1963-09-01 - Four vs State of New York
Summary: Two Storms, one Richards, and a Banner Walters converge, in the most fantastic of ends.
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GLKH: it's the sound of someone choking on crabmeat, and the finest law office devoted to primarily metahuman concerns. This corner of Brooklyn is solid enough, a mix of business and residential, that cozy feel owing to couches, coffee, and Priscilla the junior secretary smartly typing away on the new, fancy typewriter in a powder blue enamel case. "It's a gift from a client, but I can't say who," she tells anyone who didn't ask. Spitting this out to the weary attorney-at-law dashing by with another box of manilla envelopes and file folders earns a pointed look through heavy glasses.

"I know, Priscilla." Jen is not the sort to use cutesy nicknames for all she's a California girl. The secretary probably wants to be known as Prissy, or Cilla, depending on the client. "Could you get the door for me?" Said door is watched over by the agent at the front desk, leading deeper in through a cruciform intersection of hallways and important offices. Jen, being not one of the aforementioned four partners, gets relegated to a smaller one.

"I don't see why you wear high heels when you have to carry so much. Your arms look like they'll fall off." Secretarial concerns on physique are many. "You are just so small, Ms. Walters. You really ought to eat more. That boyfriend of yours should feed you more than a hamburger a week."

There will be a moment of a reproachful look, then the suited attorney disappears to haul off the case files to a vacant room, and then pray to the gods (God?) that something more suitable than the gossipy junior and soon demoted to intern secretary has anything else to divert her attention onto.


The clipped heeled walk of Sue Storm drives her (with Reed and Johnny in tow) to the waiting area of the law office. The short skirt that she wears sits just above her knees and is paired with a dark blue jacket — a replacement for the lab coat she'd been wearing around the Baxter Building. Sue speaks excitedly in Korean as they approach the desk, <Be on your best behaviour,> a statement she sees fit to translate back to English towards Reed, "That goes double for you. Best behaviour. We need good representation this time. Not someone who will add their name to a patent — "

In her hand, she holds a large manilla envelope that she immediately sets down upon the secretary's desk. Her throat clears, "Hello. My name is Sue Storm," she points back towards her cohorts, "this is Reed Richards and that is Johnny Storm." Her nostrils flare, "We're members of," like she has to say it, "the Fantastic Four." Her lips purse. "We need legal assistance as soon as possible. Our insurance is refusing to renew on the Baxter Building and I can't believe that they can just rescind it because of some pesky nonsense about chemical licensing — " she's ranting again.


For his part, Johnny Storm looks absolutely aghast at the notion that he would be on anything but his best behavior. <I wore a suit for this!> he tells his sister defensively, and it is true. He cuts a nice figure in an Italian-cut blue-black suit. He picks up a little speed so that he can get the door for Sue and, with a very slight roll of his eyes, continues to hold it for Reed. Might as well, he's already there.

Once they're inside, Johnny falls into step behind them. He doesn't say anything, but he does shoot Priscilla a winning smile and a wink over his sister's head when she introduces them.


Reed , in tow behind Sue, is dressed… a little bit looser than she is. Jeans, a slightly rumpled dress shirt pulled straight and buttoned recently, a tie that hasn't been this properly-tied in days… glasses. He looks like he got pulled out of the lab and straightened up on the way because… that is precisely what happened. For a wonder, he hadn't put up much of a fight when Sue insisted on dragging him across town to a law firm. Suspicious, but all he'd say on the topic was an agreeable 'No… it makes sense.'

When Sue admonishes each of the boys in turn, Reed raises a finger, opens and closes his mouth several times, and the sideglances to Johnny and shrugs, as if to say 'I don't know why she'd say that either.' The receptionist gets a slightly awkward 'hi' and his hand raised in greeting when he's introduced. It's… best not to interrupt when Sue is full-steam ahead. He has learned some things over the last two or three years.


