1963-09-05 - Equal Opportunity
Summary: New York City takes all kinds, though not always on equal terms.
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The day's still young though at large the Big Apple has already awoken. The holiday means that more people are sleeping in simply because they can, which makes seating a little easier to come across within the various diners and cafe's.

Just like the one that Domino's now stepping into. She's dressed all in black, looks pretty run down, and smells lightly of oil and smoke. She also appears to either not know about these details or simply not care, visually searching the inside of the establishment before she claims a table and a menu.

And checks to see how much cash she has.


Jax dinner. A strange little place in the middle of midtown styled all of its own this place opened up back in the 20's as a speakeasy and re-opened as a diner after its owner was released from prison caught running the speakeasy. The man the place was named for stands in the back of the place flipping burgers for the people waiting. His head completely clear of hair as it looks like he went bald a long while back.

Small barrels make up the seating at the front counter with comfortable cloth wrapped round to avoid any sort of splinters and the booths are about as comfortable, with a number of what seem to be small car seats lined up behind tables giving the entire place the feel of being cobbled together from what was at hand.

The place is rather empty really with only a few staff on hand to keep the diner in business, with the owner being one of only three employees here. Sunlight cascades in through the windows giving the place a bit of natural lighting as some of the years greatest hits play out over the radio.

In through the front door walks a man also clad completely in black, except under the black trench-coat and hat is what looks to be some sort of jumpsuit or uniform peaking out from underneath. His pitch black combat boots stand out from under the jacket as he moves to the first available seat.


One really can find any manner of things in this city, like the white and red trimmed leather seat Domino's now occupying which was probably lifted out of a 50's Chevy. At least the menus aren't assembled from letters cut out of various magazines, that might have been going a little too far.

How long had it been since she had a proper meal? Too damn long, give or take a week. She's about to order several different things, cash reserves be damned, when one of the more peculiar sights she's yet encountered drifts in through the entrance. Already she can feel the tension growing in the air from other customers, having no idea what's going on but fearing the worst.

She gets that feeling. It's moments like this where she's glad to be armed, even if a .32 ACP is wholly anemic by her standards. Just means she has to pay closer attention to her aim.

When the be-trenched figure takes a seat there's the not-so-subtle sound of a couple of seats made out of various materials getting inched further away from him. At least one person raises a hand and gives those at the counter a rather urgent look. 'Check, please!'

Domino's slowly rubbing her forehead, looking more annoyed than concerned. "Here's something else I didn't need to put up with today," she mutters to herself.


Silence, like a mexican standoff from the man as he grabs a menu from the table. Looking down towards it for some time as the waitress comes over he simply states. "I'll have the usual, Sally." In a calm and friendly voice. His stern looking face cracks a friendly smile that seems completely off base for the intimidating uniform hidden beneath the trench-coat.

The waitress on the other-side of the counter calmly just flips over his coffee mug and pours it up to the brim, before moving over to pass the order along, and set down a check for the client who'd wanted to leave. For as uneasy and disturbed as the other clientele seem to be the staff can't seem to be bothered in the slightest by the masked trench coat wearing hat hiding man, who seems to have some sort of weapon on his back.



There seems to be a reoccurring theme in Domino's life lately. Every day is stranger than the last. If last night seemed unreal then today is quickly making itself out to be another bizarre trip. Seriously, do people in this city really not care about a completely masked guy with a completely exposed rifle?

She might have an easier time fitting in than she thought.

"We don't serve your kind here."

..Or maybe not.

"My -kind?-" Domino suddenly hisses at the other waitress. "What the Hell is 'my kind' supposed to be? Look, I've got a skin condition, now stay out of my business and get me a number three and a coffee. I don't tip for oppression."

The waitress, suddenly put-off in turn, swipes the menu from the albino's table and spins about to walk away.

Now Neena's grumpy, an elbow propped upright on her table so that she can rest her forehead in a palm. It's a simple matter to turn her head to the side, staring back at the Man in Trench. "What's your deal? Fighting for Black Rights?"


There's a loud sipping sound as he drinks his coffee. The man at the counter seemingly getting more of a warm welcome then poor Domino. He looks down before making a face, and grabbing for some creamer to make it juuuus- dammit. The creamer spills completely soaking his coffee.

