1963-09-18 - Warrior to Warrior chat
Summary: Thor gets a conversation in with Fandral, one of the Warriors Three and one of Thor's best friends.
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The days are becoming cooler which brings most of the natives out into the streets; it's Sunday and Central Park is getting its fill of those 'natives'. Roller skating, kite-flying and picnicking are the activities of the day as stores are shuttered on this Sunday. There are those that walk down the wide boulevards in their Sunday best having come out of their church of choice, and the bells of St. Patrick's can be heard over the din of the streets.

It's the last minute preparations for his departure that keeps Thor busy this day. Finding stores closed is making it difficult but not impossible to do what needs to be done. The large man is peering into a shop, hand to the side of his eyes so he can make out objects and perhaps people in the darkened stores, but a step away and his shoulders slouching gives message that whatever the Thunderer was looking for within simply isn't found.

Thor turns about once again, taking that step from the recessed doorway, and he's ready to head back into 'traffic' towards an apartment building.


Fandral is walking down the street, dressed in his Sunday's best with a woman. He's being solicitious as they walk together and chat, "Becky, you are a saint, being so kind to take time out of your day to show me a few places." His arm is thrown about her shoulder and seems to be in the process of saying his goodbyes, "I wouldn't dream of keeping you away from your Sunday plans any longer." He pulls her in for a gentle lover's kiss, giving the wide-eyed woman his best wide-eyed smile, "I'll stop by your office in a few days once I get back from my business trip and we'll finalize things."

Then the Asgardian parts and starts to make his way down the street, giving pause when he notices a familiar man stepping out from a recessed doorway. He gives a wide smile starts to make his way towards the other Asgardian, but hasn't called out his name yet.


So many people in the City. So many souls, so many stories, so many voices. How is it that there is that twinge of familiarity? Thor was due to meet his friend la—

Turning about, Thor catches not the clasp, not the departure, but the lingering look upon the woman's face even as Fandral moves away. He pauses his step and a smile lights upon the Thunderer's face, ready to call out, but those blue eyes move to the woman again and back to his friend… and back. There's a moment of decision before he simply shakes his head and laughs, more than happy to wait so they're not shouting at each other from across the distance that is now being closed. It's not that they couldn't be heard, one to the other, it's just…

Thor takes the final steps and extends an arm to clasp the other man's in greeting, complete with a swing of the free arm with which to at least thump the man on his back, his voice lower but no less .. thunderous, "Fandral.. What are you.. yes, I know. Don't tell me, I don't wish to know. Just tell me you are not on the run from some jealous husband and I will be pleasantly surprised."


Fandral gives a deep laugh as his 'old' friend greets him, clasping his arm and giving him a friendly greeting, "Now Thor…why would you ever assume that?" He lets him go and gives him a once over, "And no…no jealous husbands but I am in the process of getting settled here so if you wouldn't mind calling me Freddie…Freddie Moyer, I would appreciate it."

He then lowers his voice, "Actually, it's opportune that I should run into you in the city. I am in the process of establishing myself here and it appears that there is some paperwork that I'm going to need." And since Thor is already established, it's possible the man might be able to help him or at least get him in touch with some contacts, "I plan to be in the city for a while." Which requires an identity, papers and other such nuissances.


"'Freddie'," Thor repeats as the greeting is finished, and he steps away. There's a turn and he gestures towards the apartment building down the block. "Why are you settling here? Tell me that you haven't done anything to require banishment? Exile?" There's concern in those eyes as he looks to his friend. "Tell me, because I myself am planning on returning to Asgard this evening." Which is most decidedly news. "And I would have you by my side once again."


"No, no banishment as far as I know," Fandral tells him with a laugh at the thought, "I've been on my best behavior lately." He then lowers his voice once again, "Rumors of Yngvi have resurfaced and it will take time to see if I can track down the private collector." It's that damn sword that he lost all those centuries ago, a sword that Fandral has never given up hope that he would find again, "But this will take time and patience and I have both so if you need me tonight, I can step away for a little bit to assist."


