1963-09-12 - Meeting of two Realms
Summary: Thor makes a visit to this 'Sorcerer Supreme' in the form of one Dr. Steven Strange
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Two Asgardians in his Sanctum in one week. Scratch that, one was illusory, but it was the thought that counts. Dr. Strange is still coming to grasp the fact that the man - no, royal - standing in his living room is none other than Prince Thor of Asgard and hides his tired sigh behind the rim of his tea cup. Taking one last invigorating mouthful and savoring it as best he can with his nerves singing in quiet frazzled awe, he sets the saucer down with a clink on the side table and addresses his visitor from where he stands beside his beloved high-backed armchair.

"Respectfully, and in light of recent matters, I will be candid with you. My apprentice managed to work her way into Asgard and onto a balcony of your father's palace yesterday evening. Your father was kind and allowed us to leave rather than demand our capture and imprisonment." He doesn't mention how he was sorely tempted to let Odin take Illyana for a few days. "I am expected to speak with him in person regarding the incident as liaison of Earth…Midgard," he adds in guileless clarification, "and assure him that this won't happen again. If there's a way to prevent it, I am to discuss this with him as well." The good doctor allows himself a moment of exasperation and rubs at his temples with the fingertips of one hand, briefly hiding his grimace behind the span of his knuckles. "There is also the matter of the giants of Jotunheim invading Limbo. It is my apprentice's…previous…living space," (Not home, no-no;) "and she guards it most jealously. I dealt with the last invasion personally and with no small bias. All died but for one, per my apprentice's suggestion that a messenger be allowed to take word back to its home world." Strange's eyes carry crow's lines of weariness about the edges, but a stubborn intelligence lurks behind them as they observe the royal prince before him. "Are you aware of this?"


Thor stands, dressed in Midgardian wear, but he still looks every inch the Prince of Asgard in his bearing, manner and mien. The blue eyes are undoubtedly reminscent of his father's single, and his expression is thoughtful, even if at some points of the story, brows rise animatedly. "I see…" He doesn't stand for long, however, and the Thunderer begins to pace as he gains more information, and pausing, he shakes his head. "One Jotun allowed to return tells the others how he managed to invade in the first place. A spy. One who can work out defenses. That was unwise to allow a survivor."

That is all he says, however. On that. It's the meeting with the All-Father that brings his attention back around, and he cants his head. "Really?" A brief, disbelieving chuckle exits and he shakes his head, "I am surprised at him. No, no.. really. Usually he dismisses those with magic, but if it was a breach, I can well understand his desire to see it taken care of." Thor begins his pace again, nodding, "But I am not aware that the Jotun are also moving. I thought it had been only the Muspell, and that had been taken care of with the return of a child. But, it is sounding as if there will be war." He pauses by a bookshelf but he is not his brother; he doesn't look at the titles, if any are noted. Instead, he's considering a move.. five moves. Ten moves. "And if the Jotun found their way to this.. Limbo, they will try to use it to advantage to come out to other worlds. Mark my words… the Jotun do not give up easily."


"I have little doubt that the single survivor barely made it back alive, much less even out of Limbo through its point of invasion. I was quite prejudiced in my destruction of the group and my apprentice's will in Limbo is…rather unpredictable." Strange leans against the chair now in order to not only project the ease he doesn't quite feel, but also to save his strength. Sleeping poorly does not bode well for the Sorcerer Surpreme's day. He idly traces runes in the fabric before brushing them away with his palm; the other rests fisted on his hip and both show signs of faint tremors.

A faint laugh escapes his lips and his gaze rises to Thor once again. "Your father is wise to consult me - and I don't say that for ego's sake. I'm the one nearest to Miss Illyana and most knowledgeable of her actions and their bases in her logic. I look forwards to it." He means it…mostly. That Thor didn't know of the Jotuns does concern him and this particular problem becomes the main focus of his subconscious problem-solving, that blurring whir of thoughts beneath the stream of his interactions. "I expect them to try and enter Midgard, if what you say regarding their tenacity is true. I also expect them to be repelled and destroyed with no hesitation from me." Earth is his realm. No one trespasses without consequences. "Rest assured that my apprentice will aid in their punishment with no compulsion from me."

He's sorely tempted to bring up Thor's brother, that one Asgardian that keep Strange wondering about foe-dom or friendship, but decides to keep his peace - for now.