Priscilla was chosen for a reason and it isn't because she has a pitch perfect blonde beehive. Nor her ability to expound on about powder blue typewriters, entertaining clients or driving out the fake ones back to their journalist hideyholes. "Yes, of course." A prompt smile is given up to Sue, but then a tyrannosaurus wanting Lieber's attention would probably get the same reaction. Two blinks absorb the information and dissect who needs to do what. A consulting view of the blotter finds her reaching for the switchboard telephone. "I believe Mr. Holliway is just finishing up. If you three," but where is four?! "would like to take a seat, I will give him a ring and inform him you are there."

This is akin to the second coming, at least for the woman in the skirt suit, because those who waltz in without an appointment for a partner are essentially one of two K people, and their names rhyme with Ring and Hen-ready. "We have very good coffee, if you would like me to bring you some," Priscilla goes on. The door opens, and Ms. Walters of the Banner clan steps through. No peeking. "What we mean to say is, would you like to take coffee in an office? Jennifer Walters, attorney." Because she's female, and this is 1963, the junior isn't even said. She extends her hand lightly. "I can take a briefing for Mr. Holliway."


Sue perks up and trails to the sitting area. There's a small nod at the offer, "Coffee would be good." She glances at her comrades. "Do you possibly have decaf? Doctor Richards — " she shoots Reed a pensive look, and then shakes her head as Reed seems oddly subdued. She can't quite put her finger on it, but she lets it go. If Reed wants full coffee she won't object today. Instead she changes thoughts and grins at the receptionist, "I will have a cup." She's on a bit of a war path today, and finding a way to appease that is probably wise.

"Ms. Walters," Sue stands up again, and accepts the offered hand with a warm grin. While Sue frequently gets mistaken for the receptionist at the Baxter Building, there's no question she can (and does) assert herself. "Thank you for accepting some walk-ins. I'm Sue Storm." A glance is given to her teammates.


While his sister is busy running the show, Johnny has turned to — of all things — fix Reed's tie for him, his lips twisting to one side. When he is satisfied, he nods once, claps the older man on the shoulder, and turns back towards the rest of the room.

There is just something about the way he smiles when he sees the attorney inviting them into her office. "A cup of coffee would be divine. Thank you so much," Johnny says to Priscilla, but he is clearly distracted. He's quick to move up beside Sue and get a turn shaking Jennifer's hand, inclining his head politely. "Johnny. But if you're an attorney, what do we need Mr. Holliway for?" he asks easily, glancing to Sue and raising his eyebrows. "She can do it, right?"


As this is the third time his tie has been fixed this morning, Reed simply accepts Johnny's help by tilting his head back, eyeing the ceiling, and sighing quietly in the manner of the long-suffering. One day, his friends will realize he actually can tie a tie properly. But there's always some little fix they manage to find.

"None for me, but thank you," Reed replies politely at the offer of coffee. Reed Richards… declining coffee. Well, anything is *statistically* possible…


Mid turn of a rotary dial, Priscilla might be shooting dagger at Jen if she weren't staring over Mr. Storm, and then to the stack of tidy white cups and the blotter. The tinny voice on the other end of the line requires her to go into business mode, which is slightly less intimidating than death Rosey the Robot mode. Soft words had, arrangements made, schedules cleared in the space of two minutes leaves the team, down one member, to get comfy or run through the foyer however they like. Coffee will follow afterwards, though that leaves time for Jennifer to assess her newest guests. Well, the firm's.

"Mr. Holliway is a partner, whereas I am a junior attorney," explains the brunette, her tone friendly if concealing some obviously well-developed opinions about American society and the place of women in the legal community. Put a crooked crown on her, and she is Notorious JSW, honest. Her smile warms. "I appreciate your confidence in my abilities, though any clients receive a consultation with a partner to assure we can fully meet all aspects of your needs. Also, you may have a certain profile that necessitates a handshake, warm welcome, and white glove treatment." Her tone is mildly wry while Priscilla's poker face keeps her from choking to death in horror. "This way, we can sit in the conference room. Would you tell me more about the insurance issue? It sounds routine; they protest on basis of your research to cover up the real reason, underwriting issues a long list of legal jargon, and won't like the bad press if it slips they're using racial and civil prejudice to block their customers from serving the common good of the city. Strike that. Country."