Thor cocks his head, and as the explanation comes, brows rise and he straightes a little in his walk. There's a lightness in his tones as he teases his friend, "Still looking, hmmm? Are you sure it's not buried somewhere?" Still, it's a fair enough explanation and his voice lowers, even if there is still that tinge of humor that hangs upon the words, "Say the word and I will aid you in the search if you wish it."

As they walk, albeit slowly, Thor looks considering before he shakes his head, "Loki would be far better suited for such a thing, when he returns. I have not a life here, though I do live among them. And should Father approve of my selection and give permission to court…" Thor holds up a hand forestalling any interruption, "Her request. She is a princess in her own right.. and should he, I shall be going back and forth from here to Asgard, so there will be little need for such things."

Oooh, the looks.. the blond must be crazy!

"That is this evening as well as speaking to Mother."


"It could be buried in some deep dark pit," Fandral admits with a frown, "Geror was a vengeful bitch." He says that with little heat because the centuries has cooled his temper somewhat towards his ill-fated wife who betrayed him, "But until I get more substantial details, I wouldn't ask you to go on a wild hunt for the sword."

He nods as Thor mentions that Loki would be better suited to help him with his identity, "I'll talk to Loki and see what he can do." He gives a deep smile, "How is your brother? I have not talked to him in some time." He shakes his head and is about to say more until Thor mentions that he has a…bride.

"A princess? You have found yourself a princess amongst the mortals here?" Fandral can't but crack a wide smile, "My friend, that is something to celebrate. I would take you to a bar but it's Sunday and apparently their god is jealous of others partaking of food and drink on his holy day." He claps his friend on the back, "Tell me…tell me about this woman that has caught your eye."


Thor barks a laugh and moves out a little just to side-glance at his friend, "I would gladly go on such a quest. It would brighten an otherwise dull day." Beat. "Week." Pause. "Month." The grin remains as he straightens, blue eyes forward again, watching the street even as he talks.

"Loki has been here for some time, apparently. I didn't even know it myself until a handful of weeks ago. Since then?" Another laugh is given, though this more airy and chuffed, "He has a rather good life carved out for himself here and in a way, I envy it." That least bit is lower, "He has some purpose, even if he plays at being mortal." Which really, that is all it is. 'Playing'. "He left for Asgard two weeks ago and has yet to return. Amora and Loki's.. friend think that he is in some trouble, but I just believe that Loki is being Loki. Mother has probably gotten him to do something for her, and as the returned prince, the All-Father has undoubtedly assigned him some duty or other and he simply hasn't yet had the time to return." Thor honestly doesn't sound worried over his brother. It's happened in the past, and it's probably the same now.

The question regarding this princess, however, brings that smile back into full, lopsided glory. "Princess Crystalia. A lovely woman to whom I can turn for most anything. In fairness, now, I found her interesting and remarkable before I was aware she was a princess. This only makes it such that Father can't claim she isn't worthy." Thor exhales in a sigh as he considers it all, and the smile shifts a little away as a couple clouds form in the sky on what is a perfect day. "She loves another, however… and yet she tells me that duty means that she may put that aside for her own kingdom. I told her that I would not step in the way, but she encouraged me to continue with the suit because, as she said, eventually it must be that way and she would rather one that she could grow to be fond of than one that she could not." So.. the chances are good that it's a touch one-sided. "But, she is one that commands the elements to do her bidding. I have seen her, and she and Mother would be an unstoppable pair."


Fandral nods thoughfully over what Thor tells him of Loki and smiles as Thor's mother is brought into the conversation. While Fandral still has his parents living, Frigga has always held a place of respect in his heart, even if she has a soft spot for the troublesome Loki, "If he has managed to find himself in a bit of trouble, I can be on hand to help pull him out."