"And that is why he is doing so. The All Father is many things, but stupid he is not." It's a simple statement. "He will use what information he gains and compare it with his experience. From there?" Thor shrugs. "I do not always know my father's mind, but I do know this. He will not allow a Jotun incursion to Midgard. He would rather go to Jotunheim and take them there." Just like they went to Muspelheim to deal with the problems. "If the Frost Giants come here, it will at first be one, two.. fifty. They have not had word from Midgard in too long, so they don't know what her defenses are. And, as Midgard has always been under Asgard's protection, it is a way to try and get us to react."

A chuffed laugh exits the Prince and he shakes his head, the slightest of smiles remaining. "My father does not understand how Midgard has changed in these millennia. From a base, rough but loyal Realm to.." and he holds his hand out in gesture, ".. this."


Strange laughs too, but only once and it has an edge to it. "I suppose technology has a way of moving people beyond using stories about the campfire to explain away life's mysteries and into the light." His gaze shifts to the fire burning merrily in his hearth and then snorts quietly to himself. Science can explain only so many things these days and he'd learned the hard way once he'd received his mantle. Neurosurgery doesn't come into play much when opening gateways into distant realms other both require a steady hand and focused intent.

"I would prefer to keep a respectful relationship between our realms and will gladly accept any assistance Asgard chooses to provide in terms of the Jotuns and their plans. We would, as partners in arms and on an equal footing, be able to show that Asgard is not to be nettled and Midgard is no weakling power." A rather toothy smirk curves Strange's lips. More completely universally-accepted outlets for his frustration? Yes, please.


Thor cants his head and brows rise, "Are you speaking for this world in that you do not wish Asgard's protection? You are of the Nine Realms and the weakest. You have been under our hand since fire was discovered, according to our stories. Now, are you sure you are in a position to tell the All Father that our services are no longer required?" Heh.. he'd gotten that from Jane in what seems an eternity ago.

"Equal footing, however.. that would be difficult in that Midgard is untested when it comes to united resolve. I have seen enough of this world over my time here to know that what you speak of is a dream." Thor chuckles and shakes his head, pacing the floor again. "If it were up to me," if he were King of Asgard, "I would give up Midgard, yet keep a close eye on her to be sure that she could truly defend herself. But it is not up to me. The All-Father doesn't believe any here to be equal to an Asgardian.. the least of us." He pauses in his step once again and exhales, his hands resting upon the back of a chair. "And this is why I am here. Midgard can be our equals, and I mean to take a Queen from here. Odin wishes my return, and sadly.. I do have to go back."


A slow head roll to one side followed by a subsequently sardonic raise of one eyebrow is Strange's initial response to the Asgardian Prince's disbelief that Midgard - and consequently its Sorcerer Supreme - can hold its own these days. Before he can offer a tart rejoinder to the topic at hand, Thor moves on. A roll of his eyes at the fact that the All-Father shares his son's viewpoint and a sigh. If his first visit to Asgard didn't involve apologizing, he would be tempted to plan one purely to convince the Asgardians that Midgard is not to be trifled with. The sharp words on the tip of his tongue are rounded by the reveal that there is future intent for a more open-minded relationship between the two worlds, though…it sounds like it is at some expense.

"Well, thank the gods one of you is more inclined to view us all as more than torch-bearing monkeys," he says wryly. Scratching at the back of his neck, Strange considers for a bit. "I don't deny that we are a rather perilously-united world. The gift of choice and will brings with it such a variety of results. I rue the day that some upstart from another dimension attempts to subjugate us…" His shoulders shift in a shrug that's partly to work on the knots still formed in his muscles. "We may be scattered now, but give us one universal enemy and we can be quite convincing. And if I may be bold, it's not all sunshine dealing with other-worldly visitors, such as yourself, but I can see us coexisting quite nicely…should you choose to take the throne." He hasn't missed the subtle air of despair about Thor. "Can I offer any assistance in that matter as Sorcerer Supreme? Any word I can take to your father?"


Thor is his father's son, make no mistake of it. He is Aesir, raised in the court of the kings of Asgard. There are things that even Thor has to get used to, but in terms of his 'people', he's quite advanced. One day, should he take the throne, he will be one that does so with a little more care and concern, even if he is a warrior.

Fingers remain upon the back of the chair and Thor laughs, the sound genuine, "I never thought you all torch-bearing monkeys. The Vikings were an amazing bunch; their art and music?" And killing. "Their feasts…" And killing… and he shakes his head again, the memories obviously fond.