Reed's coffee decline sees Susan's head snapping back at him while issuing him a suspicious feline squint of her eyes. Her eyebrows draw together dramatically, and she watches Reed for a solid three seconds. It's an expression Johnny and Reed know well, asking a simple question: What are you up to?

The stare, however, dissipates as conversation with the lawyer resumes. There's a tightening of Sue's jaw, and a familiar feeling in the pit of her stomach; she's all to familiar with her status in the country. Johnny receives a small smile, and a faint nod, "Despite what some," her eyebrows lift and she glances vaguely over her shoulder towards Priscilla, "may think we're not looking for white gloved treatment. I just want our insurance company to treat us fairly. While I'm not that afraid for our sakes, we have people living in the building. If we can't get our insurance in a row, there's no way that their companies will allow them to have renter's insurance."

She tugs the notice of insurance termination from the envelope and scans it once again before offering, "We're up for renewal this year, and they're citing inability to insure thanks to using specific compounds in the space." Her lips press together tightly, "And if they were compounds we could do without, I would," she lifts her hands as if to say comply. "We could find alternate space to run experiments," in saying this she glances towards Reed, convinced he will object to that thought. "But it's more than that. The compounds they have a problem with are…" her jaw tightens and eyebrows draw together "…do you know organic chemistry, Ms. Walters? There's many compounds within the human body. The one they have a problem with is one that is directly tied to," she draws a tight circle with her finger towards her and her comrades, "our physiology."


Johnny is not a legal expert by any means, so as Jennifer finishes explaining the difference in status between herself and the partners, he just raises his eyebrows and glances between Reed and Sue. "…she can do it, right?" he asks again, oblivious to any daggers that may be glared in his direction by poor, dutiful Priscilla.

He's quite happy to follow the group towards the conference room. Johnny steps up to an empty chair and waits, keeping an eye on Reed out of the corner of his eye to see if he remembers to draw a chair out for Sue or not. One of them will do it. It's just a toss-up on any given day which of the two will be responsible for it.


Reed's expression as Sue gives him the EYE will become famous in some 12 years when Harrison Ford does a much more memorable 'What? Who, me?'. In the meantime, Reed does his best rendition without reference. It does leave him both able to remember and quick to pull a chair for Sue as they take their seats. He does forget to do it like a normal person, however, stretching an arm considerably far out of his sleeve to perform the task. It's second nature now. He opens his mouth when Sue explains some of the details of the situation, but elects to simply nod agreement at the sentiment regarding their neighbors. Best behaviour. And also… that other thing.

"Office politics," he murmurs helpfully sideways to Johnny in response to the question. And after a brief moment's thought, adds "…but yes."


Cat, bag. Cat, fleeing bag, at one-seventh the speed of light, to 14.88 AU. Behold how quickly that comes around, as the young woman leads them into a well-appointed conference room that straddles comfortable and legal opulence. It lacks some of the nicer bric-a-brac many might expect: no books, no weird sculptures. The paintings on the walls are not quite soothing, but clearly inspired, and the seating deep and comfortable. Quite necessary when certain clients under privilege can become as dense as stone or might be related to dreadnoughts. Jennifer smiles a moment, and then to the question of organic chemistry, replies simply, "My cousin keeps me sharp in the field." That could be boastful bragging were she not actually softening out of her lawyer's bearing for a moment, her blue eyes softening and mouth turning up in a small smile. "He's published under Banner, but more in physics."

Oh, just Bruce, you know. Old buddies. Big brother. By the fail to namedrop directly, she forms a foundation of a kind. "The concern for your neighbours is a good thing, something no doubt we can use if necessary to apply leverage to the right people. A director or manager in the underwriting department will grasp the choice enough, better than a standard underwriter. Our process, as Mr. Holliway can explain better, is quite simple. We would issue a letter on our letterhead, informing the insurers you retain us to handle communications and disputes henceforth. We manage those communications with full confidentiality, turning a team here to make the necessary inquiries. This is unfortunately a commonplace occurrence for scientists, inventors, and really anyone with a lab nowadays, minority or not. It's become quite popular to stand behind the old Genesis Argument, which presumes the compounds or equipment pose a hazard and prove uninsurable. It's been struck down in several other jurisdictions, and this is quite neat and dry. There are two federal cases settled in the prosecution's favour, in Texas and in Illinois. One involved materials a scientist at Argonne was required to manufacture at facility housing, which more or less meets the criteria if you are resident in the building. It's a fairly open and shut case with Franklin v. Department of the Interior."

