'll have to come back for the package. Be strong.


ROLL: Kitty +rolls 1d100 for a result of: 93


Lorna ducks ahead, holding the doors open as carefully as she can for both Piotr and Kitty, and Keith on crutches. She blinked at the teasing that followed and shifted from foot to foot rather awkwardly as the door shut behind them. "Uhm.. I .. I wouldn't know.." She mumbled softly as she trailed alongside the group. "I mean, uhm.. I'm sure he's.. well you're rather..err.. I am really bad at this. Sorry." She flushed and circled her arms around her middle.

"Uhm.." She chewed her lower lip, "Trish.. that lady, she's an actress. She used to be on the television a lot." She fell silent then, figuring that Kitty would elaborate.


"They're heavy." And sure enough, Kitty's eyes have drawn closed. "Kind of like in that room. When I woke up. So heavy." Her voice turns distant, empty almost. Within seconds, however, it changes tracks with Lorna's reply to the questions: "Patsy. Her name is Patsy. She was on the TV when I was little. It was just this really fun program and she was super cool. And never awkward. The rest of the world is awkward." Pause. "No that's not true, I'm awkward. You're perfect. I just feel so silly. Blushing. And staring. And giggling. And being generally hung up on every little word you say. And wanting to learn Russian for such OBVIOUS reasons that everyone can see through. And I know you know. Everyone knows. That's the worst of it. I'm an idiot in love with you and everyone can tell," someone needs to make sure Kitty never drinks.

There's another pause, and the topic changes again. Keep up, people! "Did I ever tell you that it hurts sometimes? To go through things. Like floors when I'm not expecting it. It's like being squeezed between things. Lots of things. And every little part of you gets squeezed. And then if it's super hard it hurts more. And if I have to really split, it hurts the most."

Her jaw tightens. "Lorna, do mutants make you uncomfortable?" Pointed question.


"Yes, she's a famous actress, Lorna. I think Kitty's rather a big fan. Which is why I got her…" well, he'll save that for later.

He shakes his head as Kitty just carries on"Oh, Kitty, darling," he says, clopping along on his crutches, "Everybody knows you like Piotr, biiiig deal. After all, it's not as if Piotr -likes- you and it's not like he wouldn't slay the Jabberwocky himself for you if you asked him to." Groucho Marx eyebrows for effect, "You're lucky, y'know. Some of us don't have boys who like 'em back."

He adds, "You're also probably concussed, which is not so lucky, but that's how the cookie crumbles, right?"

He looks at Lorna as Kitty's question just… well, it puts it there. Right there. It sort of LAYS there uncomfortably like a cat who has eaten too much food and can't make it to his kitty bed to nap it off.


Somehow, by some miracle, Piotr is not even blushing at everything that's coming spilling out of poor, concussed Kitty's mouth. He's hearing all of it, and he has no reason to doubt a single word of it is true. But he's too busy worrying. "I am not perfect, but that is very kind of you to say, Katya," he rumbles, giving Keith a little bit of a Look. "Do not tease her too much, Keith. Is not nice."

Speaking of 'not nice'… Piotr grimaces at the question and turns to Lorna, lowering his voice. "I apologize, Lorna. You do not have to answer that." Where, oh where, is that car?


It was easy for Lorna to keep up with the group so long as Kitty's jumbled ramblings were of more embarassment to her and centered around things like who Kitty liked and how Kitty felt about things. And then the concussed young woman had to go and drop that question on her. She stumbled, blinking hard as she nearly tripped in sudden shock in the unexpected nature of the question.

Heat colors her features as she stills and bites her lower lip. "It's.. it's not exactly.. I mean.." She floundered uncomfortably for what felt like ages, but in reality was merely seconds.

"I just.. it's not like you make me uncomfortable.. I just.. it's .. There's a lot of negative press out there. And there /are/ bad people out there that don't have powers. I know.. it's just.. It's sometimes a bit scary to think that there are people out there with so much power and /are/ bad. I mean, I know there are good people out there too. And I know, you're good too Kitty.. and.. I-I.." She exhales a breath and shrugs weakly.