Removing himself from behind his chair, Thor is on the move, and he points to the good doctor at the point, "You see, that is my point. Midgard can stand together. This Realm is learning and has learned.. and deserves our trust." This… the desire to make his point. Though he deflates once again and he chuckles, shaking his head. "If I return to Asgard, it would be admitting to my Father that he is correct.. that I hadn't found one who would be worthy to be Queen of Asgard." Here, however, there's a hint of a smile. "I have, however.. much to another's dismay. So, my main goal is to return to Asgard, discover my brother's fate, learn what there is regarding the Muspell and Jotun, and then ask my Father permission to court one of Earth's princesses. She is one that is called 'Inhuman'?"


The Sorcerer Supreme is growing fonder of this blustering Asgardian Prince by the moment. His demeanor hides a far cannier mind than when first Strange had judged. Within his heart, he hopes that Thor will one day take the throne. Then he won't have to convince anyone in Asgard regarding Midgard's abilities in self-defense. He nods encouragingly at each of Thor's statements. The more information the Prince shares, the better Strange can plan. The edge of the chair has been digging into his ribs for some time now and with a faint wince, he ceases to lean and walks idly over to the hearth.

A soft and thoughtful 'hmm' is heard from Strange from where he now stands before the fireplace, back to his visitor. His hands are folded behind his back and he remains in such a stance until Thor mentions an Earthly princess. He then turns around with a small rueful smile.

"And here I thought I knew everything… An 'Inhuman', you say. I've met many a being as of late - mutants, demi-gods, Asgardians such as yourself," and he gestures towards Thor (and wonders how much Thor knows of Strange's crossings with his other kin), "but I have yet to hear someone title themselves as such. If you could describe the lady to me, perhaps I have met her in passing."


"Aye, an Inhuman in exile to Midgard. Apparently they are a people who have lost their land to a usurper." Thor's expression does shift to one of sympathy, and he continues, "She has agreed to my offer. Now, it is to Odin that I must speak next, and then her sister, the Queen." Ah, royalty. "She works with those that you call 'mutant'." He begins his pace again, blue eyes watching Steven, and he waves his hand. "This is of no use unless you seek to pledge Midgard's aid in returning the throne to its rightful heir."


Strange's scarred fingertip slowly draws along the line of his goatee as he holds the Asgardian Prince's gaze. The man's pacing is very tempting to emulate, but the good doctor remains by the hearth, and the radiant heat suffuses his skin.

"I would have not have mentioned bearing word to your father if I did not feel that the relationship between our realms would suffer at your hands," he finally replies in a most neutral tone. "But what of your brother? What is his say in this business? Surely he would take your place if you chose to stay on Midgard and wed your Earthly princess?"

The Sorcerer Supreme is now aware that something has befallen Loki, though not of what. Asgard appears to be the location of his fate. This, in itself, brings to mind the possible presence of the younger Prince in the palace. Some machination has kept the throne open to Thor despite this possibility. Strange's steel-blue eyes narrow at his visitor even while his mind keeps churning.


"Loki take the throne?" Thor shakes his head slowly, "As much as Father says my brother is a Prince, I think the All Father would rather die than see my brother the King of Asgard." The Crown Prince doesn't say this with rancor, or with a mocking tone. It is fact, as much a fact as a son can see the truths of the father. "The point of taking a Princess is to show Father that it would be royalty that ascends the throne. A Lady of whom title and honor has already been bestowed. And the fact that she has abilities beyond those of Midgard, well…" Doesn't Thor sound as if he's simply planning to court to serve his own needs?

"She is lovely, brave, and even now, I would court her if she were not a Princess in exile."

Thor takes a deep breath and settles into a chair, finally, leaning back in something of an ungraceful sprawl. The Prince seats himself. "I am not completely convinced Loki is in need of aid. Amora believes it to be, but she wishes release from her exile to Midgard. Scarlett believes it, but she is led by the heart. It could simply be that upon returning home, Loki was pressed into service that only he could perform in my absence."


What a family. With his guest now sitting, it seems more than fair that Strange can as well and he does so in his particular chair, with its dents of long-time use. A slow sigh escapes him and he seems to deflate a bit in the face of so many self-serving reasons involving the locating of the Trickster God. Were it that the Asgardians had never entered his realm…

"I can't foresee any word of mine in your favor going over well with your father, if he would indeed /die/ before allowing you to take a Midgardian bride, but…I can still speak on it, if you would have me do so. I have no experience in the matter of being pressed into marriage." And he surveys his empty tea cup with dissatisfaction before eyeing the tea stand before the fire. "As an outsider, it seems to be that it is the title that matters most and not the origin of the blood, even within your father's wishes. Your mother must have equal say in things? From what I have learned through the Norse tales, she is strong in magical power. If this Inhuman Princess has magical abilities, I would think that she would be most welcomed by your mother." Strange laughs quietly here, his chin dropped as he is momentarily lost in memory. "If she's anything like my mother, she is the true ruler of Asgard."