A pause, and she takes her seat last among them, jotting a few notes onto an ubiquitous legal pad. "Any questions so far? I am fairly sure we can resolve this in maybe 48 hours, given a phone call and courier delivery. Unless your insurance company has a head office in Peoria. Then it takes a bit longer." Jen smiles. Aww, the couple is so cuuuuuute.


A small nod of thanks is given as Reed pulls out the chair, and Sue takes the seat, but she still remains suspicious at Reed's odd silence about the ability to do science things elsewhere. Evidently Reed's best behaviour is very good; she makes a mental note of this and will write down her pep talk to the duo when she gets home. Assuming she remembers it.

She inhales a deep breath and then glances towards Johnny again before allowing her gaze to steady on Jennifer. "Ms. Walters, while I recognize a partner may want to handle our case, I would prefer," she looks at Johnny again with just a hint of suspicion in her gaze, "if we dealt directly with you. We can put you on retainer immediately, and I would hope we can get this insurance trouble resolved by the month's end when our current contract expires."

Her fingers clasp lightly on the table in front of her and her legs cross at the ankles. "As I'm sure you're aware, we have other legal needs as well. Reed has several gadgets he's currently wanting to file patents for, Johnny," she blinks blankly, "seems to believe we should consider sponsorship," her throat clears, "Ben," who is not present, "wants to," is being forced to by Sue, "explore legal ramifications of some of the property damage we incur during the course of our efforts," her throat clears, "and I want to get ahead of advocacy around changing legislation around people with… different skills." Her lips press together tightly. "While our current insurance woes have demanded that we find legal representation now, we would like to put a lawyer on retainer for.. our consistent needs."


Understanding finally dawns on Johnny's face at Reed's explanation. Oh, politics, okay. He can wrap his head around that just fine. The added support from the older man as to Jen's ability just gets him smiling cheerfully when he turns his attention back to the actual, you know, meeting.

And then Sue's support has him positively beaming, the suspicious gaze completely ignored. As she lays out the team's legal needs, Johnny just offers a cheerful, silent thumbs-up in Jen's direction.


Man, Sue's gonna be disappointed when she finds out reed's good behaviour only has a little bit to do with her pep talk. And probably a bit mad. Which is why the behaviour is so good! He does speak up as Sue details their ongoing needs, murmuring a quiet reminder.

"There is also the matter of the Science and Technology Conference," he notes. "We're going to draw a crowd and I would like to make sure they are accomodated." Because of course he does and of course he doesn't expect the Conference to be happy about the gigantic pile of Foursies turning up to see them. Or the inevitable floor show.


"It's the first of the month," Jennifer observes a touch dryly. "I suspect the sixth will be suitable for all parties? I can draft up a letter for your liking, have it sent out the Baxter Building, for a sign off by…" A pause follows, a mental assessment done quickly. She isn't lightning quick as some people in the room, but no slouch in the least. "Six. That will include the right citations. And if you want to work directly with me, Ms. Storm, that is your prerogative. I don't presume that everyone is comfortable with a woman as an attorney; we do tend to deal with torts and IP rather than litigation, after all." Cue tight smile worn by a lioness looking at the tasty den of old boys. Old boys run slower and can be caught all the better, and she doesn't even have to be green to accomplish that.

"I've had two years of IP law; Kurtzberg here is our expert, for what it's worth. If you mean sponsorship, is that for immigration purposes or another? The comprehensive range is no trouble, I assure you." Bar exams, prepping someone for everything at rock bottom wages since 1948! Somewhere the French set are sighing, given how advanced they are. Damn America. Her smile is swift and sudden, rather pretty despite the heavy glasses. "I believe we can work well together, especially upon the matter of legislation. It is near and dear to my heart, that, and serving the rights of the community fairly and wisely rather than from a position of fear." A pause follows, then she clears her throat. "And property damage. I understand those rules a bit too well, all things considered. New York's riots have a run on clients involved in it."