"I'm sorry. I'm not answering anything right."


"There is no right answer," Kitty replies easily with all the alertness of a cat taking a nap. "I was terrified at what I was. Terrified. And so were, HA!, are my parents. Still. Years later," she lifts a single hand flippantly. "But it's good sometimes. A lot. Mostly. A person has to accept who they are and embrace it. I normally embrace it. Except when I'm awkward. But that has nothing to do with being a mutant." She's still completely okay with this, not even blushing a little as she speaks. "I'm pretty sure I get the awkward from my Jewish grandmother. Wait. They were both Jewish." She frowns slightly and then sighs.

Hazel eyes have clamped shut and Kitty's breathing has slowed. "It was a lifeline you know… a breath of fresh air to accept…" she stills against Piotr. "You smell like iron."


It's a few minutes, but Trish arrives outside with the rest of the small group helping out the poor concussed Kitty. "I've called the car service." She announces. "They should be here momentarily, with a vehicle that should…" She starts pointing at each person, mouthing numbers as she counts. "Yes, it can hold all of you. Though it might be slightly tight for you." She makes a point of mentioning this last bit to Piotr. "But they'll take you anywhere you need to go, charge free." Well, not entirely free. She's paying for it, but there's no need to mention that.


ROLL: Kitty +rolls 1d100 for a result of: 91


"It is natural to be frightened," Piotr assures Lorna. "People fear what they do not understand, and it is… difficult to understand." He hesitates for a moment, eyes briefly flicking askance to Keith before settling onto Lorna again. Quietly, he adds, "If you have trouble again. With staples sticking. There is —"

IIIIIT'S PATSY! Piotr abruptly closes his mouth and straightens up, quietly clearing his throat. Nothing! Nothing! Trish gets a hurried smile. "You are very kind… Patsy?" He gives Kitty a quick, uncertain look. "She said your name was Patsy."


Keith doesn't correct Piotr, it amuses him to see Trish addressed by her nom d'ecran. Which is a fancy name of saying character name, because he likes to be fancy every now and then.


He doesn't add anything more to the scene, for the moment, because the dominos of chaos are just perfectly poised, just so…


Lorna flushed again, ducking her head as her hand twirled and twisted a strand of brown hair around her finger repeatedly. She tugged it self conciously, and grimaced faintly as a result. "I think embracing who you are is the hardest thing.." She mumbled, "No matter who you are." She swallowed a lump that formed in her throat, and fell silent as Piotr spoke.

A flicker of panic edged in her eyes at the mention of the staple incident. As Trish came up relief flooded her expression and she waved a hand. "It's alright, I just .. I just wanted to help out. I was actually shopping before this.. soo.. I'll.. uhm.. I'll just head back inside if no one needs me anymore."


"I want to be a hero, not a menace," Kitty offers back towards Lorna casually. "Even that Spiderman wasn't a menace. I met him. We rescued people from a burning apart — which was amazing because I attacked him a week before because I thought he was going to hurt this poor civil — " she yawns and lays against Piotr a bit tighter, losing her train of thought. "Patsy," she murmurs softly. "No mom, I don't want to get up for school tomorrow. I want to stay home and bake cookies with you."

She yawns again. "It was white. And cold. And they talked about work things. Like I was a water cooler. Nothing more than a conversation piece. An object. Program — " and she's asleep.


"Patsy. That's right." Trish won't bother correcting that she goes by Trish. It's not important. Not right now. "Patsy's how people know me. It's part of who I was. Who I am." She smiles softly. "Anyway, I'm just glad I could help. Just…be sure she gets the help that she needs?" There's some genuine concern on her face."

She looks to Lorna. "If you're sure. The car could drop you off somewhere as well, if you'd really like." She gives her a kind smile, tilting her head inquisitively.