"Father would wish one that was like us. Aesir or Vanir… but that is not where my heart lies." Thor looks in earnest; it's a moment where he looks the young man torn. "Long have I looked to Midgard, and it will take a great deal to pull me from her." He chuckles softly and blue eyes are on the Sorceror Supreme, and that laugh is coupled with a light shrug. "Mother is one who wields magic like few in Asgard, or in the Nine Realms. She is a power in her own right, yet she acceeds to my father's wishes. Should Asgard be attacked, she will remain in chambers with a guard." Just in case Strange wondered where the Queen was during their foray? "She is the one who taught my brother his art, helping him when our tutors of war despaired."

Thor rises slowly from his seat, and he smiles a touch lopsidedly in the thought of Crystal. "Mother would love her. Crystalia has grace beyond measure, wisdom.. even now I go to her for wise counsel, and each time, she soothes those fears and gives advice. If only for that, the Queen would welcome her to Asgard."


The Queen rises quickly in Strange's estimation when it is revealed that Loki was taught through her. That would put her…easily at par with him, if not stronger yet in her own realm.

The good doctor mirrors Thor's smile in honestly-benign amusement, perhaps even in shared understanding of that fickle feeling of pining for someone just beyond reach.

"If I have the good luck of speaking with your mother, I'd also be happy to put in a word to her. No doubt we would have much to talk about even without this whole…mess," he jokes lightly, to keep Thor at ease. "I'm most interested to hear her opinions on working with a young magician. Miss Illyana has been a trial as of late." Boy, hasn't she.


"Your word would go much farther with her than it would with the All-Father, considering your arguments," Thor offers wryly. "And then in that case, they're not needed with her." She is not only 'Queen', she's… mom. "She finds the best in those she meets, and she greets all with a kind word." A man who loves his mother, obviously.. but ultimately? He's still his Father's son. "If they do not return in kind, there is little chance to defend; between magic and her fighting?" She is, after all, still Vanir. Valkyrie.

Thor nods, though now it seems that he'll have to start out once again, gathering everyone together before the 'visit' to Asgard, and he prepares to depart. "Perhaps she can give you advice. I live my life fighting by the side of Valkyrie. They are trained in combat as we are, so…" A shrug lifts broad shoulders. "Mother raised two boys, so perhaps there is a magic in there somewhere and she can give you advice?" There is a pause before, "If asked, would you accompany me to Asgard when we finally finish our preparations to depart?"


Strange rises from his chair with a quiet grunt of effort and sighs before he meets Thor's eyes once again.

"If she can raise a young man with your ability to temper his decisions to benefit both those he loves and himself, I have faith that there must be some grain of help within her words." A smile that then fades into tired neutrality. "I believe that my answer to you will depend heavily on your father's reception of me and our resulting discussion. If I am to act as mantle-bearer of Sorcerer Supreme, I must keep Midgard's safety in mind before even my own wishes. A stand at your side may not be interpreted as a harmless move and perhaps even a threat, should your father's temper turn during your visit." He runs a hand through his hair, mussing the normally-sleek dark strands into disarray where they fade into silvered temples. "I ask that you wait on my answer until after I attempt diplomacy. After all, I still have an apology to make and an explanation to tender. If I may ask, for the sake of curiosity, who would be accompanying you currently? Anyone of Earth?"

Thor may not know this, but should he list any being of Midgardian origin, it may turn the tides of the Sorcerer Supreme's stance.


Thor extends his hand to the sorceror supreme; a gesture of friendship. "I respect a man who puts the needs of his Realm first. Know this then, Midgard does have a friend in Asgard when I take the mantle of King. It will be as it has since the far distant past; a cloak of protection when it is needed." There's a moment before he amends, "An alliance."

With those words spoken, however one side, Thor considers those 'travelling companions'. "The Enchantress Amora of Asgard, Princess Crystalia, and Lady Scarlett of Midgard." Beat. "And myself."

Now, though, Thor takes his leave, his path taking him towards the door and eventually out and into the world once again. Time grows short!

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