Also, being seven feet tall and irradiated, dancing between rooftops after a Soviet rocket, will do that too. "Crowds and designating a safe zone is right up a junior aide's alley. I can have Martin do it." Ha! Take that, intern who keeps trying to stare up her skirt!


A smirk follows Jennifer's thoughts about comfortability with women as an attorney and Sue actually lifts three fingers over her lips to stifle a wry laugh. "I'm working on a doctorate from New York University after I got rejected at the interview stage from Columbia," for obvious reasons: woman. "I would never presume to think that a woman couldn't do your job; not when I'm incredibly competent at mine," most of the time. The notion of sponsorship has her shaking her head, "Not for immigration. Joon — er — Johnny and I immigrated over a decade ago." But she leaves Johnny to discuss the details.

The lawyer receives a bright grin at the thoughts about legislation followed by a firm nod. "Excellent! I know that not everyone puts credence into what we have to say, but I'm going to use our voices to tip the scales as much as possible. We need to have freedom to do what we do, and people need freedom to… live. There's been far too much regulation and repression in this country over our lifetimes. It's time that we embrace that which our forefathers — " she's getting passionate again which draws a rather sheepish grin. "Sorry. I've gotten rather used to giving speeches about it already, and they've only just started…"


Immigration? "Oh, nonono, we've been here most of our lives," Johnny tells Jennifer with a warm laugh, holding up his hands and nodding in agreement with his sister. "I was thinking more like… well, I don't know, is it better if we work with companies to sponsor their products, or if we do the sponsoring?" he says in the tone of a man thinking aloud, turning in his seat to give Reed a curious look. "The money'd we brought in would just be going to charities anyway, right? Maybe just cut out the middle man. Yeah. I like that better," he decides, not waiting for feedback from Reed as he looks towards Jen with a broad smile. "Us, helping people out with endeavors they can't afford on their own. That."


When Johnny asks his opinion, Reed swivels his chir towards him a little, leaning back and splaying his hands. He's just about to say something when Johnny continues his train of thought, and Reed lets him have it. He knows he often talks over the others, gives opinions whether asked for or not— it's in his nature. But Reed also realizes that if they're going to be a team, sometimes he has to let the others just… pursue what they're passionate about for themselves. So when Johnny works out his own answer, he clearly doesn't need Reed's input on the question, and Reed swallows whatever he was going to say, except for a short nod and "I like it."


"Ah! That kind of corporate branding and sponsorship." The laugh floats from the brunette, and she strikes through one comment. Another is jotted down. "We do not hear much of that in these offices, I am sure, but that makes entirely good sense given the interest in intellectual property. We do have an awful lot of people concerned with their citizenship status, born here or not. The fear they might somehow fall through the cracks as the result of the mutation or their changes is a very real threat, especially with antimutant factions saying the Constitution and other legal protections don't apply." Her smile fades and her eyes flare a slightly too bright aquamarine, full of unhappy measure. "I hope you don't believe it was a slur on your ethnicity. It's not. One, I'm from Los Angeles; we have plenty of immigrants, plus half of Hawaii at UCLA and Berkeley to study. Two, virtue doesn't go hand in hand with skin. So my sincere apologies, either way."

The attorney sits back with difficulty; she tends to lean forward when enthusiastic. "Regulations have some value, but not often in the field of social and civil rights. We cannot regulate uncomfortable issues out of existence and social dialogue, openly, is important for us. You see, we're in good company, Ms. Storm. We shall have to compare notes." An invitation beyond and above business, and she returns to the task at hand. "You know, the concept of putting sponsorship funds into a trust — like the Rockefeller and Carnegie families do — could net you /quite/ a bit of good attention and take away some of the financial and legal exposure you need to be worried about."