However, Trish's attention is brought back to Kitty once more. "Saved people with Spiderman, did we? That's quite something. I wouldn't mind meeting Spiderman some day. He's made quite the name for himself." She says softly. She nods a little at the mention of her name. "That's right, it's me, Patsy." She chuckles softly, gently patting Kitty on the shoulder again. "I think it's okay if you stay home and bake cookies. Baking cookies is a good thing." Though her last comments have Trish furrowing her brow in confusion, but she figures it's just confused talk from hitting her head too hard."


"Thank you for your help, Lorna," Piotr says, offering her a genuinely apologetic smile. "I hope today is better."

Really, there is a lot that Piotr could say — but Kitty's head hits his shoulder and he looks down, his brow immediately creasing in concern. "Katya? Katya, you need to stay awake —" Yeah, no, she's out. Whatever he just said in Russian sounded like an expletive.

Now it's Trish's turn to be on the receiving end of a very apologetic look from the big guy. "I do not think we can wait for the car. Thank you for your help." He takes one large step backwards before turning to Keith, a note of urgency in his voice. "We need to go. Would you be so kind?"


Lorna nodded politely toward Piotr, "I hope she feels better soon. Take care." She smiled warmly at two, even as Kitty passed out completely. Her gaze swung toward Trish and she looked sheepish, and held up a hand.

"It's alright, I don't need to go anywhere. I was actually shopping for new clothes. Since I obviously haven't gotten that done.. well, I might as well. Thank you, it was really so nice to meet you." A grin widened her smile and she was turning and ducking back inside of Macy's without further preamble.


Well, the jig was up. If they were going to Rabbit Hole, Keith might as well drop the pretense that he's human right here and now. "Of course, big guy. Thank you so much for your help, ma'am… but we have a faster way. Your kindness is very much appreciated, though, you're a Queen."

And that's when the human guise vanishes like smoke and the Cheshire cat is revealed in all of his stripey glory.

"And a second star to the right, and straight on 'til morning…" he waves a hand and, at first, the Rabbit Hole opens. It is overlooking an island… with a pirate ship nearby, and a giant rock in the shape of a skull.

"… sorry, wrong directions." A snap of his fingers and the image changes to a nondescript piece of greenery, surrounded by trees. Piotr would know this to be right outside of the school, of course, but other people wouldn't know it for anything.

"After you, big guy," the cat says, and gives Trish one big, wide grin. Trademarked.


"How are you all going to get wherever you're going faster?" Trish seems rather confused by this. In her mind, there's really nothing easier than a town car. Unless you drive yourself. It doesn't even cross her mind about mutants. Until, of course, Keith all out changes.

Trish blinks. "But…but…you're a cat." She blinks. "You're a cat." She repeats herself. "Wh…wh…" It's slow, it's steady, but it dawns on her. "Mutant!" She gasps quietly, a smile crossing her face. "That…is…so…COOL!" And then there's the portal and her eyes widen again. "SO COOL!"


As Keith works his magic, Piotr turns to watch Trish, his expression somewhat wary. And as she reacts, he goes from wary to confused, then to very pleasantly surprised. That is not a reaction he sees terribly often.

"Actually, he is not mutant," Piotr notes even as he steps backwards and through the portal, keeping Kitty cradled supportively to his chest. "…I am, though. Thank you again."

Piotr really, genuinely would stay, but he's got to keep his priorities straight. And right now, that means turning to sprint through the grass towards the out-of-view Institute, and — may Kitty forgive him — its Medbay.


"He totally is. I'm just the Cheshire cat," Vorpal says. He'd preen, if it wouldn't come across as conceited. "Let's do lunch sometime. Have your people call mine, dahling," and in the blinking of an eye, he is now Tallulah Bankhead, down to the alto voice and the silky drawl, "I do dinner at the Black Cat club this Thursday. Look me up. We can talk!"

And then he's back to his regular feline self and starts striding towards the Rabbit Hole.


"Cheshire Cat? But that's a character in a book!" Trish widens her smile even more, if that's possible. "This is all too neat! I'd love to talk more!" She waves to them both. "Take care of the girl! I hope she turns out okay!" She calls to them through the portal. She shakes her head. What a day!


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