Shoulders slump down and he looks a bit depressed, just in time for domino to talk his way. "No?" He pauses mid scramble in mopping up the spilled creamer, before looking back over his shoulder. "I uh" He reaches down onto his person patting himself down before pulling out a small box.

Flicking it open he pulls out what looks to be a rather simple black business card with red lettering, and a HYDRA's head on the front. There's a small picture of a smiling man with two thumbs up in the corner and the words 'Bob, Agent of HYDRA' underneath it. 'Fighting justice by moonlight uniting the world by daylight.' Along with a telephone contact number.


(Oh, -GOD,- he's a Coffee Slurper. ..And a complete klutz.)

Somehow this isn't putting the albino's mood at ease. If anything it's only grating further on her nerves. Dom takes a moment to rub at her sleep-deprived eyes, blinks a few times, then gives the diner another looking over.

Is this all really happening..?

When the card is brought out she's out of her seat before the situation has a chance to be given proper consideration, approaching the man and turning to lean back against the bar while catching the offered item and looking it over.

"'Fighting Justice,'" she repeats with a slight frown. One hand keeps hold of the card, lightly tapping the opposite end of it onto the fingernails of her other hand. Once more she's looking at the man. 'Bob.'

"You consider yourselves bad guys, huh? Never heard of this 'HYDRA' thing before. They must be doing pretty well for themselves, given the gear they're issuing out," she states while giving the rifle slung across his back a real good looking over. "And this one's yours?"


"We're an equal opportunities employer with extensive presence in the fields of terror acts for the greater good." Bob states with a bit of a smile turning round to better face her as he manages to accidentally knock the coffee cup right off of the table and onto the ground. There's a few moments of just looking towards the broken mug, a low sigh escaping his pursed lips. "It's more a greater good situation." Finally stated after a long time staring at that cup.

Bob turns his head back towards Domino, holding out a hand. "I'm Agent Bob, and that's my card." He points out with a smile as his eggs are brought over, and sat back along with a new mug of coffee.


'Equal opportunities' and 'terror acts' don't seem like they should fit together in the same sentence. Domino is left wondering if this whole ordeal is some kind of joke, a ponderance which is only further supported by the breaking of the coffee mug, and Bob's reaction to it.

And the guy's just so damn ..-chipper.-

The business card is switched to her left hand so that her right can hesitantly accept the offered greeting. "Domi..n..o," she trails off as her meal, or what's passing for it, is delivered.

Runny eggs. Burnt toast. Raw bacon. Cold coffee.

Her shoulders momentarily tense, head dipping to one side as she looks back to Bob with -such- a friendly looking smile about her. "Say Bob, mind if I take a look at your rifle there?"


Bob switches out the two plates with a slight motion managing to send the plate from her flying back off down the counter. It's not exactly a graceful move but he tries to play it off as sending the disgusting excuse for food far away. Even if he manages to knock multiple plates of food out of the way.

"Well Domino, we're always recruiting, and we've finally managed to get most of our insurance coverage, and we're working on a dental plan." For everything that's gone completely and utterly wrong in the last few minutes it seems that he's still in a darn chipper mood about the whole thing. "And I would but it's only for active HYDRA personnel." The waitress rolls her eyes, before walking back to the back.


The switching of plates is noted, as is the apparent lack of grace in doing so. It's a thoughtful offer at least, though it doesn't set the scales right. Not in Domino's mind.

"Right, surely I'm not qualified to handle such a device."

She instead delicately picks up a fork, idly rolling it around in her fingertips for a moment. "Guess I'll stick to something they understand around here."

Just like that she's moving away from the counter, walking around toward the back, shoving the first waitress to object up against the wall, then paying the cook a visit in the kitchen.

He doesn't get anything more than a startled "Hey!" out before his right hand gets pinned to the countertop by way of fork through palm. They'll hear that howl all the way out to the street, no problem.

Then he gets struck once in the face with a cast iron skillet for good measure.

She'll never get tired of that sound…

Returning to the dining area she looks once more to Bob on her way toward the front entrance. "There's my resume."


There's silence from bob as he sips away at his coffee watching as Domino gets to work. He keeps his head low as the screams fill the air, and he winces rather viably. Looking at his own gloved limb and flexing it before looking back up. "Well I'll pass it along"

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