The pride that radiates from Sue's expression as Johnny explains what he intends can only be described as euphoric. She can feel it radiating from her as she essentially glows at her baby brother. If Johnny was looking for appreciation, he's certainly found it. A glance is cast towards Johnny and Sue offers back to Jen, "We're also from LA. Well, most recently." There's another flicker of a smile. "Seoul, originally." She swallows around the growing lump in her throat. "I'm not offended." Again she looks at Johnny, this time lifting her eyebrows as she studies his interest in the lawyer, "And I guarantee you my brother isn't either."

Discussion of civil rights, however, has Sue virtually sparkling all over again. "I would appreciate someone to work with on this push for equal rights for all!" Sue rests her hands lightly on the table and gives a small nod at the thought of a trust, but she turns to Reed, "What do you think? You've been oddly quiet today…"


Approval and attention. Two of Johnny's favorite things. Oh, but this is a good day. "Yeah, no, no offense taken. Promise. Let's do that," he tells Jennifer with an even broader smile, his eyes positively twinkling. "That sounds perfect!"

Although his smile doesn't fade one bit, Johnny does reach over to wordlessly steal one of his sister's hands as soon as she makes mention of home.


Reed blinks, as if slightly startled, when Sue turns to him for his opinion. He was thinking. Fairly deeply. And what does Reed think? He smiles. "I think The Future Foundation has a nice sound to it," he opines.

Then he sits a bit straighter, eyes sliding over to Jennifer. "I also think now would be a good time to start paperwork on The Fantastic Four, Incorporated. To handle our patents and assorted other financials." He turns his attention to Sue. "You can still be the CFO if you'd like, of course."


The young woman celebrates the collaboration and excitement by patting her pen against the tablet of yellow paper. "That sounds like an excellent start, your contributions to the community and sticking it to the insurance company. Nothing bad about doing either. The political geography of mutant and metahuman affairs is neither simple nor isolated, though, and I could talk for hours about the consequences. For everyone's sake, though, I will not." Jennifer is not the sort to fidget, and she crosses her feet under the table. For simply a moment, no more, she watches the interplay between the four and covers her mouth with her slim hand. It's so hard not to laugh at their enthusiasm.

"Tell you what, let me go and fetch the paperwork. For the IP work, trademarks on your name, and the financial instruments. For those, I'm afraid, you -will- have to put up with Kurtzberg but he's lovely and looks like someone's Floridian uncle, rather than an accountant. Smart as a tack, and he'll be able to handle any state issues. I'll have the aide start on the letter for the insurance company, if we might have that copy?" Cue question to Sue for the envelope.

"I should be honest, for sake of transparency, that this is a very exciting venture. Truly, you've been doing wonderful things and I am happy to support that." She gets up from her seat, preparing to gather far too many pieces of paper and Priscilla to type things and other legal secretaries to do work. "Also, Mr. Reed, Mr. and Ms. Storm, I'm the resident metahuman in the firm. If this creates any conflicts of interest or concerns, I will be happy to talk about them. It's not something of which I'm much ashamed."


Johnny's hand earns a grateful, and altogether warm, squeeze. There's a flicker of a smile and a small nod towards him as her cheeks hue a faint pink. Home will always be a soft spot for her. But the moment shifts into something very different as Reed names the foundation. Surprise is hard to come by when living and working in such closed quarters, but Reed earns a thoughtful and warm smile. That only turns shy at the mention of Incorporating the Fantastic Four and her continuing as CFO. The smile warms considerably and her eyes remain fixed on the table a few beats. "I only did it to make sure we were treading water," but it's not like she couldn't do it. Her lips twist to the side thoughtfully, "I would… love that." Her free hand reaches out to squeeze one of Reed's.

Jennifer really may be feeling like she's stepped into a family affair. Because she has.

Both of the men's hands are released moments later, and she slides the envelope over towards Jennifer. "Excellent. Thank you. We have had some difficulties with legal representation in the past, and after doing research, I admire what this firm is doing for people… like us." She swallows hard and issues Jennifer an easier smile, "I've done my research, Ms. Walters, and we've seen people swindled and hurt by their own representation. It's not just unprofessional, it's unethical, and borderline illegal. The fact that this firm stands up for those who perhaps aren't quite as resourced as present company," thanks to patents galore, "is more than amendable."