"Any woman that so catches your eye is of course worthy, regardless of what your father says," Fandral then loses his smile as he mentions that woman loves another and that she's still encouraging the suit, "Thor…are you sure it's wise?" He doesn't want to damper his friend's infatuation but Fandral is well aware of how affections of the heart can take a turn for the worse, hence why he hasn't taken a relationship seriously since his evil wife's death.


"I'm sure it's nothing," Thor shakes his head, "You know my brother. He can take care of himself. Still, to settle the women's fears, I have agreed to check."

Thor doesn't even pause at the crosswalk, instead walking right through at the tail-end of the signal to 'walk'. About half through, the light begins to turn, but he's not paying it any attention, so full into their discussion his attention lies. He shakes his head and a shrug half-lifts his shoulders, and he sounds wistful. "When matters of the heart are pressed, she declares her heart to another." It's followed quickly with that 'but', however, "She believes us well suited." His heart is in it, though, which makes it all just a little more difficult. "I tried to relieve her from the feeling of 'duty', but she was adamant that she was at peace with it." There is a level of 'duty' in regards to royalty, certainly, but that's what Thor was trying to get away from before and had made his point with Jane… though it didn't do any good. Now?

"What Crystalia's mind is now, I don't know."


Fandral is paying a little more attention to his surroundings and places a hand on Thor's shoulder to stop him, "Let us wait for the next light." He points out the light that is changing on the streets, "While I think you are more than able to take on one of their metal beasts, we don't want to draw unnecessary attention on ourselves."

Then Fandral turns the conversion back to what they were talking about, "Just keep your eyes wide open my friend and let time take it's course. If she is meant to be yours, then it will happen." He may not put much feeling into his statement but as his friend, it's not his place in denouncing the arrangement until he meets the girl, "If not, then the Fates will send another in your path." He points to himself, "Look at me, I am a confirmed bachelor since my ill-fated union and frankly am happier for it."


Thor does heed Fandral's hand and warning, and exhales in a chuffed breath of minor annoyance. Not at the hand, mind, but of the traffic and these 'rules'.

He does turn to his friend and there is definitely that indecision lurking there; a marked change from the normal 'full speed ahead', even when things weren't quite as cut and dried as they should have been. It's a winning character of the Prince's… or is that a flaw? Stubborn. Single-minded. "And if she agrees to another who is ill-suited because of duty? She has accepted this fate, and while she didn't say that she could grow to love me…" Well, there it is, isn't it? "Perhaps it isn't my fate to find a woman whom I love and loves me -and- is approved by Father to take the Crown." Two out of three ain't bad?

Thor barks a laugh and looks to his friend, "Yes, you're allowed to. I'm expected to marry, take over for the All-Father and then have an entire court of children myself." He's not upset with the expectations, mind…


"Better you than me," Fandral tells him with a laugh, shaking his head because he can't imagine tieing himself to one woman or man for that matter at this point, "I shall be happy to continue as I have been." He gives him a friendly shoulder nudge, "Feel free to live vicariously through me." He then gets serious for a moment and tells him, "But know my friend what you get into. The bed can be cold when you are sharing it with someone that does not love you as you do them." There is a glimmer of old pain that Fandral still carries with him, "Or worse…you become like my parents who can not say a civil word to each other." He squeezes a little tighter, "So take your time on this one." And not rush in is left unsaid but it is certainly implied.


A laugh is barked at his friend's words and it's followed up with, "I fear that I could not begin to keep up with you, much less live through you." Thor shakes his head and laughs once more, "If you change in any way, that will be the thing that announces Ragnarok, so do not, my friend."

Thor does listen to the advice, and his expression softens and sobers before he pauses on the sidewalk at the touch and the words. "Thank you for your concern. I hope that she has a change of heart when she meets Mother." Because who, exactly, doesn't like the Queen?

Thor pulls himself out of any brooding that may be taking place, or could with a resumption of his pace and a slap on the back. "Let us find a tavern and share a drink before we depart this evening."

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