1963-09-20 - Willful Oblivion
Summary: A heartbroken and love sick Amora seeks out Fandral after having her 'chat' with Thor.
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Theme Song: Woo Hoo
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Amora stood before the doors that she knew would lead to Fandral's quarters, a cool sweat sliding down her back as she stood there, poised to knock. A guard, or rather two guards stood behind her, an escort. Silent and unforgiving to the emotional turmoil the beautiful Enchantress held in check. All they saw was the sultry smirks and glances, the vain pauses she made before reflective surfaces to check her hair or makeup.

A hand raised and she knocked, making a show of stepping back and settling a hand on her hip, the other hand smoothing out the silken strips of fabric that made up her skirt, flashes of skin and thigh pale against the deep emerald of the fabric.

A flirtatious glance was offered to a passing servant, and earned a stumble from the young man as he hurried onto whatever duty that had been imparted to him.


Fandral had settled in for the evening, having done his final rounds and was just in the midst of undressing. He's taken off his chainmail and undershirt, leaving only the leather pants and boots in place. He was just taking a sip of ale when he heard the knock at his chambers, "It figures…" He doesn't bother to cover himself, choosing to answer his door with the mused hair and slightly annoyed look, "Now whatever it is I'm sure…"

He takes a moment to view the vision of beauty before him, appreciating the artful pose that shows her assets to their greatest degree. He takes an intake of breath, "Lady Amora…I wasn't aware you were visiting." He runs his fingers through his hair, and is grateful he chose to go to his chambers alone this evening rather than bring back company, "Can I help you?"

There is a space for Amora to slip by if she wants to come into the room.


A wicked grin pulled at Amora's lips as she fluttered her eyelashes at him, a flash of white teeth against red lips as she practically plowed forward to press a hand against his bare chest and lean in close. "You offered your chambers, I am taking you up on that offer. Now." She whispered, her voice heated and slaked with promise as she closed the distance between them to steal a sultry kiss from him—pinning him against the door unless he halted her motions.

It was a short kiss, if he didn't stop her, and she leaned back with toss of her hair. "Or do you have some other wench coming over to keep your bed warm for the night?"


Fandral watches her with anticipation as she proceeds forward and places a hand on his chest. He smiles as she leans forward and admits that she's taking him up on his offer. Then she steals a kiss, soft and fleeting as he gives back what she takes from him, not protesting at all that she is pinning him against the door. If anything his arms wrap around her and as he slips them deeper into his chambers, "No my lady, I would not be so crass as to have another here when perfection was just about to descend on me."

He then closes the door from the smiling grins of his fellow guards, relieving them of their duty to escort Amora and now she is completely in his chambers. He breaks the kiss and looks at her with a soft, gentle gaze, "I am surprised though. I did not expect you to visit so soon."


Delicate hands slid over his shoulders as he closed the door behind her, well aware of the grins the guards share behind her back as she presses against him fully. Her head tilting back enough to peer at him. "Why wouldn't I? I do not lie, Fandral. To stay another moment in those chambers?" She shook her head, a hooked smile pulling at her lips.

"Now, enough talk, hmm?" She whispered against his lips, her eyes fluttering as she reached up to cup his jaw with her hand. Another kiss, hungry and demanding, with teeth and tongue follows as she attempts to lose herself against thought. Once more just another tangle of bodies and as was always her wont to do.


Fandral senses her mood, her want to forget what's outside these doors and gives the lady exactly what she is searching for. His scent gets a little stronger, intoxicating almost as he uses his unique abilities to enhance their pleasure. There is no surface of her body that he leaves unattended. If anything, he gives her that feeling of being worshiped, cherished and above all the most desirable woman that has ever graced his bedroom.

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