She leans forward as Jennifer makes her disclosure, and Sue actually grins at the thought. "This does not concern us." Pause. "I suppose I should only talk for myself. I have no concerns about your metahuman status. I'm sure you're more than aware of each of ours."


The look Johnny is giving Reed is somewhat difficult to identify. He's frankly a little shocked that the man has come up with a name for something that he doesn't hate and is trying to process this entirely unfamiliar situation. Eventually, he just shakes himself and settles back in his chair, squeezing Sue's hand before he takes his own back.

As for Jennifer's disclosure, well… he doesn't seem to have an issue with it. On the contrary, Johnny lights up — figuratively, not literally — and he points towards her, smiling broadly. "I knew I liked you."


Reed manages to return Sue's gesture with a graciousness he almost never manages to muster. He must be actually quite focused on the meeting at hand. Miracles. He lets the young lady decide when she'd like to release his hand and then settles back in the chair. he lets both of them weigh in on the topic, then takes his turn. "It would be highly inefficient to have to explain the nature of many of our concerns to a normal person every single time. If any one has a problem with your status, metahuman or otherwise," he advises Jennifer, "I assure you you would not be speaking out of turn to inform them this is one client account you *would* take elsewhere." And that is that as far as he goes. Richards has spoken. It seems all Fantastic Four and Reed Richards business with the firm is going through Jennifer as a primary, as of now.


"Okay, back in two shakes of a lamb's tail," says the lady hulk in human form, which is utterly ridiculous considering she'd be the most terrifying shepherd in flouncy skirts known to man. Halloween costume. When the Skrull invade, because we /need/ her running around with a huge rebar crook wailing about her sheep. And /you/ go offstage, and /you/ go offstage! Right. Someone record that and make it happen.

"I knew I liked you people too, but I never want to assume my status makes me a better — or worse — attorney to a client. Judge me on my talents, not because I coincidentally look awesome coordinated with white," she adds with a little smile over her shoulder. She wanders off to reclaim and do all sorts of troubling lawyer things, which mostly ends with a "You what?!" A partner will come running. A partner will enter *properly* to say, "Hi," and then mosey out because she's not NPCing him. But he probably knows full well what was said while the green queen is out there explaining what The Clients want. And given they're the first family of metahuman kind (followed by, what, hers?), they probably get what they want.


There's a vague nod of Sue's head at Reed's assertions, and she almost feels herself growing with certainty at each in turn. Her hands fold easily on the table, and she grins brightly as the lawyer exits for a few beats. "I think we chose well. Good job," she affirms to herself more than the others at the table because she did the research to get them here. "And I'm really impressed with this sponsorship idea, Joon. And Reed!" She claps her hands together, "The name! Ohmygoodness! The name!" There's no question, Sue Storm is tickled pink.

When the random NPC we don't care about shows up to greet them, he gets little more than a two fingered wave before people stop caring.

When Jennifer comes back, Sue offers, "I don't know if you have any interest, but I'd be happy to give you a tour of our facilities so you can see exactly what we're working with. That way when insurance comes back and argues that we're unfit, you have some frame of reference…"


It is a wonder that Johnny Storm is not actively dancing in his chair by the time Jennifer steps outside. Oh, he likes her. Just imagining how badly the two of them could torment poor Ben has him beaming at Reed and Sue. "We can keep her, right? I mean, 'Five' also starts with an F," he notes wisely.

The poor NPC that arrives is greeted by Johnny rising from his seat and coming around the table for two things: a cheerful handshake, and a polite request to please go bring their lawyer back. Thanks, pal, you're the best~!

He's just returning to his chair when Jen gets back. Johnny flumps back down and folds his arms behind his head, smiling broadly.


Reed is, again, startled slightly when Sue exclaims his name. Oh, right, she's happy about it. He manages to only look a little bashful about the praise. "Yes, well, it has a nice symmetry with the rest of the existing theme. The initials, you know…" Aha, Johnny provides a distraction. "Hey, be nice to the partners, Johnny. They *did* hire the lady, after all." It's more than most would do.

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